PAUL: We’d be idiots to say it isn’t a constant inspiration to be making a lot of money. It is to anyone. Why do business tycoons stay tycoons?

RINGO: We used to get in the car, and I’d look over at John and say, “Christ, you’re a bloody phenomenon!”and laugh - ‘cause it was only him. 

GEORGE: Ringo and I are gettin’ married to each other. But that’s a thing you better keep a secret. People would probably think we’re queers. 

JOHN: If you say you’re non-religious, people assume you’re antireligious. We’re not sure what we are, but we’re more agnostic then atheistic. 

Interesting quotes from the boys from an interview in Playboy Magazine, from the February 1965 issue. I don’t know what George’s is about! I think he’s going to be disappointed though, as Ringo was about to marry Maureen at the time! 


Photos of The Beatles at the Washington Coliseum on the 11th February, 1964. These pictures were taken by Fred Ward, a National Geographic photographer and writer, who was on freelance assignment to cover the Beatles’ arrival by train in Washington two days after their debut performance on The Ed Sullivan Show.

Previously, Fred Ward had been known for photographing political figures including President John F. Kennedy, First Lady Jackie Kennedy and Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. He took these amazing photos, thought to be the only high-quality colour photographs of the Beatles’ concert at the Washington Coliseum (he also shot a couple of rolls of black and white pictures). Almost unbelievably, a lot of these photo remained unprinted and unseen until 2014 when Fred Ward’s son, Christopher had some printed from the negatives for an exhibition in LA. 

Pics: Fred Ward.


here’s a sneak-peak of some monsters i had the honor of designing for an upcoming episode of @gfdeepwoods !! I’m so excited to be contributing to a project as awesome as this , and you should check out the first half of the first episode if you haven’t already!