Day 34 | 365

February 3,2011 (Thursday)

I got my food from April that Jose got for me yesterday! (= Yaaay. During p.e. Mr.Ash said he would give me an A if I gave him my food. Uh, NO. Mr.Spencer saw me with food & I ran then he tried chasing me. Lol. Fail. I didn’t feel good when we played soccer & Mr.Hanano asked if I was okay. He is so good at noticing when people are down. No lie. During lunch, me & Rachel F. kept hitting each other. She touched my tits.. -_- Bitch is mad ‘cause I kicked her vagina hard. But s’okaaay. I love that bitch. SIKEjk. She got that song stuck in my head. Then, played volleyball. In 6th period, we tried teaching Mr.Ireland how to dougie. After school, played volleyball again & then it was final try-outs. But I got Arizona from Lucy<3. Hehe. Greeen tea. Yum. I really sucked during try-outs. My left hand went really numb when I hit Shawna. I just sucked. really bad. I still got in the team tho. I’m satisfied. I wish that some other people got in though. They were way better than me especially. Played more volleyball with Jeffrey,Richard,Mia,Shawna& Cindy & my mom picked me & Jeffrey up. He stayed until like 7? We just watched,ate food & played Wii. He sucks! jk.<3 We were supposed to do homework together but we got distracted. And he left to go home. 

February 3

We wait with anticipation written all over our faces,
the colored lights distorting the flush of excitement
into a grotesque fantasy of blues and greens where
people don’t actually exist.

As much as I love this make believe world I more
eagerly anticipate the moment the last note strikes
followed by uproarious and exaggerated praise
because then I can leave. 

The world of real things filled with concrete
cause and effects that I can follow is much
more comforting and relatable than yours of
rewards for nothing. 

Emily Penna 

February 3

Not much gets past the mentally alert February 3rd individual. Ideas are your forte, and you’re interested in everything and everyone. You possess an open, friendly nature with tremendous personal magnetism, You learn quickly and have excellent communication skills with flashes of inspiration that allow you to express yourself with fluency and ease. You’re particularly adapt at coming up with new ideas and then selling them to others. Considerably more flexible and versatile than most Aquarians, you are always on the lookout for exciting new experiences. Your enthusiasm, compassion, and interest in the common good benefit everyone around you, and you set a great example for those with a less positive view of life.

With your refined, intellectual nature, you have a tendency to live more in the mind than in the senses. You literally radiate forward-looking Aquarian individuality. You enjoy people, love to talk, and have a natural understanding of what makes others tick. Yet, while you may be a master at probing everyone else’s psyche, you rarely give out intimate details of your own life.

Your charm and charisma attract admirers like flies to honey. Relationships are important to you, but you like your own space and can feel uncomfortable if someone tries to get too close. Although you have a great desire for love, you have an even greater need for freedom and independence.