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MUFON Report: 81684

2017-01-22, Goodyear, AZ, US

My daughter and I were driving at night in the dark when we noticed 4 lights that looked very bright above the distant mountains. Four of them lined up next to one another from right to left. They stayed stationary for a few moments and then 1 would fly swiftly away from the others leaving 3 in a linear horizontal line before it disappeared. It would spontaneously reappear and then fly above the other 3, move left again and then realign with the other 4 leaving 4 brightly shining in the sky. We also saw a distant airplane but it appeared farther away, higher and with blinking lights. The UFOS we saw were solid bright white/yellow and were brilliant against the night sky. They flew fluidly, and would move great lengths across the sky in an instant, disappearing and reappearing. They were much larger than stars in the sky and brighter than the brightest star. We felt excited and in awe, and happy they would reappear so we could get good pictures and videos. Our neighbors also saw them while out driving. We finally left to go home. We have seen them before in a dark night sky over the Estrella mountains to the East. They are common in this part of Goodyear. We see them several times a year. 

The Seven Alien Races!

This video explains how there are many more alien races out there than just the classic black eyed aliens also know as the greys. Many people throught the 1960′s and late 1990′s have encountered with many aliens and one artist tries to depict them and what he drew will amaze you.

“One day after I am long gone, you will remember me and say, we should have stopped the nuclear program of Israel, abolished the Federal Reserve and kicked all the secret societies, occultists, usurpers and Zionists out of our wonderful country, to keep it that way, but it is never too late, just remember that!”- John F. Kennedy

Recent Acquisition - Photograph Collection

Original caption: “G-Men Open Fire.  Quantico, VA. – A delicate and deadly web of light engulfs this house as tracer bullets are poured into it by agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation during a firing demonstration at the Marine Barracks at Quantico.  10/9/40″″

was looking out 5th floor east facing window, saw an object with looked like it was on fire, as i watched it it changed direction, was pulsating, round, not a comet.

MUFON Report: 74111

2016-01-24, North Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY, US

I was walking through my apt towards the windows. As I looked out the window I noticed a bright object in the eastern sky. I said to my wife: ‘what is that?!“ It looked at first like a meteor burning up upon entering the atmosphere, i know this as i have seen that before, and I thought WOW the looks really close and got worried because it looked really close. It looked like it was on fire. By now my wife was there with me and she was in total disbelief, and kept asking what is that?. But then as we watched, I was expecting it to pass over us and continue towards the city, NYC, which is just west of my bldg across the east river, it made a 9o degree left turn, and continued on a steady path. No longer a meteor!? This made get my phone and start recording this. so I open the window to get a clearer view, and started recording. I recorded about 30 seconds, until the object went through some clouds and disappeared. We live in the flight path for landing airplanes at Laguardia airport. planes fly through all the time. from south to north. this object crossed this path from east to west and then turned from west to south east. This was the day after the snow storm, there was also a near full moon.

I’m going to assume this was more than likely the original front entrance to the home. The Cleage place appeared to have had at least two entrances–one on the side and one towards the back. The back entrance is not fit for the vertically challenged, as the stairs leading up to it have long been removed.Above the front door was an ornate Federal-styled fan light. Believe it or not, I came across a picture of this same entrance from the 1930s, where the fan light can plainly be seen. It may have been removed during one of the many attempts at trying to renovate the home. The old door was a lot bigger than the new one, so when the old door was removed, so did the support for the light. Because the new door is a lot smaller than the original, it needed a new frame altogether.

Below: The front entrance–this was taken during the 1930s by a group of students who were sent out to survey the land and carefully document the Cleage house.

anonymous asked:

What are your views on ETs? Do you think they are real?

Aliens and the UFO phenomenon are real. They have been here since the beginning of human kind. In the past many malevolent alien species had an ego and wanted to be worshiped as gods while the benevolent ones wanted to help humans but still were worships as gods by the primitive humans. Right now there are thousands of friendly alien spices surrounding earth as we speak called The Galactic Federation Of Light. They arrived here since the late 1990s that is why we don’t have anymore alien abductions since that time and now because they are kicking the malevolent ETs out of our planet. The galactic federation are here observing us and protecting us. They’re ONLY allowed to interfere when planet earth is in danger like asteroids, solar flares, nuclear war, etc. That’s why we have been having a lot of near misses with asteroids lately. If you are really paying attention there is an increase of UFO sightings all over the world. ETs are trying to show themselves to us to let us know we are not the only intelligent life in the universe. ETs will ONLY land and have a mass contact only when we invite them in and stop the hate that is going on around the earth and try to be friendly otherwise we are not yet ready for alien contact. WHEN THEY DO COME EVERYONE WILL KNOW IT.

Also ALL aliens working with the secret world government and military right now are ALL malevolent. Because many of the good ETs assistance were rejected by the government back in the 1950s because they would not get technology from them, the good ETs only wanted to help humanity and get rid of all nuclear power plants. While the negative ETs made a treaty with the Government. Secret world government get technology while the negative ETs get human and animal subjects world wide. That’s why our technology has developed quickly in the last 60 years.




Video reveals UFO sighting in Toronto, where lighted craft ( ? ) form as DNA , strange yet interesting, fake or real it doesn’t matter, the truth of universal truths is within the spiral , the ladder to heaven, kundalini, serpent rising, spiritual etheric electromagnetic fields composing both physical and nonphysical matter- a matter that science is confused about at this time, simply because they haven’t expanded their consciousness - the topic of superconductive fractals, hypercubes and crystalline structure is a real technology that is already in motion within our earths grid networks and within the universal galactic existence - A Reality you must face within yourself, within your own illuminated pituitary gland - with the brightness of your heart the truth comes alive in Vision, the fear no longer exists- the initiation into the true art starts with yourself and Nature. All around you - the signs are, the signs are revealing - and the signs are in the geometric nature of existence - This video was formed to remind humanity that we are being upgraded and updated by Forces of light-
All that is required is the meditative art and the inward sight, for if Eye is One , Body shall be full of light -
The Oneness is a real experience where there is only One consciousness guiding, healing, restructuring and adjusting the Earths System. We are One with this.
Ehani is One with the Family Of Light who CARE for all life, and want Life to flower and blossom in the times to come.
One Light and One Love to All who visit this channel and this video-
There is only Peace, Wisdom, Truth and Art here - Creativity from the Heart-Minds of Many, Collaborating over the course of many years to form a Galactic Database of Universal Communion.