fedora enthusiast

signs as fuckbois
  • aries: haha and then what? ;))
  • taurus: what would you do if i was there?
  • gemini: *sends unwanted dick pics*
  • cancer: *is a fedora enthusiast*
  • leo: send noods pls ;)))
  • virgo: no homo
  • libra: *makes 420 jokes, but has never smoked or touched weed*
  • scorpio: what is your tiddy and pussy size :P
  • sagittarius: *leaves friend's house for girl he aint even with, because he a ho*
  • capricorn: *says he's a feminist just to get in your pants*
  • aquarius: dance for me babe ;D
  • pisces: *turns into a meninist after a girl says no to sex*
amazingphil - I Killed My Houseplant!

- He was asking for edits with that bed stretch

- “OUR cereal”

- Soil On The Bed - EP (out on iTunes)

- So much Texas//Houston

- Cameraman Dan


- Dan looks like a redneck???

- tfw you get your boyfriend a present and don’t tell him about it until you get home

- Fedora !1!!1

- **snazzy light-up fedora**

- Enthusiastic Dan exit

- Smol cute omf we missed you so much Phil