One of the fun things about Kevin Spacey is you never know where you might find him. Here he is at the Annapolis Cup croquet match between St.John’s College and the U.S. Naval Academy. The community-wide event attracts several thousand people to the heart of Annapolis for a festive lawn party complete with outrageous costumes, old-fashioned picnics, swing dancing, and, of course, croquet competition. April 22, 2017

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how are u two so cute??? Like ?? How??? **Also if you're willing, pls put a fedora on gilbert im wearing one today(i rock a fedora) and ive always wanted to see him in a fedora**

I: im divorcing you….

[ art by @ask-aph-fruk ]


My taste in clothing has never been gender specific. I don’t see a men’s or women’s section when it comes to my appearance. I gravitate to what I like. I wear it with confidence, make it my own, and ignore disapproving looks and comments. Whether it be a more feminine or masculine outfit makes no difference. Originality and the courage to embrace myself are all that matters. My look has always been androgynous and versatile. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Today, I’m launching my project “andro-”. It’s short for androgynous which means “of indeterminate sex”. I’m starting this project to encourage originality, push gender specific boundaries of fashion, and ultimately shine a light on those who are brave enough to be themselves. Loving yourself and your appearance is a lifestyle. You should celebrate it everyday. – @nikonmami

Photographer: @nikonpapi​