Today is the 10th anniversary for gen 4! Hope everyone is having a happy gen 4 day! Go draw some gen 4 pokemon, or go pick up a gen 4 game!

 To celebrate, we made a collage featuring some of the artist’s work (as it is difficult to fit everyone’s work into one collage without it being super clustered!)

Again, we apologize for the inactivity! Mods are currently still struggling to finish their midterms but we are almost there!

As for the zine, our original goal was to open up preorder today, on the anniversary, however, things did not go as we planned. But!! We plan to open up preorder and finish up the layout sometime next week! In the meantime, if you haven’t submit a free talk and icon, please do so! 

Once again, thank you for all your support! We can wait to see the final product! And happy 10th Anniversary, DPPt!! Thank you for the wonderful 10 years!


I’m trying to make Bo a club vest and it looks fine in S4S but the studs are still showing in CAS/game. I tried every version I know of in S4S, changing the RLESes , so my question is, is this something “bumpy” that has to be change in Blender?
(In case of that, I’m smoked)
Got it!
Thank you guys, and especially @beepsy for getting me on the rigth track again! :)


I had so much fun with decorating Marion’s Sea View so built a spa next to it for more decorating activity xD Btw, it was the first building in almost a year. Now it is only a shell with crazy quantities of string lights. and I haven’t named it yet either.