RISE - this week’s blog post on - my twittart contribution and the power of doing what you say you are going to - to read click here.

‘Bad Moon Rising’ - acrylic on postcard, 2013, by F. E. Clark.

Hoping to send this one off to the Twitartexhibit - hope it makes it across the water and I hope someone gives it a new home - all proceeds to charity.

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‘Blue Moon Fades’, 5" x 5", acrylic on paper, 2013, by F. E. Clark

This painting is my for December artist trade with Fadeproof - I hope he likes it!!!  (apologies for quality of scan - painting has a shiny surface). 

If anyone would be interested in being my trade partner for January - do get in touch.

'A Little Less Conversation’ - This week’s blog - click here to read - on my continuing adventures in cyberland, artist’s trades and frustrating week.

F. E. Clark.

‘Namaste Moon for Sara’ - acrylic on box canvas, 10cm x 10cm, 2014.  by F. E. Clark.

In December I signed up to take part in 'The Artist’s Swap Box Project’ organised by Katie Smith at Creative Communities.  We were paired with other artists - to whom we sent - in deepest, darkest, January - a shoebox full of inspiration, wisdom, comfort and joy.  I was partnered with Sara Yasmin Khan, a painter from London - who sent me the most gorgeous, thoughtful, handmade gifts.    'Namaste Moon for Sara’ is one of the things I sent to Sara in return.  To see photos of all the swap boxes - click here - maybe you will see the ones we sent each other.

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Whoa!  I go off for the day and return to find that the lovely folk from Tumblr have put one of my paintings on their radar - what a fabulous Christmas present - thank you I am honoured!

Thank-you also to all the people who have followed me since I began here - bless you. 

Welcome to all the new people looking at me wee blog - everything I post here is my own work - I am delighted that so many folk are looking at my work - thank you all - you keep me going when things are tough, you really do.

I have another blog on tumblr, from which I follow, like and reblog - feclarkinspirations.

Today I am posting some more of my more finished work - from my Super Moons and Sprites series - I also do a wee painting every day - I have been doing this since February 2013 - these are more experimental / sketch pieces.

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‘Blue Sun’ daily painting - 10th July, 2013.  4" x 4", acrylic on paper, by F. E. Clark.

Hello and welcome to all the new folk following my blog :)  (waves at folk who have been here for a while too).  I have found the tumblr community - inspiring, supportive, baffling and gorgeous. Love to hear from you.

I am a Scottish 'artist’ - at the moment I am exploring my universe with paint - I love the colour and texture.  I take my inspiration from the fabulous Scottish land, sea, woodland and skies around me.

I go through phases of making small daily paintings - I post these here in my blog, along with larger pieces.

I post my own work on this blog, but have another blog - feclarkinspriations where I like, reblog and follow all the lovely tumblrs out there.  So if you are after follow backs - head over there :)

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