federal minimalism


Tatiana Bilbao’s $8,000 house | Sustainable Housing Prototype

“Social housing has become one of the most important issues in our present day architectural agenda”, say the architects, “with one of the fastest population growth rates in Latin America, the housing shortage in Mexico constitutes a total of 9 million homes”.

“The first phase of the house includes two bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen and a 5 meter height dining/living room. When completed, the third phase contemplates space for the same rooms and 5 separate bedrooms, with the possibility of adapting each separate house according to each family’s specific needs”

The minimal federal requirement of 43 sq. Meters (463 sq. ft) per house was expanded, the home is built around a central core of rigid materials (concrete blocks) and different surrounding modules of lighter/ cheaper materials (wood pallets) can be added or taken away. So the house allows for future expansions in different phases at different times if required, while the outside appearance of a completed house is always preserved. The house is simple to construct and adapts to each family’s budget, needs and desires.

architects: tatiana bilbao estudio