february seventh

February Trending Twenty-Seventh - #SaveWOY

This month’s Trending Twenty-Seventh goes out to you guys; the fandom!

To tie in with Valentines Day and the recent bullying over ships, this month I want everyone to get to know each other a little better.

This month’s topic: Your favorite Wander Over Yonder ship(s)

Keep it child friendly please.

Post a screenshot of your pairing, or draw fanart of them or write fanfiction. Something you’d like to see happen with them in a third season. Your favorite moment from the show involving them. If they haven’t met in canon how do you imagine it would go? Share your thoughts and creations with the rest of the fandom!

Schedule your posts for February 27th, 8pm EST. Use the tags ‘Wander Over Yonder’ and ‘SaveWOY’. 

It’s up to you if you want to tag @Disneyxd in your posts this month. I’ll leave the decision to you guys. If you don’t think shipping is suitable then feel free not to tag them. Our main aim this month remains to get WOY trending.


But I don’t have a ship!

That’s fine, no need to worry! Just draw/write your two favorite characters together or post a screenshot of them. BROTPs/friendships are very much welcome! Everyone should be able to take part this month even if shipping isn’t their thing.

But why base it on shipping?

Because ships are a large part of any fandom. I want everyone to feel completely comfortable with sharing their favorite ships. That’s my goal here! Whether you ship Blackeye, Deathstar, Sylander, Sylava, Skeleton Dance, Deathglare, Eyesome, others I haven’t named, lesser known ships, ships including your OCs - Every ship is welcome! I want the diversity of this fandom to show!

This will be a fantastic way for the fandom to bond, especially over the recent bullying in regards to shipping. I ask everyone to be polite and respectful of one another’s ships and share the love. You get to see the show from all sorts of different perspectives and learn a lot about someone through their ships and their passion for it. You might find another fan who shares your shipping interests or find a new ship that you love!

I don’t like shipping!

That’s perfectly fine, this fandom doesn’t judge, everyone is welcome here. So please don’t judge others for liking ships. Feel free to make your post about your two favorite characters as friends, perhaps draw them hanging out or something you’d like to see happen with them in a third season. 

You don’t have to take part this month if you don’t like this topic, it’s entirely your choice. It’s just to show that the fandom is supportive of one another and embrace each other’s differences.

I hate a certain ship!

That’s fine. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes, it’s what makes us unique! But it doesn’t mean we should be mean to one another because we are different. We should still embrace each other’s interests and support them. Go ahead and share your favorite ship and let others do the same!

Perhaps try going out of your way to praise a post about your NOTP, I’m sure it’ll make the OP very happy. Just because we don’t agree, doesn’t mean we can’t be friends and be supportive of one another.

The Goal

As well as raise awareness for WOY and SaveWOY, I want everyone to feel proud of their ship(s). I want everyone excited to share their posts on the 27th! I want to see this fandom united! I want to see a lot of different ships (or BROTPS/friendships) and I want to see the love, support and acceptance of one another. 

I want the WOY fandom to truly shine on this day, showing off what it’s famous for - its support and kindness for one another.


up until february seventh, we will be counting down our favorite moments and quotes from red queen and glass sword. please reblog with your favorites, we want to include as many people as possible!

day 23

“I used to think the Silvers were untouchable gods who were never threatened, never scared. Now I know the opposite is true. They’ve spent so long at the top, protected and isolated, that they’ve forgotten they can fall. Their strength has become their weakness.

Once, I was afraid of these walls, frightened by such beauty. But I see the cracks now.”– Red Queen

A Very Happy Birthday Suprise

(This was written with a Blind!Ignis and he’s not in the entire thing. Whoops. :P This also includes you, the reader! :D))

The seventh of February. A year had already passed and it was that day again. Today was the one day that you were able to sit Ignis’ ass down at let him be the one served for once. Of course, you would have to lie, giving some sort of explanations how one day ran into the next and that glorious speech. Unless Ignis could ask that damned phone of his, he would be none the wiser when you had left the house for a bit.

Crawling onto Lestallum’s streets, you found two friendly looking faces. They greeted you with their warm friendly smiles as usual. “Gladio, Prompto. Ready to get the stuff?”

Gladiolus had been pushing the sides of his hair back into a ponytail as he huffed and responded. “Well, you ordered a bit too much food and Prompto’s been itching to get to that one good’s store for the gifts. What do you think?” He laughed as he winked towards you.Your face warmed up, cheeks burning red. Always the casanova and flirting.

But Prompto’s eyes were huge. Maybe the lack of sleep these days made him look more tired - but today, despite all the darkness around, he reminded you of years past, when the sun burned brightly in the air. Smile on his face and everything, even with the bags under his eyes darkening by the day. “Y/N, do you think that fine new cane would suit him. Or no, I saw these really cool pairs of glasses that would accentuate that scar of his.” He brushed his hand over his left eye when he was talking about it..“You already think Iggy good without it all, but… gotta make the man shine even more for you.”

What the hell was with these two trying to get you so flustered over something so trivial. This was not your birthday but the two made you feel like was.

You waved your hands to shoo them away from the door. “Come on, come on. It’s almost three and that’s when he has his afternoon tea and then his timer goes off for his afternoon walk.” Thankfully, you knew his schedule for his off days and he was punctual as always. The two men laughed before agreeing with you that leaving would be the best right now.

The three of you amigos made your way to the market. Lights beamed down on the crowds as you all went by. They had to. It was overcrowded, but with Gladio gladly making way for you and Prompto through the crowd, getting through was not much of an issue. Everyone was here and Lestallum was at its limit, having to build both outward and upward with the influx of those from the outlier areas and those that had come in from Altissia. Peddlers on the streets asked you  to buy their wares, but you politely declined. Prompto bought of few things while Gladiolus and you stood and waited.

“So, how’s Iggy been? I know it’s been awhile since Prompt and I saw him. Vision getting any better?”

“No, unfortunately not. But he gets better at his day-to-day tasks, especially with the added repetition.” You sighed. “Though he is happy I get his Ebony prepared a certain way in the morning. Coffee pot here and cups right next to it. If he doesn’t want straight black for the day, two small creams and a teaspoon of sugar exactly.”

Blink towards you, Gladio covered his mouth before he gave a chortle on how your coffee preparations went. “Man, is he blessed with someone with extreme patience for that kind of stuff. But at least he’s getting there.”

“Yeah, and not needing a cane all the time to walk helps him feel… I don’t know… normalized. I guess.”

He grunted, though you barely heard it above the clamouring of the crowd. Sounded like a fight had gone off somewhere on the opposite side. Your journey was on the side you were headed, thank god.

Holding two small bags, Prompto had a skewer in his mouth, happily munching on it when he had come back. “Ser, wherter ne’ gurs…” Looking on incredibly, neither of you could understand a word out of his mouth. Taking cue, he swallowed fast. “Where to next?”

Gladio pointed with his thumb towards one of the restaurants in the city that did catering and pick up. You were no great chef but could bake… decently. And, hell if you trusted Gladio or Prompto to cook either. Ignis would probably die if any of you made what he actually liked.

Getting to the restaurant was no easy task as people were clogging up your way and not even the teddy bear could plow his way through. But the smell of the spices, the meats, and ooo, was that some fruit, lingered in the air as you managed to take another five minutes squeezing through everyone. Prompto screeched a bit when he one of the bags almost fell out of his hands, but you managed to help him save it. Teamwork and all for the Igs.

When you stepped inside, the amount of people drastically dropped and you managed to get one of the receptionist’s attention. “Excuse me, I have a pick up for Scientia?” You politely inquired, hoping the food was done by now. It had taken a bit longer for you to get here than you would like with the crowd and Prompto stopping for more gifts… Why Prompto..

The receptionist spoke up with your order. “So, You ordered the breaded cutlet, tomato added and… wow, you ordered seafood… Someone must be special if they have to have a luxury meat that you have to go to the coast for.” They rubbed their head listing off several sides and main courses before finishing up additional drink on the side you ordered for yourself, Gladiolus, and Prompto.

“How much food did you order again?” Gladio flatly spoke up.

“A lot…”

Prompto had to chime in. “You even got stuff me and Gladio like… You gonna propose or something?”

Glancing straight at Prompto, you shot daggers at him as your face was extremely red. You just pulled the money out before handing it straight over to the receptionist. They had wide eyes and weren’t going to provoke you with a ten foot poll. The big man had to move to the wall, holding himself upright, as he laughed his arse off at that question.

“N-No! Ignis and I are perfectly happy and content with our relationship right now.” You snapped back quickly before having to wait. Prompto himself was laughing at your defensiveness as you just were the awkward turtle in this situation.

When you wait was finally up, you were given a box… A box that weighed more than you could take home. Biting you lip, you put on the pathetic looking face at Gladio who had just calmed down from his laughing earlier. Lip out, you commenced the pouting. He squirmed as you kept getting closer.

“Alright, alright. I’ll take it.” Her rubbed the top of your head as you whispered a small ‘yes’. Prompto high fived you as you took your leave and Gladio headed the pack.

The streets had lessened up a bit with people, but not by much for the ten or so minute you had to have been waiting. You nudged Prompto, asking him for the time. When he said it was 3:30, you internally panicked. Ignis had another half hour before he would be home. And with this crowd to set stuff up was going to be… a killer unless he ran into the same issue you did. You mentioned your game plan to the two chocobros about getting back in time. And both were in agreeance.

Shouting at the top of his lungs, Prompto made the loudest, weirdest noises as you and Gladio both squeezed behind him. You got looks, but the crowd definitely parted. You were not going to complain as he hushed up as you got closer to the place you and Ignis shared together.  Thank the six.

“Time check?” You looked to Prompto as he got his phone and told you 3:50. “Okay ten minutes to set everything up… Oooh gods.”

You all rushed up into the room. Going in first, you checked every possible place you could to see if Ignis got back early. But he hadn’t. Sighing in relief you invited the guys in as they put things where they were supposed to go. You and Gladiolus unpacked the food while Prompto put up decorations. Ignis wouldn’t be able to see them, but you smiled, knowing it was the thought that would count.

The sound of the door unlocking prompted you to push the two boys into the living room for the time being as you nervously stood in place. Prompto made some stupid noise before the door opened and you hastily shushed him.

“Dear, I’m back. Heavens, the marketplace was bustling today… and for a weekday no doubt.” Ignis looked disheveled. His route had to have involved the large crowd you and the boys had run into earlier.

You clapped your hands, still a nervous grin on your face. The other two were moving and if you could hear it, Ignis would be able to hear it ten fold.  “Of course, I was just out a bit earlier. You didn’t lose anything while you were out did you?” You asked, as you noticed him start to sniff the air.

“I would hope not, but my, my, it seems someone was able to work magic within the time I was gone.” Oh, he could definitely smell the food as he tapped his cane against the floor, coming closer to you. His hands were a bit shaky when he reach out to you, but he found your shoulder before pulling you into a hug.

“Haha, you know me. I am definitely a miracle worker….” You embraced him back, taking in the sweet smell of his cologne. Still had to stay classy he did.

“You didn’t have to go out of this way for me, darling. I could’ve managed to make anything myself tonight. Though I must say I am impressed…” Ohh, here came the sarcastic, snarky tone. “To get this all done within maybe a half hour or forty-five minutes. “Miracle worker, indeed.” He laughed before kissing you a top the forehead.

And then, someone just had to run the surprise. “Iggy and his food porn.”

Turning his head to the side, Ignis furrowed his eyebrow - yes, that one eyebrow. “Prompto.” He took a short pause. “And I assume Gladiolus is next to you.”

“You damn serious, Iggy.” Gladio popped up from behind the couch they had aptly hid behind. There was absolutely no way you could’ve not hid anyone from him.

Both of them awkwardly got up from their place before joining you in the kitchen. You and Ignis were still in your  embrace until Prompto came running and wrapping his arms around you both. Ooph. And then Gladiolus just came in and all three of you in his arms groaned - too much people, not enough air.

“Gladiolus! Please… let… go… “ Ignis breathed out as Prompto was clearly dying being in the middle of this group hug. You felt yourself groan in agony from some back pain.

Gladio patted Iggy’s back, laughing hard at how everyone was acting. The chocobo haired one was breathing, his face flushed from almost dying from friendship.

“Now, what brings both of you here? I know we don’t have another mission nor do we have to go to Hammerhead for Miss Cindy? Most peculiar…” Ignis remarked, his expression full of wonder as you escorted him to the dining table as well as the other’s before forgoing tradition of meal first and cake later.

Prompto and Gladiolus answered at once. “Just wait a sec, Iggy.” Ignis was about to protest, but it was clear that he had been defeated in this matter.

You had toiled on this fluffy chiffon cake, and he was going to like it. Even if his were far superior to yours. You found a lighter along with the candle, bringing the plate to in front of him. “One second.” The light that once took over the room was now gone as the clicking of the lighter would be heard as you came back.

When the candle was lit, Ignis’ face illuminated. You knew he could barely make out the light that was in front of him. But the three of you were there for him, your hand rubbing his shoulder. “One… two…three…” You counted aloud.


Ignis sat there, his mouth open and looking more confused by the second. He was speechless as he did what was supposed to be necessary for this type of thing. Blowing out his candle, he sniffled.

The sound of him trying to hold back some raw emotion was heartwarming. “I don’t know what to say…” He remarked, lifting his glasses. He ‘looked’ to Gladiolus, then Prompto, and then to you. “I… Thank you.”

Food, stories, games, and drinks were abound for the night. You had remembered a day he had forgotten when the days meshed in with the next.

At the end of the night, when the other two left, Ignis whispered straight into your ear. “Sweetheart, thank you again… and I love you more than you’ll ever know.”

A Dream of Honeyed Words and Perfumed Winds [Friday, February 3rd at 7:30 PM Server]

Love Is on the Way

While the Nearly Departed prepare for the evening’s festivities, merchants throughout Mar'at will be available for early birds. Their wares will vary, running from fragrant flowers and sweet treats to alluring finery and loyal companions. However, on all of them, deals to last the coming season and then some will be made.

Don’t Go It Alone!

Starting the seventh of February, love will be in the air, and the Nearly Departed are pleased to bring you their first silent auction celebrating the season! Throughout the night, attendants are invited to place bids on some of the best performers the Departed can offer. The winner of each auction gains the companionship of their favored performer for the duration of the Love is in the Air festivities.

Who Are the Departed

The Nearly Departed is a multiracial organization that employs many different types of performers. Our Blade- and Blazekin are daredevils who have taken their mastery over weaponry and flames to a new height. Our Serpent- and Sirenkin are dancers and singers who stand ready to spellbind any audience with their every motion and word. Our Spiderkin are storytellers who delve equally in legend and lore to spin tales of heroism and horror. Our participating Departed are as follows:

  • Eilari Phoenixheart, Female Elven Sirenkin
  • Melyssine Treesong, Female Elven Serpentkin
  • Kaitheros, Male Undead Elven Blazekin
  • Renaeri Ravendusk, Female Elven Bladekin
  • Ygrava the Lost, Female Undead Spiderkin
  • Lujurina, Female Troll Blazekin
  • Naleeria the Tempest, Female Orcish Serpentkin
  • Sophos D'Cathra, Male Elven Spiderkin
  • Thilisa Tenda'stiri,  Female Elven Sirenkin
  • Vyghana Two-Strikes, Female Orcish Bladekin

What To Expect

Your companion will take you on two dates while Love is in the Air is ongoing. Make sure to choose your companion carefully, as these dates will be personalized affairs where you get to know them as much as they you. At the conclusion of Love is in the Air, they will meet you once more to exchange a gift with you that will reflect their impressions during the holiday.

What Not To Expect

Your companion is exactly that: a companion. They are not required to provide you with a long-term relationship outlasting Love is in the Air, nor are they required to provide you with physical intimacy. What becomes of the rapport you have built with them is completely at their discretion past the expectations above.

How to Participate

Bidding on each performer begins at a hundred gold. To bid, beckon a member of the Underbelly over and tell them your current maximum bid for the performer you want to win over. All the auctions will be taking place at the same time, so you may bid on more than one, but you may only win once.

Twice, the Underbelly will announce all of the currently leading bids. Each time, the leading bid will be twenty gold above the closest. Thus, if one attendant bid five hundred gold, and the closest bid three hundred, the currently leading bid would be three hundred and twenty gold.

After the second announcement, if you are bidding on more than one performer, please also tell the Underbelly your priority regarding which you would like to win the most. That way, if you have outbid the competition in more than one auction, you will win the one you are most interested in, while the closest bid will win the others.

Dueling: The Ways of Weapons and Words

Competition as a means to stand a cut above the rest is part natural inclination and part valorous tradition. To celebrate, there will be two skirmishes this night, one of body and one of mind. The victor of the former will be awarded the title of Harbinger, whereas the victor of the latter will be awarded the title of Herald. Both, as well as their runners-up, will be given their choice of the relevant spoils in that order. A third participant, the best sportsman as judged by the audience, will receive the remaining prize.

How to Participate

Both Ways will begin in the same manner. Contestants will be paired off in a grand melee of opening duels and losers will be eliminated till only two remain. Both final duels will receive their own time slot.

For the Way of Weapons, we will be using the standard PvP Dueling System with a set of green gear the Enforcers will provide for the contestants. For this reason, please preemptively inform Auorora or Melyssine out-of-character of your intent to participate. You must use a Damage Specialization. After a duel ends, any injuries can be privately discussed between both victor and loser. This is consent-based, so please be in complete agreement.

For the Way of Words, judges provided by Tattered Banners and The Implicit Collective will determine the most witty contestant from each opening duel. Think of this as a comedic roast of your opponent: the intent is not for personal attacks, but a healthy dose of self-deprecation as you verbally spar them. The final duel will be heavily swayed by audience favor.

Art by Auorora

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! or Single’s Awareness Day or Saturday or whatever you want to call this day… Since today is a day of love and happiness, below you’ll find several Valentine’s fics that are so freaking fluffy and cute they’ll give you a cavity. Happy reading everyone!

I Was Made to Love You (oneshot | 2,379 | General)

It was the seventh of February and Valentine’s Day was nearing its ugly head once again. Stiles knew what that meant, while he was forced to stare at all of the smitten and overly enamored couples down the halls of Beacon Hills, it only reminded him that he was going to have to go into the holiday solo once again.

Beard Burn & Candy Hearts (oneshot | 3,907 | Explicit)

Everybody has a date for Valentine’s Day except for Stiles and Derek. Stiles proposes an anti-Valentine’s Day celebration, but Derek has other plans.

I Hate Dates (oneshot | 4,366 | General)

Stiles just wants to ask Derek to the Valentine’s Day dance. Is that so much ask? Apparently, it is.

Never sign a Valentine with your own name (oneshot | 2,622 | Teen)

“Stiles, I’m in trouble!”
Stiles swung around in his desk chair, alarmed, as Scott burst through the door to Stiles’ bedroom and threw is backpack on the floor.
“What’s up? What do I need to research?” Stiles asked, reaching for his laptop.
“What do I get Kira for Valentine’s Day?”
Stiles blinked and dropped his hands down his sides. “That’s your big crisis?”

Lucky That I’m Yours Every Day (oneshot | 6,772 | Teen)

Derek doesn’t see how Valentine’s Day can get any better than a normal day with Stiles.

Valentine’s Day Candy in Aisle Four (oneshot | 8,998 | Explicit)

“It’s so commercialist, and all it does is bring people down who don’t have a special someone.”
“Are you two seriously discussing your hatred of Valentine’s Day when a man with a gun is walking around the store?”

Practical Applications (oneshot | 2,273| Teen)

Everyone except the Sheriff has plans for Valentine’s Day. Some of them are just a little less traditional than others.

The Romilda Incident (oneshot | 1,926 | Mature)

Peter decides a love potion and a truth potion hidden in chocolates are the best way to get Derek and Stiles to admit how they feel about each other. It was the perfect plan. Except the chocolates got mixed up. And then eaten by Derek and Stiles all at once…
This in itself would not be the worst thing Peter has had to deal with.
But now Derek isn’t so much running his fingers down Stiles’ arm as he is counting the moles. Literally. For the third time in fifteen minutes, Derek dots each mole, follows it with an Eskimo kiss, and says “One sexy mole for Derek. Two sexy moles for Derek.” And so on.
You can see the problem.

Scaredy-Wolf (oneshot | 4,202 | Teen)

In which Stiles takes Derek on a Valentine’s Day date that was meant for Lydia.

Choices (oneshot | 4,846 | Teen)

Stiles receives a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, the chocolates end up containing trace amounts of love potion.

Lucky That I’m Yours Every Day (oneshot | 6,772 | Teen)

Derek doesn’t see how Valentine’s Day can get any better than a normal day with Stiles.

Buy Your Sweetheart a Rose (oneshot | 1,076 | Teen)

“I stalked you?” Stiles asks in mock surprise. “Really? I seem to remember quite a few times throughout the last few years when you just appeared out of nowhere to miraculously save the day.”
“Yeah, but while I was saving your ass I was not saying, ‘Stiles, I’d really like it if you gave me the D.’”

nine voices out of ten (oneshot | 4,427 | Teen)

“Where’s my Bro-rose, Stilinski?” Erica inquires, narrowing her eyes dangerously, and Stiles can only do so much not to run away screaming.
And while Stiles is busy coming up with an excuse, Scott answers, “He gave it to Derek.”
Stunned silence settles for a moment, and Stiles knows it’s hopeless, even as he insists, “Yes, I gave Derek a Bro-rose.”
They all snort in unison, and—no. Just. No.

Red Velvet (oneshot | 7,690 | Teen)

Stiles is pretty used to people coming to visit him at Sweet Stuff when he’s baking. It’s only when Isaac starts bringing along one Derek Hale that things start to get really interesting.

also, one more important thingsince we’re opening tonight ( FEBRUARY SIXTEENTH ) keep in mind the school shooting happened last tuesday on FEBRUARY SEVENTH and the school had been shut down temporarily and will be reopening next week on FEBRUARY TWENTITH.

i’ve also noticed memes are already going around, which is fine, but please don’t go overboard with those! we do want to see actual starters!

please like this post once you’ve read it through. happy roleplaying!


Finally, without anyone perhaps realizing it, the fateful day arrives. The seventh of February.

Amelia: “Is there something wrong with the sandwich today, d- Laurel? You’re looking out of sorts.”

Laurel: “No, it-it’s not… I, I don’t want to alarm you, it may be nothing like the other day was, but–” *yelps in pain*

Amelia: “But??”

Laurel: “But my contractions. I think they’re coming in again. Th- one came in last night. I’ve had ten since then. I’ve cou- ah- counted.”

The potential meaning of this slides into Amelia as easily as the plate across the table.

Amelia: “So today could be - you could give birth today?!”

Laurel: “I’m not sure. I’m keeping my f-fingers crossed though - I really want this baby out of me soon.”

Amelia: “Maybe even before I go to–?”

Laurel: “Amelia, it’s 11:30 already. That’s not likely.”

Amelia: “Ah. Right. …I wish I could stay. It’ll be scary, doing it by yourself, won’t it?”

Laurel: “I… I’ve survived scarier. And they’d cruci- they’d fire you if you took the day off for me. You, you go to work. I’ll be okay.”

Ze gives a soft but half-hearted smile that, for once, Amelia doesn’t fully believe. But nothing to be done.

A Dream of Honeyed Words and Perfumed Winds [Schedule]

Congregation for RP / Merchant RP :  Begins at 5:30 server time.  

While the Nearly Departed prepare for the evening’s festivities, merchants throughout Mar'at will be available for early birds. Their wares will vary, running from fragrant flowers and sweet treats to alluring finery and loyal companions. However, on all of them, deals to last the coming season and then some will be made.

More information on what will be sold here

Performances:  Begins at 7:30 server time.  

To kick off the auction to come, the participating Departed have each prepared a performance close to their hearts.   Starting the seventh of February, love will be in the air, and the Nearly Departed are pleased to bring you their first silent auction celebrating the season! Throughout the night, attendants are invited to place bids on some of the best performers the Departed can offer. The winner of each auction gains the companionship of their favored performer for the duration of the Love is in the Air festivities.

More Information about the Nearly Departed can be found here

The Ways of Weapons and Words:  Begins Upon Completion of Performances. 

Competition as a means to stand a cut above the rest is part natural inclination and part valorous tradition. To celebrate, there will be two skirmishes this night, one of body and one of mind. The victor of the former will be awarded the title of Harbinger, whereas the victor of the latter will be awarded the title of Herald. Both, as well as their runners-up, will be given their choice of the relevant spoils in that order. A third participant, the best sportsman as judged by the audience, will receive the remaining prize.

More information / As well as updated rules, can be found here 

We hope to see you tonight!! 

Happy Birthday Jack!

It’s February the seventh,

Jacks birthday’s today.

He deserves the presents

Cause he’s the boss. HURRAY!

Everybody is here to party.

Sam’s present:

A tank for the septic

Signe gives Jack a hug,

and a great pug!

Edgar and Maya jealous they feel,

Thus the dog is greater for real.

But the pug feels so lively

Thus He found a family!

Anti may come,

And everyone’s home.

It’s just a matter of time

For him to check in.

We cheer from our homes

Giving Jack our love,

While we investigate like Holmes

The Anti matter from above.

We scream in unison

For our boy so beautiful:

“Enjoy your Birthday

And have the best day!”

As the night arrived,

Nobody heard Jack

Thus he survived.

In conclusion, he’s back!

We called his name

Multiple times,

But he only heard once

And now that he came,

Everybody’s afraid.

Some wish that he stays,

Other prays that he’s gone.

But we all know he’ll rise,

Sooner or later he’ll be done.

But this isn’t about Anti,

This is about the Birthday of Jack.

We need to party,

And forget that maybe he’s back.

Seán was in the kitchen

Busy with a chicken.

The supper seemed deadly,

But in minutes it’ll be ready.

We were at the table

When he went unstable,

Robin thought

he was having a stroke.

Jack faced us

And soon we all gulp.

He wasn’t the boss,

It was Anti who waked up.

Robin, Signe and I,

All freaked out.

As anti passed by,

We rushed our way out.

“What should we do?”

Robin asked while Signe cried:

“I don’t wanna lose Jack.”

I tried calming the two

While thinking why was Anti back.

“I just need a moment to think.”

It didn’t took me too long

To solve the mistery

Of Sean’s dead song.

It was a terrible misery

For this great young.

“Sometimes, when you let all the bad things inside,

your soul divides and an opposite of you is brought to life.”

We all know the person that is Jack:

Simple, Honest and Lover.

That’s why he kept all the bad inside.

He always stayed positive and proper.

He protected us

from the evil thoughts

While the maligner critics

Took him to his limits.

As much as he said

He didn’t care,

His heart was shred

For these declares.

So I beg you, be nice to Jack

He deserves the best

Cause he saved the depressed

Just Cut him some slack!

And send him some feedback.

I hope you’re having a great day

Cause today’s your birthday!

I also hope you’re reading this things

Cause it was such a high jinks! :D

For: The birthday Boy (@therealjacksepticeye

From: Me :D 

"Defendant" Continues To Grow In Ratings With Latest Episode

“Defendant” Continues To Grow In Ratings With Latest Episode

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SBS’s “Defendant” continues to grow in ratings with its latest episode!

According to the results from Nielsen Korea on February 14, the seventh episode of SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama earned 20.9 percent ratings.

The latest episode of “Defendant” saw a 2.3 percent bump in ratings compared to its sixth episode, which pulled in 18.6 percent ratings. While “Defendant” already started with a high…

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guys picture this: dan waking phil up on february seventh with a huge poster board that he stayed up all night making that reads in poorly spaced out but well intended letters TEN YEARS OF AMAZINGPHIL and phil’s gives dan this sleepy dopey little grin and dan’s beaming from ear to ear and attached to the back of the poster is a little letter from dan basically writing out all the things phil’s known for years: “i was in a bad place for a long time but you helped me through it and now you’re my best friend and we live together and i wake up every day and i still don’t believe how i managed to snag the person i idolized for so long but here you are and here i am celebrating the ten year anniversary of the channel that’s made me who i am with the person that’s made me better for it” or something like that and phil’s gonna cry and dan’s gonna cry but it’s okay because happy crying is the best crying

February 7th: love. High expectations.

If you were born on February 7th, you are the kind of person who can be a challenge to your partner to live up to, but when you let them in you will have a true connection. You have to make sure you don’t become bitter if the relationship doesn’t go exactly the direction you envisioned. 

A challenge in your love life is to always separate the difference between a real connection and what you pictured in your head.

4Minute Plan to Become Your Girl Crushes With New Album

4Minute has prepared long and hard for their forthcoming comeback.

The girl group is set to return on February 1 with their seventh mini album “Act. 7.” This will mark their anticipated first release since “Crazy” which dropped last February.

Cube Entertainment has confirmed that 4Minute will stick with their trademark “girl crush” concept, and fans can think of their new title track “Hate” as a follow-up to “Crazy.”

“As this will be their first album in a year, we have invested a lot into their choreography and outfits,” an agency rep commented, and revealed that they started working on the album last summer.

The focus will be on confidence, edge, and attitude. “They won’t be wearing anything too revealing. The concept is all about showcasing their sexiness and charisma.”

“Hate” is described as a dance track combining EDM and hip-hop. The title track has been created by world renown DJ Skrillex in collaboration with Korean producers Seo Jae Woo and Son Young Jin.