Not Cliché, just Tired

Anonymous asked: “My new story is pretty deep. It involves a hitman releasing someone that he imprisoned. The person that he imprisoned happened to be a prince, and his kingdom went into ruin because of this hitman’s actions. The evil guy now wants to kill this hitman, but from my beta readers have said that this is a very cliché plot. I would love to write this story well, but I don’t know how to not make it cliché.”

People use the word cliché a lot and I don’t always think it’s used correctly. Really, I wouldn’t call the idea cliché - I mean, plot really can’t be all that cliché - there are really only a finite number of plots and Shakespeare’s used up just about every good one. I don’t think the problem is the plot. If you have beta readers calling your story cliché, it is likely something in it that feels tired or done before. “Tired” is the term I prefer. Though it may be hard to hear that something in your novel is tired, really it’s not a bad thing - let’s get into how you fix it. 

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Just some final quick thoughts for what we’ve seen:

Considering Let’s Go Eevee/Pikachu will only feature the original 151 Pokemon plus some Alolan ones, and that there is no online connectivity in the game, along with the reported fact that there are no wild Pokemon battles (possibly except for legendaries idk), I think it’s pretty safe to say this is a spinoff, akin to Colosseum/XD, rather than something like ORAS or Black/White 2. 

I’ll say it again, this is a spin off game, not a main title. Sure, they may be using this game to test some feautres for the Gen 8 games (or whatever’s coming out next year), but please remember that you should not judge this game from the point of view of a main series one

Specifically, just because there are Go features, no battles, only the first 151 Pokemon, no online, (possibly) no trainer customization (that’s just a wild guess and an example, nothing to suggest that), and that some Pokemon follow you/can be ridden now, does NOT mean ANY of these features or lack thereof will remain in the 2019 game. 


Corocoro Scan

- Dusk Mane Necrozma Special Z Moves which turns Sunsteel Strike into the move Sunshine Smasher,

- Dawn Wings Necrozma Special Z Moves which turns Moongeist Beam into Moonlight Blaster.

- Solgaleo & Lunala can also use these respective Z-Moves

- It also introduces a new move known by Dusk Mane Necrozma called Photon Geyser

- Necrozma forms have got the Prism Armor.

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   В детстве я часто употреблял слова «наверное», «возможно», «вроде», «может быть». И постоянно слышал в ответ, что мне надо перестать быть тряпкой и стать уверенней. Что я должен быть уверен в своих словах, мыслях и поступках. Меня учили, что использование этих слов в речи свидетельствует о слабости характера. Я начал стыдиться себя. За то, что я такой неуверенный и слабохарактерный. Я поражался силе духа и непоколебимости убеждений ровесников. Например, в конфликтных ситуациях они всегда моментально определяли кто прав, а кто виноват и делились на противоборствующие стороны. А я не был так уверен. Взрослые, например, говорили мне, что у меня есть хозяин — бог. И были тверды в этом убеждении. А я не был. И стыдился.

   Всю юность я учился занимать жёсткую позицию по любым жизненным вопросам. Чтобы не стыдиться своей слабохарактерности и неуверенности. И со временем начал ненавидеть всех вокруг. Потому что единственное в чём мне удавалось быть уверенным, так это в том, что ни в чём абсолютно уверенным быть нельзя. А эти умники вокруг воображают, будто своей убеждённостью в чём-либо влияют на законы жизни и избегают участи статистов вселенной. И ещё смеют учить меня своей узколобости. Хотелось проломить череп каждому уверенному в себе мудачку, крича ему в ухо, что он не может быть уверен даже в том будет ли он жив к концу дня.

   Потом я повзрослел, а увлечение физикой и буддизмом остудили мою ненависть. Теперь я просто смеюсь над этими кухонными детерминистами, строящими планы на год и абсолютно точно знающими, кто прав, а кто виноват. Наверное.

Here We Are Again (Luke Alvez x reader)

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Feautring: “Give me a chance” Enjoy!


It had been months since you broke it off with your now ex-boyfriend, Luke. You just couldn’t handle him being away so often for cases and him being so withdrawn after Stephen’s death. To you, it felt like you were the only one in the apartment, the only one trying in the relationship. You moved in with your friend and didn’t speak to Luke for the four months after your breakup, though you didn’t move on.

Meanwhile, Luke was a mess. He shut the team out, making Penelope especially upset since they were celebrating Spencer being back and Matt being on the team. She’d ask him constantly what was wrong or where you were. He would shrug it off, but acknowledge she said something or just ignore her. Even Spencer, who just got back from prison and had enough on his plate, asked Luke if there was anything he could do to help and told Luke he was there if he needed him. Luke turned him down politely, telling Spencer to focus on himself and getting back into the swing of things.

After four straight months of moping and sitting around (besides when you went to work), your best friend insisted you go out. She was working, but she gave you money to go wherever just to get you off the couch. So here you were, at the bar in DC where you met Luke. Not intending to stay out for a long time, you just had some jeans and a t-shirt on, enjoying your beer. You were so out of touch with reality you didn’t hear the doors open or hear Luke say your name until he gently placed his hand on your shoulder to bring you back to reality.

“Hey Y/N. How ya doin?” Luke asked quietly, taking a sip of the beer you didn’t know he ordered. “Fine. I’m doing fine. How are you?” You responded quickly, not wanting him to see right away that you were totally and utterly not fine. Luke nodded, taking another sip of his beer while keeping his eyes on you. “I’m okay.” He said, nodding slowly. “Still out saving the world?” You asked quietly, smiling slightly. “Serial killers don’t take a break.” He chuckled. The two of you sipped your beers in awkward silence for a bit before he spoke again.

“I know you’re not fine, Y/N. It doesn’t take a profiler to see that.” He spoke quietly. “You’re not okay either.” You shot back, getting defensive. “You’re right, I’m not okay. I miss you so much, Y/N.” He told you, putting his beer down and grabbing your hand. “I miss you too. But, you’re always gone. That’s why we broke up in the first place.” You reminded him. He shook his head, confusing you slightly. “I told the team if we ever got back together I’d be staying in the office with Garcia on any cases that aren’t local.” He explained, watching your eyes fill with hope and confusion. “Give me a chance, Y/N. Please?” He pleaded, looking you in the eyes with his dark brown ones. “Okay. One more chance.” You whispered. He smiled broadly before pulling you into a kiss. “Guess I should’ve waiting until after a second first date to do that.” He smiled, when he pulled away. You rolled your eyes, grabbing his collar and pulling him in for another kiss.

The 9th: Episode 1

Stray Kids AU: 10th member

Tori x Stray Kids

The first episode of The 9th…feautring the one and only…Tori! Thank you for requesting! 

Requests are OPEN :Send in your requests for reactions and scenarios and imagines involving Tori and the boys from Stray Kids!

And let me know what you thought of this one!


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Tori ducked into the room where she knew the rest of the boys were packing. She’d finished ages ago…beyond anxious to get out of the girls trainee dorm and move into the Stray Kids apartment.

Jisung was still stuffing things into his suitcase, while Jeongin reminisced about their time in the dorm.

“Are you two almost ready?” She asked.

“Tori!” Jeongin pulled her into the shot of the camera, which she had just noticed. “Jisung-hyung can’t close his suitcase.”

She laughed, but he scowled at both of them. “I’ll ask someone else to do it.”

Jeongin must have given him a look, because the next thing she knew, he was chasing Jeongin around the room going “don’t be angry!” Tori laughed. She had just stuffed all of her things into two duffel bags. It was mostly clothes anyway, so she didn’t have to deal with the struggle of suitcases being too small. She left and headed for Felix’s room. He was wearing a scarf (indoors, because he’s ridiculous) and carrying around a giant stuffed animal.

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