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Upcoming batch and artwork with a huge variety of designs from armor bird / beast to mermaids, masked mysterios, and big-hat fancy lady. The released artwork for the dreammaker capable unit at launch is definitely the one in the middle. (Fire i suppose). 

February 12th, 2016

Dear diary,

I am so proud of my darling!

I don’t know if you know (well, you don’t, you’re just a book), but he just got nominated for best male narrator – for his countless audiobooks he’s recorded. I just listened to his latest one, and it’s so easy to get lost in that beautiful voice of his. I might have fallen asleep while I listened but it was so late and I was so tired. I listened to it again after I woke up, though!

Richard’s voice has the effect of calming me down immensely, so I bought all of his recordings (and the secret little ones he’s done for me, songs or poems or stories I like), and when I’m alone, I listen to them day in day out. They lull me to sleep, they’re the first thing I hear in the morning while having breakfast, and they carry me through the day. Even when I’m out to buy stuff or grab a coffee or am on my way to a set, I listen to the recordings with my headphones on. And they comfort me when I’m alone. 

When Richard did the project for Valentine’s last year, for audible, he didn’t tell me about it for the longest time. But when he did, he revealed that he had chosen most poems himself. Some, of course, were given to him to read by audible, but the others he was free to choose.

And he also said, he only read them for me. There was this huge “Lee” in the middle of the cover, without rhyme or reason, located between the letters LO and VE. Other people’d think it was just the continuation of the name “Annabel Lee” that appeared on the cover frequently, but if you look closely (or know it, like me), there is no “Annabel” before that certain “Lee”. Richard said he requested my name to be there, so it’d be dedicated to me. Inofficially, of course, but technically for the whole world to see.

And have you seen him in the interview? All blushing cheeks and glowing smile. So in love. With me. I’m so lucky he’s mine, and I count myself so lucky that he chose me to be his.


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That’s what I do when I’m helplessly, completely, head-over-heels in love…

sweetfairy1  asked:

Lets ask the other way around too: Richard, what's your favourite look of Lee?

Oh, I have many. So many. My phone gallery consists of endless photos I took of him, and I love them all to bits.

I love it when he smiles, so genuinely and warm, like a ray of sunshine caressing my skin, engulfing me with love and warmth and feeling safe.

I love it when he wears my favourite leather jacket because it is a little too small for him because he’s so tall, and yet he still loves it as much as I do, and it just shows me how much we truly belong together.

I love it when he drools in his sleep, his face all mushed up and cute, just so inviting to gently pinch his cheeks or smooch is brown or kiss his lips.

I love it when Lee pulls funny faces and wears silly costumes. We have the same kind of humour (a little childish at times), and I love it. His cute faces make me smile and make my heart hammer because that man is gorgeous and adorable at the same time, and I still don’t know what I’ve done that I deserve someone so amazing. But I’m glad I have him, and will keep him. Forever.

I love the way he looks in “The Fall”, and the way his arms look when he’s been training them up.

I love it when he looks like he’s come straight out of a fairytale. He is my prince, my king, and the ruler of my heart.

I love his confused face, his slightly open mouth, his o-face, the tousled hair, his everything.

I love it when we’re in bed and he looks up at me with love in his eyes and running his hands down my back and up my arms until they come to rest on my cheeks and he draws me into a kiss because then I always feel whole and complete and content.

But most of all I love it when I can ruffle his hair because it’s always unruly and fluffy and soft, and God, he makes me crazy. In a good way. ♥


#‎Starryscape_(2016/Feb/24) by Kouji Ohnishi
Via Flickr:
Starryscape Picture of the Day ‪#‎Starryscape‬ 今日の星景写真 2016 Feb 24 光の中へ Into the moonlight Location:Sugadaira, Nagano, Japan DATE:2014/02/26 昇る夏の天の川が月明かりに・・