federal register 2.0


Happy Anniversary, Federal Register 2.0!

The National Archives, in collaboration with the Government Printing Office, publishes the Federal Register, a daily compilation of notices of public meetings, legislative hearings, grant and funding opportunities, and announcements of public interest.  In addition, it publishes proposed regulations and provides information about how to comment on these proposals—a very manual process. On its 75th anniversary on July 26th 2010, we launched Federal Register 2.0, affectionately known as FR2, exploiting social media tools to better connect the American public with their government. FR2 provides hyperlinks to Statutes, Public Laws, and the Code of Federal Regulations that provide quick access legislation to understand the relationship between the law and regulation.

 The most important feature is the ability to immediately comment on proposed regulations.  A prominent green “Submit a Comment” button next to the proposal launches a pop up comments page.        

Give it a test drive at https://www.federalregister.gov and improve your civic engagement!      

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