fed weekend

Of course you want to know what I think...

About what you say? Well - you know, those pics of Sam in NC. All I can say about those pictures is this, DAMN SAM LOOKS GOOD! That’s my only comment.
Okay, so that’s not so true. Well, it’s half true. I really do think that he looks tremendous. As to why he’s there, I really don’t care. After all that we have seen and all the games that have been played, it would not surprise me if TPTB cooked this up and spent the dough to get him to NC for a couple of days (or hours) to expand the playing field. Wouldn’t that make sense after all? TPTB have to connect the dots and stoke the fires to get our heart rates up and confuse the hell out of us. THAT alone puts money in their pockets. We changed our course with the great party pics we saw that fed the “Special Anniversary” weekend theory and SOMETHING had to happen. Why? Because we are a ship full of brilliant, educated, and extremely no-wool-over-our-eyes bunch of shippers! That’s why! There’s no way that Sam is with MM, or was in NC scouting. I also say that there is no way in hell that Sam and Cait are playing us for any reason. They are not that caliper of people. Ain’t gonna happen. While I hate all this ring-around-the-rosy shit, I do understand it. Money does make the world go round and someone who is holding all the cards wants said money. Here’s what I feel every time I see one of these “investment plays” appear, pure sympathy. Sympathy for two people who are in a committed and loving relationship having to pretend likewise. I couldn’t do it. Too painful. Embarrassing. An awful lot of weight to bear. So when this shit happens, just remember all of the other stuff we have been witness to. Remember how cast mates have referred to them and their relationship. Keep in mind the myriad of tweets, pictures, interviews, and those glorious BTS, have brought us so much joy. Just take one of those things, really look at it, and try to tell me different. Ain’t gonna happen.

I am beyond ready for the weekend!
  • Monday
  • Physician Assistant: "You don't look like you have arthritis or a flare up."
  • Physician Assistant: "You are too young for all these health complications."
  • Physician Assistant: "You are a problem patient."
  • Physician Assistant: "You have been through almost every medication and yet none of them worked? What do you want us to do? What more drugs do you want?"
  • Physician Assistant: "We're going to get labs done to prove if you even actually have arthritis!"
  • Wednesday
  • Quotes from E-mail That My Advisor Sent Me
  • Advisor: "Being granted flexibility is something you EARN through integrity and ready communication regarding your changing needs. In allowing this behavior we are doing you a disservice."
  • Advisor: "This behavior will eventually compromise your ability to remain a student."
  • Advisor: "Requesting a medical withdrawal might be necessary."
  • I have a disability. I struggle each and every day to merely walk to class and hold my pen to take notes. I am doing well in each of my classes. I do not understand in the slightest on what ground professionals feel they can say these matters to me. Lord give me strength to address these matters professionally and adequately.