au’s for when both members of your otp are famous

ways to meet

  • “you’re in a super famous band and everyone on twitter has been tweeting me links of this one interview and i just checked it and almost shit my pants… i’m your celebrity crush?? what??” AU
  • “you were photographed by paparazzi reading the book i wrote” AU (bonus: “… and i feel like such a fangirl/boy but holy crap i based an entire character off of you this is really bad i wonder if you noticed yikes” AU)
  • “our record labels scheduled a writing session for the two of us to work together” AU (bonus: “they don’t know we’ve banged and wow this is awkward hi sorry the last time you saw me was me crying during my fourth orgasm screaming ‘i love you’ over and over wow” AU)
  • “so i’m a really well known director and i’m usually working on movies and stuff but i decided to try my hand at something else so hi, i’m directing your new music video” AU
  • “i’m a pretty well known youtuber and i’m interviewing people on the red carpet at [whatever awards show] and oh my god you’re so hot in person… oh my god did i just say that out loud, into a microphone, to your face, on live television? fuck.” AU
  • “i have a bad image in the press right now because i did a few things i shouldn’t have done so we have to fake date now because you’re ‘america’s sweetheart’ and i swear i’m trying really hard not to but you’re not making it easy to not fall for you” AU
  • “fake dating for publicity” AU
  • “fake dating” in general AU
  • “i’m part of an up and coming band and you’re a huge singer that’s playing sold out stadiums across the world and i think i might be hallucinating right now but did you just ask my band and i to open for you?” AU
  • “i’m a famous photographer and you’re a well-known model and we’re working together on this shoot for [clothing brand] also we’re going on an all-expense paid trip to tahiti” AU
  • “our fans ship us together” AU

while dating

  • “this is our first awards show we’re attending together as a couple and usually these events scare the crap out of me but with you by my side, i don’t think i’ve stopped smiling the whole night” AU (bonus: “the pictures of us on the red carpet are fucking adorable we look so in love oh my god” AU)
  • “i was coming to surprise you on your movie set but some fans recognized me at the airport and put it on social media and you just surprised me in the luggage claim what the hell i was supposed to surprise you” AU
  • “you’re visiting me on set today because you’ve been gone for a few weeks on a promo tour and i’m pretty sure you’re jealous of my costar and it’s actually kind of cute” AU
  • “we’re both singers and we just surprised your fans at your concert when you started playing ‘lucky’ by jason mraz and i popped out from the sidestage to sing it with you” AU
  • “i’ve been traveling with you a little bit on tour because my work schedule calmed down a little bit and i just got off the phone with my manager and guess what!! i got nominated for [award]!!!” AU
  • “you wrote a really sappy song about me and all of my costars are laughing at me because i’m crying over it right now” AU

after the breakup

  • “i was really freaking excited because i just landed a huge role but i just found out that we play lovers in it and wow this really sucks because i’m still in love with you” AU
  • “so after we broke up i ended up writing an entire album about you and it got nominated for a grammy and oh my god you’re announcing the category and fucking shit– you just announced my name” AU
  • “literally the only thing i’m ever asked in interviews about anymore is you and it’s getting really annoying because you broke up with me and i still have a bunch of unresolved feelings about that and random people bring it up is not helping me get over you” AU
  • “we’re both up for the same award and the media is having a field day about our ‘feud’ even though we haven’t spoken in months” AU

could you imagine being fuckbuddies with calum and you’re both cool with it, like you’re pretty open about what the two of you have, so one day after going out with your friends and listening to them talk about their boyfriends you come back to him in a bad mood and you’re just kind of straddling him and bitching about it; but not in a way where you’re actively trying to get him to go out with you, more like you just want to vent, and he puts his hands on your thighs and kind of shrugs and goes, “I’ll be your boyfriend. like I could hold your hand and take you to brunch and pay for movies and stuff. I mean, I could be your boyfriend, if you wanted me to.”

i can see luke as the type of boyfriend to call you princess. like whenever he’s making love to you, he’d be like mmm princess you feel so good or princess, fuck i’m close. or like whenever you wake up before him and wanting to get out of bed, he’d just throw an arm around you and goes princess, stay..please. i’m warm and if you leave, i’ll be cold and you’d plop back on the bed and he’d nuzzle his face into your neck and kisses you here and there and i love you princess. and whenever he doesn’t realize that you’ve gone down into the kitchen to make some toast or coffee, he’d open his eyes and turn to see you not there. and he’d trudge downstairs to find you in one of his flannel with nothing underneath and a pair of panties, standing in the kitchen, stirring up some coffee. he’d have his grey sweatpants hanging low with no shirt on and the antler necklace dangling on his chest. he’d make his way towards you and wraps his arms around your waist from behind and princess… and you’d just sip on your coffee before saying hmm? with a smile and he’d just go come back to bed with me and he’d nuzzle his face into your neck and breathe in your scent. and he’d give you light neck kisses bc he knows that they’re your weakness and eventually, you caved in and ended up spending the day in bed with your boyfriend who once in a while would be like princess, i love you and he’d give you a smooch on your cheeks and im currently in fetal position i just

A/N: I had this idea of single dad! Calum and how his son would hate baths but love running around naked. So I decided to write that. Fairly fluffy. Enjoy!

AU: single dad! Calum | Words: about 1k

“Calum? I’m here.”

You fidget with the key, this feeling completely foreign to you. Not like this is the first time you ever came over to Calum’s apartment. Quite the contrary actually. You’ve been here on a number of occasions. But all those times had been when he invited you over for dinner and a movie, or staying the night after Calum drawled dates on long enough to use his famous line. “Baby, it’s so late. Don’t go.” Only for you to leave again come early morning. This is, however, the first time you used the key he gave you to let yourself in. And somehow you’re hyperaware of that fact, the tiny piece of metal carrying so much more weight than just your old Disneyland keychain.

Having your own key to Calum’s place feels so….grown up. It means trust and commitment and all that other good stuff. In his own words, giving you a copy of his key means he “can see your pretty face more often.” Even more than that, it’s a step forward in a relationship that’s been moving at rather modest pace. Up until now, every moment was extra cautious and carefully calculated. But that’s the case for anyone with a four year old. For the sake of not scaring his little boy, Calum asked to take things slow. It was necessary, but certainly not evil. Several months have passed and you have yet to meet the infamous Taine Hood you’ve heard so much about. You got stories and pictures but that was it. Calum didn’t think his son was ready, and you didn’t argue with that. Instead, Calum sent him to Mali’s whenever you came over. Or you simply waited until eight, after Taine was tucked into bed. Despite how much you want to meet the most important person in Calum’s life, you’re okay with taking it slow. You’re willing to take this relationship in any shape or form—so long as you get Calum at the end of the day.

“Babe, I got us some take-out,” you call.

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laying quietly tangled with luke in bed one night, his hand mindlessly running through your hair, until you pipe up asking, “why don’t you ever text me cute things throughout the day anymore, babe?” and glance up at him with a pout. you really don’t care all that much, you and luke text all day long, but maybe you miss the romance a little that has faded since you and luke first started dating. and he twists his neck to look down at you, brows furrowed in confusion, before he lets out an amused chuckle, muttering “where did that come from?” to which you simply smile and shrug, settling back against him. within minutes he’s removing himself from you to use the bathroom, and just as you close your eyes again, taking in his scent on the sheets, your phone buzzes beneath you. you blink a few times, swiping at luke’s name that appears on the screen: baby you’re my everything. my sun, my moon, my stars, the queen of my entire universe and i fucking love you forever and always. your smile grows harmoniously with each cheesy word he’d sent you, and he quickly sends an addition: also your boobs are a work of art, making you erupt in a fit of giggles, his cue to poke his head out of the bathroom with a dopey smile adorning his face as he simply asks “who are ya texting, babe?”

Hiraeth -CEO!Daddy!Luke:

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Hiraeth: (n) a homesickness for a home you can’t return to, or that never was.

A/n: yup, you guessed it! ANOTHER CEO Luke bc hey I am an addict :3 I don’t know how to file this really, but  ex husband!is not a legit AU so I decided to fix that lol

Word count: 3k

Plot: You meet your ex!husband at your son’s school play (although you’re still not officially divorced)

You adjusted the sides of your dress as you stepped out of your car, picking up your purse before locking the vehicle. Walking into the vast auditorium, you made sure to put your phone on silent so as not to cause any disturbance. 

With your head bowed down, you nearly missed the high-pitched voice calling for you.


Your head shot up at the familiarity of the voice just in time to catch the small child running your way. With a wide smile, you picked up the little girl, balancing her on your hip as your hand reached to fix her ruffled skirt. 

“Hi baby! Did you come to see your brother?” You cooed at her, to which she responded with a head nod, “Where’s your daddy though?” You mumbled more to yourself, searching for him in the crowd.

“Amiria, don’t run off like that baby,” Calum came rushing to your side in a minute. Clearly, keeping his three year old in one place while he searched for their seats was more of a hassle than he what deemed it to be. 

His face instantly relaxed upon seeing that Amiria was in Your arms, reaching out to give you a hug as best as he could with the little girl taped to your side. 

“How are you doing, love?” He smiled once you parted, Amiria taking the change of your proximity to latch onto her father, his arms securely holding her body as she did so. 

“I’m alright, and really excited to see my little man,” You said, feeling more than eager as the day you had been waiting for finally came to be. 

Jace, your four year old son, had been preparing for the school play for the past month. He had refused time after time to practice in front of you, telling you that he wanted you to see him do it for the first time on stage. Surely, your motherly instincts were kicking in, filling you with pride and joy to see your little baby perform.

Calum’s head whipped around as he heard his wife calling for him, “Well, me and my little bug need to go take our seats. We’ll meet at the end, yeah?” He asked, and with your nod of approval he turned around to get installed in his seat. 

You lifted your own invitation to read the number, trying to find your own seat in the auditorium. 1298. Seeing as you were nearing the number, your eyes looked up only to find him sitting very very close. Checking your number once more, you stepped a little closer upon realizing that you were seated right next to him.

Luke’s eyes darted up at your sudden closeness; his expression turning into a dazed one –much similar to yours- once his eyes met yours. His mouth hung open as he failed to let out any words, making you address him first. 

“Hey,” You mumbled, “I –uh- didn’t think they’d seat us together.” You let out your thoughts, your hands fiddling with your purse as you awkwardly stood in front of him. Sensing your discomfort, Luke was quick to offer; “I can ask for a seat change, if- if you’d like.” He carefully stated, but you shook your head at him, taking a seat as you smiled at him. 

“Nonsense, we can watch it together.”

Luke’s eyes lingered on you whilst yours were glued on the stage. He couldn’t force himself to look away from you; your hair was fixed just as he liked it, the dress you were wearing reminding him of the last time you wore it. And you looked just as stunning as you did before. He knew that his eyes would never land on anyone as beautiful as you were; he had thought you were stunning ever since your first encounter years ago. But motherhood suited you; it gave you this extra aura and beam, making you glow brighter than any star. 

Your history with Luke ran back to years and years, your hips attached together ever since your college years. Never did he think he’d find himself where he was; facing a divorce with the last person he wanted to part from. Although technically the papers were still unsigned, the vacant patch of skin joining your fourth finger and knuckle was a bitter reminder of the truth he couldn’t hide from.

“Look, there he is!” You squealed, your hand involuntarily reaching out to nudge his forearm. Jace had finally made an appearance on stage, the young toddler dressed up in his prince attire. 

Luke’s heart swelled at the sight of his little man performing like as much passion as the four year old could muster. Jace was Luke’s sunshine; his soul; his everything. No signed deal or any successful project could ever amount to the level of pride he felt watching his son grow through the years. 

Opposed to what everyone was concerned about -the speculations about having their next company heir; Luke was first and foremost interested in the bundle of joy you were bringing to life.

Undoubtedly, the birth of Jace had brought enchantment and delight to both of your lives, along with your respective families. Sure, it had not been planned in any way, but it was the most pleasant surprise you had ever gotten. You had already been married for nearly two years when you had found out about the miracle growing inside of you, and your relationship was going as strong as ever. 

Luke felt thankful for having you by his side; he knew without doubt that no one would ever be as understanding of his job as you were. But you had walked by his side on every step of the way, and you knew just how hard he had been working to get to where he was.

But if one thing he loved, it was being able to spoil his baby boy –even way before he was born. He wanted to give him the world and love him with every bit of his soul.  He could still vividly remember your pregnancy, the words you whispered into the night still ringing in his ears. 

“Our own little baby” You whispered one late sleepless night, your husband lying right beside you trying to get you to find some well needed sleep, despite having to wake up early for his work. 

Luke’s hand ran up and down your swollen belly, only stopping to pepper the skin with feather-light kisses, “Our baby. I like that.”

Luke glanced sideways at you, his hand reaching out to give you his handkerchief as he noticed your teary eyes. Your fingers lightly touched his as you thankfully accepted it, raising it to wipe the corners of your eyes. 

“Sorry,” You sheepishly smiled at him, “I’m just- my little boy is growing so fast.” You managed out. The sight of the small boy singing and dancing around on stage, his lines well rehearsed as he shone on stage, was enough to fill you up with pride to the brim. 

Luke felt a pang in his heart as more tears made their way out. As much as he knew that you were crying out of joy and happiness, he couldn’t help the guilt he felt knowing that the last tears he saw you shed were everything but.

Luke was aware that family meant sacrifices, he knew that marriage meant changing I’s into we’s. But in the midst of his adding pile of work and constant pressure, he had let himself forget to live by them.

Neither of you could pinpoint when it had exactly happened; all you knew was that one missed dinner became two, and one forgotten date multiplied until it could no longer be ignored. And before you knew it, your husband and constant companion became a fading figure in your life, leaving for work at the early hours of the morning, returning extremely late you almost began doubting if he even came home. 

You had understood; hadn’t you been fully understanding of his work as a major CEO and the responsibilities that tagged along, you wouldn’t have gotten married to him. But you needed to keep in mind that it wasn’t just you anymore; it wasn’t just you who woke up in the morning to feel disapointed that the other half of the bed was empty; you weren’t the only waiting for him late at night in hopes of telling him all about your day. 

You had understood when you were the only one caught up in his working schedule, but you weren’t the only one affected anymore. You had a child; a responsibility and life to care for; a young boy who needed his father just as much as his mother. You knew that Luke loved his son to bits –you’d never doubt it; but it pained you that he was missing so many milestones along the way.

Surely, you had brought it up many times. You weren’t one to quickly bail out and you certainly didn’t want to fight over emotions you kept bottled in. So you made sure to tell him what was on your mind, and he listened. Luke understood that he had a habit of getting too caught up in his work, allowing it to consume him completely. And he tried to patch things up; he really did try to make it all up but without avail. His short term fixes aimed to last for the long term, but always ended up crumbling down after a while. 

He would be on his best behavior for a couple of weeks, having his meals at home and spending more time with Jace. But the counter would fall back to zero and he’d go back to his old habits, running around in a permanent cycle. Soon enough, the stress from your busy life clashed with his own, and your quiet hushed arguments turned into heavy storms you never wanted your son to get exposed to.

Filing the papers for the divorce had been the hardest thing you had ever done; but with every cold untouched dinner you pried yourself to stay strong, and every time Jace would ask for his daddy as his baby blues eyed you with the utmost innocence you willed yourself to keep going.  

You undoubtedly loved Luke with every fiber of your being; the idea of breaking up with him after all of the years you spent by him side making your stomach churn, and you knew he loved you just as much. But you felt as if you were asking for something he couldn’t give, waiting for a sudden change of character you could no longer hope for. 

Surely, that decision wasn’t one you irrationally jumped into. In fact, you had been trying to bring it up with Luke on countless occasions. But as three months passed by, and all of your attempts to have quiet time with him failed, you found yourself more determined to finalize your decision and drop the dreaded papers in his office.

Luke couldn’t believe his eyes when his secretary handed him the papers to sign, the whole in his chest expanding and sending him into the depths of despair. He knew that things weren’t ok; he knew that it hadn’t been ok for a while and it was his entire fault. But he believed that maybe –just maybe- as long as he loved you and his son with all of his heart then you could find a way to work it all out. 

He wanted to desperately believe that you were just testing him, maybe trying to warn him and set his mind straight. But the papers were as legitimate as they could be, your signature already scribbled at the end right next to where his should be.  

He had run out of his office in mere seconds, driving as fast as he could to your shared house. Truthfully, he wasn’t so surprised to see that you weren’t there. In fact, none of your belongings were there. Once he realized that Jace’s things were packed as well, the veracity of this divorce you were bringing up hit him like a ton of bricks. And so he drove to the one place he knew you’d be at; your parent’s.

You had been waiting for him; of course you were. You expected him to come barging in, screaming and asking for an explanation. You had thought about his reaction over and over, but when the bell rang your stomach twisted into a knot and you almost wanted to run at the thought of facing him.

Luke had come with every intention to fight for you and change your mind, but upon seeing you he regretted coming in the first place. He wanted to run away from your tear-stained face, he wanted to escape the desperation on your face and the hurt lacing your words. Only then had he realized just how much he had messed up, just how blind he had been to assume that everything was going to be alright. 

“Just think about it, please.” 

You had pleaded him, your words wounding both of your hearts. But you needed to do the right thing by your son; you needed to do what was best. You didn’t want to fight anymore, you didn’t want to let your buried frustration poison Luke’s life, and you certainly didn’t want Jace to get caught up in the midst of it all.

With a heavy heart, Luke had agreed to at least think about it though he wasn’t about to promise you anything. But as he returned back to the house, he couldn’t fight the empty feeling residing in his chest. The grand house felt cold as ever, stripped from its life without you two in it. Luke feared that that’s what it was like for you, because he knew for a fact that he had left long before you did.

Luke didn’t know where it all went wrong, but he wanted to go back and fix it all to show you that belonged by his side after all. He couldn’t believe how wrong things had gone, because just that morning he had woken up with you sleeping peacefully by his side. And –god- he regretted not having cherished it as much as he should’ve and he’d give everything up just to be able to do it all over again. He should’ve waked you up with kisses and held you for as long as he could in his embrace, just maybe then you would’ve still been by his side.

He desperately yearned for your smell as he cuddled your pillow at night, waking up every morning with the hope that it had all been one nasty dream. But as Sunday finally came, and Luke slept in unusually late, he realized that -for what could be the first Sunday on his life- Jace didn’t barge into the master bedroom, jumping on the bed to wake his parents up. And when the scent of your Sunday pancakes didn’t fill the house that day, Luke found himself weeping on the cold floor with Jace’s teddy bear clutched into his arms, his heartbroken cries filling up a house he could no longer call home.

“Daddy!” the little squeal brought Luke out of his torturous thoughts, his arms immediately picking up his son and throwing him up in the air, earning a loud giggle from the boy. 

“Did you see me daddy? Did you see me play?” Luke moved Jace to rest him on his side, the toddler excitedly waiting for his father’s response.

“We did baby! Mummy and daddy are so so proud of you,” You joined in, stepping closer to ruffle Jace’s curly locks. Surely, Jace was the spitting image of his daddy with his blond hair and blue eyes; but his nose, lips and skin tone were inherited from you. Thus, you and Luke had been told you made cute babies on more than one occasion.

Standing there with the two of you, Luke had finally had a taste of the feeling of being home he had been longing for in the past three months. And maybe he was wrong to stand there and delude himself that everything was alright; maybe it was wrong for him to pretend that the crumbles of your broken family didn’t stain his hands red. But at the moment all he cared about was holding onto that feeling for as long as he could.

“Come on my pretty prince, let’s get you home.” You mumbled as your arms picked up Jace, offering Luke a smile before you turned towards the exit. Luke strolled behind the two of you, mindful to keep his distance but unwilling to abandon that moment just yet. And so he walked a few steps behind you, his hands tucked into the pockets of his pants, his eyes never once leaving you.

“Excuse me,” A voice interrupted him, his face turning to the side and coming face to face with an older woman, “I just wanted to tell you that you have a beautiful family.” the old lady beamed at him. 

Luke’s eyes darted back to your figure upon hearing those words, a sad smile on his face. He knew that he’d never find someone as beautiful as you looked at that moment, with your wide smile as you danced around with Jace on your hip. 

“Yeah” He mumbled, barely mastering a polite smile to the lady as his chest felt tighter and tighter.

Luke kept walking behind the two of you, feeling as if ever single step you took brought you further and further from him until you became way out of his reach. But Luke knew that the picture of your dancing giggling figures that he had managed to snap would undoubtedly become his favorite.

A picture of everything he cherished and held close to his heart.

A picture of broken promises and everything he lost.

Because yeah, he did have a beautiful family.

ok but Luke would be such a whiny and needy boyfriend. like he’d come home after a long day at the studio and he’d just flop on your shared bed and a low “baaaaaaaabe im so tiiiiiiiired. heeeeeeeelp” would come out of him and you’d just be like “ok luke. i’ll be there in a sec” but he’s whining and “no baaaabe. come nooooowww” and you’d just be like fine ok so you’re in the room and he’s topless with his sweatpants hanging low and lying on his tummy and he’s drifting in and out of sleep bc your boyfriend hasn’t been sleeping alot lately and you just take it on yourself to sit on his butt and lay on his back with your arms wrapped around his waist/torso and a little “i love you lu” would come out of you and you’d press a little kiss on his left shoulder blade. and he’d just hum a little and he’d grumble a bit and “can you give me a massage pleeeaaaase” and of course you would give the massage. and then you’d just whisper “feelin better?” and he’d just nod and you get off his back and lay next to him and you’d just whisper back and forth like “how was your day” to “have we seen the newest spongebob movie babe?” and he’d kiss your forehead and “i love you, you know” would come out in a low voice from him and you’d just nod and “yea i know. i love you too babe” and before you know it, you look over to see him sleeping and his face would be nuzzled in your neck and you just kind of wrap your arms around him and :-( 

calum’s the type of guy who will pretend to be asleep when u get up in the morning to go shower, and he’ll lazily have one eye open while he watches you climb out of bed, look @ urself in the mirror and hang ur towel by the shower. a little smirk coming across his lips because he knows how fucking gorgeous you look, y’know all tired and shit, so then you’ve already slipped out of your little pajama shorts, and your glorious ass is on full display to him, and he’s got all these thoughts bubbling around in his groggy brain like how much willpower it’s gonna take for him to roll out of bed and join you in there, but as he’s hungrily waiting for you to tug off his state champs tee that u used as a night shirt, you turn around closing the door, “i know you’re awake, you dipshit.” and he hears the water turn on so he shouts back, “so? it wasn’t stopping you before!” and then he’s barely able to hear you laugh, your head thrown back with humor, “yeah, nice try buddy.”

There was something about being home alone that made you permanently on edge. Pin-pointing exactly what it was that made you feel that familiar uneasiness was proving to be more of a challenge than you originally thought. It started the day he left, as it always does, and hasn’t calmed down in the months that have passed since that warm night.

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Luke often found himself zoning out as he watched you.

He didn’t mean to, honestly. But every time he looked at you, he discovered that he was drifting away from reality, watching the way your eyebrows creased, his thoughts spiralling from there.

The furrow of your brow reminded him of how concentrated you always appeared when you were painting your nails. The light blue nail polish would take him back to the time you’d stated that it was your favourite colour, only because it matched his oceanic eyes.

When he came downstairs to find you cooking pancakes, your blouse untucked from your skirt and humming a soft tune, he’d be transported back to all the times you’d attended concerts together, how the lights had cast your face in different colours, how your hair had frizzed up from the humidity of the venue, how wide your smile was when Luke offered to lift you onto his shoulders.

When your lips moved fluidly, constructing words and stressing syllables, Luke couldn’t help but to remember the way those same lips had attacked his neck the night before, scattering hickies along his tender, pale skin. Or how soft your mouth had felt against his, or the sounds that had escaped as you’d laid under him, whining and panting while his hips had rocked into yours.

He was doing it again now, but he couldn’t stop himself. One more second, he’d always think to himself, but it proved to be far longer as his thoughts swaddled him and whisked him away, his continuous train of thought never ceasing. One tiny detail led to another, and another, but Luke never seemed to mind.

“Lu,” you said softly, snapping him from his trance.

He blinked once, his eyes focussing on you, and sat up a bit straighter in his chair, his brain remembering that you were in the midst of telling him a story of what had happened today at work.

“Sorry, what?” He asked, twirling his fork into the plate of spaghetti you’d cooked up.

You sighed, looking at him sternly, but unable to fight against the small smile tugging at the corners of your lips. Luke chuckled sheepishly and scratched the back of his neck, willing himself to concentrate as you continued on with your tale.

But even as you spoke, he found his eyes drifting down to where your left hand lay nonchalantly on the surface of the table. His gaze flickered from your hands to your eyes in hopes that he didn’t appear to be losing focus again. Thankfully, your eyes were trained on your plate of pasta, eyebrows knitting together as you spun your fork around, gathering strands of spaghetti.

Luke stared dreamily at your left ring finger, imagining a silver band circling around the digit. And suddenly he knew that when he would propose, when you would both be standing at the altar—grasping hands and waiting to begin your new life together—he would instantly flash back to this moment: the moment he realized he was going to marry you.

dating luke would include:

● stealing glances at each other from across the room, and every time you look he already is so he blushes and grins and bites over his lip ring
● spontaneous trips to nowhere, just the two of you getting into a car and driving until you’re tired then stopping at the nearest motel and exploring that town the next morning
● so!!! much!!! sarcasm!!! it would be the most endearing teasing in the world
● only homemade gifts because you both agreed they meant more
● so he’d wear the scarf you knitted even though it was really lopsided and you’d use the mug he made and painted for you the one time he went with ashton to a pottery class
● cooking spongebob macaroni with him at midnight and having him loudly singing the theme song in your ear
● don’t tell me that for one of your anniversaries, he wouldn’t get you both matching pendants with each other’s initials inscribed on the back
● “you dick, what happened to homemade?” you yelling at him after throwing the blanket you badly crotched for that same anniversary at him, luke just laughing and pulling you in for a kiss
● so much non-verbal communication it freaks out all of your friends
● him getting really pouty whenever he wakes up and you’re not there, then having to get up and come find you so he can stop being so grumpy
● leaving little kisses all over his shoulders and running your hand through his hair when he’s upset
● slow dancing in the living room at 11pm to old elvis presley records, your head resting on his chest with your eyes closed and he’s singing along quietly to you
● when you cry, he would get so worried and pull you into his lap and just wrap his arms around you while tracing little flowers and patterns into your skin
● constant hands-on, he’s playing with your hair and bracelet and sleeves because you make him calmer when he’s fidgety
● “if you won’t let me take pictures of you luke, you’re not allowed to take any of me!”
● sneaking into the movies and sitting in the back row so you can make fun of the bad acting and maybe make out a little like you were in high school
● sex would be so casual, like i can see him coming up to you and being like “we’re out of cheetos and there’s nothing good on tv, wanna bang?”
● or it would be really intense and rough and you’d both be loud and panting and you’d have hickeys all over your hips and chest and his shoulders would have little crescents in them from your nails
● rubbing your noses together when you’re too tired to even kiss properly
● flowers sent to you randomly at your workplace and they’d stay there for weeks because they lived forever, and the cards from the arrangements would be all over your car
● an excessive amount of wearing his clothes because you love how comfortable they are and he loves that you smell like him
● he’d make so many surprise visits when he’s on tour because he loved seeing your face when you walked into the kitchen and dropped everything because he was sitting at the table, eating cereal when he was supposed to be in a different continent
● one day you’d jokingly call him superstar and he would reply really casually and say “i’ll be a star as long as you realize that you are the sun” and your mouth would just drop
● no matter how you fell asleep the night before, you would always wake up with one of his arms over you because he couldn’t even imagine life without you

The best part about dating luke would be discovering the little sounds he makes and the voices he uses. like, you’d get to hear the songs he’d hum as he burnt the toast at breakfast and the little whiny groan that’d push past his pouting lips as he stretched his arms above his head in bed after you woke him up because he “already slept through 3 alarms and was going to be late”. You’d get to be on the receiving end of Luke’s baby voice as he mumbled “love you, baby” and pressed a kiss to your temple. He’d probably always puff the air out of his cheeks as he jogged down the stairs. And you’d be lucky enough to hear him singing in funny voices in the shower, like when he’d lower his voice and sing baritone or when he’d sing Green Day in a country accent. You’d hear the loud groan and shouted curse word as Luke stubbed his toe on the couch for the billionth time and the “shUT UP” he’d scream at you when he heard you giggling even though you were in a different room. You’d hear all of his different laughs: his high pitched wheeze laugh, the loud and throaty laugh, even his giggle that made his nose scrunch up. And finally, even though it was a tad annoying, you’d get to hear his soft and slightly wheezy snoring in your ear as the two of you fell asleep together.

Tattoo artist!Luke had no shame. He didn’t try to keep his flirting quiet whenever a hot girl came into his shop and requested him to do the tattoo they wanted and he wasn’t too shy to offer to do a girls nipple or hood piercings. He also had no care when the other artists made suggestive comments about the girls he’d fucked; usually he just laughed along and shrugged, not even blinking when the same girl he’d had in his backseat was hanging all over Calum.

You started off the same way. You only wanted a simple, innocent piercing and yet Luke still volunteered, his sights already set on you. He’d managed to get your number by the end of it (he’d taken his sweet time setting up and explaining the aftercare process to you) and the two of you were texting instantly. It all felt so natural that he didn’t even realize the amount of effort he was making, inviting you to parties and checking up to make sure you were taking care of your piercing. It all went so easily that it took absolutely no energy to keep the conversation going and there were no alarms going off in his head when the two of you wandered to a little cafe to have brunch after the first night you slept together.

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