february 22nd


February 22nd 1943: White Rose group executed

On this day in 1943, three members of the peaceful resistance movement in Nazi Germany, the White Rose, were executed. The White Rose, comprising students from the University of Munich and their philosophy professor, began in June 1942. The group secretly distributed leaflets protesting against the regime of Adolf Hitler and the war being waged in Europe, highlighting the repressive nature of the Nazi police state and drawing attention to the mistreatment of Jews. The group took precautions to avoid capture by keeping the White Rose group very small. However, on 18th February 1943, the siblings Sophie and Hans Scholl were discovered distributing leaflets by a university janitor, who informed the Gestapo. Hans and Sophie were arrested and immediately admitted guilt, hoping to avoid being coerced into implicating their fellow members of the White Rose, but after further interrogation were forced to give up the names. Four days later, the Scholls and Christoph Probst - some of the founding members of the group - were put on trial and found guilty of treason; they were sentenced to death. That same day, February 22nd, the three were executed by beheading at Stadelheim Prison. After their executions, the remaining members were arrested and killed, thus ending the White Rose resistance movement. The White Rose, alongside other groups like the Edelweiss Pirates, are an important example of Germans speaking out against Hitler’s regime, and their deaths are yet another in the litany of Nazi crimes.

“We will not be silent. We are your bad conscience. The White Rose will not leave you in peace!”

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A Whole New World of Money

So here in the good ol’ real world, we only have one universe that we are able to interact with. However, many fictional worlds have multiple universes that interact with each other to some extent. Many times the differences in these universes are huge, for example in Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension, Dr. Doofenshmirtz was actually competent and took over the Tristate Area resulting in a pink sky for reasons.

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Other times it’s much more subtle. @scripteconomist explores some of the ways a simple 5-Dollar bill could be slightly different in another universe.

Starving Author

Writing is usually a back burner career because eating is nice. But if your character is wanting to make writing primary line of income, how might they go about getting the moola before writing the figgedy-giggen thing. @scriptpublishingindustry has a few methods that your character could get a little cash advance.

There’s Gold in Them Hills

You’re writing a historical fiction about the 1849 California gold rush. Your character, a mother and wife, is following her husband west towards the golden banks. What might life be like for Mrs. McBasic and her family? @scripthistory has a post written by the dear archivist of @scriptlibrarian .

Clean Up on Aisle 10

As any person working anywhere is still a person, so a service dog is still a dog. Dogs have weird quirks that can make certain areas of training more difficult than others. @scriptservicedogs takes an anon’s ask about a training service dog they saw at their store and reminds us about some of the interesting things that can happen with a service dog in training. (Also there’s a picture of Bucky, mod @anauthorandherservicedog ‘s own service dog)

What’s That Called Again?

Your protagonist, Louis MacBasic the III, does not live in modern times. In fact, he does not even live in an approximation of this world, but rather he lives in a medieval fantasy world where many psychological diagnoses don’t exist or have different names. How could you go about showing your readers that the characters in your tale have certain conditions, PTSD for example, without being able to call it by the name we know it as? @scriptshrink has a few suggestions that you might find helpful.

You Have a Helmet for a Reason

Take a minute right now and think through what gear an astronaut would have when going out into space. Seriously, do it. It’ll make it seem like this post takes some actual time to read. You done? Good. So you probably thought, pants, gloves, oxygen tank, chest part, oh and you know, the helmet? The reason they can breathe? Yeah they might need that. So logically, one would wonder what happens when an astronaut takes off their helmet. @scriptastronomer has a great post for you if this is your kind of thing.

Bros Warming Up

Stretching is a seemingly simple activity, but can it be done in groups? Sure, but is it common? Well, @scriptballerina might be able to help you.

Germans So Famous, Schools Are Named After Them (1/10): Die Geschwister Scholl

Hoo boy, this is a doosey of a post. To sum it up, @scriptgerman tells us about the Scholl Siblings and why they were important. It’s a longer read, but it’s worth your time.

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BREAKING: Water Protector’s Camp Surrounded, Cops Moving In

And update on DAPL, Wednesday, February 22nd.