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Здание главного штаба и Исаакиевский собор. Санкт-Петербург / The building of the General Staff, and St. Isaac’s Cathedral. St. Petersburg


Cross St. Market is scheduled to be renovated and updated in the next few months. Nick’s has received notice that their lease expires on January 31st, presumably all the other vendors received similar notices. I’ve been going to Cross Street Market for 23 years. In that time little inside has changed. After the renovations occur it’s possible the current long term tenants may never return. Do yourself a favor and check out this spot before the end of the month. Once it is renovated every shred of character and history will be gone with it.

Cross Street Market, Cross St., Federal Hill, south Baltimore, Md



The federal debt is projected to nearly double under President Obama, with the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis chart showing it has increased from $11.1 trillion in the first quarter 2009 to $18.9 trillion in the fourth quarter 2015.At the end of the George W. Bush presidency in January 2009, the federal debt stood at $10.6 trillion. It is projected to exceed $20 trillion by the end of Obama’s presidency in January 2017.

Skull found in Arouca

Northern Division police are investigating a report. A human skull, found yesterday afternoon in Arouca. Officials of the Arouca Police Station received a report. An object resembling a human skull, found in Windy Hill, Arouca.

The discovery made 3 p.m. A man was cutting grass at Windy Hill. He stumbled upon the remains.
The man contacted police. They carried out a search for the remainder of the skeleton.
The skull maybe a few months old. Given its “old” appearance.
It was retrieved, taken to Forensic Science Centre at Federation Park, St James.


St. Louis County has issued a state of emergency, as  Cornel West and other activists are arrested 

St. Louis County has issued a state of emergency in light of last night’s activity. Today, “Moral Monday” as it’s being called, demonstrators took part in blocking highways, shutting down businesses and halting traffic in public spaces. Several arrests were made outside Thomas Eagleton Federal Courthouse in downtown St. Louis, including DeRay McKesson (@deray), Johnetta “Netta” Elzie (@nettaaaaaaaa) and Cornel West. You can read the full order declaring a state of emergency here.

Sadie, Golden Retriever (7 y/o), Federal & Oak St., Nantucket, MA • “We shave her in the summer, so she kind of looks like a yellow Lab.”

A member of the grand jury that did not indict a white police officer in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Mo., sued the county prosecutor on Monday, seeking to speak out because the public’s impression of the grand jury’s work was “not entirely accurate.”

The lawsuit, filed Monday in federal court in St. Louis, raised questions about the way the St. Louis County prosecutor, Robert P. McCulloch, chose to have evidence presented and about how he portrayed the decision to not indict a former Ferguson policeman, Darren Wilson, who fired the shots that killed 18-year-old Michael Brown.

The public is left with the perception, the lawsuit said, that all of the grand jurors believed that there was not enough evidence to indict Mr. Wilson.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri is representing the grand juror, who is identified only as a St. Louis County resident. In the court filing, the plaintiff indicated a desire to “advocate for legislative change to the way grand juries are conducted in Missouri” and “contribute to the current public dialogue concerning race relations.”

The lawsuit asked a federal judge to stop Mr. McCulloch from enforcing Missouri laws that restrict what a grand juror can say about the secretive hearings.

The grand jury that considered charges against Mr. Wilson was abnormal both in the scope of the evidence it heard and the time for which it met. In Monday’s lawsuit, the plaintiff said it viewed the Ferguson case as having “a stronger focus on the victim” than other cases the panel considered.


The New York Times, “Grand Juror in Ferguson Sues to End Silence Rule.”

Lawyerfolk on Tumblr: can any of you weigh in on how usual / unusual this gag rule is with respect to grand juries?  Why, for instance, would Robert McCulloch have been allowed to hold his post-ruling press conference if such “silence” laws were in effect in Missouri?  It seems a bit unbalanced to a layperson like me.