College Gets Cheaper: Federal Loan Rates Set To Drop For '15-'16 Academic Year
Well here's a sentence you don't see every day: it's about to get cheaper to pay for college. The bottom-line cost for those who need to borrow -- i.e, what students will pay when the diploma is in hand and the student loans are paid off -- is going down, at least for the 2015-2016 academic year. Thanks to the results of Wednesday's 10-year Treasury note auction, the rates on federal student loans will decrease by 0.37% for new loans disbursed on or after July 1, 2015.
By Maggie McGrath
Elections Canada Online | Voter Registration
Information on registering to vote in a federal election. Links to the online voter registration service and the application to vote by mail.

They have a tool that lets you know if you’re already registered, so I made sure. I’m also 29 and have voted in federal elections before. Please make sure you’re registered, and on the day, make sure you have proof of address with you; even if you have a passport, you need something like a bank statement in the mail which shows proof of residence. This website should help let you know what you need.

The Sound Dollar Act: Modernizing The Federal Reserve

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The Sound Dollar Act: Modernizing The Federal Reserve


The Sound Dollar Act: Modernizing The Federal Reserve The Federal Reserve has experienced significant mission creep since it was established in 1913, particularly in recent years when it engineered multi-trillion dollar bailouts of politically favored firms and recklessly pursued easy money…