february 27th 2012

Today is the one year anniversary of the school shooting at Chardon High School.

This school is about 15 minutes away from my house.  I remember, while it was all happening, I was watching that owl “Guardians” movie or whatever it’s called.  I was in ceramics class and we were all happy because being on lock down meant that we didn’t have to go to second period class yet.

After the lock down started lasting a little too long, some kids checked their facebook using their phones to ask around.  I remember one kid yelling, “Oh my God!  MY BEST FRIEND WAS SHOT AT CHARDON!"  And that is how I found out about the shootings.

We were all attached to our cellphones, waiting for any and all information.  In all of my classes that day, we spent them either talking about what had happened or watching the news for updates.

Before I left school, two students were dead, and three were injured.  The next day, I found out one more had died over night.

I didn’t know these kids.  And I won’t claim to have any special connection to the incident besides it happened so close by me.  But I was there to witness people that I know breaking down in front of everyone because their friend was murdered a year ago today.

It’s something that I don’t think I’ll ever forget.