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Honestly I would pay money for a TRUE bottle episode, with the original adventure squad / delinquents (Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, Raven, Monty, Murphy, Miller, Harper) trapped in a room in the bunker forced to WORK THEIR CRAP OUT

With Emori, Kane, Abby, Jackson and Indra on the outside making bets on who makes it out alive

Your ENFP Care and Handling User Guide and Manual

This manual is part of a series of guides originated by @intpboard

Congratulations! You have found yourself in possession of your own unique ENFP unit. There is a high likelihood that your ENFP found you, but regardless of how you got to this point, you are now responsible for your very own ENFP to love and enjoy! Since ENFPs are notoriously difficult to handle, your SJ overlords have issued this guide to hopefully help along the way.

Your ENFP will come with the following accessories:

  • One (1) Starter pack of moral convictions
  • One (1) Unique starter outfit chosen specifically for your unit
  • One (1) Normal socially acceptable outfit (use only if necessary)
  • One (1) Set of puppy-dog eyes for use when your unit senses an emotional disturbance in another unit that is resistant to sharing
  • Three (3) Companion Introvert Units for emotional tending and deep conversation
  • Infinite (∞) Ideas and Possibilities
  • One (1) Internet accessible device for research binging
  • One (1) self replenishing coffee cup
  • One (1) Starter pack of idiosyncratic behaviors


Your ENFP comes pre-programmed with the following traits;

Ne: Your ENFP is a functional walking idea generator. While this trait does make your ENFP susceptible to distraction and excitement, this programming accounts for the exceptionally high levels of optimism included with your unit. Your ENFP will have constantly changing hobbies, interests and ideas. This function can only be disabled through sensory hyper stimulation (see Si).

Fi: While seemingly constantly happy and excited, your ENFP has many deeply held values and feelings. This function can be activated my asking your ENFP unit how they are feeling and silently listening to what follows.

Te: Your ENFP will not only seek new ideas, but will also seek to be deeply informed about those ideas. When this function is activated via the Fi function, an bitch slap mode may be activated

Si: Your ENFP is prone to random bouts of sentimentality and a preference for familiar sensory experiences. When directly activated this function can overwhelm Ne resulting in uncharacteristic stubbornness.

Getting Started

Your ENFP unit should arrive pre-activated and highly animated. In case your ENFP has not been activated please complete the following;

  1. Place ENFP in social setting
  2. Place 1-3 included introverts within visible distance
  3. Wait 30 seconds
  4. If after 30 seconds your ENFP unit has not activated causing an introvert to cry will immediately activate ENFP’s caring mode.


Manic Pixie (default) - Attention span disabled and energy levels maximum. In this mode your ENFP will be rapidly seeking out new ideas, opportunities, concepts and possibilities while simultaneously trying to understand and participate. This mode does have a limited use, but no way to know when it is nearly depleted.

Existential Teddybear (default) - Speaking function reduced to existential lines of questioning. When Manic Pixie mode has depleted, this mode automatically activates. Primary mode in small groups of introverts.

Caring - Activated by the presence of another unit with feelings that need to be processed. Difficult to deactivate unless activating unit has been emotionally supported and/or helped. Often involves invasive and insightful and accurate statements articulating what other units are feeling.

Bitch Slap - Activated by both obvious social injustices and direct violation of a personal value. Detailed, irrefutable, empirical evidence articulated to show that another unit has acted objectively immoral. When this mode is active your ENFP will painfully spell out exactly why you are wrong.

Emo - Activated seemingly randomly by a large influx of emotion that your ENFP unit must withdraw and analyze in order to understand and integrate. occurs approximately one (1) out of every fifteen (15) days. Completion of this mode is often signaled by your ENFP unit announcing it has learned something new about itself.

Productive (locked) - Only unlocks under intensely high interest levels or stress. Produces a staggering amount of material in a short amount of time.

Relationship With Other Units

In general, your ENFP unit will be liked by most other units it comes into contact with.

NF: Often activates Existential Teddybear mode. Can come into conflict if values conflict.

NT: Activates both Existential Teddybear and Bitch Slap mode. Also activates caring mode, but covertly.

SJ: Generally well accepted in Manic Pixie mode and viewed with amusement. SJ units will naturally remind your ENFP unit to tend to their physical well being, which they often forget.

SP: Compatible primarily in Manic Pixie mode. Warning: Leaving your ENFP unit alone with one or more SP units will likely result in trying really bad ideas.


Your ENFP unit will need to be fed regularly. Your ENFP unit is capable of constant snacking as well as completely forgetting to eat. Your ENFP unit will not die if left to fend for it’s own food, but the consistency and healthiness of that diet would likely not be good. Your ENFP simply needs to be reminded to eat on a regular basis and provided with a few healthy options to choose from.


Your ENFP will also need to be reminded to groom on a regular basis. Your ENFP will automatically groom if trying to present a good impression, but regular maintenance requires outside diligence. 


Your ENFP will try to argue that sleep is unnecessary. Do not give in no matter how convincing the argument is. Just repeat that sleep is good until ENFP begins to slow down and tiredness sets in. If ENFP continues to resist, take away all entertainment sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t my ENFP ever finish anything?

Your ENFP unit comes equipped with dominant Ne. As with all things, this requires a trade off. In the case of your ENFP unit, Ne allows it to produce many ideas and start many projects, but does not extend to completion. Upgraded ENFP units with integrated Si are more capable of completion, but even then your unit will always start more than they finish. 

Help! I turned around for a second and now I’ve lost my ENFP!

Your ENFP is most likely not lost, simply distracted. It is common for ENFP units to be easily distracted and immediately pursue that distraction. Just keep doing whatever you were doing and your ENFP unit will find it’s way back to you eventually and will have an exciting story to tell you when it does. If your ENFP goes missing for an extended period of time it is possible that you have accidentally activated ENFP’s fear of commitment. In this case, provide your ENFP with a heartfelt communication via phone or email. Your ENFP will at that point most likely return to at least discuss what caused them to leave.

How do I turn this thing off?

You don’t. There is no off switch on your ENFP unit. If you find your ENFP overwhelming, simply tell them you need some time to yourself and your ENFP unit will happily find someone else to annoy in the mean time.

Can I keep my ENFP?

Yes. ENFP units frequently form companion bonds for life, but any attempts to limit your ENFP unit’s freedom to explore and pursue what interest them will result in resistance and likely resentment from your ENFP. ENFP units must be shared freely otherwise they are likely to rebel against their captors owners.

Again, Congratulations on your new ENFP unit! Go have fun and explore!


Varys King of Spies: Is Jonsa playing the game better than we think?

I’ve been doing some thinking about some of the lingering questions I have about Jon and Sansa in season 7 and one in particular has been nagging at me a lot lately. The question is did Jon and Sansa know ahead of time that Varys was a part of Dany’s small council?

This question has been nagging at me because I’m still torn about whether or not some of Sansa’s words around Littlefinger can be taken at face value. The particular scene I’m talking about is the one where she tells him that she hasn’t heard from Jon in weeks.

It might seem like my question about Varys is irrelevant to that scene but here me out for a second and hopefully I can make some sense out of my line of thinking.

If Jon and Sansa knew a head of time that Varys was a part of Dany’s small council then that would give them the chance to plan accordingly. Varys was the master of whispers and fed intel to Cersei and LF while Sansa was in KL. This means Sansa would know that Varys will intercept any communications between she and Jon while he is at dragonstone and possibly feed that information back to Dany. They actually made it a point to show us Varys intercepting a raven meant for Jon and telling tyrion about it before Jon can even see it. What if that wasn’t there for no reason? Why do that if it wasn’t important for us to know that Varys reads Jon’s letters? They didn’t even reveal the content of the letter they just revealed that Jon is basically being spied on while he is at dragonstone and this is something that Sansa could have easily predicted would happen.

We know Sansa and Jon had talks about
his dragonstone mission off screen since Sansa mentions telling Jon that the Lords would turn on him and attempt to crown her if he’s gone too long. We also saw Jon ask for Sansa’s opinion on Tyrion on screen. If Sansa had info about Varys she would tell Jon and they would be able to plan accordingly.

It always struck as odd that Sansa implies that she and Jon were in communication but then it stopped….yet we never actually saw any ravens be exchanged between the two of them. We only saw TWO ravens exchanged while Jon was at dragonstone. The raven Bran sent Jon, which Varys intercepted, and the raven Jon sent Sansa telling her he had bent the knee. If there was more why didn’t we see it? How often did they communicate? What did they talk about? If Jon and Sansa had been in communication then why did BRAN notify Jon that Arya was alive and back at Winterfel instead of Sansa? Why was Bran’s raven the first time Jon learned that Bran was alive? If he and Sansa were communicating why didn’t Sansa notify Jon of Bran and Arya’s return herself? When Jon read bran’s raven he told Dany that he thought they were both dead….even tho they had been back at Winterfell for weeks by that point…. it’s odd.

All my questions, including my original one point me in one direction……Sansa and Jon were actually never in communication while Jon was at dragonstone, therefore Sansa didn’t just lie to LF about not hearing from him in weeks, she lied about communicating with him all. This theory operates under the assumption that the answer to my original question about Varys is Sansa and Jon knew Varys was there but to me this assumption makes a lot of vague things make sense and it’s a reasonable assumption to make.

If Sansa and Jon knew that Varys was there, they would make an agreement to not communicate with each other before Jon leaves. If they know that their messages will be intercepted, and again we actually saw this happen with Bran’s raven, then they wouldn’t communicate to protect the north from their enemies. They both know they have to be smart. Sansa saw Varys and LF at work in KL and how they collected info against their enemies and manipulated everyone around them. I can’t see Jon or Sansa wanting any intel about the north getting back to Dany and her camp so Sansa sending Jon ravens updating him about their armies and the state of their home would be off the table. Just like Jon telling Sansa about what’s going on with him at dragonstone, like his status as a prisoner, etc. would be off the table as well. Jon doesn’t even tell Dany and personal information about himself while he is there. If he’s that guarded with his own business he’s going to be even more guarded with the North’s business.

This agreement would explain why Sansa isn’t the one who tells Jon that Arya and Bran are alive, that information in the wrong hands can be used against them. The information only comes out because Jon becomes emotional and wants to leave the island to her back to his family as the walkers approach. Bran wouldn’t know about this prior agreement so him sending Jon the raven without Sansa knowing would still fit because Bran did that on his own, not with Sansa. They need to protect the north in any way they can so keeping all of the north’s business in the north while the king is away would be the smart thing to do. They could have agreed to only write if it’s an emergency situation or agreed to only write them Jon is on his way back to the north.

A major theme for Jon and Sansa since they reunited has been trust. This agreement to not communicate would be the first true test of how much they trust each other. Jon would have to trust Sansa with the north and with LF while he is away with zero knowledge of what’s going on. Sansa would have to trust that Jon will do wherever it takes to protect their home and return to her while she stays completely in the dark about his progress and his methods. To separate at such a crucial time and agree to not communicate would require major trust in each other. If they did agree to this then Jon’s trust in Sansa was not misplaced because while Jon is gone Sansa grows more loyal to Jon as the episodes pass. She refuses to take power away from him twice and she gets rid of the biggest enemy in their camp and maintains their hold on the vale. She keeps his armies united, fed, and trained properly while he’s gone. Now as far as Jon is concerned he’s been doing a lot of stuff as well but it remains to be seen if he’s held up to his end of the bargain and hasn’t made Sansa placing her trust of him be in vain….but if the ULT or politician Jon theory is correct then Jon has been deserving of Sansa’s trust because he’s been working his own plan to secure their home and safety, even at the expense of his own body and honor.

If Jon and Sansa haven’t been communicating since Jon left then it would also make her conversations with LF AND her reaction to the raven she receives from Jon make sense.

Sansa knows that LF wants to drive a wedge between her and Jon so why would she tell him that she hasn’t talked to Jon in weeks, giving him an opening to manipulate her? She wouldn’t, which is why it was probably a lie meant to feel LF out and understand his plans. It’s a complete lie since he doesn’t know that she hasn’t talked to Jon at all since he left. This is the same conversation where LF attempts to get her to bring Brienne into her fight with arya and Sansa later does the exact opposite of his suggestion. It’s clear that she was not actually seeking his council but she was feeling him out and getting information from him to help her figure out the arya situation better and figure out his plotting.

In their next solo scene Sansa once again reveals information to LF that doesn’t make sense. She tells him that Jon bent the knee. It’s abundantly clear in this scene that Sansa is manipulating LF and we see the payoff of this when she brings him to trial later in the episode. But the most curious thing was the actual scroll she received and her reaction to Jon’s decision. The actual words of the scroll also felt odd. So why would Jon send Sansa that raven so late when he “bent” the knee before he reached Cersei and why did Sansa seem only slightly annoyed? It’s clear her reaction was for LF’s benefit but even after he dies Jon bending the knee never comes up again at all and Sansa doesn’t seem worried or angry at all. In fact she ends the season on the battlements reminiscing about her father and quoting “the lone wolf dies but the pack survives” as she smiles at her sister. If your brother and king had just betrayed you and your kingdom you wouldn’t be waxing poetic about the pack sticking together and standing over looking your ice kingdom at peace. So why wasn’t Jon’s actions bigger for Sansa? Why was it so underplayed and basically only a plot device in her plot against LF?

I know some people think that Sansa is in on UCL Jon/politician Jon but I’m not sold on that theory. What I think is more likely is that Sansa doesn’t know what Jon is doing with Dany but she knows that whatever he said in that letter is not to be taken at face value. It would explain her reaction to the news that Jon seemingly betrayed the north. If she and Jon had an agreement to not communicate then she would know that if she’s reading this letter from Jon then something is not as it seems. The words of the actual scroll add to this:

“Dear Sansa, Cersei Lannister had pledged her forces to our cause, as has Daenerys Targaryen and if we survive this war I have pledged our forces to daenerys as the rightful queen of the seven kingdoms. We are both coming to organize the defense of the realm. Jon Snow, Warden of the North

That scroll reads like it was meant for someone’s else’s eyes NOT Sansa’s eyes. Like it was written by Dany herself not by Jon to his sister who has been ruling in his stead and didn’t want him going there in the first place. The explanation is so basic and the words are very calculated. If Jon knew his ravens would be intercepted then he knew he had to write it in a way that would aide his cause with Dany, not hurt it or send alarm bells to her camp when it’s read. That’s why he calls himself “Warden of the north” and why he very plainly tells her that he’s on his way. There is nothing personal about that scroll at all and he only says what’s absolutely necessary. Its all very deliberate. Jon writing that letter to Sansa under the assumption that it’s going to be read before she gets it and that she’s gonna know that the words have more meaning that it seems because she knows that getting the raven in the first place should raise a red flag, makes the words and the timing make sense. It would also explain why Sansa does not panic or seem moved by his words. She knows something is up so she’s not concerned or angry even if she’s a little weary and apprehensive. She trusts him so she knows that if Jon is saying this, there has to be a reason, even if she doesn’t know the reason she knows that his reason is in service of the north and their family.

So maybe it’s not the elaborate plan where Jon and Sansa plot every step together, just like Sansa/bran/arya didn’t plot ever step of the LF take down together, but it’s just enough planning and foresight to keep them ahead is the rest of the players in the game. Basically their partnership and faith in each other is what has fueled their actions while they were apart and what keeps the relationship float even in the face of what seems like betrayal. They are playing the game separately on two different fronts but at the same time they are still playing it together and far better than the people left on the board because unlike all the rest of the teams they have trust, respect, and real love tying them
together. A pack that can work separately and together at the same time is a pack that can win the game.

Whoever is directing those latest Seventeen mvs deserves an award or something. They look amazing as heck. I’m living for the aesthetic.


Voltage Entertainment USA Inc.’s newest title Speakeasy Tonight (12+) is by far THE best Voltage/otome game I have played to this day!  It is available in the iTunes App Store and Google Play for Androids (so I’ve been told).

I have played a good number of not just Voltage’s games from the Japanese branch, but from other companies as well, so I was really surprised to find how amazing this game was from the US branch!

The premise of the game, set up in the free prologue, is that your main character (MC) went to one too many parties for her parents to handle and she got shipped off to Chicago, Illinois to stay with her goodie goodie uncle Charlie.  By goodie goodie I mean REALLY good, leader of the temperance movement good!  But after a series of events, Charlie get’s shot and you find out that he runs a hot-shot speakeasy called The Ice Box behind his appliance store.

Your MC offers to run the speak while he’s recovering, and he insists that you pick someone to help you out.

As far as I can see, only six characters will be available to choose from, perhaps there will be more in the future, but as of now only three are available: Vince Moretti, Donovan Gallagher, and Julius Harper.  Cliff Conway is the next to be released!

(The three available characters already have their epilogue out)

The main stories cost [for the iOS version] $3.99 and the epilogues cost $1.99

While playing the main story there are three potential endings: “Busted,” “Fin,” and “Top Notch.”  "Top Notch" is the best ending you can receive, but it is also the hardest to get so it’s not a guarantee you’ll unlock it right away. However, if you don’t want to play a thousand times until you get it, you can permanently unlock it for $0.99!  So even if you re-download the app, all you have to to is restore your purchases and it will be there.

With this game, Voltage really stepped up EVERYTHING.  For starters, when you pick a character that isn’t really a logical choice/ someone who doesn’t really do anything to run the speak, everyone else responds to that (rather than the typical “insert character here” template).  Vince Moretti is by the far one of the most logical choices to pick; he is Charlie’s right hand man and a bootlegger (so he knowns a lot about the business).  Vince’s main story is hotsy-totsy, and also the most basic one.  His story will lead you to find out more about Charlie’s shooting.

If you pick Donovan Gallagher the Irish cop, on the other hand, the story will reflect that choice.  You won’t really be hunting down Charlie’s shooter, you’ll be facing the law.  Donovan really doesn’t help with running the speak, but he keeps any cops or feds from the prohibition unit away, which forms quite an interesting story.

Julius Harper is quite the jazz musician from New Orleans. And since this is 1926, you do have to deal with the issues of different races.  It, in my opinion, is a good thing that Voltage included this because it didn’t lie and/or sugar coat anything.  His main story is more personal, but with him you not only learn more about him, the MC, but also the other characters that will be available in the future, so I’d say it’s worth the money to buy each story (to get the full picture).

The epilogues speak for themselves. 

Another thing that has been spiced up in this game is the romance.  A loooooot more details in those scenes, if you catch my drift.  So, honestly, the rating should be higher than 12+

But I’m not one to complain, it’s a huge improvement AND a surprise.  It’s nice not to skip over EVERYTHING after kisses. So uh, if you don’t like to read too much detail, then don’t play this game.  It’s actually not that bad though, it’s like reading a romantic scene in a not so cryptic poem- it’s obvious what’s going on, yet it’s very classy, elegant and beautiful (and hot).

Another thing is that the artwork isn’t all wonky like some of the other Voltage US branch games.  Though the cutscene art is still strange- the MC has a face for once!  In addition to a face, she’s got a personality that’s not your “typical head-over-heels damsel in distress”  she tries her darn best to stand up for herself!  She’s one tough'n spunky cookie!

I give this game a 5 out of 5 stars!  Even the music is nice! (even spooky at times, but thrilling).

Folks are fond of saying “Bernie has done nothing all these years in Congress” with no idea what they’re talking about.


“The audit of the Fed’s emergency lending programs was scarcely reported by mainstream media – albeit the results are undoubtedly newsworthy. It is the first audit of the Fed in United States history since its beginnings in 1913. The findings verify that over $16 trillion was allocated to corporations and banks internationally, purportedly for “financial assistance” during and after the 2008 fiscal crisis. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) amended the Wall Street Reform law to audit the Fed, pushing the GAO to step in and take a look around.”