As some of you might have noticed, I got super sick during the holidays and could hardly get any work done. But now it´s a new year and I am getting work done on all fronts. >:D

PS: I will update with post with more behind-the-scene later. ;)

JANUARY UPDATE: Believe it or not, but I have been sick (different flues as well as a stomach virus) for over a month now and it has really taken a toll on my editing time. :,(

FEBRUARY UPDATE: 11/14 scenes are completed and rendered, and the last 3 are soon done too. I totally underestimated how time consuming it would be to use Pocahontas since she needs a new dress/hair in 80% of her appearances. D,X   

Second Year on the Job

Where in the world do I begin? Hello, my name is Jonathan Dart, and as of one year ago today, I am the official lead of the IT department at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry.

You read that correctly. For one crazy year now I’ve been maintaining the technological necessities of both students and professors alike.

In that time I’ve made countless friends, discovered exciting new things in this insane world around me, punched a man in the face, tricked the school into buying me a coffee maker, caused a school-wide arguement over the logistics of lightsabers and magic, adopted a pig, compared Lockhart’s love for alliteration with ‘Magic Tree House’ novels, accidentally portkeyed myself into a government official’s apartment, and began dating an amazing girl who can change her own face at will.

But beyond all that, I somehow managed to find an outstandingly amazing group of readers. From the fateful day in which I went from 3 subscribers to 10,000, all the way up until today where we receive messages and comments daily from dedicated fans. You are the reason I am still here. You are the reason why I am still updating.

From February 1st 2016 to Febuary 1st 2017-
Thank you.
Deeply, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

February 2017 Updates [Part 1]

Dangerous Seduction

  • The strong, mature leader: Kentaro Inui
  • Additional stories for Haruma
  • Special stories for Masaharu and Yasumi
  • And more!! 

Era of Samurai: Code of Love

  • Harada’s Act II Main Story and His PoV
  • Harada’s Act II Love’s Rainbow
  • The Code of Love Is Made to Be Broken

After School Affairs

  • 1st Year Anniversary is coming up
  • Heart Melting Chocolates
  • Secret ♥ Valentine’s
  • Ikemen’s Anniversary Affairs
  • Ikemen’s Anniversary Secrets

Scandal in the Spotlight

  • Story Bundles are back!
  • First five Episodes of ALL characters’ Season 1 stories are FREE
  • Login Bonus
  • Love’s Punishment -Their Just Desserts-
  • Heavenly Valentine’s ♡ -Kyohei-

My Last First Kiss

  • Special Story: Delectably Yours
  • Special Story: Delectably Yours His PoV
  • Season 3: A Dreamy Proposal: Makoto

Star-Crossed Myth

  • To the Victor Go the Spoils -Leon, Huedhaut & Aigonorus-
  • To the Victor Go the Spoils -Scorpio & Zyglavis-
  • Season 1: Zyglavis - Musings on Love
  • Special Story: What’s in a Kiss?

Enchanted in the Moonlight

  • Kiryu’s Season 3 Sequel
  • A Riot of Chocolaty Love
  • Temptation for Two
  • New Campaign to earn the story In Three Years’ Time

Kissed by the Baddest Bidder

  • It’s KBTBB’s 3rd Year Anniversary!
  • A Special Birthday with the Dragon
  • Bitten by the Baddest Bidder Pt 1 & 2
  • Becoming the Perfect Family: Eisuke, Soryu, Mamoru, Ota

Our Two Bedroom Story

  • Club Season
  • Love Letter! A High School Confession
  • Ayame’s Sequel
  • …and more!

My Forged Wedding

  • Sub Story: Love Me Do, Valentine
  • Sub Story: Love Me Do, Valentine His PoV
  • Sub Story: Takao’s Midnight Secrets
  • Sub Story: Kunihiko’s Midnight Memories
  • Sub Story: Haruka’s Midnight Jealousy
  • Sub Story: Akito’s Exotic Midnight

My Sweet Bodyguard

  • The Honeymoon: Goto
  • The Honeymoon: Ishigami
  • The Honeymoon: Kurosawa
  • The Honeymoon: Subaru

Last Updated February 2, 2017

Alexander Hamilton x Reader:


Sick Days Are The Best Days

Seeing You on the Other Side

Changed Education

Philip Hamilton x Reader:

Please Don’t Say Goodbye

Arranged Marriage

John Laurens x Reader:

Best Friends and Boyfriends

Aaron Burr x Reader:

Motherly Instinct

Thomas Jefferson x Reader:

Secret Relationships

Lafayette x Reader:

For A Reason

Hercules Mulligan x Reader:

Coming Soon

King George III x Reader:

My Queen

George Washington x Reader:

Coming Soon

Hamilsquad x Reader:

Best Friends and Boyfriends



Love is in the air! It’s time for our February Valentine’s update!

Show your senpai your love by making them handmade Valentine’s choco! Give your chocolates to your senpai before the event ends to get a special surprise on White day!

Also included in this update:
-Valentine’s choco mini-game
-New Outfits
-1 New BG
-New Valentine’s items
-1 New Senpai!

Download the new update and celebrate the season of love with your senpai!

Chamber of Secrets - Part 16

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: I’M SOOOOOOOO SORRY this took so long to post, I was having a really busy week with my deadlines coming up,  I won’t be updating until the end of February. If I do update, then that means I’ve finished all my shit. So let’s hope I get everything done and cleared soon!

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Check out the awesomeness of my February Fitchart!!!

Fair to say this was a pretty good month for me:-

✅ I’m well and truly settled in to my low(er) carb, PCOS-friendly food plan.

✅ I’ve made some great progress on the weight loss front.

✅ Incidental exercise to get my step count up has become second nature for me.

✅ Yes, there was still chocolate to be consumed…but the days I had chocolate it was in moderation, and I’m ok with that. It’s about breaking the habit of mindless snacking, not depriving myself completely.

✅ Regardless of what I ate, I tracked my carb intake every. single. day. I have no doubt I prevented at least a few derailments by keeping to my “tracks carbs” target.

✅ #lassiethestaffy got lots and lots of walks 🐶🐶🐶

I’ll be keeping the same FitChart goals for March - they’re a good mix of healthy habits and daily reminders.

I’m so excited to see where I’ll be this time next month!!!

anonymous asked:

I'm gonna be honest that the quote about Liam and the baby made me doubt a bit but your blog always helps me and reassures me. But I also like to hurt myself so I listened to the audio and if the audio came out before that quote I wouldn't have doubted for a second. Melly, Liam can barely sell it unless it's on print. I can't help laughing cause he seemed like he forgot his lines. Live interviewers are so telling

Here’s the thing! No matter how many Cherliam Lifetime Original Movie moments Team solo!Loammy have spun in the last two weeks, that’s still not going to make me and my Boobs Instincts forget the Lemony Snickett of fuckiness that occurred before that baby was born.

Let us put on our best Investigation Bras and go on a Journey of Fuckiness:

- Cherliam was announced as a Dan Wootton Hoofsclusive (February 27)

- The CheriamNews update account was created 2 full days prior to the Dan Wootton article revealing them as “secret lovers” (ohmygod i cannot type that with a straight face)

- Cheryl and Liam’s relationship immediately gets called out for being fake, because duh:

- But not before grossing everyone out by spinning a romance narrative that featured a 24 year old Cheryl and a 14 year old Loammy

- Cheryl’s 874 year long pregnancy begins, with pregnancy headlines running almost immediately, beginning in March 2016. Bump watch headlines begin in May:

- Which then leads to another Dan Wootton Hoofsclusive from a “source” that was 100% Cheryl that they were “trying” for a baby (never mind that they were dating for 10 minutes or that she was still legally married or that he was embarking on a solo career or who the fuck would announce to Dan Wootton they were “trying” for a baby in the first place ):

- Cheryl was baiting the press before she was even pregnant by wearing sack dresses one day with hand pressed to her belly, and the next wearing well tailored outfits. While all this was happening, she was also selling stories to the tabloids almost daily while simultaneously calling for her privacy. I can’t.  

- Through all of this, Loammy is only seen with Cheryl a small handful of times, having fucked off to LA for almost the entirety of her 874 year long pregnancy. To try and mitigate that, daily stories are run that seed reasons for Loammy’s absence during her pregnancy and for why Loammy won’t be present for raising that baby shortly after its born. 

- If that’s not enough fuckiness for you, there was also the fuckton of ran and solved blind items about Cherliam that were simultaneously running counter narratives.

But sure, nothing to see here, everything looks totally unsuspish and unfucky!