fedora times

Fallout 3, New Vegas, Fallout 4 Companions List

Arcade Gannon - self-loathing sarcastic doctor

Boone - sad sniper, super sad edition

Butch Deloria - trash tunnelsnake dorklord

Cait - scary irish druggie with sad past

Cass - alcoholic sassmaster supreme

Charon - literally a slave??? why does no one mention that??? but a ghoul one

Clover - umm another slave??? wtf fo3 is up with you and slave Companions???

Codsworth - the Alfred pennyworth to your batman

Curie - awww cute lil french robot… oh now sexy lil french synth

Danse - pretty boy racist tin can

Deacon - liar, liar, pants on fire

Dogmeat - best puppy ever

ED-E - emotional beeping

Fawkes - sweetheart super mutant. awww

Hancock - badass cosplaying mayor plus chems

Jericho - rude ex-raider shitbag

Lily - adorable grandma nightkin that calls you dearie.

MacCready - sad sniper, dork dad edition

Nick - toaster detective. only time a fedora is acceptable.

Piper - cute nosy journalist

Preston - truest cinnamon roll to ever cinnamon the roll

Raul - ancient ghoul with so many stories that calls you boss

Rex - hat-shaming robo-dog

Sergeant RL-3 - cool ass Mr Gutsy to hang with

Star Paladin Cross - you’re gonna accidentally call her mom at least four times

Strong - scary super mutant

Veronica - smol lesbian in a potato sack

X6-88 - I’m totally done with ur shit, sir/ma'am


the last squared sprites ; Solroxysprite, Soldavesprite, Damabornsprite, Neproxysprite, Vrisroxysprite, Teradiasprite and Fefrezisprite :0

[part one]

I just watched Megamind.

Considering that the villain was a Nice Guy*TM, the girl wasn’t dating the “official” Hero in the first place and when she did get involved it was with the guy she was having adventures with as equals, not a dashing rescuer…

I’m REALLY confused as to how fucking Frozen is the animated film that got declared “feminist.”

Tomodachi Life Overwatch

Been goofing around in Tomodachi Life again, and made the Overwatch team. They all live together in their apartment block and thus far:

  • Lucio is angry ALL THE TIME. Every time I check on Lucio, he’s throwing crap at people and just fighting all the time. He’s the most aggressive little frogboy I have ever seen.
  • Lucio is dating Sombra but he’s so abusive, who knows how long this will last? To her credit, Sombra is really chill in comparison.
  • Mei started dating McCree and they get along really well so far.
  • Mei has no fashion sense and keeps trying to wear a hot dog outfit.
  • Junkrat is a loner who occasionally hangs out with my friend’s joke character, KJ420BLAZE. I have a hint of what they’ve been up to.
  • Junkrat will not take off his GODDAMN FEDORA. Every time I go in there, he’s put it back on. I thought I raised you better than this.
  • Hanzo’s favorite food is tap water.
  • Zarya married Ganondorf. Good for her, she finally found someone equal to her in terms of RAW POWER.
  • Reinhardt loves the park and hangs out with 76 a lot.
  • Widowmaker and Hanzo are best friends.
  • Ana is a pimptress. When Reinhardt went to profess his love for her, three other men showed up to vie for her attentions.
  • She chose Roadhog.

Even though we now know that it’s “m'lady” instead of “my lady” I’m still going to be writing it as “my lady” because there is no way I could actually write the work “m'lady without laughing. I picture someone tipping a fedora every time I even think it 😂

Most of The Cure’s tour adventures revolve around Simon. Whether he’s there, at the fulcrum of the activity, or not, he is invariably there at the onset, egging everyone on with his cry of “Slammers!” He likes a bev, does Simon, and Smith says he even has a suntan — a quite remarkable feat for the pale Goth Assassin. It seems he’s been spotted in swimming trunks of all things, spreading himself beside hotel pools, customary beer at the ready, soaking up those rays. He’s even removed his fedora a few times — an act pretty much unheard of day or night since that fateful winter evening when I [Steve Sutherland] gave him a skinhead cut to match my own, armed with little more than a pair of nail scissors.
—  Melody Maker 1989
The Signs As Fall Out Boy Things
  • Aries: When Pete followed Patrick around with the backpack that blasted music
  • Taurus: Pete Literally making out with every dude
  • Gemini: emo gods
  • Cancer: they literally just made people go to theaters to get a teaser of the new album
  • Leo: Leaking albums a day before they were supposed to come out
  • Virgo: all those times pete or joe would hurt each other with their instruments by accident
  • Libra: the iconic prank war between Panic! And Twenty One Pilots
  • Scorpio: saying they werent getting back together the day before they announced their comeback album
  • Sagittarius: Drunk History
  • Capricorn: FEDORAS
  • Aquarius: the time pete broke his ankle onstage and just laid there