federation of fear legend

First team-picture? Yeah.
Quick sketch of the Federation of Fear done without any model since I wasn’t at home (generally I have the real sets in front of me when I draw them), so considering this, I’m quite happy about the render.
I may rearrange and turn it into a real drawing and make a banner for my blog from this.
Can you guess who is who?
(Hint: look at the tags.)

FoFL news - 01

I finished the storyboard of the 23rd page of my comic version for the Bionicle story: Federation of fear; approaching the end of Chapter 2 (there are ten chapters). But more important, I have drawn the final version of the very first page of the comic, which is not a comic page actually, ‘coz you can associate it with some sort of chapter cover. But still, it’s the very first page and oh! I like it.
But I’m waiting for being further in my story boarding and page drawing to post it here and on deviantart.

I also have to draw a real cover…