Happy 21st Birthday Harold!

Happy birthday to my favorite person, Harold Edward Styles!

You make me laugh even though most of your jokes are stupid

Your smile can light up a room! 

Your laugh makes me happy even when I’m sad 

You make me happy and I hope you have an amazing birthday because that’s what you deserve! I love you Harry and I’m so happy with how far you and the boys have come! So in celebration of your 21st birthday here’s 21 gifs of you!

Happy Birthday Styles!

Alan Rickman Fan Birthday Project

Calling all Alan Rickman fans!
Ahoy there Rickmaniacs!

To celebrate Alan’s 70th birthday, I am collecting fan messages/poetry/art to be published into a custom book and mailed to Alan. (The longer the letter/message the better)

The book will be professionally printed and bound and will contain everything received. This tumblr (and other social media once created), will keep you up to date on the project. Everyone’s name who takes part will be mentioned in a blog in the future. But no online publishing of the book will take place due to personal messages. There will be photos showing the book and possibly a quick video to show everyone before Alan receives it.


-Be respectful with your letter and use appropriate language. Ie no ‘Omfg I love you bae’ etc

-For obvious reasons, please submit all wordings in English.

-Say who you are. You’d be surprised the amount of people who don’t have a name associated on their email addresses.

-Please submit everything to the email below. If you submit handwritten letters or art, please attach it as an image file at the best quality you can so they will print without pixelation.

Please email all submissions to: bookforalan@gmail.com

Deadline for entries is February 1st

As a note; I work as a fan manager within the music industry, I’ve competed books for other artists I admire in the past and it has been so well received that it only seemed right to pull the fan base for Alan together and make something special for him.

You are all amazing people.
Thank you for helping out



I heard that every 1st Febuary is World Hijab Day,
So I thought, meh…why not I make a drawing of the different types of Hijab that are commonly wore here in Malaysia/Singapore/Indonesia. Each of these girls in Hijab are based of people I know/met

For those who are struggling to wear it, its okay, that was me too until I set my motivation that I wore this Hijab because of Allah s.w.t (God)  and not because what others think about it. Because I know that Allah s.w.t (God) knows best on the reason why we really have to wear it. 

Be proud that you are wearing the identity of a Muslim! Its okay to be fashionable (but not too extreme XD) as long as you follow the shari'ah.

And of course for non-muslims who wants to try, go ahead! wearing it makes you see the world in a different point of view, in an amazing way!  and maybe understand the circumstances a muslim woman has to take each day.

Oh and remember,

“Whats the point of wearing a hijab if our attitude/adab is bad?”
Wearing the Hijab is one thing, but the attitude and behaviour towards others is MUCH morreee important! If we wear the hijab like a pious lady and attitude is horrible, people will judge muslims horribly too! Don’t send them hate comments or bullying them . Instead treat them with the best manner and respect :) 

Anyways thats all from me everything that is good comes from Allah s.w.t (God) and what is bad comes from my human mistake.

Wassalam~  ^_^”

Do you like Neko Astume? Do you want to meet other people that enjoy the app as much as you do? Then the Kitty Collectors Network is the network for you!


  • Fill out this form.
  • Reblog this post
  • You must have a Kik or a Skype
  • Have your application in by February 1st, 2016 (The deadline may be changed depending on the amount of applications)


  • Follow the network blog and me once accepted
  • No unnecessary drama between members. Obviously, disagreements may happen, but don’t blow it out of proportion. 
  • Respect people’s pronouns/triggers/etc.


  • Meet other people that like Neko Atsume
  • A group chat with other network members
  • Make new friends
  • Group activities and events
  • A brand new squad to talk about cats and stuff

Deadline is Febuary 1st, 2016! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! 

A Quick OC Overveiw

Isa Yatsenyuk
Age: 22
Birthday: December 5th
Sex: Intersex
Gender: Female
Species:Octopus Merperson(Octomaid?)
Orientation: Lesbian
-Vladimir Yatsenyuk (father/creator)
-Hala Yatsenyuk (sister/clone)

Hala Yatsenyuk
Age: 8 (physically 22)
Birthday: November 16th
Sex: Intersex
Gender: Female
Species: Octopus Merperson(Octomaid?)
Orientation: Bi
-Vladimir Yatsenyuk (Father/Creator)
-Isa Yatsenyuk (Sister/Clone)

Dalton Price
Age: 17
Birthday: May 21st
Gender: Male
Species: Human-Mule Deer Hybrid
Orientation: Asexual Homoromantic
-Alexandrea Price (Mother/Creator)

Luma Macduff
Age: 25
Birthday: June 8th
Gender: Female
Species: Fae
Orientation: Bi

Leina Sycrase
Age: 25
Birthday: October 6th
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Orientation: Demisexual Panromantic
-Kabala Sycrase (Mother)

Hanna Castro
Age: 27
Birthday: Febuary 1st
Gender: Agender/Nonbinary (she/her)
Species: Human
Orientation: Asexual Lesbian
-Isabelle Death (adoptive Mother)
-Kala Masque (Wife)

Kala Masque
Age: 28
Birthday: July 18th
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Orientation: Lesbian
-Seyton Masque (Father)
- Hanna Castro (Wife)

Parents may come at a later date.