february anime challenge


Day 7: What makes for a good villain?

THEY HAVE TO BE LEGITIMATELY EVIL. None of this “oh they might just be misunderstood” crap. EVIL IS BEST. And preferably psychotic, power-hungry, cunning, unpredictable, or any combination of the 4. Type 1 Anti-villains are also pretty good.

I know he’s not an anime character, but Kefka Palazzo from Final Fantasy VI is my all-time favorite villain specifically because he’s the epitome of what a good villain should be in my eyes. Mad for power, 100% insane, merciless, destructive in every sense of the word, terrifying, cares for nothing but himself and his goals, and makes damn sure absolutely nothing gets in his way. He’s one of the most successful villains, too. If a man can scare the crap out of you looking as ridiculous Kefka does, you know shit’s going down. Plus it’s really fun to see what his insanity brings up.

If we’re talking about anime characters, I’d say the best villain is Johan Liebert. He’s really close to Kefka in terms of how great a villain he is. But he’s really different in terms of his scare factor. Kefka’s personality is a lot more over-the-top, Johan’s is much calmer. And that’s what makes him just as scary.

February Anime Challenge

So in an attempt to try and start posting more, I’m going to do the February Anime Challenge. It’s like one of those “30 days of…” things, but with 28 days since it’s February. Here’s the list if you want to do your own.

Day 1 - Easy one, Favorite anime

Day 2 - What is your history with anime? 

Day 3 - Have you converted anyone, or gotten someone to enjoy at least a series?

Day 4 - Another easy one, Favorite director

Day 5 - What makes for a good language track, and what makes for a bad one?

Day 6 - Another easy one, Favorite voice talent

Day 7 - What makes for a good villain?

Day 8 - What is an anime that you wish you liked more?

Day 9 - What is that one anime you’ve been meaning to get around to, but just never can?

Day 10 - Another easy one, Favorite genre

Day 11 - What is the importance of music and sound design in an anime for you?

Day 12 - Subs or Dubs?

Day 13 - What is an anime you wish to see released in your region?

Day 14 - Another easy one, Favorite composer

Day 15 - How do you feel about cosplay and have you ever considered cosplaying or crossplaying? If so, what character?

Day 16 - Do you think cosplay is connected or a part of anime, or a separate medium?

Day 17 - What anime do you feel like you’re the minority in?

Day 18 - Another easy one, Favorite anime character

Day 19 - What are your thoughts on anime adapting stories from other mediums, and anime being adapted into other mediums?

Day 20 - Hand Painted Cels, or Digital Color? 

Day 21 - What does a color pallet in an anime mean to you?

Day 22 - What do you know about the process that goes on behind the scenes of an anime series?

Day 23 - If anime had a “Golden Age” or a “renaissance”, when do you think it is?

Day 24 - Another easy one, Favorite animation studio 

Day 25 - What is the difference between anime and western animation?

Day 26 - What is something about anime that you feel no other medium has or does?

Day 27 - What keeps you coming back to anime?

Day 28 - Last day, Last easy one, Favorite anime scene

Alright, that’s it. Starting tomorrow!

Day 8: What is an anime that you wish you liked more?

Revolutionary Girl Utena. I want to like it. I really do. But I just CAN’T get into it. I’ve watched the series, in full, both subbed and dubbed, and still can’t. It’s a good show. It’s a very good show. I just CAN’T get into it at all.

Anthy is still really adorable, though. Freakin’ love her.