feck me of the day

okay this is getting ridiculous A.K.A my weekend to do list

- English notes on language devices 7:08pm Saturday

- Answer lime bower tree my prison questions 7:34pm Saturday

- apply English practice task questions to Poe’s poem + the other short story

- write paragraphs on each potential component for reflection.

- redo practice task under time conditions

- measurement Cambridge exercises

- measurement Cambridge reviews

- measurement puzzles and challenges

- redo measurement worksheets

- redo measurement test

- tutoring measurement problems

- IGCSE measurement problems

- GCSE + IGCSE papers on measurement

- measurement quiz q

- signpost measurement questions

- go to tutoring

- finish indices and surds Cambridge exercises

- finish indices and surds reviews

- finish indices and surds puzzles and challenges

- indices and surds tutoring booklet

- redo indices and surds test

- exponential growth and decay worksheets

- signpost questions

- school past papers

- A Levels Core papers

- Coroneous papers

- problems from random textbook PDFs

- 2U +3U algebra worksheets

- redo algebra test

- keep a spreadsheet of errors

- maths homework

- English homework

- fill in gaps of science booklet

- science extra work

- latin homework

edit: these tags are so bloody Australian


Butterfly Bog Morning sketch. I love me morning cuddles but how about smushing your bae’s scruffy face?;P

Completely forgot Bogs tattoos on his shoulders in first two panels……..feck…