Too Adorable To Resist

Based off of this post. For Coffee. — 1.6k AU. 

"Hey, Novak?" Chief Henrickson raps his knuckles on the door frame of Castiel’soffice and leans his weight against the open door.

Castiellooks up at him, eyes bleary. It’s just nearing 3am and he’s had nothing butpaperwork to do for the last several hours. It’s been a long, tedious night. “Hmmmm.”

"Just got a call. Apartment building on 9th and West had the fire alarm pulled. Isn’t that your place?"

Castiel frowns. “Yes.”

"It’s probably just some stoned asshat thinking they’re funny, but we gotta send someone. You wanna check it out?"

Castiel stands, his muscles sore from being in the same position too long, and rolls his shoulders and neck. “Yes,” he says, “I’ll go.”  

Victor nods. Castiel gathers his coat and keys, and heads for his squad car.

The fire department is already on the premises when Castiel arrives. When he doesn’t see any smoke or visible flames, he relaxes in his seat and pulls into the nearest parking spot.

The first person to meet him on the scene is Benny, one of the firefighters at the neighboring station. His mouth is pulled into a grim line, and he shakes his head when Castiel asks for details.

"False alarm, it looks like," Benny explains. "Some punk playing truth or dare. Mills got here just before you did, she’s giving him a warning now."

Castiel nods, grateful it’s not something more. “What can I do?” He asks, because he drove out here, he might as well help.

"Keep an eye on the tenants, will ya? A bunch of ‘em are still spooked."

Castiel scowls at Benny’s knowing smile. Of all the jobs he’d be more than happy to do, ‘keeping an eye on the tenants’ isn’t one of them. They’re going to be looking for comfort, and Castiel has never been very good at that sort of thing. He’s better suited for writing speeding tickets and attending to noise violations.  

"Don’t look at me like that, Novak. You asked, now be gone with you, brother."

Castiel sighs and heads off in the direction Benny shoves him.

The group of tenants is small, and only a handful of them are worried. The rest are frowning and yawning, shuffling on their feet, and grumbling about the cold. Castiel assures them they’ll be allowed back inside soon as he makes his way through the crowd.

When his eyes land on the naked back of a man in nothing but a pair of navy blue boxer briefs, Castiel frowns. He reaches out a hand and lets it rest gently on the man’s shoulder, “Sir.”

As the man turns around, Castiel finds himself blinking at his green-eyed, freckle faced next door neighbor, the one he’s harbored a small crush on since the man moved in six weeks ago. They’ve never actually spoken to one another, but they’ve passed in the hall a few times, and he’s always been met with a wide smile and a wink that makes it difficult for Castiel to breathe.

Castiel’s stomach twists itself into a squirming, messy knot.

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The ‘How I Met Your Mother’ star, who is set to host the Oscars later this month, admits he wishes he had gotten an education despite his success in Hollywood.

Asked about his greatest regret, he said: “Not going to college - it’d have made me smarter and stuff.”

Meanwhile, the 41-year-old actor - who has four-year-old twins Harper and Gideon with his husband, David Burtka - has revealed his relationship is his number one priority in life, not his career.

He told Vanity Fair magazine: “After more than 10 years, he still surprises me with his depth and makes me laugh. When he is happy my entire world is alive.

"David threw me a week-long scavenger hunt for my 40th birthday - it took me across the country. Best thing that has ever… no, could ever happen to me. He’s the jam."

Neil says his “exquisite children” are his greatest achievement, but his wisdom teeth are his “most treasured possession.”

He explained: “Oddly, I still have my four wisdom teeth. I refuse to let them go or I’ll lose my wise parts.”

Glad to hear his relationship is his number one priority in life, not his career.

Untimely Confessions of Love and Other Things - A Hunter's Realization in 5 Parts.

lastknownwriter said she needed some smooshy DeanCas. Here u go, muffin. I hope you feel better soon. <3 — SPN verse. Post s8. 1.7k.

Part 1:

Cas is wearing bumblebee socks. Honest to God socks with bees on them. So what if he’s a grown man. So what if he used to smite demons with just the palm of his hand. So what. He’s wearing bee socks. 

And he looks adorable as fuck. 

And there are words on the tip of Dean’s tongue, rolling around like salt in the sea, waiting to be washed ashore. 

"Hey, Cas." He finds himself saying. 

"Yes?" Castiel looks at Dean over his coffee cup, his hair sleep mussed and his t-shirt and boxers rumpled and so Cas looking Dean aches.

"I l-" his fingernails dig into the palms of his hands, "-like your socks." He finishes around a wince. 

The minute up-quirk of Cas’ lips is almost too much, and accompanied by his quiet, pleased, “Thank you,” Dean nearly vomits fireballs he feels so warm


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