FebYGOchallenge Day 5 - Favourite Yami

Yami Bakura Season 0!Yami Yugi

Since 3 of my answers so far have been some form of Bakura, I’ll instead gush about Yami from the early manga (volumes 1-7, or season 0)

I love the idea of this terrifying presence that doesnt have an idea of who he is exactly, whose identity only seems to be violence.  

I understand totally why the manga didn’t go in this direction, but I think its a shame how this unstable version of Yami disappeared without a trace, without any mention of those he hurt or affected, or even any consequences. 

He mellows out once he realises that he’s different from Yugi and becomes friends with him. This makes total sense, but what doesn’t make sense is why this version of Atem ever existed. We never get an indication that this rage and playful violence was part of Atem’s personality, so where did it come from? I would have liked it if the story addressed it, but the story totally forgot about it and soon Yami becomes a somewhat stoic cinnamon roll and none of it is ever mentioned again

I miss you volume 1 Yami

Introducing: #YGOSummer !!

Since the Feb YGO Challenge was such a hit, I thought I’d do another challenge–this one summer themed! Unlike the last challenge, I shortened this one and didn’t put any due dates or time limits. Summer is the time of fun and relaxation; why make it super complicated?

Rules are simple: create anything you want with any yugioh characters you want–just follow one of the themes! Take your time and enjoy all the yugiohs! Please use the hashtag #ygosummer so I can see and reblog all your wonderful drawings, stories, lists, videos, etc! 

Reposting to other sites is fine; just please not on tumblr. You can reblog this photo.

Have fun! (Explanations of each theme are under the cut)

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Day 5: Fav Yami

Well, it’s no surprise that Pharaoh Atem/u takes the spot of the fav Yami since I am a Puzzleshipper at heart ;)

Every Yami in the series is different in his own way and I like that. Yami Yugi is the only Yami who, in the end, was positive for Yugi and who developed into a good person, and that’s a nice message and I like that about him. Therefore, especially love the development of his character, specifically in the manga since he was ruthless and merciless at the beginning (Season 0). Slowly but steadily, thanks to Yugi and his friends, he learns the importance of kindness and friendship. At the end, he even learns to accept a defeat with a smile because it was Yugi who defeated him. As a puzzleshipper, I love the dynamics of his relationship to Yugi. He is always concerned about him, believes in him and protects him. They are so close it’s just impossible for me not to ship it :P

FebYGOChallenge Day 4: Favourite Villain

When ya village so poor that u gotta rob the tombs you once helped build, but then one day the whole village is slaughtered for the sake of a weird ritual and then they come back as ghosts and start hauntin ur ass and ya only skills are stealing, killing and laughing maniacally so thats what you do to survive 

and then when ya big and strong enough ya go and confront the pharaoh about ur village but when u do everyone treats ya like ur the one in the wrong wyd 

Day 24

Favorite DSOD moment.

Well, looks like it’s time for me to talk about this scene more in depth.

I remember back when the first teaser was out, and we all noticed what we now know is virtual Atem walking down the aisle.  We were all wondering if it was really him, and people either wanted him to come back because we all miss him, or didn’t because we wanted to see how much Yugi has grown without him.

For me, I feel like DSoD handled this well for both sides.  He did come back to help Yugi and we have this moment, yet he only came back when Yugi was at his wits end, so Yugi still got to shine throughout this movie.

Next, I made this post early in January wondering about whether 4kids would put dialogue in this scene, since I know that’s something they like to do (ex. The clown leading Yugi to Arkana).  I’m glad that they didn’t, at least nothing out loud.  This symbolizes the fact that even though Atem came back to help Yugi, he still doesn’t belong in their dimension because he’s dead.

However, in the next scene with his friends when Tea asks him about Atem, Yugi responds something along the lines of, “He’s doing fine, and he wishes us the best.” (Not sure if that’s the actual quote, but its similar), showing that they in fact did communicate to each other.  I believe that either they spoke out through their hearts, or when Atem semi-possessed Yugi’s body (Yes, I’m saying semi-possessed, I’ll get into that another time) their mind link reestablished and was still present until Atem left.  Either way, I truly believe that somehow they were about to hear each other’s voices, and for me that just makes this scene even more emotional.

To be honest, I was a little upset that they didn’t hug.  I mean, they had a great opportunity here for one.  But that’s just a nitpick and it didn’t affect my overall thoughts on this scene. (Besides, I wrote my own version a while back to cheer me up)

And lastly, my inner puzzleshipping absolutely loves this scene and needs to make this statement. With everything these two went through, and the fact that Atem actually returned to help Yugi… these two have to see each other again when Yugi naturally goes to the afterlife, they have to.

This scene is amazing, emotional, heartwarming, and for me, satisfying.

To celebrate the US movie theatre release of The Darkside of Dimensions and the 20th Anniversary of YGO in general, I’ve made a daily challenge for the month of February! Answer these any way you want: drawings, fanfiction, plain answers, etc. This is about celebrating YGO and all the friendships we’ve built from it! 

Please tag your answers with #FebYgoChallenge if you can, so I can see everyone’s lovely answers! Also please reblog this here, but if you want to share this to another site then go ahead–just dont erase my signatures on the picture. Thanks!

Day 24: Fav DSOD Moment

I had a pretty hard time deciding on that one, actually. There were two moments in that movie that took my breath away, gave me shivers and made me smile. Two moments that made my so very very happy.

As someone who’s been a Puzzleshipper for almost 9 years, I really loved the silent bittersweet moment between Yugi and Atem/u. It made me happy, it made my heart ache for them and it was just so perfect. Atem/u coming back to help Yugi out and they obviously had their mind link restored for this short time and communicated and I loved how it was just so very private that even we, the viewers, weren’t allowed to hear it. It was just for the two of them.


I really need to give the favourite moment to the moment where Yugi stood up to Kaiba and made him back off. It was epic, it was badass it made me shiver and it made me so, so, so proud of Yugi. He grew so much and it was a delight seeing him like that. This moment showed everything I wanted for Yugi in that movie and my expectations were met in that regard.

I also took into consideration that within the whole of the series, we’ve been blessed with so many Puzzleshipping moments. There was no shortage of Yugi and Atem fluff. But we’ve seen Yugi in his prime only for a very short time, at the end of the series. That’s also a point why in the end, for me, Yugi standing up to Kaiba weighted more than the Puzzleshipping moment, though I adore them both.

24) Favorite DSoD Moment: I wanted to see this movie for Yugi’s big comeback to the general public, and I wasn’t disappointed. From giving Kaiba a verbal middle finger to nearly surviving three duels in a row, he has come a long way from when he first solved the Millennium Puzzle.

(I chose this clip because Gandora represents Yugi’s strong character development.)

Whelp it is Valentine’s Day and I realized the other day I have been completely ignoring the FebYGOChallenge and today we should talk about our favorite romantic ship, and out of all the great ships there are I’ve decided to go with Puzzleshipping. And since I would have so many things to say about them instead as a special occasion I’m putting a short drabble out here. Click under the read more for fluff and nerds

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Yugioh Challenge 24: Favorite DSoD Moment

Yugi and Atem Reunite

There are so many great moments in this movie! But my favorite part, hands down, was seeing Yugi and Atem together again. It was a beautiful moment! 

Yugi had pretty much given up hope that he’d ever see Atem again, but there he is. And Atem got to see how much Yugi has grown since they parted. It’s not even for very long, and they don’t say anything, but it’s just enough. They’re both just so happy to see each other again. I get the biggest grin on my face every time I watch it!



  • Aigami’s Proper Introduction   

               “What I have is the power to change your pathetic world into some place grand.
                                              Some place you don’t deserve to exist.”