february 5 1968

VIETNAM. March 8, 1968. Near the end of the Battle of Khe Sanh. Dr. Joseph W. Wolfe tends to a wounded soldier at a make shift hospital.

On February 5, 1968, the Vietnam War saw the beginning of the Battle of Khe Sanh, the location of a U.S. Marine garrison. By the end of January, members of the People’s Army of North Vietnam (PAVN) had carried out an operation of artillery bombardment on the Marine garrison, which was located in northwest South Vietnam. Once the battle began, it lasted for over two months and came to be considered one of the longest and bloodiest battles of the Vietnam War. 

Photograph: John T. Wheeler/AP

Mrs. Presley, dressed in a pink dress and with long, flowing hairdo, was pretty pleased with her daughter herself. “She’s perfect, she couldn’t be any better,” she told a reporter; Elvis and Priscilla Presley with five-day-old Lisa Marie outside Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, TN, February 5, 1968.