happy birthday to the only person who makes me happy / the only one who makes me cry. harry edward styles 🎉❤️ it’s his 21st birthday, the best year to be alive.. i’ve been blessed with his presence for almost 5 years now and just the thought of how someone can mean so much to me, and i’ve never even met him. it’s crazy, i’ve never loved someone so much so i truly hope he has an amazing day, he deserves it so much. happy birthday harry styles ❤️

intrestingconcept asked:

hi guys :) you're really awesome people, and i'm not just saying that because i have a math test tomorrow :P. but anyway, here in New York it is 5:53 PM.. I'm assuming you guys are in some part of the UK.. so the time difference might mean you won't be online much longer to answer questions... so, just to know when i'd be most likely to get a prompt response, what timezone are you in/when are you most active? thanks again youre incredible!!! xxxxxxx

hEY omg thank you! and yeah all this is in our about, I (I’m AJ) I live in Ireland (lmaaaooo not the uk not the uk not the uk not the uk not the uk) so it’s GMT+1 and EJ is in some part of California I think like yeah the time zone is in the about. You should check it out, it’s at the bottom in bold. Actually a lot of info is in there lmao but yeah. A lot of the stuff seems to happen while I’m asleep (as in in about 5 minutes) so maybe EJ will start doing a lot now or maybe not. To be honest it isn’t really fixed, but I can get stuff done around 6 pm onwards (which was 5 hours ago here). Sometimes EJ makes posts about what kinda stuff is gonna get answered, so like look out for that and whatever. Same for me. New York seems rad, good luck with your test! (and goodnight) x


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hi aurora you're fabulous and i favorited every single mix you've made on 8tracks soooo quick question if i were to give you some kind of prompt i.e. "songs harry would sing to you when you're sick" or whatever, could u create a mix off of that? just wondering. ok thank u have a lovely day

oOOoooOOOOOooooo yes !!!! u know what i cant promise u that i would do like every one u asked me or do it quickly but i mean i love making playlists and im really open to suggestions so i dont see why not !!!