Angelica Church to Elizabeth Hamilton, 1794

London February 4th 94

I recommend to your most particular care and attention my dear and kind Eliza, my friends Messieurs de Talleyrand and de Beaumais; Make our Country agreeable to them as far as it is in your power (and your influence is very extensive) console them by your Hospitality, and the Image of your Domestic happiness and virtues, for all that they have suffered in the cause of moderate Liberty; and you will be gratifyed my dear Eliza by rendering them services when by so doing you are also promoting the requests of your own Angelica. I have for these persons the most sincere friendship.

To your care dear Eliza I commit these interesting strangers, they are a Loan I make you, till I return to America, not to reclaim my friends entirely but to share their society with you and dear Alexander the amiable.

Speak of these gentlemen as members of the constituent assembly, as Friends of La Fayette, and of good government, and who left their country when Anarchy and Cruelty prevailed.

If I have any influence with Americans who have been in England let them shew the sence they entertain of it, by receiving well my friends, whoever cultivates their intimacy will thank me for giving them such valuble aquaintances.

Your Brother unites in love, he pretends that my letters are sufficient as he also heartily Joins in this recommendation.

If our respected and tenderly beloved Father is with you, introduce my friends in your most affectionate manner; also to Mrs. Craig, who I fear will charm them to a forgetfulness of European Ladies.

Mr. Beaumais who speaks English well, is the bearer of much conversation from my girls to their Cousins, and to Fanny. Embrace my Brother. Adieu my beloved Sister.

ever yours with all my heart
Angelica Schuyler Church

Mr. de Talleyrand is a great favorite of your dear Catharine, and of her Mama

source: Columbia University Hamilton Papers Publication Project

source: schuylering

Screening for Zika in Donated Blood

NEWS BRIEF  The U.S. government is now recommending that blood banks around the nation take precautions against the Zika virus.

The Food and Drug Administration announced Friday it will recommend all U.S. blood banks screen donated blood for the mosquito-borne virus, which can cause birth defects. In February, the FDA recommended screening only in areas with confirmed Zika cases, as well as barring donations from people who had recently visited such areas or had been exposed.

Noting the general uncertainty surrounding Zika, and the fact that four out of five infected people don’t show symptoms of the virus, Dr. Luciana Borio, the FDA’s acting chief scientist, said in a statement:

As new scientific and epidemiological information regarding Zika virus has become available, it’s clear that additional precautionary measures are necessary. We are issuing revised guidance for immediate implementation in order to help maintain the safety of the U.S. blood supply.

The FDA said that in light of the new guidance, it will test already-donated blood in Florida and Puerto Rico.

As scientists study the virus—and how it can effectively spread through sexual intercourse—Zika cases continue to pop up in Florida, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, along with South America and the Caribbean. On Tuesday, Florida officials said they were investigating five Zika cases where the virus was transmitted locally. Around 50 people have now contracted the virus in South Florida.

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