february yoga challenge


Day 1: Mountain Pose; I love this pose because it’s so simple and easy, yet so beautiful and shows what yoga is all about.
Day 2: Wild Things; this one is just as fun as it looks!
Day 3: Revolved Seated Forward Fold; this one was very hard for me, as you can see I’m not very flexible. Got as far down as I could, but couldn’t really revolve. Oh well, now I can just add this to the poses I need to practice more!

I’m super excited for this months yoga challenge. I actually plan on completing the whole thing this time! Even if it takes a few days to take the photos😜 Life has been amazing! I’ve actually been loving it. #lovingyogis! Been able to go on adventures and get some adrenaline through my blood, as well as do things I love! Since my wrist injury a while ago, I’m happy to be able to jump back on board with my yoga practices, especially the arm and balancing poses. #yogaeverydamnday