federal poverty line

My supervisor just sent out the 2017 federal poverty calculation chart.

For a single person, the federal poverty line is now $1005 per month. This marks the first year that a single person can earn over $1k a month and still be considered in poverty by the federal government.

Laziness should be defined by a lack of empathy. If you lack empathy enough to not be deeply concerned with the material wellbeing, safety, and health of your community, you’re a lazy sack of shit.

New rule: If you have never lived under the federal poverty line, been homeless, chronically ill, or lived malnourished (or undernourished) for extended periods, you are not qualified to have an informed opinion on poverty or poor people.

Even if these did apply to you but don’t any longer, if you still call poor people lazy you have to go back to the starting line and start over because you’re too much of a narcissist to realize you were fortunate where others weren’t.

The entire healthcare industry is panicking that Trump will blow up Obamacare on Monday
Organizations representing most of the healthcare industry joined with 16 attorneys general to plead with congress to stop Trump from destroying the insurance system.
By Michael Hiltzik

The issue before the court is a dangerous one for the Affordable Care Act and some 10 million Americans who depend on its individual exchanges for their health coverage. At the center of the case are the act’s cost-sharing reductions — subsidies covering deductibles and co-pays for individual buyers with income less than 250% of the federal poverty line.

The subsidies this year come to $7 billion, to be paid to insurers covering 7 million customers. The subsidies are authorized under the health care act, but House Republicans filed a lawsuit in 2014 asserting that because the money hadn’t been specifically appropriated, paying the money is illegal. They won the first round in U.S. District Court last year, but the judge stayed her ruling pending an appeals court decision.

anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm kind of debating between pro-life and pro-choice right now. Why are you pro-choice? (I do not mean this question in a disrespectful way) And why do you think that pro-life is bullshit?

hello! I have quite a lot of reasons as to why I’m pro choice. 

I’m sure there are many more reasons, but here are some important facts that I can recall off the top of my head. Please note that all of these sources are from medical journals and reputable news sources.

Now as for why I think pro life is bullshit? well…

they often propagate inaccurate medical information or straight-out lie about abortion safety and risks. all you have to do is look at pro life websites such as abort73.com, which states several inaccuracies, including but not limited to saying that abortion causes cancer (disproved by the National Cancer Institute), and that abortion is unsafe (if you take a look at their citations, they cite data from the 70′s that is clearly outdated as medical procedures have evolved since then. they also use invalid studies).

Pro life organizations including but not limited to Students for Life and Operation Rescue talk about “post abortion syndrome,” while a study done by the American Psychological Association cited above has stated that PAS does not actually exist. 

You can also note the recent “planned parenthood sells baby parts!!!” debacle which was stated by sting videos from antiabortion group The Center for Medical Progress. These videos were fabricated, all state investigations into Planned Parenthood about these allegations have cleared Planned Parenthood of any accusations and the makers of the videos have been indicted for using illegal means to obtain the videos. 

Crisis Pregnancy Centers, or CPCs, are pro life organizations that facade as abortion clinics in order to coerce pregnant people to come to them, and then lie to them about abortion and push them towards adoption or parenting. the blog @expose-cpcs has compiled a huge amount of info about CPCs if you want to read further, and there’s also this investigation by the House Committee in 2006 documenting disturbing lies and misinformation spread by government-funded CPCs -

“According to the report, an overwhelming majority of the centers—20 of the 23—provided “false or misleading information” on the physical and mental health risks of abortion to pregnant women. For example, eight centers told women that their chance of developing breast cancer will rise substantially if they have an abortion. One clinic in particular said there was a 50% greater chance that a woman will develop cancer after an abortion, whereas another said the likelihood could be as high as 80% greater.

In addition, seven centers informed the caller that there is an increased risk of fertility problems after abortion. One center told the caller that having an abortion “could destroy your chances of ever having children again.”

Also, 13 of the 23 centers told callers that having an abortion would cause a host of detrimental mental health outcomes. One center, for instance, said that after an abortion, the risk of suicide “goes up by seven times.” Others asserted that women could suffer from a range of negative outcomes such as guilt, numbness, anxiety, drug use, eating disorders and sexual dysfunction.

Alarmingly, this investigation also highlighted the fact that CPCs often mask their antiabortion agenda to attract pregnant women who are seeking medical advice and dissuade them from obtaining an abortion. Many centers act under the guise of organizations that provide pregnant women with a comprehensive set of options, including abortion services, even though CPCs neither provide abortions nor referrals for abortions. 

After pulling together the results of the investigation, the authors concluded, “A pregnant teenager who relied on the information from these federally funded centers would make her decision about whether to give birth or terminate her pregnancy based on erroneous facts and misinformation.” The report demonstrates the extent to which CPCs grossly distort the facts when it comes to discussing the risks associated with abortion—all in an effort to promote an antiabortion message.”

Lastly, I find the pro life movement as a whole to be extremely hypocritical. This blog, “how pro life of you,” was created in order to document the pro life violence against actual born, living people - I have an entire tag of pro life violence, from death threats to actual documented murders and bombings, here

As a tl;dr of my example tag, you can take a look at this long wikipedia page dedicated to anti abortion violence. These murders, bombings and threats were committed in the name of “pro life” organizations. You can note Operation Rescue president Troy Newman for calling for the execution of abortion doctors, and also senior vice president Cheryl Sullenger who had ties to the murderer of abortion doctor Dr. George Tiller. these are only a few well-known examples off the top of my head, obviously there are many, many more.

Speaking of George Tiller, there is a wonderful documentary called ‘After Tiller’ available on netflix, which talks about the assassination of Dr. Tiller and the aftermaths that anti-abortion violence has had on clinics. 

These are some, but not all, of the reasons as to why I’m pro choice and vehemently against the pro life movement. I know this post is long, and that it’s a lot of information, but I genuinely hope that you take this all into consideration when looking at being pro choice vs. pro life. If you have any questions, my inbox is always open. 

The mandated minimum salary for a National Women’s Soccer League player remains $6,842 a year, well below the Federal poverty line of $11,770. By contrast, the men’s MLS minimum is $60,000. And while the current champion USWNT took home $1.8 million for winning the World Cup, which they shared among 23 players and their support staff, the men’s team (which lost and is ranked 32nd by FIFA) took home $9 million. In aggregate, women’s soccer players earn an astonishing 98.6 percent less than their male counterparts.
Extremely Low Salaries in NWSL

When the NWSL began in 2013, a press release from Cheryl Bailey, NWSL’s Executive Director, announced that players’ salaries could range from $6,000-30,000 per season. However, the majority of players will have salaries along the lower end of this range of money. Only National Team players would receive about $30,000.

[Figure 1]

These numbers are very low if you compare it to the amount of money players receive in France. In 2013, Megan Rapinoe (a US Women’s National Team Player) was playing overseas for Olympique Lyon and earned more money than the majority of NWSL players earn in only 1 month. Rapine played five months in France and was paid about 14,000 dollars per month! This clearly emphasizes the little amount of money professional women’s soccer players earn in America.

[Figure 2]

After the World Cup in 2015, a data analysis website called Atlas decided to conduct a study about minimum salaries in major sports in America. Research concluded that the minimum salary in the NWSL is $6,824 per season, which is about almost half the salary that is needed to make the threshold of the Federal Poverty Line, which is $11,770! This means that players in the NWSL are being underpaid, and therefore must find a job outside of soccer or leave the country to play soccer overseas in Europe where salaries are much higher. 

[Figure 3]

The minimum salary of a NWSL player is about 10% of what the minimum salary is for male players in the MLS, which is 60,000 dollars. Ricardo Kaká, the highest paid MLS Player, earns 7.1 million dollars per year while female players can only earn a maximum of $37,800!

Despite the fact that America is a country where women’s soccer is quite popular, the salaries for professional soccer are extremely low!

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What’s the impact of your federal tax dollars?

Rather than calculating a hypothetical amount that a single person could receive by enrolling in every benefits program (like the Cato Institute report did), this infographic shows how many people are lifted above the federal poverty line by various federal programs.

It amazes me that there are people here who aren’t excited about Los Angeles city officials agreeing to raise the minimum wage

Instead, they’re “disgusted” because they think that someone who works their fucking ass off at McDonald’s or Taco Bell doesn’t deserve to live above the federal poverty line

Instead, they make cheap, inhuman “jokes” about the “Dollar Menu disappearing” and how they now “hope this is enough for them to get our drive-thru orders correct”

Instead, they challenge one of the most potent and effective popular labor movements of contemporary U.S. history by actually using their breath to defend the business owners and landlords who will now “struggle” and “raise prices for all”

And the saddest thing about this to me?

These white-collar workers who think they’re better than the folks who are actually changing our social, political, and economic conditions by fighting for $15 an hour and pushing for unionization are exploited, too – overworked, underpaid, and never even offered the support of a union

But they sit at desks and work from phones and computers, so they think “differently”

How dare these people

How dare them

They say, “Working in fast food is never supposed to be a career”

Have they actually listened to their fellow workers?

Do they know that many employees of the fast-food industry are working full-time while going to school full-time and somehow still supporting their families, on barely any money whatsoever? And that the vast majority of said employees are working-poor immigrants and people of color who have no other options in this fucking polarized country?

Get off your high horse and open your fucking eyes because you’re aiding everyone’s fucking oppressors

No wonder, one of the most critical determinants of who starts and who continues breast-feeding is socioeconomic status. Seventy-four percent of children in families with incomes above 185 percent of the federal poverty line are breastfed, compared to only 57 percent of children in families with incomes at or below that threshold. These differences are driven by outdated and regressive social policies and workplace conditions, such as the Family and Medical Leave of Act of 1993, which only guarantees that new mothers can take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave following the birth of their child.