8/10 greatest Federer moments of the 2012 Tennis season

↳ Unbelievable shots: (left to right, top to bottom) World Tour Finals: Final against Djokovic, Australian Open: R4 against Tomic, Indian Wells: R2 against Kudla, Wimbledon: Final against Murray, US Open: QF against Berdych, Basel: SF against Mathieu

One of the biggest crime waves in America isn't what you think it is
And it's being perpetrated by our employers

No one knows exactly how big a problem wage theft is, but in 2012 federal and state agencies recovered $933 million for victims of wage theft. By comparison, all the property taken in all the robberies of all types in 2012, solved or unsolved, amounted to a little under $341 million.

Remember, that $933 million is just the wage theft that’s been addressed by authorities. The full scale of the problem is likely monumentally larger: Research suggests American workers are getting screwed out of $20 billionto $50 billion annually.

And that’s only the wage theft that’s actually illegal, a lot of exploitation and theft by bosses is legal.  (Also, reminder that cops stealing things via “civil forfeiture” is also more than the total amount of robberies too).


1/10 greatest Federer moments of the 2012 Tennis season

↳ Roger Federer wins Wimbledon for the 7th time (equalling Pete Sampras’ record) and claims his 17th grand slam title

“When it all happens, it crashes down on you and you’re exhausted and happy. It’s not just a great moment in my career, but life. As a parent and a father, it’s quite incredible.”  [x]


2/10 greatest Federer moments of the 2012 Tennis season

↳ Comeback matches

When you’re down two sets to love, stay calm. Obviously your friends and family are freaking out. You just play point for point. It sounds boring but it’s the only thing to do. I appreciate the support of my fans over so many years. Tonight, it was special.” [x]


10/10 greatest Federer moments of the 2012 Tennis season

↳ Roger Federer returns to World No. 1 breaking Pete Sampras’ record of 286 weeks. He now holds an all time record of 302 weeks at the top

I feel a great sense of satisfaction because of all the effort I’ve put into it. It’s pretty incredible. Probably one of my biggest accomplishments. I’m very proud of that record, no doubt about it. “ [x]