can you believe how many canon pick up lines lance has?

  • “you’re out of this world”
  • “what do you know mullet”
  • “it’s meow or never”
  • “you know lance n keith neck n neck”
  • “you are looking feline!”
  • “oooh are you scared?”
  • “i think you’re clawsome!”
  • “shut your quiznak”
  • “you’re the most beautiful girl in the world….i ain’t lyin’ (lion!)”
  • “we did it. we are a good team”
  • “i better use my ice blast…because my heart is on fire”
  • “keith, buddy, my man?”
  • “you’re outta this world, and i would know!”
  • “sharp work samurai”
  • “i’m homesick for earth, but lovesick for you”
  • “jealousy thy name is keith”
  • “keith the other one”
  • “sorry shiro, i was trying to hit keith”
  • “i think you’re purr-fect”
  • “i’d recognize that mullet anywhere!”
  • “i’d be blue without you”
  • “and keith is always doing things like flying into asteroid fields and cool junk like that”

he has so many :///


fffinally- this would’ve been done sooner but goddamn procrastination and my laptop is just not dealing me anymore c: (same buddy same) 

alright so the moment that @eddcolaboy upload this beauty, I instantly fell in love with it, it’s just so- aaaAAA A it’s per fect and honestly if I wasn’t so damn lazy I would do a doodle for every one of their videos

and also when this video I barely found out about this awesome blog @ask-tomandedd and I found it p funny that these both came into my life at almost the same time but yo if you like sweet angst with a side of gay, this blog is for you~

also give the mod some support, they got things goin on c:

now if you excuse me, it’s almost 5 in morning and I’m gonna sleep until 3 

f uc k m e, amir ite? ??


I see your “keith is the only one affected by lance’s pickup lines” and I raise you “Keith wildly misinterprets all of lance’s pickup lines”.

The lines for those that don’t know them:

I’m homesick for earth, but I’m lovesick for you.

I think you’re purr-fect.

You’re outta this world, and I would know!

I better use ice blast… because my heart’s on fire.

The one that does work of course is the first pickup line on the official list. Maybe one day I’ll draw Keith’s reaction to that one!

Shipping with Dad
  • Me: it would be so cool if Weiss and Ruby got together. It would make me so happy.
  • Dad: nope.
  • Me: nope?
  • Dad: Ruby will go with Jaune since pyrrha is dead.
  • Me: But-
  • Dad: and Weiss will go with Blake.
  • Me: but Yang and Blake would be really cool toge-
  • Dad: nope. Cause Yang can't.... HANDle her.
  • Me: ...... Did you just-
  • Dad: oh come on that was purrrrrr-fect
  • Me: .... Stop...... Just stop...

Adrien: lol so you want me to be a cat hero and help save Paris?

Plagg: ye lol 

Adrien: what’s the scratch?


Adrien: dfjdsfjalkjdf

Plagg: *sighs* u gotta say at least one cat pun whenever you transform. 


Plagg: well i guess ur not ready for this-


Plagg: fucc


Music For Cats Is Real And It’s The Purr-fect Way To Win Over Your Feline

Teie, a cellist with the National Symphony Orchestra, teamed up with animal scientists to develop Music For Cats, a collection of songs that will be catnip to your meowzer’s ears. What does this music sound like, exactly? “A series of whirring, lilting, and, at times, squeaky musical tracks designed for cats’ brains and ears.”



A Purr-ty Purr-fect Date

You couldn’t wait to see what Suga was going to surprise you with, being to drunk to remember the night you told them about your fantasies was worrying but oddly arousing. When he turned up at the door wearing an oversized black sweater and some black ripped you where a little confused, he looked gentle and cute but he wasn’t acting any particular way. You went along with it, him taking your hand which was then covered by his conveniently large sleeves making his hands appear more like paws. You tried your best to figure out the image he was trying to portray as you walked through the mall to your favourite coffee shop, Yoongi ordered two iced coffee’s and you sat on the couch nearest the window. 

You two chatted for a while, as he kept the gentle image he was showing. You where used to Yoongi being more of a bad boy than a flower boy but you accepted the cutesy nature today. After the coffee Yoongi lead your way passed different shops until you came to the pet store. “Yoongi why are we here? I don’t have any pets” You looked at him confused. “You need to pick a collar for your kitten” He smirked as he winked, grabbing your hand and leading you inside. You received an enthusiastic hello from the girl at the desk, as you made your way to the section for the biggest collars. 

You looked through them all when you came across a silk black collar with a bell in the centre, there was one laying on the shelf to try on your pets and it surprisingly fit Yoongi’s neck so you picked the cute black lead to match then made your way to the cash register. “Awh what’s your little guy like then?” The girl at the desk asked making conversation. “Oh ya know, he’s black and super fluffy and cute” You said as you looked over at Suga who was currently fluffing up and fixing his hair. “Sounds adorable!” she said joyfully, “Yeah he’s pretty cute!” You said smiling, if only she knew who the collar was for. As you walked hand in hand back to the car, you felt a heat burning in your stomach. 

When you got home you told Suga that you where going to change into something a little more comfortable, his reply was short and simply “So am I, meet you in the bedroom?” He said with a cheeky smile. “Alright Yoongi, bedroom in 5 minutes.” You said as you rushed up to your wardrobe then to the bathroom. You changed into your black lace nighty and removed your hair from the bobble it was restricted in. 

When you walked into the bedroom you came to a halt when you saw yoongi in nothing but his black boxers, kneeling with his head down infront of him, on the bed, infant of him, the collar, lead and a pair of fluffy black cat ears to be clipped into his hair. You stood for a second before proceeding to sit infant of him on the bed, you put your hand under his chin and tilted his face up, allowing him to sit up. You took the first cat ear, telling him to lean forward a little. You slid it into his fluffy hair before doing the same with the other one, making sure they where straight. 

You then took the collar, going behind him and placing it round his neck, tightening it so that there was only a slight restriction in his breathing, something about breath play was a massive turn on for you. You then took the lead and clipped it onto the collar, before going back to sitting infront of him. You tugged the lead sharply towards your face, bringing Yoongi’s lips to yours. He cheekily flicked his tongue over your bottom lip, you put one of your hands behind his head and pulled on his hair slighty, he moaned from the tingling sensation. “Are you going to be a good kitty for me?” You asked tilting your head to the side, he nodded giving you a pleading look in his eyes. “Good boy” You spoke again, bringing him into a kiss, you taking over and exploring his mouth. You don’t tend to enjoy being dominant but having a kitty to play with how could you resist. 

You made him lay back on the bed, removing his boxers, before you kissed from neck, to his collar bones, leaving bite marks, you followed all the way down to his abdomen, where you stopped. You took the lead, running the velvet strap over his sensitive member, his eyes closed and his legs began to shake at the sensation, his moans where quiet and sounded more like whimpers, he was yours and he knew that he had no power to stop your teasing. “Whats wrong kitten?” You asked condescendingly. “I wanna taste your milk mummy” He spoke, “Alright kitten, I think I can allow that” You said.

 You kneeled with one leg on either side of his face, his lush plump lips and rosé tongue only millimetres away from your women hood. “Okay kitty, be good” You said ruffling his hair slightly before lowering yourself close enough for his mouth to reach you. He started off with kitten licks, back and forth making sure to tease your clit, your eyes closed, a small moan leaving your lips. before he slid his tongue began to move fast, dipping in and out of you at an ungodly pace, your moans began to get louder and he began to use his teeth to pinch at your clit. You unknowingly began riding his face as his tongue continues to work until you come undone at the work of his mouth, his kitten licks clean up all of your juices (his milk) then you dismount. 

“Such a good boy Kitty” you said as you caress his face, now lets give you a little reward shall we? You said as you climbed over his abdomen, slowly sliding onto his member as you both moan out in pleasure, you go slow at first, teasing him as you trace patterns on his chest with the silk lead, as you get paster he begins to beg “please mummy, I need you” you nod, “I know kitten you do kitten, soon” you said. You began to get faster and faster, you could feel yourself getting closer and the shaking of Yoongi’s legs along with his eyes screwed shut and mouth open showed you he was close too, you got finally reached your high, Yoongi joining in at the same time as you pulled him up by the collar to kiss him. “That was amazing” he spoke out of breath, “I know kitten, you’re such a good boy” You said as you got off of him. 

You began moving up to undo the collar and unclip the lead, when you tried to remove the ears however, Suga pawed you away, “Its not often you get to cuddle a kitten mummy, come into the bed and join me” He said, taking your hand and pulling the soft duvet over you as you fell asleep stroking his soft hair and ears.


Thoughts on Supernatural 12x10

OKAY, I usually don’t do this but I NEED to say how I feel about the last episode of Supernatural (12x10) cause it was just so PER-FECT. 

  • Castiel’s female vessel : so important for the show 
  • They have the SAME BLUE EYES omg i’m dead x_x 
  • Great flashbacks about Castiel’s past where we get to see how he went to Earth when he was still on mission for Heaven.
  • GOD, I’d missed Badass!Cas so much xD
  • I love how Dean was in the beginning of the episode, like “Damn it, bae, you can’t save my life everytime you know, sometimes there might have consequences. No really you need to stop saving my asses, love.” 
  • “We’ll come with you” “Both of you?” IS DEAN COMING CAUSE OTHERWISE I’M NOT EVEN INTERESTED SAM #lmao
  • Dean being the grumpy husband and Cas the unsatisfized wife is the best thing that the writers could have done #they’re married
  • The Impala is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack ♥ I’ve missed baby. 
  • That scene in the Impala: they’re really fighting and snarking at each other like an old married couple and that’s so touching because it’s exactly what they are. Now everybody can see it ^^
  • Oh, he speaks” the sarcasm level has just exploded. 
  • Dean is jeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalous! It’s happening, guys!
  • Dean being touchy and easily offended when it’s about Cas like “What’s that supposed to mean?” WELL, It means he wants you to be gentle and kind and caring with him too, dummy! Come on, Dean! 
  • Can we agree Sam was Dean and Cass’ therapist in that episode? 
  • Sasstiel is back! “If I plan to do anything else stupid, I’ll let you know”
  • “And you’re gonna storm in riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight now” LMAO 
  • No one knows Dean more than Sam, alright? And Sam knew Dean couldn’t handle letting Cas alone, even for like five minutes. If that’s not someone who ships destiel, then I don’t fucking know what it is.
  • Dean being overprotecting with Cas is so cute :3 When he charged into that restaurant and just sat down next to Cas like “He’s mine, don’t even try to lay a finger on him, you asshole”, I was in Heaven! 
  • But where is the personal space? Like remember the time Dean was uncomfortable with Cas being too close to him? Remember that time he said “Cas, we talked about it. Personal space.” HE LITERALLY JUST SAT DOWN TWO INCHES AWAY FROM HIM. 
  • Sam almost falling off the bench seat, I was laughing out loud (like the guy is a freaking giant, give him so space, Dean xD)
  • Who wants some pie?” Dean Winchester, everyone 
  • Sam and Dean protecting Castiel, THANKS GOD! It was so necessary. Castiel has a serious self esteem matter and it’s always good to see Dean and Sam trying to fix him, trying to fix this crappy image he has.
  • Have some pie”, Dean actually considering it x) Pie is Dean’s true love!
  • Touching story about a mom and her child, loved it! #the feels
  • Dean and Sam whispering, thinking she can’t hear them, lmao
  • And she can hear you” LOL #sassy queen 
  • Dean fighting for Cas again, I’m not even surprised. 
  • I can’t believe Dean chose to not activate the angel mark to save his life because it was dangerous for Cas like “yeah you know I’m at the ground, wounded and powerless, and this is the only way to save my ass but it might hurt Cas so nope, not gonna happen” OKAY.  
  • Cas saved the day (agaaaaain) and that was perfect : he didn’t need anyone’s help, he did it alone, because that’s right, he’s still a badass warrior even if he has more emotions now. You can be humanly emotive and be badass as hell. And it’s exactly what Cas is. 
  • Cas seeking for forgiveness, I was like “my baby needs a hug!” 
  • You’re not weak, Cas” : Dean and Sam recognizing how strong and powerful Cas is, even if he hasn’t his wings anymore was awesome!
  • What do we do now?” “Let’s drink” kinda made me think about Castiel’s line “ I suggest we imbibe copious quantities of alcohol” lmao
  • I hope they’ll manage to find a solution about the nephilim!