The signs as nerds

Aquarius: crazy nerd

Pisces: sexy nerd

Aries: athletic nerd

Taurus: shy nerd

Gemini: annoying nerd

Cancer: sensitive nerd

Leo: cool nerd

Virgo: artistic nerd

Libra: lazy nerd

Scorpio: sassy nerd

Sagittarius: happy-go-lucky nerd

Capricorn: NERD

February 4, 1968

Candid photo of John Lennon during the recording of Across The Universe.

It was at this recording session that two Beatles fans that regularly hung around EMI, 16-year-old Lizzy Bravo and 17-year-old Gayleen Pease, were invited in by Paul McCartney to sing on the track with them. The girls would end up singing the refrain “Nothing’s gonna change my world” several times before being escorted back outside.

(Photo is the only known taken of that day)((Thanks to Sara from MTBFR for info))