‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by Glee Cast @ FEC Awards Gala

“MR. COLBERT, YOU MAY FORM YOUR PAC"  Comedian Stephen Colbert, attorney (and former FEC Chairman) Trevor Potter, and some red-haired dude who’s probably really important but whose name I can’t be bothered to look up listen intently as members of the Federal Election Commission deliberate Colbert’s application to form a Super PAC, or political action committee.  The type of PAC sought by Colbert allows him to raise unlimited campaign funds from individuals and corporations.  The FEC, which apparently has a sense of humor but probably no sense of parody or irony, approved the PAC, 5-1.  (Photo: Yuri Gupas / Reuters via The Atlantic)

Sleeping In

¤this is sort of a long one. Oops. lucaya. Enjoy¤

Lucas may or may not like her.

Just the simple things she did:  standing up for herself in class, being unbelievably loyal and the nicknames she adorned him with every single day. He loved every single one.

She knew it. Not because he had told her. But because she felt it too.

Not that either of them would admit it.

She thought about this, while the two were at the Friars, late one night, working on an english report. She was staring at the back of his head, legs kicked out on his bed, as he sat at the desk, looking over spelling errors.

What would it be like, if he confessed he liked me?

Would we even last?

Suddenly, he swiveled around in his desk chair, interrupting her train of thought. His eyes focused on the alarm clock he kept on the side table.

“1:00 eh?” He yawned, then stretched.

What? Maya turned towards the clock, too see with her own eyes. Shit, that’s late.

She started to shift off the bed, springs creaking. “Well Sundance, it’s been fun. I’m gonna head home now,” she drawled.

His eyebrows raised halfway up his forehead.

“Are you kidding? Maya, it’s past midnight, we’re in New York, you’re a fifteen year old girl and your apartment’s 7 blocks away. There’s no way you’re going home.”

She rolled her eyes.

“So where do you suggest I stay, Ranger Rick?” She was challenging him.

His mouth hung open for a sec, though he was forcing the words out.

“You could stay here.” His cheeks reddened a bit. “I mean I could take the floor or the couch or whatever. Just please don’t try to go home,” he pleaded.

A sudden idea made her smile internally.

“The bed’s big enough for the both of us. As long as you don’t snore.”

“What? Are you sure? I really don’t mind. The couch is pret-”


Maya gave him a look that said “end of discussion”. He decided not to contradict anymore.

She got up off the bed, and began to take off her jacket and boots.

“I can get you a shirt, to sleep in, if you like?”

She looked down at her skinny jeans and embroidered top.

“I’m going to take you up on that,” No use in being more uncomfortable than she already was.

He started to rummage through drawers, in a large wooden dresser, that stood off to the right.

He came back with a huge Dallas Cowboys tee. On Maya, it would be a modest dress.

She raised an eyebrow, but took the shirt anyways.

He directed her to a bathroom, to change. She stripped off her jeans and shirt, but decided to keep undergarments on. Lord knows that they weren’t that close. She slipped the t-shirt over her head, suprised to see that it hit her around mid thigh. Then she bundled up her clothes and headed back to Lucas’ room.

She came in to find that he had changed as well. Just a by the books flannel+tee combo.

But damn, did he look good.

Her cheeks were probably a light crimson as she walked passed him, heading for the left side of the bed.

Meanwhile, Lucas went around the room, closing windows and pushing chairs back into place. A Texan habit, she didn’t doubt. Then he hit the main light switch, bathing them in only the dim streetlight.

He joined her, under the dark blue bedsheets, where she was subconsciously curled into a tiny ball. Maya was facing towards the center, so she wasn’t being highly unsociable.

Once he had settled in, lying on his right side, reached his hand up and took a piece of her vibrant hair between his fingers.

So she layed there, just enjoying his presence.  It was rare, that people did that anymore.

“Go to sleep, Ranger Rick,” she mumbled.


It was probably just before dawn, that Lucas woke up, limbs tangled with the tiny fury, that was bundled in his arms.

They both faced the center of the bed, and without an inch between them. Maya was pressed up so much against his chest, he could feel each time she took a little breath. His chin rested on top of her head, meaning that their feet were almost touching. He could smell the sweet scent of her vanilla shampoo.

He opened his eyes a bit, squinting as more and more sun poured through the windows.

She started to shift, so he wrapped his arms around her tighter, though he never wanted to let go. 

As he did so, he could feel the oversized t shirt he lent her ride up, so that he felt her naked abdomen against his. Then, she shifted once more, hooking her right leg through both of his, then sighed in content.

They stayed like this for another hour or so, just happy in their embrace.

An annoying beeping sound came from the bedside table. Lucas knew that meant 8:00. Maya however did not.

“What the fuck is that sound” she slurred, voice muffled from t shirt on his chest.

He reached over one arm, to reset the clock.

“That means it’s time to get up.”

Did it matter how much he didn’t want to say that?

She groaned into his chest again.

Then she did something unexpected.

Maya shuffled up some more, pushed herself up on to his torso, and lied completely flat on top of him, hands resting under her collarbone.

(This would also come into play later, during their designated movie nights.)

He just sighed, and rested his hands near the small of her back. He was perfectly content being a human bed.

After drifting asleep for another 45 minutes, he was forced to wake her up, to avoid another tardy.

“Short Stack?”

“Mmmm?” She mumbled in response.

“We really need to get up. I don’t think you can afford to be late again.”

She opened her eyes, and peered up at him. Maya could feel his fingers rubbing circles on her lower back.

“Okay, fine. But only because you asked so nicely.” She grumbled.

She started to move off him, but leaned down to kiss him on the cheek.

Maya actually didn’t know why she did it, but it seemed right. It was like saying “thanks for letting me sleep in your bed” without words. He understood.

Not really though.

She rised off the bed fully, pulling down the gargantuan shirt. She inspected it, as though she were looking for a hair.

“What?” He asked.

“I’ll have to text Riley for clothes.”

He hadn’t even thought about her needing something else to wear.

“Shoot, I’m sorry.”

She looked up at him.

“Sundance, it’s fine. Don’t worry about it,” she said. “I’ll just wear these to school and change in the bathroom.”

Then she was gone, heading down the hall"

He too, got up to change, pulling his t shirt up over his head, then tossed it in the hamper.

“Hey Lucas? I forgot my phone in he-”

She froze in the doorway, as he turned to answer.

“Wow, do you even work out?”


He was sure that he was about a thousand shades of red in his cheeks. She was also blushing, but an  eyebrow was cocked, so he guessed she had gotten over the initial shock.

Maya had seen him shirtless before, on those hot summer days, where they used the pool, at Lucas’ apartment. But she had never admired, mostly because of Riley. Though now, as she stood there, she wasn’t even hiding her gaze.

She shook her head, out of that trance, and grabbed her phone off the desk, then retreating back towards the bathroom.


A toe jamb, one hair tangle and 20 minutes later, they were out the door and meeting up with Riley and Farkle.

She hadn’t said anything about the chest thing all morning. Although she had sent him a smirk, when they had left his place.

She definitely wouldn’t be letting that go anytime soon.


(They had gotten an A on their paper)


The ending was so rushed. I’ll probably go back and rewrite it later. I am literally a fluff queen. I conquer the mountain of fluff.

SWIPE DREAMS   Comedian Stephen Colbert scanned a credit card for a donation, Thursday, after a Federal Election Commission hearing where he asked to create a political action committee in Washington, D.C. The FEC gave Colbert conditional approval to create a PAC for the 2012 elections. (Photo: Mark Wilson / Getty Images via the Wall St. Journal)

Coming soon to OpenSecrets.org: we’re adding information we’ve gathered on more than $70 million in new grants to politically active nonprofits and their affiliates. All of this information is linked up to FEC data for the exact periods covered by the IRS data.

What makes these updates so special?

Well, for one, we entered these 14,000+ records ourselves.
Also, this is the first time IRS data for dark money groups has been so closely matched to FEC spending by date.

This is a pretty big deal for anyone who cares about secret spending in U.S. elections and beyond.

Explore our Outside Spending section, learn more about how these “social welfare” groups operate so secretively, and get ready for this groundbreaking dark money data. 

Conservatives on the Roberts Court are judicial activists who have been thoroughly bought and paid for by big money on the far right. Consider just a handfull of recent cases before SCOTUS:

1) Monsanto – a case ruled in favor of the multinational conglomerate despite the fact that a sitting Justice, Clarence Thomas, had a severe conflict of interest as he was once employed by Monsanto as their lawyer

2) Voting Rights Act – a case brought before the court by a career conservative, professional litigant and lifelong anti-voting rights activist, Edward Blum (worth noting: John Roberts himself is a lifelong anti-voting rights activist)

3) Citizens United – a case brought before the court by a career conservative activist and lifelong professional litigant James Bopp (worth noting that the RNC, NRA and Amway billionaire, Betsy DeVos were all major funders for Mr. Bopp)

4) Citizens United part two: McCutcheon v. FEC – a case brought before the court by a career conservative activist and longtime millionaire Republican political mega-doner, Shaun McCutcheon

5) Chamber of Commerce president Tom Donohue has a 70% win rate with all cases the Chamber has brought before SCOTUS

[related: conservative justice’s conflicts of interest]

Right Wing Supreme Court Shreds All Lessons In Campaign Finance

As a nation we live and learn. Elections need protection from influence.

We set legal limits on campaign donations in 1924.

We enacted the Federal Election Campaign Act [FECA] in 1972.

We set up the FEC [Federal Election Commission] in 1974.

We approved the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (BCRA) of 2002, also known as “McCain-Feingold”. It prohibited unregulated contributions (commonly referred to as “soft money”) to national political parties.

Then Obama got elected in 2008. His campaign sent a shock-wave though the right wing. They could no longer compete with Democrats in elections.

So in 2010 with Citizens United and again today, the right wing Supreme Court said “fuck all that reality and prudent judgment, let’s invent some made up world where unlimited ‘soft’ money makes sense and let’s throw all the previous laws out and create new laws from the bench as activist judges." 

We now live in a campaign world created by five conservative votes on the Supreme Court. No Congress. No President. No voters.

Money, Transparency and Policy Since Citizens United v. FEC

The Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission U.S. Supreme Court ruling changed modern politics. It made an unmistakeable effect on the ability for secretive and unaccountable groups and organizations to push their interests, as well as opened the floodgates for unlimited spending and helped spur the creation of super PACs. Check out below the milestones of the money and politics landscape since the Court’s ruling in January 2010.

The timeline covers four categories: Courts (major court rulings and cases), Disclose (legislation around greater disclosure of political contributions and spending), Super PACs (trend and news for independent expenditure only committees) and FEC (decisions made by the Federal Election Commission).