february 12th 2012

Rumbelle and February 12th: A Short History
  • 2012, the birth: Much like actual birth, a lot of pain and a lot of joy and knowing that this thing is going to be a major part of your life now.
  • 2013, first anniversary: Still not over "The Outsider". Still in deep mourning over Chip. Concerned about "Lacey", and everyone was a bowl of soup.
  • 2014, second anniversary: RUMPLE WAS A GODDAMN HERO AND NO ONE COMFORTED BELLE. Rumple's not really dead though. Also the promo pics are disconcerting.
  • 2015, third anniversary: Yes Belle Rumple done fucked up but did you really have to banish him? The man's obviously got PTSD.
  • (And yet, despite everything, we're still shipping them, because we will never stop fighting for them. Also I'm pretty sure we're building an acceptance to shit happening to them.)