Cat-Time Stories: A Purr-fect Reunion

A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction
Written by @heartpanorama

It’s been ages since I posted my last fanfiction, but I have something special for you now. I had been working on a secret project with a bunch of awesome miraculers and I’m proud to finally be able to present it to you now: We did a fanbook together, where we collected fanarts and fanfictions. Finally, we sent a printed copy to Thomas Astruc. You can learn everything about the project “Spots and Claws” here and even download a digital copy (incl. my fanfiction) here.

Category: Fanfictions
Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Words: 6,222 // Part One: 2,066
Summary: Adrien Dupain-Cheng leads a life he only could have dreamed of as a teenager. He loves his wife Marinette and their children Emma and Louis and gets along well with his parents-in-law. But when he gets a call from the guardian Master Fu, Adrien and Marinette have to bring out their alter egos once again. Fourteen years after Ladybug and Chat Noir’s final battle against Hawk Moth, they encounter someone who had disappeared in Adrien’s childhood.
Author’s Note: I’m dividing this fanfic into three parts (you’ll find the link to part 2 at the bottom of this post and the link to part 3 at the bottom of part 2). If there are problems with the links, please let me know via Ask. 🐾  Thank you to @geel1nes for organizing this awesome project with me, to @northmelody for searching for inspiration at the beginning, and to @availe for proof-reading this whole thing.

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Part One

“Son, could you please take over my duty at the counter for a while? I have to check on the croissants in the oven,” Tom asked me when I came back from running errands. I nodded and stowed the grocery bags behind the counter, before grabbing my apron and taking my place at the cash register of our bakery. Tom gave me a heartfelt smile and made his way to the kitchen. Fourteen years ago, I would never have imagined to work in a bakery, let alone own part of it. Back then, my father would send me to numerous photoshoots to promote his fashion label. I’m not saying that it wasn’t fun – well, most of the time – but it’s just so different from working in a bakery, which brings a variety of tasks with it. Sabine and Tom are the best parents-in-law I can imagine; they’re very kind and have treated me like their own son, ever since Marinette and I started dating. Finally, I found a family that accepts me for who I am; it was paw-some.

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fic recs!! (part 13)

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DELL - A1080314

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Past & Future

You are hurt by Adam and Blake blames herself because she couldn’t protect you.

Fandom/Character: RWBY / Blake Belladonna
Word Count: 697
Warning(s): mention of blood, injuries
Key: Y/N = your name / Y/L/N = your last name / mewment = moment / purr-fect = perfect / meow-velous = marvelous

A/N: Okay… I absolutely hate the verbs lay/lie ‘cause I never know when to use them. But, as I lazy af, I don’t care which one is needed: I prefer lay. x3 Anyway, here’s a little one-shot ‘bout you and Blake.

// // // // // //

 Your eyes widened at the sight. Blake was pinned down on the ground by who you knew was Adam, the faunus’ former partner when she was in the White Fang. You watched in panic as he lift his blade above his head, ready to strike the black-headed girl, and you quickly bolted forward.

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Rain On Me Update 😁

Hey My Lovely Dersha Fam!! Soo I’ve Got Good News & Bad News. The GOOD News Is That I’m Extending The Series!!!!! I Talked It Over With My P.I.C @wicked-gamesofdersha & She Helped Me Come To My Decision Of Extending It To 10 Chapters Instead Of 8 & There Will Be An Epilogue! *Get Excited* NOW With The Good News I Just Gave, There’s A Catch To That. Since I Decided To Extend That Leaves Me More Time To Per-Fect Chapter 8 But The Wait May Be Longer..DON’T HURT ME YET! 😕So With That Being Said I Am Working As Fast As I Can To Get This Chapter To You! The Last Three Chapters Will Include Sneak Peeks & The Whole Chapter Posted The Same Week So I Know You Hate Waiting But Just Hold On A Little Longer! & I Thank You For The Love & Support You All Have Given Me With This Series. It Means More Than You Know! Nefie ❤️


This dude (Oh JinSeok💞) got my heart by this PER-FECT and BREATH-TAKING dance performance T_T U must watch it guys and please, support and give more and more love to JinSeok^^ My mouth haven’t closed during and after watching his show. I’m so proud of him that he passed to the next ep. of Boys24, grows up there and improves his skills cuz he’s worth EVERYTHING and he’s GIFTED, THE BEST for me no matter what :’) Unit Yellow!! FIGHTING!!! ☆♡☆♡☆

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Puns With... Damien!

Me: Hey Damien

Damien: Hello Stephanie ^_^

Me: I brought a cat (cat is resting on said head)

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Damien: I noticed ^_^ You should probably hide him, James wouldn’t be happy that you brought a homeless stray cat home

Steph: Wait, its a boy?

Damien: Yes, sweetie, it is, you thought it was a girl, so I thought I should clarify

Steph: Well… That was a CATastrophe


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Steph: I though I got it’s gender PURRfect

Damien: Hehehe, sadly, you didn’t

Steph: Well, I’ll claw you if I need anything


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By the way, Sam is gonna catch you again, and you probably should get going


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Puns with James: http://missinfowikia.tumblr.com/post/147405732334/puns-with-james

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Puns with Matthew: http://missinfowikia.tumblr.com/post/147488220899/puns-with-matthew

Puns with Damien: You are here

Puns with Diana: Coming soon…

Puns with Saero: Coming soon…

Puns with Sargent: Coming soon…

Puns with Shadow: Coming soon…

Puns with Rabbit: Coming soon…

Puns with Fae: Coming soon…

Puns with The Demon Lord: Coming soon…

Puns with The Demon Mothers: Coming soon…

Puns with Malix: Coming soon…

Puns with Eris: Coming soon…

Puns with Suzu: Coming soon…

Puns with Naomi: Coming soon…

Puns with Andrew: Coming soon…

Puns with Mama Anderson: Coming soon…

Puns with David Anderson: Coming soon…

Puns with Simon Tabby: Coming soon…

Puns with Lisette: Coming soon…

Puns with K: Coming soon…

Puns with Mika: Coming soon…

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hmm ~ how about troye sivan? suburbia, happy little pill, and lost boy are really good songs ♡

i love troye omg

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Illustrated 1952 Food Ad, Lido Tomato Paste with Tuna Ring Lido Recipe, Atomic-era Housewife

Caption: “Make him purr-r-r tonight! With another purr-fect Lido treat!”

Published in Better Living magazine, February 1952, Vol. 2 No. 2

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MAXI - A0416525

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