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This is one I did for mermay :) not great but meh I don’t care. Anyways one more prompt mer Lance prompt before May is over!


Lance was 11 when he was taken away from his family and for one year he lived in a research facility called the garrison. They treated him badly there, barely fed him and we’re always poking him with some kind of needle.

On one day, everything started out normal but then alarms went off the people started to panic. Lance didn’t know what was going on but even if he asked no one would tell him. So he watch. Watched as every single person dropped what they were doing and left. And never came back.

Shiro and his little brother lived alone in a small house at the outskirts of a small town. He and his 13 year old brother got along well and enjoyed watching documentaries of various myths. There was a government facility a few miles from their home and both boys are convinced they’re keeping something in there.

When Shiro and Keith heard it suddenly shut down they were curious and very excited. However Shiro wasn’t about to let his 13 year old brother become a criminal so he made him stay at home.

So one week after the facility shut down, Shiro entered not knowing what he was going to find but he definitely didn’t expect it to be a 12 year old mer starving to death and completely abandoned.

Shiro takes Lance home and together Keith and Shiro help lance get healthy. Lance discovers at age 15 he can shift his form. And at age 17 Lance discovers he is absolutely in love with his best friend.

Exo: When They’re Jealous

Exo’s reaction to their crush(who is an idol) getting a lot of love from other boy group members? 


Minseok wouldn’t be very amused when he had to sit there and watch iKon’s Bobby casually make moves on you during the breaks of a show taping. He’d bite his tongue on some snarky comment he would want to make but he just miiiight let some shade loose on that show. Afterwards he would finally do his best to ask you for your number in hopes of finding time for a date.

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Junmyeon understand the appeal of someone like him who has the charisma a leader needs. What he didn’t understand is how you could be so incredibly charismatic that anyone and everyone wanted to be around you. None of them wanted to be around you as much as he did and that ired him to the bone. So watching you mingle with K-Pops best leaders made him fed up one day and he just slung his arm around Rapmon’s shoulder and interjected himself into the round of compliments you were getting.

“She is talented isn’t she? Seeing as all of you are attached like moths to a flame she must be pretty hot too huh?”

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Our beautiful potato chip isn’t the jealous type so anyone flirting with you wouldn’t really be a bother to him. He would realize he needed to step up his game with you though and would approach you a couple times during the filming breaks to just “catch up after so long” and to “make sure you didn’t need help with anything”. Ever a gentleman he would make sure you never felt uncomfortable with his advances and wouldn’t ask for your contact just yet.

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Baek knows how to take over conversations easily, so after seeing a couple of members of NCT127 chatting you up he would insert himself right into whatever you guys were talking about. He would act totally adorable when you were looking at him but whenever you weren’t he would send NCT a look that said find an excuse to leave NOW. Obviously you caught on once they all left you two alone but hey, are you really not gonna give a face like that a chance?

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After seeing how much attention you got backstage at music shows during your groups latest promotions, this boy would make damn sure your attention was on him the next time you two were anywhere near each other (at least in a more private setting, scandals are a no no). He formally introduces himself, cracking a few jokes here and there with you, and spends the next few weeks attached to your hip whenever he could be. He’s found this new determination to make you like him as much as he likes you.

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Yeoli-loli would somehow find himself in the most awkward situations with you and boy he would not take nicely to it. You two would be talking during the wait time for a music stage and suddenly Heechul would cut into the conversation giving you a big hug like he knew you his entire life and distracting you from the deep connection Chanyeol though you were making. It would shock him and honestly tick him off so much that honorifics would go out the window. 

Yah! Heechul have you not heard of excuse me before or do you not speak korean?”

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Seeing as he’s pretty direct, he would have already taken you on a date or two but hadn’t really asked you out yet. Soo is ABSOLUTELY the jealous type so lord help the guy who flirts with you when he’s around. Doesn’t matter who when or why, he will insert himself into whatever was going on and initiate some light skinship (hand holding, side hugs, ect.) to make whoever it is understand that he was already making his moves on you.

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Mr. Ball of fluff Jongin here would probably be the most awkward out of everyone. He hadn’t found a moment with you to try and confess his feelings and somehow every single time he mustered up the guts to do it, you were always surrounded by a pack of admirers. He wouldn’t be mad at all, really just a little disappointed and would shoot you a text or two later congratulating you on your stage that day. He’s gonna have to wait a bit to confess isn’t he?

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Hunnie here is the type to watch his crush from a distance (maybe hes too shy? maybe he’s lazy who knows?) but the more attention you got the more it started getting to him. He’d complain about it day after day to the other members until finally one of them drags you over and forcefully introduces you to, not so subtly mentioning he has a crush on you.

“Ah so uh… you wo-wouldn’t want to get bubble tea sometime? Like together!-uh I mean you could get it on your own too butIwouldreallylikeitifyouwentwithme …like on a date…yeah.

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Note: This was not requested. I just wanted to do a Twitter thing. I hope you enjoy.

Wordcount: 1108

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: A bit of swearing (??) Also this is unedited because I have no surplus energy in life.

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February 12 / 12:30


So, @Y/N said in an interview, that she has a celebrity crush. Is that by any chance @DaveedDiggs?


Because that would be really cute and they should totally date.


Just saying, I support @Y/N and @DaveedDiggs dating.

February 20 / 23:02

So, a little birdie told informed me that you indeed do have a crush on @DaveedDiggs – Is that true, @Y/N?

Talking to @TheEllenShow today was great. Got to talk about my book and we talked a bit about celebrity crushes. Btw @RafaelCasal I still won’t tell you who my celebrity crush is.

I’ll get it out of you at some point @Y/N just you wait.

February 21 / 10:05

Working on a secret project with @Y/N you guys are going to love it.

@DaveedDiggs @Y/N Oh, really? Is that project called a relationship?

@Y/N Who invited @RafaelCasal?

@DaveedDiggs No idea. Maybe we should just go out alone tonight and ignore him?

@DaveedDiggs @Y/N If you two are going on a date you are more than welcome to go alone.

@RafaelCasal is officially a dick.

February 21 / 15:04

Last night was amazing. Had a great time with @DaveedDiggs and @RafaelCasal

Had a great night with @Y/N and @RafaelCasal last night. @RafaelCasal is still a dick, though.

Last night was amazing. @Y/N and @DaveedDiggs still aren’t dating, though.

March 3 / 12:00

Our secret project is finally out. Had a lot of fun working with the amazing @DaveedDiggs and the rest of clipping. Check it out on @clppng ‘s Youtube.

Check out @clppng ‘s new track featuring the lovely @Y/N over on our Youtube channel.

@DaveedDiggs @Y/N Are you two flirting?

 March 5 / 20:34

The music video for our former secret project is now out! – Head over to @clppng ‘s channel on Youtube to check it out

Check out @clppng and @Y/N ‘s music video out on Youtube. It’s amazing!

Had a great time working with lovely @Y/N during the last couple of months. Hoping to get to work to something again soon.

March 14 / 13:12

@DaveedDiggs If you tell us your celebrity crush, I’ll tell you mine?

@Y/N I’m in.

@DaveedDiggs You first.

@Y/N Cute. But no. You were the one who wanted to do this.

@DaveedDiggs Not going to happen.

@Y/N Too bad. Guess we’ll never know then.

March 17 / 16:31

Revealing my celebrity crush tonight in an interview with @FallonTonight on @NBC be sure to check it out. It’s your turn now @DaveedDiggs

March 18 / 09:00

Apparently, @Y/N revealed last night on @FallonTonight that I am her celeb crush. So, guess it’s my turn then. My celeb crush is @Y/N

March 30 / 19:12

@DaveedDiggs @Y/N So are you guys finally dating?

April 3 / 10:24

Had a great night out with @DaveedDiggs last night. Was fun meeting some of your guys, please don’t ever stop being so amazing supporters. <3

Going out for dinner last night with @Y/N was great, but meeting you guys with her was even better. Stay amazing.

@DaveedDiggs @Y/N Why was I not invited? ;)

@RafaelCasal I don’t know, maybe because you won’t shut up?

@RafaelCasal because you won’t shut that pretty mouth of yours.

@DaveedDiggs Your girlfriend is flirting with me.

April 7 / 12:14

It’s official! @Y/N and @DaveedDiggs shared their first kiss last night! Look it up, kids. I’m not lying!

I don’t care about anything else right now, Daveed fucking kissed her. Finally!

@Y/N @DaveedDiggs I am the best matchmaker, right?

April 10 / 21:39

Working on a new track with the love birds.

@RafaelCasal Who are the love birds? I thought you would be working with @DaveedDiggs and me.

@RafaelCasal @Y/N Yeah. I don’t know which love birds you are talking about, friend.

April 28 / 12:30

The new track featuring @Y/N and @DaveedDiggs is live on my Youtube channel now!

You heard the man. @RafaelCasal ‘s new track featuring @Y/N and I is live on his Youtube now.

You heard my boys. @RafaelCasal ‘s new track featuring @DaveedDiggs and I is live on his Youtube now. We won’t disappoint.

June 3 / 18:34

@Y/N @DaveedDiggs Why don’t you guys ever tweet each other anymore?

June 4 / 10:33

@RafaelCasal Because now I actually get to see her every day.

An important note might be that @DaveedDiggs and @Y/N finally moved in together and are officially dating. Have been dating unofficially since the release of their first song, though. Just thought you should know.

July 1 / 12:30

Going to Miami with @DaveedDiggs for the next two weeks. Take care of @RafaelCasal while we’re gone, please? He needs to be fed 3 times a day and you need to keep him hydrated.

@Y/N @DaveedDiggs I’ll stay full on your love.

July 14 / 04:30

@Y/N and I are Back in LA now. Heading to bed to get some sleep. Love you all.

September 3 / 10:32

Oh, how time flies. 6 months and I still love you just as much.

@Y/N Love you more.

@DaveedDiggs Oh, I wasn’t talking about you… I was talking about our track. But I love you too

December 18 / 21:22

So as you all probably know; Daveed is on tour and probably won’t make it home for Christmas.

December 21 / 20:29

@DaveedDiggs Can you just come home, please?


@Y/N I miss you too babe.

December 24 / 24:00

@Y/N Merry Christmas baby. Now, could you please let me in? It’s getting a bit cold out here.

So apparently @DaveedDiggs is back. Am I happy? Definitely. Merry Christmas to all of you.

March 3 / 12:10

Hey @Y/N ?

Hey, @DaveedDiggs ?

@Y/N Just wanted to let you know that it has been a year and I still love you just as much. Happy anniversary babe. <3

@DaveedDiggs I love you more. Happy anniversary. <3

@Y/N Can you come to the living room? I need to ask you something.

March 4 / 10:22

So… Apparently, my dude, my man @DaveedDiggs and I are getting married now

@Y/N @DaveedDiggs Was that what he wanted to ask you yesterday?

@RafaelCasal Yes?

@Y/N @DaveedDiggs I knew it! The mission was a success! I am officially the best matchmaker.

@RafaelCasal Get of your high horse, Rafa.

Drowning in You

Summary (kind of spoilers?): Dan is the BAMFy popular boy, Phil is the quiet nerd. Dan secretly really likes him, so he always teases him and calls him names. One day Phil is fed up, so when Dan calls him a stalker he replies and gets really close to Dan and says “Would you call this stalking?” to make him uncomfortable. 
Prompt from Phanfic
Word Count
: 1552
Warnings: Cussing

Dan knew he was fucked the very first time he saw him.

Black hair, the colour of a raven’s wing, was always soft-looking and covered pretty blue eyes that reminded Dan of the sky on a sunny day. His lips, which were pink and soft, were in a sort of permanent smirk against pale skin that stood out on the rare days that he wore thick black glasses that slid down his nose while he lost himself in various books.

And it was the first time that Dan felt his heart race at the sight of another boy, but this stranger was an angel and Dan would die every day if it meant he could see him.

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Back at the vet, this time for lots and lots of puking. Blood tests, X-rays. Thank god for pet insurance.

There’s a dog in here that got into something and looks worse than Todd does. Puppy was not moving and wrapped in a blanket. Her owner is crying. In between her sobs the owner was explaining that she left for a weekend and the person she left the dog with didn’t know the right way to take care of a dog and let the dog access something she shouldn’t have. :/

Teamiplier as Myths

♤Shape Shifter!Ethan

¤¤Can’t shift into anything other than animals, even ones that can go underwater.

¤¤¤can shift into dinosaurs and almost got himself killed when he forgot he was a t-rex

¤when he has too much energy, he will shift into a dog and play with Chica

¤will shift into a bird so Mark can strap a gopro to him so they can get some cool high up shots for some sketches

¤¤when someone in the Iplier house feels down, you can always count on a blue lion to help you feel better


¤once she almost hit Tyler threw a wall when she wanted to playfully punch his shoulder.


¤¤¤Queue Ethan having to shift into something with thick skin so he won’t get hurt when she punches him

¤when she gets antsy, she wants to chase something, but Chica is slow compared to her.


¤like, Luke Cage. Nothing can penetrate his skin or harm him

¤will let Ethan chase and attack him when he has too much energy to play with Chica

¤feels bad when it’s just him and Kathy and she hasn’t fed in a few days and she gets a bit snappy

¤he’s the one that goes check out the noises downstairs in the middle of the night.

¤¤"Alright. Third break in, this /week/. Let’s get this over. I’ll be like ‘yo, what are you doing?’ And since you don’t want any witnesses, you’ll try to shoot or stab me, then you’ll be utterly terrified that I’m unkillable, and by then the cops are already here. They know what I can do, and I put the fear of god into them if they try and turn me into the government.”

¤¤¤in that time, Kathy appears behind the robber, and sinks her fangs into their neck and drinks them dry.


¤Fell hundreds of years after her brother, Luci.

¤¤Didn’t want to treat humans as if they were above angels. Got casted out, but ended up falling anyway.

¤Met Mark and The Gang™ and she didn’t tell them anything incase of they try to kill her for her wings.

¤¤Tells them when she finds out nobody in this group is normal, and she tells them.

¤¤¤her feathers are special, like really special. When someone finds one of the feathers laying around, they’re granted one minor wish. Like, thirty dollars, a blanket, things like that.


¤God of Thunder/Lightening and Life

¤¤He’s like an irl Thor, except not as intimidating.

¤Can grow crops with just a touch of his finger.

¤¤Single handedly saved the entire species of bananas long enough for them to make a genetically modified version.

¤When the lights go out, he flies up in the sky to see how many other house’s that don’t have power, then gives them power via lightening

¤Once accidentally hit a kid with his car, sobbed for hours before he realised he’s the God of Life™ and healed her up

¤He helps Amy during her molts when she looses all of her feathers to get cleaner, healthier ones. He keeps her alive because she almost dies everytime it happens because it’s too painful.

¤¤She thought it was painful up in Heaven, but that was were pain very rarely existed


¤Chica is a long descendant of cereberus, so she’ll occasionally spit fire and eat souls!)

Angry (An Anti and Dark fic)


Shitty writing done in half an hour and I thought “Hey, why not upload it, right?” Took inspo from a post that I think @markired had or answered or something where Dark is there for Anti etc, but I just love the design of Anti and Dark as characters and wanted to explore how it would be to write about them. So, yeah! Enjoy!

WORD COUNT: 2326 words

WARNINGS: Um violence, I guess? There’s a drop of blood? And the title kind of describes the general mood of the story lol


It was 7 o’clock. Dark and Anti sat on the couch, dinner just finished, TV on and playing. Dark sat on the armchair as usual, arms straight on the armrests and legs relaxed outward, nonchalantly giving a vibe of power and assertiveness despite being calm and relaxed. Anti sat lazily on the long couch, leaning on the back of the chair, arm resting on the side, and he lazily slumped his weight onto his arm, concentration dissipated. His foot tapped restlessly, his eyebrows concreted in a downward slope showing his mind were elsewhere than what was playing on TV. Dark knew something was up with him. He never just sat there bouncing his foot. He either zonked on the couch and laid flat, or he was hunched over on the edge of the corner playing video games. Something was wrong. He casually watched Anti for a while longer, trying to solve him like a person solves a rubix cube. However, he was smart, and Anti was just as easy to solve as one of those trivial cubes. To Dark, they were simple. And it was simple to tell how Anti was feeling. He was mad. Something, or someone, had rubbed him up the wrong way.

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opalescentobrien  asked:

oooh can you do #15 (imaginary friend au) with minghao? i'm so soft for this idea lol thanks!

AU #15 (Request from this list)

I love requests pls request more they keep my life going anYWAY! This reflects my past on making an imaginary pet, and this is based on that. All the memories…

  • This starts when you were a little Y/N, like about preschool-kindergarten age

  • You were an only child, and a very imaginative one at that

  • So your best friend was of course, imaginary

  • When you first imagined your friend, you were really bored just sitting in your room

  • So you thought, “what if I just imagine a play mate?”

  • You decided on making an imaginary dog which you named “Boy” because you could say “good Boy” (I legit thought this when I was little lol)

  • So playing with Boy was fun, but you wanted to be able to talk with someone

  • Boy was a dog he couldn’t talk duh

  • So you made a human imaginary friend, a little boy your age who had access to all your thoughts and would talk with you about whatever

  • You named him Minghao

  • Overtime, Minghao started to gain his own conscious; he had his own thoughts

  • Lemme just quickly explain: Minghao will only exist when you imagine he is somewhere you can see, and when you imagine him, there is always his figure which is semi-transparent; he also ages with you

  • With his new “brain” he decided he wanted his nickname to be The8 bc it sounded cool

  • Minghao would play with you, and when you didn’t make him “exist” he would do his own things in the imaginary realm

  • Those things included learning wushu and martial arts lol

  • So you would always play with Minghao and practice singing

  • Cue little kisses on your cheek

  • So you loved him but not as a boyfriend obviously bc you’re like 4

  • There would be moments where you’re talking to yourself and your parents walk in like

  • “Who are you talking to?”

  • It was cute, but they did tell you people wouldn’t want to be your friend if you always talked with just Minghao

  • Minghao understood, and so you had to start talking with real people once school came around

  • When you went to elementary school, you would still play with Minghao and Boy, Boy usually appearing on your lap or under a desk if you wanted to see him

  • You did think if Minghao came up then he would distract you so he kept his distance during class

  • Once middle school rolled around, you stopped thinking about Minghao

  • It wasn’t immediate, but finally one day you forgot he existed

  • Minghao wasn’t happy about that

  • But he kept his distance

  • And he slipped away

  • Watching your life unfold through your memories

  • (O_o That sounds creepy but you get the idea)

  • Let’s fast forward to high school

  • Near the end of sophomore year, to be exact

  • You’re getting stuff from your locker at the end of the day

  • And suddenly-

  • There’s this tall, buff boy with a sports sweater and other characteristics of a stereotypical jock

  • And you gasp loudly

  • Is that…Minghao?

  • “Yes it’s me” he says in your head “Now tell me…why did you neglect me all these years?”

  • “Minghao I didn’t mean to-”

  • “Then why did you forget I exist”

  • And you shake your head to process what’s happening, and he’s gone

  • Following weeks, you have that thought of Minghao somewhere in the back of your head

  • And you keep seeing his semi-transparent figure in your classes or wherever you are

  • It starts to actually worry people bc you keep getting so distracted and scared for your life that your grades are dropping

  • Next year you think you’re going insane

  • After a few months of school starting, you pass by someone in the hallway that catches your eye

  • Your friend immediately elbows you

  • “Y/N! You better stop staring at the new kid!”

  • “The…new kid?”

  • That night, you can’t stop thinking about the new kid…

  • And how much he reminds you of Minghao

  • The next day before first period starts, you bump into the kid

  • And he just smirks at you and bites his lip (excuse me boi no one asked)

  • “Watch where you’re going; I wouldn’t want to hurt that beautiful body”

  • And you just get so flustered and run off with these new feelings

  • Idk what kind of feelings… Love? Hate? Crushes? Wanting to throw up?

  • And by lunch EVERYONE in the school knows about the new guy flirting with you

  • When you sit down with your large friend group at lunch, you hear someone call your name from a table away

  • And some jocks of the school are turned to you and you see the new guy staring at you and winking (bOI YOU BETTER HIDE)

  • You look away immediately, and all the guys start whistling

  • But they misunderstood; you didn’t look away bc you were embarrassed




  • After class, you’re getting stuff from your locker again

  • And when you close it, there’s a tall boy right next to you, leaning on one arm on the wall

  • “So, feel giddy yet?” He asks, biting his lip again (making you feel attacked)

  • “About what?”

  • “About me”

  • “Minghao how are you even real?!”

  • “Mm, let’s just say I got enough strength to…become visible. Oh and also imagine up a pretend family and birth records, all that”

  • And in your brain you’re debating on whether or not to slap him for ever coming into your life

  • “Oh Y/N, you really don’t want to do that”

  • Well shoot

  • You forgot he can read your thoughts

  • But you can’t control what you think

  • And that’s the worst truth

  • The reason why Minghao decided to become real…

  • Is to basically torture you for forgetting him, by making you embarrassed, and him knowing your every thought

  • So over the next few months he flirts with you tirelessly, and also gets really savage and burns you

  • This is what he’s know for at the school tho, being great at sports and martial arts, being savage, and constantly flirting with you

  • Like random cat calling in the hallway

  • But the worst is he’ll grab your wrist if you try to walk away and his grip is so strong it hurts

  • Probably all that sports practice

  • Or even hold your waist making you v uncomfortable

  • The thing is you’re confused, and you start to wonder if you actually like him

  • One day you finally get fed up with him making you feel confused internally, wondering if you love him or if he’s changed too much

  • He appears beside you at your locker, and he leans in to kiss you, planting a kiss on your lips with heavy breathing

  • Cue you slapping his neck

  • “Wtf Y/N?!?”

  • “Stop bothering me. End of discussion”

  • “Fine. Answer my one question: Why did you push me away? The person who made you happiest? The person you liked the most?”

  • Cue the tears flowing

  • “Because…that’s not true…”

  • “What”

  • “I loved you the most. More than anyone else”

  • All the thoughts of your happy childhood rush back to your head

  • Then a puppy appears at your feet

  • And suddenly there’s like a huge surge of light and Minghao has a brighter…aura (?) (Idk man)

  • You look down to see the semi-transparent dog at your feet is Boy

  • And you realize why Minghao was acting like this

  • He just wanted to live the life you had, or better yet, live it with you

  • But when you forgot him he couldn’t see you anymore

  • He only could read your thoughts and get jealous every time you thought of a guy

  • Minghao changed for the better

  • Instead of being a pain in the butt he treated you nicely and respected you instead of constantly flirting

  • He kind of left you alone bc he felt like he bothered you too much

  • But one day of senior year you just walked up to him and he asked you out

  • He didn’t really ask you just kissed him

  • And you now have a boyfriend who can kick butt for you bc his wushu skills and his savageness, but can be the ultimate cinnamon roll when you are feeling depressed

  • Like Thughao will diss anyone who bullies you and then kiss your forehead like immediately after

  • But let’s just say no one ever knew he was imaginary

“Hey Y/N, want to get a puppy after we graduate?” “Too soon for these thoughts, 8. Too soon.”

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When I wake up, I’m afraid...

Headcanon inspired by Afraid - The Neighbourhood. High school JiKook. Little angsty. I was convinced that this will take me like 1 - 2 pages. Nope. 5. Anyway. Here it is. Excuse any mistakes, will correct once again later (I always manage to miss something, somehow :<)

• Jungkook is the unofficial king of his high school. Sometimes he wonders how he even became one. He’s not mad rich, he doesn’t possess mind-blowing qualities, even his grades are just average.

• Nevertheless, there’s this thing about him that makes everyone fall into him; into his voice, his moves and even orders.

• Orders – that’s something he doesn’t like to give. But his group of friends, or, to use a better word, companions, are not letting him to just live without a single care. And he has a reputation to keep. That’s why everyone knows him – because they either respect him or fear him. There were people who didn’t belong in the first or the second group. Simply put, they ended badly.

• At first, Jungkook cared about other people, but as time passed he became immune. He wasn’t always a bad person, but he enjoyed power too much to just let it go, just so his weak heart would beat peacefully.

• He had everything he wanted at this point of teenage life. Still, there was something missing within him. It made Jungkook mad. He hated when he felt weak and now it’s been weeks he felt like there’s a wound in him, deep, bloody, getting wider every day. He felt unsatisfied.

• He never let himself to think about it for longer than just a glimpse of a moment, but under his demeanor of a leader dwells a universe full of insecurities. Aggression, sadness, anxiety – emotional cocktail of confused growing up man.

• With every day he starts to become more and more paranoid, clinging into high school like it was his whole world. But he realizes that this will end one day and he will be nothing again. Powerless. Loser.

• Maybe it’s karma, punishing him for all the people he ever bullied and humiliated. But on that Tuesday he suddenly breaks down. He and few of his classmates cornered this guy and beat him up really badly. Over the blood flowing from his nose, he just smiled. “You think this is real life? Wake up you prick. Once high school ends you’ll probably lose your mind, huh?” Jungkook flinches, but keeps his face stern. It was like this guy was reading out loud his recent fears. “And a little fun fact: no one likes you, anyway. I know you probably think they do. But everyone despise you. Even your friends.”

• Jungkook kicks the guy in his knee, causing him to drop down on the floor. He sees his classmates finishing him off as he turns over and with quick, large steps walks towards one of the less used bathrooms.

• He knocks the door to the stall open and throws up. He feels almost insane as he starts shaking, bile stinging on his tongue.

• He tries to recollect himself, but as he sees his pathetic face in the mirror, chopped lips, red teary eyes caused by all the vomiting and pale cheeks, he simply can’t. His hands turn into fists and he clenches them hard before punching dirty tiles on his left. Pain shots up his arm, knuckles protesting, but he doesn’t stop.

• All he sees is red and black, falling in and out of consciousness as he repeatedly hits those tiles with both hands. He doesn’t know how, but suddenly he lets his body slide by one of the stalls. Jungkook realizes he’s sobbing.

• God, if someone walked in right now, he would be so done. So, so done. But no one does, just…

• “Ehmm, sorry?” soft quiet voice suddenly enters Jungkook’s ears and he jolts. What the fuck? He was just looking at the door, nobody entered, so…

• “Are you ‘kay?” Jungkook looks over the second stall, the one that was closed when he stormed in. The voice is coming from there. Oh Jesus, how could he be so fucking stupid to not check it before all of this?

• “Looks like I’m okay?” He growls. “Did you enjoy all of this without saying a shit?”

• There’s shuffling in that stall and the person is quiet for a while before he responds.

• “Sorry. I didn’t want to interrupt you and then I was going to wait until you leave, but now I have a class and I should really go.”

• Jungkook can’t believe it. He’s angry, and at the same time exhausted. “Do you know who I am?” Maybe the person didn’t look or something, he hopes.

• Person in the stall coughs. “I think so, yeah.”

• “Well then fucking keep your mouth shout about this if you want to live.” Those words sound much stronger than Jungkook feels. As he hears the stall opening, he drops his head low, so he wouldn’t have to see stranger’s, probably amused, face. He hears footsteps and door opening. Jungkook sighs.

• Suddenly, he hears door closing and footsteps coming towards him. Before he realizes it, hands are cupping his cheeks and someone crouches in front of him. He flinches, trying to get away, but the person won’t let go. His touch is soft but steady. “What the fuck?!”

• Jungkook blinks and looks at the person in front of him. Kind, curious eyes are staring back at him, full lips glued together in worried expression. “What are you doing?” Jungkook’s voice is suddenly a whisper.

• That boy in front of him speaks with the same soft voice as before, when he talked to him out of the stall. “I think I can skip that class…” Jungkook stares at those brown eyes, trying to find sign of mockery in them. But he can’t find anything like that there. The boy in front of him frowns. “Or I don’t have to… I just thought you needed someone.”

• Jungkook doesn’t say a thing; he just closes his eyes and leans into the gentle touch of the other one’s palms and the unknown boy stays silent, too. After few minutes he pulls Jungkook into a hug, brushing his hair with his fingers. Jungkook just lets him, feeling his eyes getting wet again.

• When they say their goodbye hours later, Jungkook feels uneasy. “How can I trust you?” Other one just shrugs. “You can’t, probably. You just need to wait and see. Call me, if you want to talk.”

• Jungkook is a mess the few next days, just waiting to be publicly humiliated. Nothing like that happens, though.

• He never really trusted somebody, never believed that someone could be able to not betray him. But now, Jungkook finds himself trusting Jimin – that’s the name of the boy – more and more each day. He feels his guts shaking when he thinks about it – what if Jimin just waits for the right moment? He has no reason to be like this towards him.

• But Jungkook just cannot help himself. He started to trust Jimin the second he closed his eyes and held Jimin’s hand that rested on his face, in fear that he might let go (his hand was tender, warm and very calming).

• More trust was wrenching his insides just moments later – when Jimin went through his bag and found tissues, then soaked them in water and without a word gently cleared Jungkook’s wounded knuckles.

• And when Jimin hugged him, Jungkook almost lost his mind. Even days later he could smell scent of Jimin’s hair; he could feel Jimin’s warmth on his body. And every day, when he realized how vulnerable he is for Jimin, his chest threatened to burst.

• Jimin was always too understanding for his own good. He knew it. But when it came to Jungkook, he felt something radiating out of the younger boy. He could never explain it, he just felt Jungkook isn’t a bad kid and he needs him. Honestly, he had no idea why he reacted like that when he was supposed to leave those toilets with Jungkook sitting on the floor, looking desperate. Fear rushed through his body as he held Jungkook’s face, but it was quickly altered with calmness after Jungkook’s movements made it clear it’s okay.

• So Jimin never expected Jungkook to acknowledge him at the school halls. He knew Jungkook is not really confident about their friendship and fears any interaction with anyone outside his group. When they pass by each other, they just look briefly at each other and process in their ways.

• Jungkook reached out to Jimin on the second day after their bathroom encounter. He just wanted a friend. Despite his uneasiness, he wanted to trust someone so badly.

• Jimin always took Jungkook’s hand when he reached it towards him, pleading, yet without any expectations.

• They start to share things about their lives with each other. Little things at first, but as days pass, once Jungkook, once Jimin share their deeper thoughts.

• After just three weeks Jungkook knows more about Jimin than about anyone, besides his family members. And even when it wasn’t easy for Jungkook, he opened up to Jimin as he never did to anyone, before.

• They call, they text and hang out when they can. Jimin sometimes wondered about Jungkook, hurting him, too. What if one day Jungkook will be fed up with him and uses all of those things he knows against him?

• These doubts are definitely answered by Jungkook on one day. Jimin just told him he feels shitty after fighting both with his mother and brother, and he’d rather not talk with Jungkook now. An hour later Jungkook calls him from under Jimin’s window, holding some junk food and waving at Jimin.

• “How did you even know where I live?” Jungkook looks at him like he’s an idiot. “You told me once, don’t you remember?”

• They spend next five hours watching movies and eating. Meanwhile, Jimin tells Jungkook all about that fight. Jungkook doesn’t say anything; he just reaches out and hugs Jimin. Jimin never thought about it, but now he’s getting lost in scent of Jungkook’s hair the same way Jungkook did in his those months ago.

• They stay like that for the rest of night, too comfortable to let go.

• Jungkook realizes that his imaginary wound is almost gone, no more emptiness in his chest. He feels satisfied ever since he befriended Jimin.

• Slowly, he starts to drift away from his classmates and – so called – friends. Nobody understands what’s happening with him, but now, for change, Jungkook doesn’t care. He completely stops ignoring Jimin in school; now it’s almost impossible for Jimin to move without Jungkook by his side.

• Jimin’s not complaining. He introduced Jungkook to few of his senior friends and they slowly started to accept him.

• Towards the end of school year and Jimin’s graduation, Jungkook has real friends for a first time. They were skeptical at first, but after all, they trusted Jimin more than mistrusted Jungkook. Exceptionally Taehyung fell in love with Jungkook’s nature – his real nature, that kind one. As Jungkook lies in bed one night, he realizes he’s happy.

• Jimin’s graduation is coming in two weeks and he’s gonna leave for college after a month.

• Not only him, but all of his and now Jungkook’s friends, too. But they aren’t the problem. Jimin is.

• Jungkook starts to be anxious and nervous again. No longer was he calm when they ate ice cream with Jimin, watching some stupid anime. No longer had he let himself to smell Jimin’s hair when they hugged. He couldn’t. This will be gone, and while Jimin didn’t betray him, his heart feels terribly hurt.

• For whole three days he avoids Jimin. It’s honestly almost ridiculous. On top of this all, Jungkook was confused as fuck when he realized how different those feels towards Jimin are from those towards rest of their friends.

• He tried to reason with himself that it’s just the fact that Jimin didn’t give up on him on that Tuesday six months ago. “Jimin is just your first real friend after years, that’s it. Calm down.”  

• But, despite the fact he never loved someone in that way, he knows that’s not the reason he acts and feels like this. He’s in love with Jimin. That’s why this all hurts so much.

• Jimin’s not okay with all this, either. After Jungkook ignored him for days, he starts to wonder if he did something wrong. Maybe it was something he said? He hurts a little, too. Maybe Jungkook realized how much Jimin likes him and that’s the reason he avoids him? Jimin made sure to never reveal that he likes the younger one more than just a used-to-be-a-jerk friend. But…

• On fifth day Jimin has just enough and storms in Jungkook’s apartment after calling his brother to make sure someone will open him, because Jungkook probably wouldn’t.

• “What the fuck is going on, now?” Jimin stands in Jungkook’s door, staring down at Jungkook. He was laying in bed and something, really sounding like after break-up ballads, was playing in the background. When Jungkook notices Jimin, he sits straight up.

• “Who let you in?!” He demands, turning off the music.

• “Your brother. I called him because I knew you wouldn’t open. What the fuck, Jungkook?“

• “You can leave now. I’m not in a mood for this shit,” Jungkook almost pouts. Jimin’s having none of it. With two steps he’s near Jungkook, sitting down next to him on the bed.

• “Don’t you dare to be an ass to me now.” Jimin grabs Jungkook’s hand and he doesn’t pull away. “Kook… can you tell me what’s going on? Did I do something?”

• Jungkook shakes his head in disbelief. Of course Jimin didn’t do anything, how can he think something like that? It was all him, not being capable to control his freaking feelings and hurt.

• “It’s just that this ends… you know, you’ll leave. You will meet new people at college. And I… I’m gonna stay.” Not even for a second he looks over at Jimin. He just doesn’t want to see his reaction after this embarrassing and childish confession.

• Jimin’s grip on his hand strengthens. “This was it? This whole time?” He chuckles, but falls silent very quick after noticing Jungkook’s serious expression. With his free hand he makes Jungkook look at him. Younger one still tries to avoid his gaze. “We have another month. And my new college is just an hour by train or car. Not even mentioning you’ll be joining me in just a year.”

• “But…” Jungkook now looks Jimin in the eye. His cheeks are pink now, but Jimin thinks he’s probably just imagining it. “You won’t be at school. It won’t be the same. I… over those months,” Jungkook averts his gaze again, pink in his cheeks intensifying, “I changed. I owe you so much and… I’ve never met a person like you. I’ve never had a friend… well…”

• Jimin feels his heart beating a little faster, unsure. But, same way as he knew Jungkook is not a bad person, he somehow senses there’s more. He just needs to ask.  

• “Jungkook,” he stares in Jungkook’s eyes which are now locked with his. “I’m sorry if this is uncomfortable for you, but… is there a chance you like me?” Jungkook blinks and now Jimin’s almost sure he’s not imagining the redness in younger’s face. “You know… maybe, more than just a friend?”

• Jungkook focuses his gaze behind Jimin with shocked expression. That confuses Jimin. He looks over his shoulder to see what captured Jungkook’s attention, and just as he’s turning his head around, he feels touch of Jungkook’s lips on his. Jimin closes his eyes and lets his heart to try and burst out of his ribs. It’s a sweet kiss, gentle, almost shy. After a while, Jungkook pulls away.

• “Yes, there might be a chance. A huge one, actually,” he has no idea where he got the confidence to do and say this, but he doesn’t have a chance to feel nervous about it, because Jimin smiles with the most beautiful smile of his and his eyes are staring at Jungkook with the same amount of softness they did on the first day they met.

• “You have no idea how happy you just made me,” murmurs Jimin and tugs Jungkook in a tight hug at first, quickly pulling away and kissing him again. This time it’s not a shy kiss at all.

Kiss Me Better (16/?)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, Loki x BFF!Reader

Word Count: 961

Summary: Bucky wakes to find the spell’s been lifted.

A/N: I wasn’t sure which pov I wanted to use, but then realized there’s really no good reason not to include both, so here’s Bucky’s side. Also, @the-wintergirl, all of a sudden I’m having trouble tagging you. :(

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A strange sound stirred Bucky from his peaceful slumber. He looked down at your sleeping figure beside him and smiled. Brushing the hair out of your face as gently as he could, he noticed his hand was the size of your head and froze. He lifted the blanket and looked down the length of your bodies, finding that his legs extended past yours. The sudden chill he felt also alerted him to the fact that he was naked from the waist down. He presumed the noise that woke him was the sound of his tearing bottoms. As carefully as he could, he lifted himself off the couch and reached for the biggest scrap of fabric he could find and bolted to his room before you awoke yourself. 

He did his best to shimmy out of your hoodie so he wouldn’t rip it. That was the last thing he wanted to do. He loved the way your scent, paired with your voice, lulled him into the best rest he’s had since before the war. His whole body slumped at the realization that this was the last hoodie he’d be able to borrow. He brought it up to his nose, inhaling your sweet scent, before gingerly folding it and placing it under his pillow. 

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My North Star

Oliver and Felicity have been best friends since 1st grade. So when Felicity is struggling to get over the death of her boyfriend, there’s only one person that can help make things okay again. 

This is part two of a three part mini-verse. Part One “My Compass” can be found here. Shout out to @acheaptrickandacheesyoneline for the quick beta! Enjoy! 

Boston 2007

Felicity stares at her reflection in the mirror trying to figure out who this girl is staring back at her. She used to think she knew. She’d been so confident about who she was and where she was going in life. Now she looks at the girl in the mirror and barely recognizes her.

How crazy that two whole months can change everything.

She leans in closer and inspects the dark circles under her eyes that appear permanently set in. It’s been two months since Cooper’s arrest. She hasn’t be able to sleep without waking up from nightmares since the day she watched the feds carry him away. She’s barely left her dorm room and even then, she’d only done so to visit Cooper in prison. Then he died.

Two months since Cooper convinced her to try her algorithm out on the Department of Education and every since then her life has been a downward spiral.

She’s not sure who she is anymore, but she’s positive that she doesn’t want to be this girl in the mirror anymore.

She closes her eyes against a fresh wave of emotion and takes a steadying breath. Mind over matter. Mind over matter. If she tells herself that she’s not going to cry today — that she’s not going to have a panic attack — she won’t.

While her world ended two weeks ago when Cooper took his own life, time wasn’t kind enough to stop. The world kept on spinning. Things kept moving without her.

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Colors (Part 16) [Min Yoongi x Reader]

Genre: Gang - Mafia AU || Angst (m) 

Warning: Mention of suicide.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 /Part 11 / Part 12 / Part 13  / Part 14 / Part 15 / Part 16 / Part 17

Originally posted by saintminyoongi


“Kim Tae Hyung”

“How old are you?”

“..…” The boy doesn’t reply.

The man in uniform repeats the question, trying to sound a bit more intimidating this time.

“12” the boy answers, after giving it some thought.  He wasn’t trying to be rude, just trying to remember. It has been long since someone asked him that question. Did he even answer it right? Was he 12? Or 11?

The older man “Officer– Lee kong eul”, as written on the badge, writes it down on his notebook.  

“Parents name?”

Taehyung suddenly get’s distracted by the moth that is buzzing around the light bulb, hanging above their heads.

“Yah yah!”The officer taps his finger two times on the table to divert the younger ones attention to his face.  Taehyung looks at him again attentively.

“Don’t know”

“How can you not know your parents name?”

“Because I never had any” Taehyung replies so very nonchalantly. The officers’ shoulder’s slump down, he sighs but continuous writing.

“Do you have any other.. Relative-? Another Family member? Older brother or sister?”

“No. No one” Taehyung shakes his head contently. To his knowledge, He had no one.  

As far as he could remember, he once had a grandmother; when he was 4 or 5. She was old and wrinkly, cursed a lot and once hit him with an umbrella so hard that he couldn’t walk properly for two week. She always blamed Taehyung for taking away her daughter.

Mother had died giving birth to him. Apparently his mother had gotten herself “Knocked up” by some rich business man when she was 15. The man, instead of taking responsibility, denied that it was his child and when mother tried to blackmail him he packed up all his stuff, including his wife and three children and fled to America with no intention of ever coming back. All this he heard from his grandmother’s mouth.

She never failed to remind Taehyung about how his existence really came to be.

Even though his grandmother hit him a lot, she was all he had. And she loved him a lot.

Until one day, she couldn’t do that anymore. As the old man who came to the funeral had said, “Her heart grew so big that it just couldn’t fit inside of her”.

“Do you know why you’re here?” Taehyung sat there swinging his feet, as the chair they made him sit on was really high. He looks up at the officer who was holding up a photo in his one hand. He puts the photo on the table and slides it towards Taehyung. “Do you know this kid?”

Taehyung’s face lights up as he instantly recognizes the boy in the photograph.

“Oh! Jin-soo” he says pointing at it.

“..So you do recognize him” again Taehyung nods eagerly.

“We were in the same orphanage.…”

“Tell me…Taehyung, Why did you do it?” the officer asks in a serious tone this time. A tone that is more demanding and even a bit threatening.

But Taehyung stayed quiet; Swinging his feet callously, looking around the dark room, searching for something entertaining or interesting to put his focus on.

“If you tell the truth now, you can walk out of here. But if you don’t you will be put behind bars for life.”

The old man on the subway station, where Taehyung gave out flyers for some time, said that people who are put in prison are beaten with a baseball bat every day for the rest of their life. And you only get stale rice for dinner; he had said that while sharing his bread with Taehyung.  He was a kind man and always shared his food with others. But a few days later they found his lifeless body in the public bathroom. He preferred that pesky white powder over food and even over his life.

He didn’t want to eat stale rice for the rest of his life.

“He called me a ‘freak..’” Taehyung had told the officer, a little embarrassed “I wanted to be friends with him but he called me a freak in front of everyone and hit me really hard in the stomach. He used to say really mean stuff.. He said everybody I ever loved was in hell and my mother was a whore. He even said that freaks like me shouldn’t be allowed in the public-”

“So what did you do to him?”

“I beat him up with a kettle until he was unconscious and made him chug down a whole bottle of glass cleaner. Then I ran away-” There was no remorse in that confession. “Guilt” was something Taehyung had always been ignorant of.  

The officer didn’t really say anything after that; he had scribbled something down in his notebook and left the room with it. Taehyung never found out if Jin-soo had lived or not. But nobody cared about that. Truth be told nobody cared about kids like Jin-soo or Taehyung.

‘The world was just looking for ways to get rid of them.’

After that day Taehyung was handcuffed and thrown in a huge white building with other kids who were “just like him”. They made all the kids wear the same dark blue uniform. The doctors there said that they would get them the help they needed. And the teachers always told them “it’s a place where they’ll get better and afterwards society would accept them”. Those words only made him feel more disassociated than giving him a sense of belonging.  It was just like a prison, but much worst for him.

He spent an agonizing one year in that white hell.  Doctors prodded and poked him like a science experiment, asked him the same questions day in day out, fed him a cocktail mix of pills for his anxiety, insomnia and some other big words ending with “-disorder”. The other kids, weren’t just mean, they were brutal.  

A year later, on a cold winter night Taehyung found himself on the edge of the roof, he stood there silently pondering if it would hurt a lot when he hits the ground? But at least he’ll be in hell, ‘reunited with his family’.

“Yah punk!”  A voice had stopped him. He instantly turned towards the source. Another boy stood in the corner, his face wasn’t visible but the cigarette lit between his fingers glowed in the dark.

“I have been watching you for last 15 mins. If you want to jump just fucking ‘jump’. The suspense is killing me here”

“But if you don’t-“he threw his cigarette on the floor and crushed it underneath his foot before walking towards Taehyung and grabbing the back of his shirt and pulling him to the ground. Taehyung landed on his face. Tears that he had been holding back came spilling down. “Get the fuck down”

“What is your problem?” Taehyung cried out. “Leave me alone. I want to just die in peace”

“..Yah kid, you think you’re the only one suffering here? We’re not living in luxury either you know. How many years were you given? 2? I have been in and out of his shit hole since I was 10 and now I’m 14. I have a little sister waiting for me outside so I can’t even do that shit. You want to take the easy way out? DO IT. It’s not like anybody would care. Nobody cares if we live or die. Nobody will remember your name..Do you really want to disappear like that? Without an ‘identity? Without a ‘Name’? Like you were no one? If so then do as you please..

But If not - Get up, stand straight and live

That’s how he met Jung ho Seok.

“Learn to live with your head held high huh! Don’t let people walk all over you.. if you live like a rat you’ll eventually turn into one.  Tell people your name proudly and make sure they remember it forever-”

Hoseok was older and much wiser than Taehyung.  He had been in and out of the prison for some time.  His crimes were usually smaller like stealing, theft, supplying drugs for gangs etc etc.  Unlike Taehyung he did have parents: A mother to be precise.

But she wasn’t the type one could be proud of.  

One day, He decided he no longer wanted to live such a miserable life. He wouldn’t let his sister starve; he wanted to give her a better life.  So he ran away with his baby sister on his back. Left the small city and came to Seoul. He met some people who needed a kid who was willing to work for them. And that’s how he ended up there.

Hoseok spoke in a strong dialect which for some reason Taehyung found silly, he had a big smile and a way with words. Also he was strong. For the most part he made up for the family Taehyung never had outside. After that night, Hoseok found a younger brother and Taehyung had someone to look up to – An older brother, a friend and his only family.

“I know someone who could get you out” Hoseok had said to Taehyung one day, over the lunch table. 6 months had passed since the roof incident.

“I’ll be out of his shit stink in a week. And I’ll never come back, never again Taehyung. I can help you too”

“How?”  Taehyung had asked In return.

“These people, they’re giving me work. I don’t know much about them but they’re really powerful. I just have to work for them. They need someone like me. And you too! Plus they have money, a lot of it. This is a chance I’m not willing to miss Tae”

“But I want you out of here too; I want us to be in this together.  You’ll do it right? You’ll work for them right?”

“Hyung… As long as you and I are together, I’ll do anything they ask me to do”

A week later Hoseok left the place. With only a single promise that he gave to Taehyung: “I promise I’ll get you out of here Tae. See you so soon”

And as promised, 3 weeks later, Taehyung stood at the gate of the prison; a man in black escorted him to a car. Beside him was an old man, smoking a cigar, he wouldn’t open the window to let the smoke out. Taehyung sat there holding in a cough.

“You’re a friend of Ho-seok” was the first thing the man had asked.

“’Brother’. He’s my brother” Taehyung corrected the man.

“Your “brother” had a lot to say about you.  He quiet literally begged for you to be let out. Since he has been showing progress and has already good ties with my son, I listened to him. Had to pull some strings, spend a little cash. I rarely ever do that, consider yourself lucky.”

“Jung ho-seok” the old man kept speaking “is a smart lad. Even smarter than my own son, sadly.  And he has a strong will to survive. Someone like him was needed. After all young minds are much easier to mold and shape as pleased. I need such people who’ll grow up loyal to my son. Someone who will happily put their life on the line for him when the time is right“

Taehyung looked ahead without turning his head to glance at the nicely suited man.

“So you killed someone?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?”

“I don’t know because I never found out if he lived or died.”

“What did you hope would happen?”

“I hoped for him to die. He deserved to die.”

“And why do you get to decide who lives and who dies? Are you god?”

“-Maybe. Because god doesn’t exist.  If he did he would’ve saved Jin-soo from me. But he didn’t. I was Jin-soo’s god and I decided whether he lived or died.  And I’m sure now.. that he died, didn’t he? Ajusshi?”

The car remained silent for a second before the man gave out a high pitched laugh.

“Wonderful.” He said while still laughing “I’ve found gold in a sea of trash”

After a while, he ordered the person on the wheels to ‘DRIVE’ and the man had obliged.

“Do you know how to use a gun?” he had asked Taehyung. Taehyung finally turned to face the man.

“No. But I can learn.”

Who are you to decide if she lives or dies? Are you god?

“No, because god doesn’t exist. And I do.”

Taehyung sits on a chair beside the bed and stares at your unconscious figure. Only calm and serenity surrounds you;  there’s an IV attached to your veins – dripping in some kind of clear liquid, a heart monitor in the corner that beeps every once in a while to remind him of his failure. There’s no color to the room. It’s bland and boring, like hospital rooms usually are. ‘Puke-ishly’ cream colored walls and simple white tiled floors, there’s a big television stuck to the wall that is utterly useless. Watching variety shows isn’t really the best way to pass time when you’re dying.

Even the colorful flowers thrown in the vase couldn’t lessen the vomit inducing dullness of this room. He shouldn’t have bought those flowers.  He was already running out of cash but for some reason he thought flowers would be a good way to “apologize” for the misguided act done under pure influence of rage.

“Hey, I’m sorry I stabbed you. Shit happens, here are some flowers”

But oh, how he hated you at that very moment. Taehyung never planned it. It just happened in a spur of a moment.  When you and Jin came to pick him up he purposely hid and watched you two from afar. And he couldn’t gulp down the fact that you looked so happy at that time. How could you? After everything that happened? After everything you did. You went around and ruined his family, Jin treated him like shit because of you. Everybody blamed Taehyung when half of it was your fault.

But you looked so happy, he couldn’t take it.

He followed you two around. All the way up until you were lost in the crowd, he was looking for a chance. A moment when you would get separated from Jin and when he saw you alone in the crowd he went in and did what had to be done.

You deserved to die, you were supposed to be dead anyways.

There was no guilt, no remorse, he felt nothing for you.

“What the fuck are you doing here?”  Taehyung looked at Jin and smiled. His shirt was a bloody mess, hair uncombed, eyes red and puffy – either from lack of sleep or crying too much.

“Hyung” Taehyung called out to his brother.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE-? AND HOW THE DID YOU EVEN GET IN? GET AWAY FROM HER YOU FUCK UP.” He walked up to Taehyung and grabbed the front of his shirt before throwing him down on the floor.

“You did this didn’t you? You thought I wouldn’t find out! “Jin grabbed the front of Taehyung’s shirt and shook him “Why? You asshole! Why?? I’m going to kill you”

 “Guilt” was just something Taehyung had always been ignorant of.

That’s until he saw Jin hyung holding you in his arms, where you lay in your own pool of blood. Taehyung was sure you died, but didn’t know it would affect Jin so much. For the first time he saw Jin hyung crying. He looked so dazed, scared, and angry all at once.  And Taehyung realized he had over looked something very important when he saw you happy. Jin was happy too.

It was such a rare sight, to see Kim Seok Jin happy. Yes, he did smile often.  But he was never happy. The kind of happy they usually show in movies or dramas, where happy is winning someone’s love or happy is getting a gold medal. And that’s when Taehyung felt himself drowning in a strong tidal wave of ‘guilt’.  It wasn’t the guilt of stabbing you, but the guilt that he took something so important away from his hyung. He took away his happiness.

He watched as Seok Jin carried you in his arm and ran, cutting through the crowd, towards the hospital. And Taehyung followed him.

Taehyung had been watching Jin the whole night.  He never left your side, rarely ever stepped out of the room.  It was only when the nurse had called him to sign some papers and pay the bills did he leave your side. And that’s when Taehyung had a chance to slip inside the room quietly and take a good look at you.

It was not like Taehyung was some in-human monster totally incapable of understanding love. After all he had fallen in and out of love -  at least once. So he could understand to some extent, what Jin was feeling.  As he looked down at you, his mind took him back to the HQ, a month ago.

Min Yoongi’s orders were clear and simple.

“Make her suffer.” He had said.

“Why not just hand her over to me”

“I want the damage to be Mental, not physical.  I want her to remember those screams for the rest of her life. Physical scars heal easily but sanity once gone can never be regained. If I don’t find her dead by the end of the month she’s all your to take. ”

How was she able to change everything so much? He couldn’t understand why everyone was always so dead bound on protecting her.

 “YOU ASSHOLE” Jin punched Taehyung, once, twice. Four or five times maybe, until his mouth was glistening in blood.

The lights turned on and a bunch of people wearing white coats came barging in.

“What is happening here? Oh my god-” he heard one of nurse gasp in horror.

Taehyung found a chance and pushed Jin from above him and coughed up blood on the clean white floor.

“Please get out of this room. Leave, before we have to call the security. Do you want us to call the police?”

When they both were out of the room Jin grabbed the front of Taehyung shirt and pushed him in a corner.

“Leave” he had growled with a trembling mouth. “Leave us alone. You and I are done”

“Hyung..How could we ever be done? We’re family”

“I AM NOT. YOUR FAMILY ANYMORE TAEHYUNG.  You ruined it. You ruined everything. Now leave before I actually kill you”

This is what Namjoon must’ve felt.  Fours year ago, when Yoongi threw him out like a piece of garbage he was! The same anger and disappointment he must’ve felt as Taehyung is feeling right now. Is family only family till someone else replaces you?

“Why would you do that?” he stands in front of Jin who was sitting down with his head hanging low. Jin looks up at him; eyes blank as if he didn’t recognize his own brother. Taehyung could feel the rage bubbling up in his chest. How dare he do that? How dare he not recognize his own brother?

“Why would be like that to your own brother? You promised we’ll always be a family. And now you’re abandoning me.. for a girl. Tell me why hyung? Why would you do that?  

“WHYYY?!!” he yelled so loud everybody in the hallway stopped and looked at him.


“You’re a liar hyung! Like everybody else! You’re selfish and a coward”

And just like that, without a thought he pulled out his handgun that was tucked in the back of his jeans and pointed it right at Jin. As expected, there wasn’t a sign of fear or dread on his face.

“Don’t I deserve a family? What about my happiness? I don’t want to be all alone and miserable again hyung! I don’t want to be like Namjoon. I just wanted things to go back to normal, like it was before she ruined it”

“Put the gun down Taehyung”

“No. I’ll kill myself right here, in front of you. And I’ll make sure that you fucking remember my dead face the rest of your life.”

“Taehyung  I said put the gun away. You’re going to hurt someone”

“No. tell me if you want me out now.”

“Taehyung –“




There was a loud boom that echoed through the walls.

Your eyes shot open hearing the noise. But the room was all quiet now. You could only hear the heart monitor beeping beside you, you tried to sit up straight but the left side of your abdomen was aching so much.  Slowly you tried to remember everything that had happened few hours ago.

“Jin” was the first name you called out to.  But no one was there. But there was rustling outside your door. You could see shadows running here and there. You called out to someone but everyone was in such a hurry.

There was no choice but to see it for yourself.

You wore the slippers, and removed the IV tube stuck to your forearm and a few more wires stuck to your chest; you ripped them all out and started limping your way towards the door.

“Have you called the police?” you heard a female voice. Just before you opened the door and stepped out into the light. The white light was blinding, there were so many voices – whispers and murmurs, speaking to you all at once.  You walked with your one hand on the wall.

“-Excuse me” you tried to stop a nurse who was in such a hurry that she didn’t even see you.  

“Has someone seen Kim Seok Jin? Excuse me” the pain in your abdomen kept growing. But that wasn’t the only thing that was bothering you.  You knew something was wrong.

You kept walking straight, towards the end of hallway.. until you saw him sitting there all alone. He sat on the chair, back straight, face unreadable. He was just there, eyes wide and completely motionless

“Jin” you called to him. He didn’t hear you. You called him again and again. Is he okay? So you tried it again, you filled your lungs with all the air, even though it hurt a little to breath. And you yelled.

“KIM SEOK JIN” He finally turned. Relieved, you smiled. And he smiled back at you.  He got up and started walking towards you at a strange slow pace, almost as if dragging his feet on the ground.  

“What are you doing out of the room?”

“I heard something loud” you placed your forehead on his chest and closed your eyes “You weren’t in the room. I thought I should look for you. What was that sound?”

“ Nothing… nothing to worry about”

One thing you’ve learned about Seok Jin after living with him for past one month is that he’s bad at hiding his feelings. He does his best to hide them, he smiles and tries to talk about normal stuff and always ends up jumping from one topic to another quickly. That’s what he was doing right now.

“How did you just rip out the IV like that? Didn’t it hurt?” you stared down at him judgingly and he knew that you knew something was wrong.  He sits beside you on the bed, holding your hand in his. You finally decide to address the elephant in the room that has been taking way too much space between you two.

“It was Taehyung wasn’t it?” You tone wasn’t angry just a little dejected.

He doesn’t reply. And just stares at your hand that he had been holding

“Did he come back? That was a gunshot I heard” you removed your hand from his hold and made him look at you “Did he shoot you?”

“It was by mistake” he said. You couldn’t believe he was still trying to defend that man.

“He shot you” you confirmed.

“He didn’t do it on purpose. We got in an argument and he pulled out a gun-“

“Seok Jin. You almost died today. I almost died today. Kim Taehyung is going to be the death of us and I’m scared. Look at me please-” he tried to look away but you held his face.

“We promised each other that we’ll be happy now. Didn’t we? And we were. We were happy until he took it all from us. It took him half a day”

“What the fuck am I supposed to do? Kill him first?”

“Would you? Would you do it for me?” you let go of his face.

“Y/n don’t..”

“I’m not asking you to do it. I’m asking you if you would do it, if it came to that. Would you pick me over him?”

He got off the bed quickly. Turned his back towards you

“I do love you Y/n, trust me I really do. I would protect you with my life but don’t put me in this situation. At least not right now… I begging you”

“Is that a ‘No’?”

“Fuck Y/n what do you want me to say?” He looked broken. Maybe you took it too far, but it needed to be said. “What do you want me to fucking say? Tell me the words and I’ll say it. Because I can’t choose right now..look at me, In a time span of just 24 hours I fell in love with someone, the someone almost died and I nearly survived a gunshot and that too by the hands of my own brother. I’m not really having the time of my life here and you putting me in such situations isn’t making it any easier you know”

“I’ve been going through hell too. I’ve been through more hell than you. “

“Is that why you’re dragging me along?”


“Nothing, Get some rest. I’ll be outside” Seok Jin left the room without even looking at you once. You lay there wondering if he would start hating you too, you were so mean without any reason. He was right about you dragging him along in your mess. In the argument how did you miss out the part where he said he loved you? You could love him too but there was so much of your tangled past in-between that you were scared if you tried to step in you would end up strangled.

No matter how much you tried to run from it, the ghosts of the past kept coming back to haunt you.


Come morning there was a sudden change in the air, between you and Jin.  An awkward tension that you both silently acknowledged, eye contacts avoided any kind of skin-ship or small touches were held back. You didn’t speak much when he asked you some questions; he talked in a hum or simple nods.  Every time he walked away from you without even a glance, you felt like dying inside a hundred times. And you realized you must’ve ruined whatever it was building between you two.

He doesn’t want to look at you because he’s scared you’ll see through him.  You’ll look in his eyes and see the ‘burden’ he sees you for.  He doesn’t speak because his words will be too harsh and they’ll pierce your heart in half.  Even now he’s just trying to protect you.

Another day in the hospital bedroom you spent all alone.

He wouldn’t sit next to your bed; he would sit outside all the time. He came in, checked on you every once in a while. Maybe you deserved this kind of treatment.  It’s because you don’t deserve someone like Jin, a part of you knows, that he deserves better.

A part of’ you’ knows because for a long time you were only using him as a shield to protect yourself, just like you did with Min Yoongi.

A selfish person like you doesn’t deserve a good heart like his.

“We’re going home tomorrow” You were still curled up in a ball, when you heard Jin’s voice behind you. You were facing the other side. “The doctor gave you an early discharge. We’ll also be leaving this town in a while. After you get a little better.. This place isn’t safe anymore. I’ll make all the arrangements to leave”

“Whatever you feel is best” was your reply. You heard him sigh; even your replies were disappointing to him. Then you heard the arm chair being pulled.

“If you can just look at me, I would feel a little less miserable than I am already feeling right now. “ You sit up straight but don’t look at him.

“I fucked up didn’t I?”

You stay quiet.

“I am bad at it. ‘Reasoning’ Y/n.. I can’t solve logical questions, I can’t choose if you tell me to choose, that’s the hardest thing in world for me. I only know how to do task in a straight line. I only know that I love you, a lot. But if you ask me a 100 different reasons why I’d probably fail. And Taehyung has always been like that. I’m not trying to justify his actions, he has always been ‘to put it in a simpler term’ a little fucked up in the head’. His past was harsh. But he’s also family, he probably feels more betrayed from my side.  I’m sorry for whatever I said to you.. I was in a bad position-“

Your eyes finally met his “Do you hate me?”

“Fuck no. didn’t you just hear the whole monologue I gave.. “

“If I’m dragging you along in this mess.. I’m sorry.  You shouldn’t suffer because of me.”

He sighed defeated.

“Do you miss Min Yoongi?” you asked.

“Not as much”

“I bet he needs you right now. More than I do. You should-”

“Don’t-“ he stopped you. “Don’t say that. You don’t get to do that with everyone. You did that with Min Yoongi, you’re doing it again. You think about other people too much.”

“I don’t want you to get hurt”

“You do this I will get hurt”

You lowered your eyes and stared down at your lap. Jin sat beside you and took your face in hand.

“Read my lips carefully.. I won’t tell you this again and again. I love you; I really do Y/n. After Bo-ra died I told myself I couldn’t love anyone ever again. I never even wanted to try. But you changed my mind. And I felt like giving it a second try. I was happy with you. Yeah, it is hard to live like this. Hiding and running. There’s bad but there’s good too, I get to cook for you and see you smile every day, do you have any fucking clue how happy that makes me? I’ve spent half of my life in servitude; I thought that was my fate. I had completely forgotten what having a normal life felt like. And now that I’m living it I don’t want to ever go back. Just waking up next you is more than enough reason to live through it.  Things have been shitty till now and they will in the future too, but even so, let’s try to live through it alright.. Past will always be past.  But Right now we’re alive

So Y/n, let’s be happy from now on”

And then you cried, sobbing so much hurt the cut on your stomach but you didn’t mind.  You wrapped your arms around his neck and cried on his shoulder.

“Do you still want me to go to Min Yoongi?”

‘No’ you replied in between sobs. He placed his one hand on the back of your head attached his lips to your temple.

Me neither”

                                                        –  –

He didn’t want to shoot obviously. It was an accident, why would he want to kill Jin?

But his finger slipped and he almost shot Jin in the head. If his hand was a little to the right, Jin would be very dead right now.

After that Taehyung fled the scene so fast, he heard Jin calling his name a few times but he didn’t have it in him to turn around and look at him. The look on Jin’s face when the bullet missed him by an inch or 2, right next to his ear.. The look on his face was just pure ‘disappointment’. .His eyes silently questioned Taehyung, “Why?”, without even saying a word he was screaming:

“Where did I go wrong with you kim Taehyung?”

And Taehyung could only mutter a “sorry” before running out of the hospital. He stepped too far this time.

Sitting on the edge of the roof of some old abandoned building, suddenly he feels like he’s 12 again. The walls around him are collapsing, he’s all alone and miserable again. He’s the little boy at the police station handcuffed; he’s the one digging through a garbage can for a piece of bread, he’s covered in Jin-soo’s blood holding a kettle in his hand, he’s there on a roof laying beside ho-seok watching the stars. He’s all that and more.

Taehyung stands up straight and look down.  

“Nobody would care” he says to himself before closing his eyes “Nobody cares anymore”

But then for some reason he turned his head and looked back. Hoping to find someone standing there, maybe someone in the dark who would pull him back but there’s nothing, no one. Only wind running through his hair.

“Hyung..” he calls to some invisible entity that isn’t there.  

“Why is life so cruel to us?” Taehyung asked a drunk Hoseok. They were on the roof of their head quarter star gazing, like they did every other day. “Why are we the only ones suffering so much?”

Hoseok moved his foot, tumbling some empty beer cans in the process. His eyes were closed as he turned away from him and slept facing the other side.

“That’s what life is Taehyung.. Shit load of suffering and a little bit of good sex”

“If I just disappear would anybody really care? Should I, hyung? Just disappear?”

“Make sure to give us an early notice before you do so. If you go without telling I’ll drag your ass back from hell and beat you up-”

Taehyung smiled now remembering that.

So in the end he decides to get off from there.. as he turned, he heard footsteps, someone was coming up.

Taehyung sees the silhouette of the man as he looks around and then notices him standing there. The person doesn’t say anything… Doesn’t really call out to him. He starts walking towards Taehyung, his face is not quiet visible.

“What are you doing up there? It’s dangerous, come down-” the faceless man extends his one hand towards Taehyung who, at first hesitant, eventually takes it.

“Thanks” Taehyung says a little cautiously, but as he’s about to step down he notices the man’s other hand disappearing inside his coats pocket and taking out something shiny. Taehyung realization was just as fast as the man’s blade that was already sunk deep in his stomach. He gasps for air.

Before he could fall back the man grabbed his shirt. And Taehyung looked into his eyes. There was so much anger and resentment, so much bitterness. What could he have possibly done to this man that he had so much hatred for him?

“I’ll see you in hell Tae…” man’s mouth moved behind the mask and the realization hurt Taehyung much more than the knife wound through which his life was now pouring out.

Hyung…” he cried out his last words, before the man pulled out his knife and let him fall.

In the end, it was proved, Kim Taehyung wasn’t a god, and he was no one’s god. Because god’s don’t die.. He was just a boy who wanted some love and attention.  

The man looks down, as if confirming his kill. When he’s satisfied he throws knife on the ground. Takes out his phone from his pocket and removes his gloves to make a call. The phone rings two times before someone on the other end picks up. The man removes his mask and speaks.

“It’s done. I did it”

“… Was it so necessary though?”


“If this makes you feel any better I’m not going to say anything… ”

“He ruined my life Jimin. He took everything I ever had. My fiancée, my sister and I had live with him, see him, and work with him every day, hold my anger in. pretend like none of it mattered. He even stabbed y/n.. do you know that?“

“He still loved you hyung” 

“And I loved him; I loved him like a little brother. But I couldn’t let him live. Would you?”

Hoseok looked at the sky and breathed, he could finally breathe.  

“Tell Jin hyung. Tell him what you did; he deserves to know at least. It’s just four of us now. We can’t let Yoongi hyung get a whiff of this. Keep it between you, me and Jin”

“Of course. How’s he, by the way, Min Yoongi?”

“Living.. I guess. That’s the best way I could describe it. Does Jin hyung know you’re there, keeping an eye on them? How long are you going to hide?”

“I’m going to see him soon”

“I have to go now. I’ll keep in touch. Take care.. and.. hyung..”


“Make sure his funeral is good. Bury him somewhere nicer.”

“Of course, he deserves that much at least” with that Hoseok hung up the phone and looked down once more.

 People had started gathering around.

Thank you reading it. Thank you for supporting it. Next part will be updated soon. Have an amazing day/night. 

Love, Ri.


part one: i am an artist, please god forgive me

pairing: shawn x ofc

word count: 1,555

warnings: language 

title and inspiration from bo burnham’s ‘art is dead’

“He wants you.” Shawn grunted as he sat down on the edge of the couch. 

Charlotte was curled up on the other end of the couch with her knees to her chest. Her hair was tied up on top of her head and her thick-rimmed glasses were sat in front of heavy eyelids. The young woman sighed and never tore her eyes away from the television that was mounted on the wall in front of the couch. “You couldn’t get him to bed?” She mumbled and laboriously sat up from her comfortable position with a yawn. 

Shawn sighed lowly and leaned against the back of the couch with his hand in his hair, “he won’t have a bar of me.” He sounded tired and defeated. 

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What do the entire bat family thoughts on Keith and the rest of the Voltron team, including the Alteans? Zarkon? Haggar?

okok so I’m going to go on with assuming that Shiro is already part of batfam (the whole AU where he was a batkid before joining the Garrison and going on the Kerberos mission).

Bruce: I think he would pretty much adopt Keith; he has all the qualifications for a troubled batkid, and he’s good with hand to hand combat and he doesn’t use guns. He would adore Lance, Pidge & Hunk, but would probably grow annoyed by them at some points (because Bruce can’t handle happiness and fun heheh) and he would seriously respect Allura. At first he would be skeptical of her (Selina Kyle vibes) but he would trust her when he sees how much Shiro loves & trusts her and how she’s badass. Coran would be like a second Alfred to him, tbh.

Dick: tbh some days Dick just gets really fed up with Keith. He can barely handle Jason and Damian––last he needs is another snappy, quick-tempered kid who gets offended by everything. But most days, Dick loves Keith and treats him like another one of his younger siblings: with love, patience and scolding. I think he’d fall in love with Allura tbh, then pout because she & Shiro are already a thing (but he’d be really happy for Shiro because if he deserves a someone amazing, then it’s Allura). He and Lance would be good friends I think, because Dick can appreciate when someone is trying really hard to lighten the mood and ease the tension in the room (usually that’s his role, so he’s happy that Lance seems to seriously help).

Jason: would be such an asshole to Keith, because it’s so fun. Whenever Keith makes a sad comment about how he’s half-galra or something, Jason will say “wow, must suck. I only died and came back to life” just to piss him off (and Keith keeps getting pissed off, every time). He and Lance wouldn’t get along well at first, because his comments are too sharp and he ends up hurting Lance’s feelings… until they kinda realize they both have some pent up thoughts about how they just don’t fit in the family and how everyone else seems to be better than them in the eye of the leader, and Lance begins to understand Jason’s sarcasm and dry humour, and they get along really well. He’d respect Allura and keep calling Coran “Alfred” for jokes. I also think he would secretly love Hunk’s hugs, but would never admit to it.

Tim: Tim is BEST FRIENDS with Hunk & Pidge!!! He would be good friends with Lance and Keith, too, but not quite their best friend. He loves to nerd over tech & ideas with Hunk and Pidge, he loves to listen to them explain how the Lions work and what Pidge felt when she felt every atom of Green, etc. He and Pidge stay up late at night, living off caffeine, and Hunk brings them some of the tasty food he cooks because “guys, you need to eat actual food.” 

Stephanie: Adores Allura, and eventually becomes her mentor and teaches her some kickass moves in combat. She’s always in awe at Allura’s powers, and they become very close, like sisters. Allura opens up to her about how losing her entire planet and kingdom was so devastating. Stephanie would also like Lance and would keep giving him adorable nicknames (and plays along with his corny pick up lines)… they both know they’ll never be a thing, but they enjoy making everyone else uncomfortable by playing corny flirty kids. I think she would also be sort of a big sister for Pidge, and they’d play video games together and she would happily listen to Pidge rant about technology and space. And Keith––I’m not actually sure how Steph would feel about him. I think she have a similar relationship with him to Dick’s.

Damian: okay so I have this whole headcanon that Dami & Lance become best friends because Lance treats the kid like a kid, despite his bratty remarks and the fact that he speaks like an old man from the early 20th century. He spoils Dami, always buying him ice cream and inviting him to play soccer/basketball/tennis/video games etc with them and he never gets angry when Damian is too good––instead, he tells the kid how good he is. At first Dami brushes it off with narcissistic remarks, but it later means a lot to him. Eventually, he loosens up and feels so comfortable around Lance that he opens up to him about his nightmares, fears, and how despite being the bloodson, he fears that he will never make his father & Dick proud and that Tim will never like him. 

As for Keith, I think he would be a tiny bit jealous of him because Shiro & Dad loves Keith, Dick fights super well alongside Keith, Jason actually jokes more with Keith (and teases him more), and Tim actually likes him, despite his snappy responses. So at first Dami avoids Keith, always feeling like he’s the new star of the show… but one day Keith challenges him to a swordfight, and softly laughs when Damian nearly kicks his ass. They become sword buddies, and eventually good friends/brothers.

As for Zarkon & Haggar, I think pretty much all of them would hate them because 1) they’re bad guys and 2) what they did to Shiro 

feel free to reblog this and add more for Cass and Duke etc!! I just wasn’t sure about them!!

So my top ships of all time will always be Harry x Draco and Rory x Jess. And today I was re-watching season 3 of Gilmore Girls for the zillionth time and it hit me. I could totally see Harry and Draco get together the same way Rory and Jess did.

After the war, everyone still considers Draco (aka Jess) to be the bad guy, but after a few civil conversations with him, Harry (aka Rory), who is currently dating Ginny (aka Dean), begins to realize how much they have in common and they form a friendship. All of their friends are against this and do their best to keep them apart, but there’s something between them drawing them together.

Suddenly Draco is popping up everywhere Harry is. Constantly staring at him and taunting Ginny every chance he can get, even outbidding her at a Ministry auction to win a dinner with Harry.

One night Harry and Draco are studying in the library when Draco suggests they go out flying. While flying, a bludger almost hits Harry and Draco casts a spell to knock it out of the way, but he misses and hits Harry by mistake, knocking him out. He takes him back to the castle and everyone thinks he cursed Harry on purpose. He is sent back to the Ministry for breaking his probation.

When Harry wakes up, he tries to tell everyone that Draco was trying to help him, but no one believes him. One day he gets fed up with everyone and leaves Hogwarts for the Ministry to see Draco. He’s being held there until his trial. Harry pleads with Kingsley to let him come back to school, but Kingsley tells him they are waiting for Veritaserum to finish brewing before they can confirm his story.

A few weeks later, right before the holidays, Draco comes back and finds Harry alone on the edge of the Forbidden Forest. Harry is happy to see him again and without thinking, kisses him.

Mortified, he tells Draco not to say anything. Harry leaves a few days later for the Burrow for Christmas.

When they get back to Hogwarts, Harry is furious to find that Draco and Pansy are now dating–even though he, himself, is still with Ginny.

They go back to being enemies, glaring at each other even more for months until one night during an inter house party, Ginny finally gets fed up with Harry complaining about Draco and Pansy’s very public snogging and breaks up with him, telling Harry to just be with Draco since they obviously want each other. Ginny storms off leaving Harry stunned and embarrassed.

Later, Draco finds Harry in an empty classroom and they admit they have been interested in one another all year. Draco breaks up with Pansy and finally they are together.

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So I kind of went through your entire fic rec tag?? Do you have any more recs, by any chance?

do i ever!! here are some of my recent kudos/bookmarked/faved fics:

  • Buy Me A Coffee by going_slightly_mads (T, ~4,500): Bucky works at Café Plum, where strangers can buy online coffees to just about anyone. When a Greek god named Steve Rogers shows up one day and then disappears before even giving him his phone number, Bucky has only one solution: buy him a coffee online to get him to come back. 
  • Call Me Maybe by cleo4u2, xantissa (E, ~23,000): What’s a guy to do when he gets a wrong number? Flirt back, of course!
  • Keep on Living by worrisomeme (T, ~2,500):  based on the prompt “Our families are having funeral visitations at the same time and we’re both hanging around outside because we can’t deal.”
  • Pretty Pleasures by Chiyume (E, ~16,700):  Bucky was just looking for some paint! That’s all he came over for. How the hell was he supposed to know that Steve kept things like…like that in his art cabinet? And to make matters even worse, Steve just walked through the door and caught Bucky red-handed with his hands all over the darn things. And he does not look happy…
  • Things We’d Held in Secret by Dira Sudis (E, ~11,000):  Steve and Bucky were trapped together behind enemy lines in 1944. Bucky was badly injured, and for days Steve fed him the only way he could with no supplies on hand but a sharp knife. Bucky didn’t understand what was happening at the time, and afterward there was never a good time to tell him–but now that Steve knows what he really did for Bucky, the secret is going to have to come out.
  • Home Is Where You Are (Farmer ‘verse) by charlesdk (M, ~62,000):  The story of Steve Rogers, a former army captain and current farmer, and Bucky Barnes, a former brainwashed assassin for Hydra currently recovering and finding himself again.
  • tattoo your last bruise by ftmsteverogers (E, ~9,300):  “If you wanted, you could share the bed again,” Steve said, still studiously looking at the wall directly in front of him. “We used to do it all the time, before. It isn’t weird. Not for me, anyway.”
  • never let me down again by belovedmuerto (T, ~4,600): He wakes up alone, in his own bed. In his own house.
  • And Make Believe It Came from You by Sproings (G, ~2,500): Dear Bucky, I miss you.I see you every day, and I wave at you, and you wave back, and we smile, and I miss you.
  • Cinder and Smoke by littleblackfox (E, ~51,700):  “They say there’s no law in Parasapa. Is that true?” 
  • A Soft Blur by agetwellcard (E, ~28,000):  After recovering from his time in the army, Bucky is a successful photographer who is trying to forget his past. Two weeks after Steve’s return, he accidentally spills his champagne on Bucky at a charity event. It brings them together at a time when the two of them need each other the most. 
  • Biological Imperative by stuckytrash (E, ~121,000): In which Bucky wants to have Steve’s baby, and Steve is a very concerned dad-to-be.

and some of my subscribed/kudos/bookmarked/faved wips:

  • Sugar Sweet by ColorCoated (E, ~100,000):  College Student Bucky finds himself immediately attracted to Steve. He knows that Steve’s a bit older than him, and that Steve himself is put off by the age difference… But that doesn’t stop Bucky from wanting to climb him like a tree.
  • Fan the Flame by Avaaricious (M, ~168,000):  AKA the “I thought you were a dude-bro and meant to swipe left on Tinder but I slipped. We matched and now I’m stuck talking to you” AU
  • Pickup by Slenderlock (E, ~31,900): He’s shorter than Steve by a long shot, standing alone on the side of the road. His eyes cut through the darkness, staring directly up at Steve. He can’t be older than twenty. And he’s holding a thumb out. Steve makes a split-second decision and slams his foot on the brake.
  • Dishonor On Your Cow by mandarou (E, ~93,000):  “Geez, Buck, what’d you do to Captain America? Fuck his sister?”
  • Hands of Clay by Mhalachai (M, ~304,700):  James Barnes leads a busy life as a single working father in New York. But when his childhood best friend Steve Rogers falls back into his life, James will have to re-learn what love, friendship and and family are really all about.
  • Put A Little Sugar In My Bowl by die_traumerei (E, ~12,700):  Steve’s not doing bad. Not great, but he’s at least a mostly-not-starving artist. And then he meets Bucky Barnes.