hiiii, here are a bunch of fics I’ve enjoyed and loved reading throughout the month of february. I recommend that you read these great fics in march, if you haven’t already. there are SO many good and unique AUs this round, so please check them out!!

(all fics with a star are my favorites and if there are two stars then it was a favorite favorite)

1. Saved Tonight (30k)**

Harry is the world’s most persistent seduction-baker, a questionable dog-sitter, and Louis’s biggest fan. Louis hasn’t written in years, is trying to pass loneliness off as cynicism, and absolutely hates his fans. It’s probably destiny.

2. Too Real to Fake It (82k)*

With seven years of blissful marriage behind them and four wonderfully unique kids to brag about, Harry and Louis seem to finally have life all figured out and under control. How much more real could it get?

Very real it turns out, when Harry reluctantly leaves home for a 5 day business trip leaving Louis to manage their rambunctious, hyperactive household. Do they really have it all under control or are they just faking it?

Featuring all the usual suspects, inside jokes, embarrassing moments and of course, Harry and Louis’ wild antics + the addition of their four equally wild and outrageous kids.

3. When You Look Like That (16k)*

“You… you still have the dress form I got you for your eighteenth birthday? You’ve kept it for ten years, Harry?” Louis’ eyes flick around Harry’s studio. It’s big and modern, with floor to ceiling windows that help flood the room in bright sunlight, just like the lobby. However, he can’t stop staring at the faded, but present, heart surrounding the “H + L” written delicately in Louis’ handwriting in the center of the mannequin.

Louis is a songwriter who is nominated for a Grammy and he needs a suit. Fast. He seeks out help from a very popular, very mysterious designer who just so happens to be his ex-boyfriend.

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I grew up reading books full of folk and fairy tales, the Norse myths included, soaking them and their violence, their humor, their logic, their magic, into my soul. My major was inspired by folk lore and fairy tale, and part of my love for Neil Gaiman has always come from the way the structures of fairy tale weave through and warp in his works, and his incorporation of mythic figures from a full compendium of folk lore figures. Because of that, it was unlikely that I’d have any reaction other than adoration for his new book: a collection and retelling, in his own words, of the main stories of Norse mythology. So it was with little surprise but a lot of happiness that Norse Mythology was as good as I had expected, my first read of the new year as chilly freezing rain fell and my cat curled near my feet. 

Neil Gaiman takes the Norse myths as we know them and retells them in his mysterious, careful writing. He has studied his characters carefully, and Thor’s strength and relative ignorance, Odin’s wisdom, and Loki’s trickery and desire for chaos, all emerge beautifully in this collection. He acknowledges in the introduction that it’s unfortunate that so many tales of the Norse goddesses have been lost, but gives strength and complexity to the female goddesses and giants who appear in his works. The Norse mythology is reborn in a magnificent storytelling voice that makes your heart ache over tales you already knew and jump through tales you hadn’t yet heard. Gaiman knows how to write folklore, and without lengthening the tales, he makes the gods both terrifying and familiar, the stories haunting and funny. He has done his research, but most of all, he just knows how to tell a story, and that’s the most important piece of passing down mythology, something born through oral inheritance over the centuries. Neil Gaiman’s newest literary masterpiece comes out on February 7, 2017. I recommend you pre-order. (As a side-note, it’s also one of the best smelling books I’ve ever held in my hands, and the book design is stunning.) I received this review copy from @wwnorton in exchange for an honest review, and this truly is an honest and happy review.

“The Norse myths are the myths of a chilly place, with long, long winter nights and endless summer days, myths of a people who did not entirely trust or even like their gods, although they respected and feared them.”

“Before the beginning there was nothing—no earth, no heavens, no stars, no sky; only the mist world, formless and shapeless, and the fire world, always burning.”


Happy #FicRecDays! I’ve been excited for this for awhile, and now the time has finally arrived! For those of you who don’t know, Fic Rec Days is a period where people are encouraged to do anything at all to promote/recommend fanfic. It doesn’t matter what fandom, what characters, what ships, or if the fic is finished, abandoned, or still a wip. From February 10 to February 12, readers are recommending their favorite fanfics in whatever forms they want - lists, fan art, reviews, gifs, etc.!

Now, let’s begin, shall we?

The fic I’ve chosen to recommend is @owlswing‘s “Rise of Wizardry” series. It’s a “Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons/Big Four” fanfic with three complete installments, a fourth one in progress, and even more to come. The series is a friendship centric Hogwarts(!) AU, with each book following one year for the four students and giving them their own individual arcs.

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YAYYYY another Dean original ^~^ also I just want to take a quick second and say THANK YOU to @mysteriouslyme81 for recommending my “Shopping Day” original in their “Supernatural February Recommendation Library 2017″ You guys should go check their blog out and the other recommendations listed there!

This original is you and Dean in high school and of course your dad doesn’t know about Dean and y’all’s relationship so he comes and visits occasionally. Gummies became life savers ~ constructive criticism encouraged ~ enjoy!

‘Tables have four legs but they cant walk.’

‘Dead people can still get goosebumps.’

‘If you were to remove all of the empty space from the atoms that make up every human on earth, the entire world population could fit into an apple.’

You were supposed to be asleep but all these thoughts; these truthfully odd riddling-facts were just whizzing around your mind. It was very similar to the five blades on the ceiling fan spinning around, blending to look like one.

‘Laughing while being tickled is actually a panic response from your body.’

Just thinking about it made you giggle to yourself. It was always seen as a normal reaction to some people but it was actually a distress call from your body. 

A series of taps echoed throughout your room. Your eyebrows furrowed as you laid still, to make sure you weren’t hearing things and to make sure if it was something, you could catch it off guard.

Another set of taps came through from the window. Well at least you weren’t going crazy.

You were swift onto your feet and on the wall, knife in hand. More taps were heard, a bit more frantically this time.

With a quick turn in front of the window, you tilted your head in confusion and then a hand over your own mouth to keep from waking your dad with laughter.

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Favourite Fanfics Of February (little late I know but they’re all awesome, go check them out if you have time)

Never Say Never (Arthur Ketch x Reader) by @wayward-mirage

You Should Know Better (Joe Merriweather x OFC) by @fuck-yeah-lets-do-negan-ff

Between Your Thighs (Ivar x Reader) by @whenimaunicorn

Truth Or Dare (Arat, Negan x Reader) by @neganscatleesi

You Don’t Have To Be Lonely Anymore (Negan x Olivia) by @ashzombie13

Impatient (Cain x Reader) by @icecream-and-gadreel

A Lesson In International Etiquette (Arthur Ketch x Reader) by @imagines-oneshots-blog

Whips And Chains (Ramsay Bolton x Reader) by @uncomfortable-writers

Twisted Desire (Ramsay Bolton x Reader) by @neganscatleesi

Watch Me Drown (Ivar x Rader) by @whenimaunicorn

Witchy Woman (John Winchester x Reader) by @winchesterswoonathon

Take Me Away (Joker x Reader) by @dangerousimagines


Looking for an indie-pop dance party? Look no further. 

Nashville-based feel-good band COIN will be hopping and bopping at 9:30 Club on Saturday, February 10. Dancing shoes recommended.

COIN dropped their sophomore album, How Will You Know If You Never Try, in April of this year, and it is filled with catchy, upbeat songs that tackle difficult subjects such as mortality. Many are saying that COIN has found their truest, most genuine sound yet.  

“Nashville’s COIN shows with How Will You Know If You Never Try that it’s a force to be reckoned with; a band whose infectious party anthems will be uttered in the same breath as those by bands like Grouplove, Passion Pit or Walk the Moon,” wrote Troy Nols Van Skike for Riff Magazine.

And their live shows carry the same energy as their albums. Kris Perez of Substream Magazine wrote about the raw energy of a COIN show, and clearly it is a party for everyone involved.

“There were no dull moments throughout the show, and every song transitioned smoothly into the next…COIN made sure to show the crowd what they would be experiencing for the next hour. Interaction with the crowd was one of the highlights of the performance, and at one point, the fans began to sing songs louder than frontman Chase Lawrence. Upon playing the infectious “I Don’t Wanna Dance,” the audience erupted and shook the venue to its core. Don’t be fooled by the name – “I Don’t Wanna Dance” had everyone moving along to the rhythm…for an album filled with songs about heartbreak, the venue was filled with nothing but smiles and warm interactions between the fans and the band,” wrote Perez.

Warm up your singing voices and bust out your dancing shoes. It’s about to be an indie-pop party.

-Jess George

Tickets available here.

anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm thinking about going to Stockholm this summer on vacation, and I was wondering if you knew of any fun things to do while we're there

Hi Nonie!

I’m sorry it took a while to get back to you. I’ve been on mini-hiatus for the GOT premier.

Now… it depends a little about how you define “fun” and if you’re on a budget or not. I’m a history nerd, so my idea of what’s fun often differs from other people, but I’m going to try putting together a varied list below the cut.

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JoJonium 4 - Hirohiko Araki Speaks About Character Creation - Jo

TL note: Sorry for the huge delay between the second and third installment (it was and is still convention season). It’s hard to fully convey how jovial Araki writes in these blurbs but it’s pretty funny so see him talking about serial killers in his usual playful tone. 

Viz announced a domestic release of Jojonium at AX this year (first volume should be out in February 2015!) I highly recommend buying them when they come out because they will have all the color pictures and will possibly even be hardcover!


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Latin America's largest Ramsar Site facing 586 km transmission line
By David Hill

Indigenous peoples in Peru are demanding to be consulted about a proposed electricity transmission line that would run for approximately 586 kms through the Amazon. The stated aim of the line is to connect Iquitos in Peru’s northeast, often described as the world’s largest city or town without road or rail access, to the national grid.

Doing so would mean crossing the territories of numerous indigenous peoples, including the Achuars, Kandozis, Kichwas, Kukamas-Kukamirias and Urarinas. Representative organisations are expressing serious concern about the project’s potential impacts and say they have not been consulted about it despite the government’s obligation to do so under Peruvian and international law.

The proposed line would also run through the Abanico del Rio Pastaza, a huge wetlands complex stretching across the border into Ecuador. In 2002 3.8 million hectares of the Abanico were declared a Wetland of International Importance, or Ramsar Site, under the Ramsar Convention, making it the largest Ramsar Site in Latin America and the eighth largest worldwide out of a total of 2,241.

According to ORPIO, an Iquitos-based federation representing 15 indigenous peoples, the potential impacts of the line include the destruction of 874,000 tonnes of trees, the release of 424,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, massive biodiversity and game loss, conflict, the resettlement of indigenous communities, and encouraging the entrance of colonists, illegal loggers, gold-miners and coca farmers.

ORPIO is taking legal action against the Energy Ministry (MINEM) and government agency ProInversion in an attempt to suspend construction of the line, filing a lawsuit in Iquitos arguing they have not been consulted about it.

“We urge that our request for prior consultation, according to the International Labour Organization’s Convention 169 and other current national and international legislation, is respected, given that the Moyobamba-Ìquitos Transmission Line will directly affect our rights,” ORPIO wrote to MINEM in August.

CORPI, a federation representing nine indigenous peoples, is also demanding that the right to prior consultation, as the process is termed in Peruvian law, is respected.

“[The proposed transmission line] directly affects [indigenous peoples’] collective rights and will impact their access to their subsistence resources and therefore threatens their physical existence, cultural identity, quality of life and spiritual links with the land they have occupied ancestrally,” read a CORPI statement released in February.

A Kichwa woman from the River Tigre, Peru, demanding in 2015 to be consulted about oil operations. Indigenous people are now requesting to be consulted about the proposed Moyobamba-Iquitos electricity line.

However, MINEM argues that a loophole in a 2012 Peruvian law makes it exempt from doing prior consultation on this occasion. The law states that the “construction and maintenance of public service infrastructure” doesn’t require prior consultation if “it is intended to benefit” and is done “in coordination” with indigenous peoples - and since the proposed transmission line is a “public service” and “would benefit indigenous populations in the project’s area of influence”, MINEM claims no consultation is necessary.

That argument has been dismissed by Peru’s state ombudsman, the Defensoria del Pueblo, which recommended, on 20 May, that MINEM carry out prior consultation. It claims that the legal loophole isn’t applicable in this case because, among other reasons, the proposed line will not directly benefit the indigenous peoples living in the region.

“It’s the population of Iquitos that will be the beneficiary of this project, while the indigenous territories will just be an area through which the transmission line will pass,” the Defensoria’s Daniel Sanchez wrote to MINEM.

MINEM’s response to Sanchez, in August, was that indigenous organizations could have appealed its initial decision to forgo prior consultation, made in October 2015, but didn’t do so. It also argued that its interpretation of the 2012 law is in line with that of the Culture Ministry (MINCU), the ministry responsible for indigenous peoples which - conveniently - issued its own interpretation of the loophole in the 2012 law just seven days after Sanchez wrote to MINEM in May.

To the Guardian Sanchez described MINEM’s interpretation of the law as “loose and wrong”, “perverting” the right to prior consultation and making the process meaningless.

“Prior consultation emerged as a way of promoting indigenous peoples’ participation in projects affecting them [but] I think that a certain sector within MINEM still sees it as an obstacle,” Sanchez says. “So they’re opposed to its implementation. This is counter-productive because it has been shown that what indigenous peoples want is to be taken into account, to influence and above all to participate in decision-making. Of the 17 extractive projects - hydrocarbons, mining and infrastructure - that have been subject to prior consultation to date, not one of them has been opposed by indigenous representatives.”

The opinion that indigenous peoples have the right to prior consultation about the proposed line is shared by lawyer Henry Carhuatocto from NGO IDLADS, which is supporting ORPIO in making its demands heard by the government and media. Carhuatocto calls MINEM’s argument “frankly lamentable” and agrees the line will not directly benefit indigenous peoples but will instead mean clearing almost 600 kms of forest and indirectly facilitate “invaders and colonists.”

“First, we need to make it clear that any legislative or administrative measure affecting the lives of indigenous peoples must be subject to prior consultation,” Carhuatocto told the Guardian. “Second, prior consultation is not an obstacle to economic development, but a space to comply with human rights agreements and an opportunity for the state to take more of an interest in indigenous peoples, to be able to discuss the impacts of the project with them, to reach agreements in good faith, and for them to give their consent. This is an opportunity for the state to do things right by indigenous peoples and we hope that in this instance it doesn’t fail to take it.”

Juan Carlos Ruiz Molleda, from NGO Instituto de Defensa Legal (IDL) which is part of the legal team supporting ORPIO’s lawsuit, makes another argument: that the 2012 law, irrespective of how it is interpreted, is “unconstitutional.” “If you listen to government functionaries, especially those in MINEM, ProInversion and even MINCU, you always hear the same argument: “But that’s what it says in the regulation, that’s what it says in the law.” What’s forgotten, however, is that a law can be unconstitutional and therefore invalid,” Ruiz Molleda wrote in a recent article.

The Environment Ministry (MINAM) has expressed grave concern about the proposed line and, in a report sent to MINEM in February, recommended considering an alternative route that would have less impact on the Abanico del Pastaza. It also stated that the peat bogs in the region, together with those south of the River Maranon, sequester approximately 50% of Peru’s entire carbon reserves, which it called “extremely relevant” “given Peru’s commitments to reduce carbon emissions in order to combat climate change.”

In addition, MINAM’s report argued that Peru’s 1993 Constitution states that treaties form part of national law, meaning that the Ramsar Convention is legally binding on Peru. As a contracting party to the Ramsar Convention, which entered into force in the country in 1992, Peru committed to “desiring to stem the progressive encroachment on and loss of wetlands now and in the future”, and to “promote the conservation” and “as far as possible the wise use” of wetlands.

“The Abanico del Pastaza is one of the best conserved areas in the Peruvian Amazon, home to almost intact animal populations and plants of enormous relevance for the functioning and integrity of eco-systems and for the economy of the indigenous peoples and riberenos living there,” MINAM’s report stated.

The company planning to build the line is Lineas de Transmision Peruanas, owned by Spain-based Isolux Corsán. In May MINEM decided against approving an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the project because it failed to adequately address numerous environmental issues, among other reasons, but that decision was appealed by the company and then effectively annulled by Vice-Minister of Energy Raul Perez-Reyes Espejo.

“The Vice-Minister has opened up the possibility that the EIA could be approved,” ORPIO, IDLADS and CORPI announced on 16 August.

The justification for the line, according to the EIA, is that it will be a more efficient and less costly way of providing electricity to Iquitos, allowing residents to enjoy a service similar to other cities in Peru already connected to the national grid.

“Currently, Iquitos’s entire electricity supply comes from its thermal power plant which has a total output of 48.4 MW,” the EIA states. “The oil is transported there by river which means that the supply is subject to high risk because of the difficulties in navigation, weather conditions and environmental implications.”

When Isolux Corsán won the contract in 2014 the then Vice-Minister of Energy, Edwin Quintanilla Acosta, claimed the proposed line would save 38 million gallons of oil a year and “dinamize” the economies of various Amazon regions.

“The Amazon, 130 years after electricity was first used in Peru, will have clean energy to power its economic take-off,” MINEM reported Quintanilla saying. ““That enables us to see the future of the country with great optimism.””

José Serra Vega, an engineer specialising in energy and the environment who has conducted environmental and economic analyses of the proposed line, argues it would be an “environmental disaster.” He claims 8.5 million tonnes of biomass from mostly primary forest could be destroyed, 4.2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide could be released, 1000s of colonists could “invade”, and the territories of eight indigenous peoples would be directly impacted.

Serra Vega claims it would be an “economic disaster” too, estimating it will raise electricity prices and could cost Peruvians over a billion dollars. He says that consumers in Iquitos pay less than in Lima for electricity and another company, Genrent, is already building a new thermal power plant in Iquitos that will have 70 MW capacity - when the city’s current maximum demand is 56MW.

“This line isn’t necessary and will cause a prejudice to Peruvian electricity consumers superior to 600 million dollars during the 30 years of its concession,” Serra Vega told the Guardian.

The EIA states the line will cost approximately US$500 million and take three years to build, with the preliminary stages employing roughly 800-900 people maximum. The project’s “area of direct influence” is estimated at 100 metres along the entire line.

Isolux Corsán’s website states that it acts with “scrupulous respect towards the principles included in the Declaration of Human Rights” and minimises “the environmental impact our activities might occasion.” The company is also a signatory to the UN Global Compact, which means it has committed to, among other things, “support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights” and “undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility.”

MINEM and Isolux Corsán did not respond to questions.


Astrological Coincidence!

Since the Sun is our consciousness it means the Sun also controls our mannerisms (partly). Good celebrity example above. Harry Styles and Michael C. Hall, both born February 1st. I highly recommend you watch some interviews they’ve been in, the similarities in mannerisms are even better than the GIFs I’ve included!

Harry Styles & Michael C. Hall.

A Year in Reading Suggestions

Way back in 2010, my organization promoted reading and readers’ advisory service among staff with Reading 12.0:  A Year In Reading.  Full disclosure, I was one of the instigators, and we were inspired by the redoubtable Nancy Pearl. It was fun, and I thought I’d share it in case you thought so too.

I’ll try to remember to post reminders each month. Here’s the full year in case you like to plan ahead, or want to put them in your calendar.

In January, read a book published the same year you were born.
What was the world like the year you were born? Get in a time capsule and read a book that reflects the culture, views, and lifestyle of the era of your birth. Tip: Google search for best seller list [year].
In February, read a book recommended on a blog.
Check out any book blog out there and see why that book was worth talking about.
In March, read a book that has been made into a movie.
Here’s your chance to judge a book by its movie! Find out which of your favorite scenes from a book ended up on the cutting room floor and which made it to the silver screen.
In April, REread your favorite book from childhood.
What book kept you up late into the night, reading under your covers with a flashlight because you just couldn’t put it down? Reread that beloved tome and be young again.
In May, read a book from another country.
Some of the greatest literary achievements are works that have been written far and away from the USA. Eat locally, read globally.
In June, read that classic you never read.
Most of us have a classic novel that haunts us because we never got through it. Maybe you got away with reading the CliffsNotes or watching the movie so you could pass a quiz, but now’s your chance to finally read the whole thing.
In July, read a book you found on NoveList or Fiction Connection (or GoodReads or LibraryThing).
Log in and see what new book you can discover using these valuable reading tools.
In August, read a genre or format you don’t usually read.
Do you avoid graphic novels, audio books, or any genre, like the plague? Pick up a book that is completely different from what you normally read and find out if it is worse (or better!) than you thought.

In September, read a book from an opposing viewpoint.
Everyone is entitled to an opinion, so read a book whose author has one totally different from yours. That’s intellectual freedom in action!

In October, read a selection from a local book club.
Check out what your neighbors are reading and discussing over cookies and coffee. 

In November, read an award winner.
Books win awards for a reason—usually because they are great. Check out a book that won the top prize in any of a number of national or international book awards.

In December, read someone else’s favorite book.
Your best friend, your neighbor, your child, your chiropractor. Ask somebody you know to identify their favorite book and then pick it up to find out why they love it.

Happy reading!

My entry for PkmnArtMonthly! I’ve always wanted to do a crossover of my two favorite series so this finally pushed me to do it. The fiery underdog and condescending rival parallels are nice lol

So this is Ash as Joey and Paul as Kaiba (who looks ridiculous) from Yugioh! Zekrom & Reshiram are a shout out to Red Eyes Black Dragon and Blue Eyes White Dragon. ;D

Also it looks like this contest is extended a week into February! I’d recommend entering! It’s fun and I LOVE seeing Pokemon crossovers. Give me more, you guys. >:)


themainband’s top 10 albums of 2015 :: 1/10 → American Candy (The Maine)

American Candy is the fifth studio album by American alternative rock band The Maine, released on March 31, 2015, through 8123 Records. The album debuted at no. 37 on the Billboard 200. "English Girls" was released as a single on February 10, 2015.

Recommended Tracks:  “Diet Soda Society”, “American Candy”, “(Un) Lost”

                                                                 “Feeling so low, and some kind of muted blue

Hello fellow kpop fans~

So I have created this event back in 2013- I know it’s way too early to post this but!

This year’s Secret Kpop Valentine Event turned out pretty well, with approximately 500 participants. I was hoping that for 2015, there will be a bigger crowd, you know? So without further ado:

I believe that a single message can brighten someone’s day, even if it’s a short message. That is why I’ve decided to continue with the “Secret Kpop Valentine” event that I’ve created in 2013. It’s similar to the Secret Santa events that’s occurring at the moment. Your task as a secret kpop valentine is to anonymously send nice, sweet, positive messages to your valentine. ♥  

If you would like to participate, then please:

Reblog or like this post by January 15, 2015

Enable your askbox so that your Secret Kpop Valentine can anonymously send you messages.

Last but not least, reveal yourself on Valentine’s Day; February 14th [ strongly recommended] Xavier and I will assign (sending you guys your valentine’s url) a Secret Kpop Valentine to each and every one of you lovely individuals by January 15, 2015. (So that you guys will have time to get to know each other)

*We will personally match you with another blog that has similar interests as you. ^^

Note: I’m aware of our kpop rp community. So if you guys decide to participate, I will assign you with a fellow rp’er~

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me. ^^

That’s about it, have a great day, my cuties. ♥

[TRANS] Critics' reviews on Wu Yifan's performance in SOWK

All of these reviews below are from movie critics, writers, producers, etc in China who attended SOWK's premiere and watched the film.

Click their name to go to the source.

1. 战台烽 (Entertainment critic): Is this really the first time Wu Yifan acted in a movie? Why does it not look like that, be it the way he delivered his lines or the way he controlled his expression. He is so young, but so experienced. Just like his song in the movie, this “little fresh meat” has such a warm and attractive voice. There is absolutely no justice anymore! Highly recommend “Somewhere only we know”, because there is Wu Yifan who wants to give us a surprise!

2. 田 金 双 (Entertainment marketing expert):
First time acting and already playing the role of a single father with a complicated family background, this is not an easy challenge for Wu Yifan. But fortunately, this “little fresh meat”’s performance didn’t seem inexperienced at all! He not only showcased his handsomeness, but each of his look is also very enchanting. We can say, in this love story with Wang LiKun in Prague, every looks every actions from Wu Yifan, all were cinematic! This “little fresh meat” is totally not simple.

3. 奔波儿灞与灞波儿奔 (Famous verified blogger)
: Rhythm of the story is very great. One vote-up for Xu Jinglei. The male lead is even more beautiful than all of the actresses. One vote-up for Wu Yifan. Let’s bring your boyfriend, let’s bring your girlfriend, let’s bring enough tissues, going to the cinema on the Valentine. Xu Jinglei has a date with you!

4. 司马平邦
 (Polictics and culture critic): Wu Yifan’s sense of acting is very accurate. A reserved and silent Chinese guy living in Prague, meeting a Chinese girl who appeared like a fairy. That “fireworks” feeling was performed convincingly. The love in a foreign country always has that bittersweet taste of people who rely on each other. The expression that melted into the eyes the Wu Yifan, actually there is only one word to describe it: sincere.

5. 刘闻雯 (Writer)
: Congratulations to the 6th movie of Xu Jinglei director. Wish the box office sales will do well. First time acting in a movie and already being the male lead, Wu Yifan did an excellent performance, totally changed my prejudice.

6. 水木丁 (Writer)
: Finally I want to say something about Wu Yifan. The love between an older woman and a younger man is easy to be filmed as a relationship of a strong woman and a soft man, it’s rather simple. But Director Xu has created a story between a strong man and a delicate woman, when the man is dominant, calm, collected and always knows what he is doing. Wu Yifan already has this aura. It is very similar with “My Lovely Kim Sam Soon”. If it’s not for Hyun Bin, that relationship wouldn’t be made. With this case, if it’s not for Wu Yifan, it can’t be made either.

7. 提阿漠 (Film critic):
“Somewhere only you know” is the movie for both people who do and don’t believe in the existence of love. Just like that line: “If he is not together with you, he is not the right person. If he is the right person, you will not lose him.” As a newcomer, Wu Yifan already challenged himself with this complicated role like this, I give him 80 points. This Valentine, you will definitely need to watch it.

8. 芷宁棕榈 (Writer, film critic):
The new movie of director Xu Jinglei “Somewhere only you know” can even make people don’t believe in love to be able to calmly watch it till the end. The cinematography was very sophisticated and elegant. The symphony “My Country” by Smetana was used as one of the soundtracks, bringing out the nostalgic feel. The classic English song “Right here waiting” made a lot of people teary during the ending. Wu Yifan has made a lot of effort to prove he is not only about looks.

9. 吕彦妮Lvyanni (Writer)
: Wu Yifan completed his first role successfully, deserved to be trusted and admired. Director was so fond of him. The way he delivered his lines gave the feel of nothing but the truth. He enjoyed the sunlight of true love, also accepted dark side of the reality. Fortunately, he did not turn this role into a kind of Charming Prince. He can move forward a little slower, big achievement doesn’t come after one night. He must believe in himself that he is irreplaceable.

10. 少 言 (Entertainment expert):
“Little fresh meat” Wu Yifan is very handsome, and doesn’t have that fishy smell of the local idols as my impression. Very nice and down-to-earth. Will be the most-wanted-item for the big screen.

11. 赵清晖:
At first I didn’t expect highly of Wu Yifan, but with this movie he gave me a truly surprise. The famous producer Xu Wen and the PR expert Liu Yan, all did cry. My favourite line is: “Sorry, I’m a nouveau riche.”

12. 木雕禅师 (Producer, film critic)
: “Somewhere only we know” is the movie being filled with love. Xu Jinglei was very keen. Expressions of Wu Yifan made a lot of people surprised. Very touching story. If you are not together, it’s not the right person. If it’s the right person, you will not lose them. In our life there are many imperfections, but there is always a true love which belongs to only you, still waiting for you in the future…

13. 丑鱼尼莫 (Verified blogger):
Director Xu Jinglei emphasized more than one time that she chose Wu Yifan not because of his popularity, but because of his out-standing aura and the feel from his eyes. The reality proved that her choice to be risky was right. Wu Yifan reached the big screen the first time, but could already play the role of a single father, a good son, a love-sick warm guy with so much diversity. Director Xu has found out and trained “Rourou” successfully!

14. 王芸Wing
 (Screen writer): Watching this movie, from the bottom of my heart I am very happy for Director Xu, also very proud of her. Starting with an idea, she has come a really long way. In order to make a movie, she must give a lot and a lot, but once again, she did it, and did very well. Look at the big screen, I can’t help but feeling these two people (Xu Jinglei and Wu Yifan) were born for the cinema. 10th Feb, go to watch and feel it by yourself!

15. 何亚娟 (Publisher):
Those who love Wu Yifan, come here! Today I was honored to watch the new movie of Director Xu Jinglei early. Her works is still very good, there are funny scenes and also crying scenes. Prague is beautiful, Wu Yifan is very handsome, my eyes were so pleased. The great love from the old generation is very touching, with the modern love of the new generation, both gave us inspiration about love. I was so into the movie, crying several times while watching it. Released in early February. Highly recommended!

16. 鞭鞭于白水 (Screen writer):
Today I was invited to the premiere of Director Xu Jinglei’s upcoming movie “Somewhere only we know”. Same place, two generations of love, a very sensible romance film in Xu Jinglei’s style, absolutely the best choice for couples to have a warm Valentine. Not only that, the beauty of Wu Yifan has reached a new level. Fanqin, you guys are so lucky!

17. 胡洁ceasma (Entertainment agency manager):
It’s snowing, so beautiful ~ If the person you love might be not together with you forever, might be away from you one day, do you still choose to love him? Do you still dare to love him? “Somewhere only you know” only people who are in love know! (laugh) Very touching, beautiful cinematography, nice music… The beauty of Wu Yifan broke the standard , winning over all of other actors and actress in the movie. Looking forward to his performance in Fading Wave!

18. 铁任 (Magazine reporter):
 Attended the premiere of “Somewhere only we know”, it’s not bad at all. Prague is beautiful, but what caught my full attention is new couple Wu Yifan and Wang Likun. The sunshine boy and natural-beauty girl, all of them just naturally shined. The meaning of the movie is also wonderful: To love is to be responsible, to try to be together.

Translated by princessyifan.tumblr.com. TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDIT!