A rare Kankuro with no face paint AND brotherly bonding featuring confused , slightly pleased, and annoyed Gaara?


I just….Gaara has meant an awful lot to me over the years and I am beyond happy that he got a great life and happiness and his siblings are so good to him now


I freaking cried when Gaara called Naruto his friend


like oh, my sand babies. I loved Gaara from the start, his outfit, his attitude, his look!


To be honest I might NOT have kept watching Naruto if Gaara hadn’t come along…. Sure, Shikamaru and Kiba and Neji had my attention and FREAKING SASUKE, but I was starting to lose interest

But then Gaara came into it. Another Jinchuriki , another child with a demon , like Naruto. MAN WAS I HOOKED

And boy was he worth it ! I LOVE this character, he goes through so much and he grows greatly as a character and I adore his friendships and bonds with people , Gaara is so special and great and cool!

I have wept for him , and I still do when I reminisce about his story. Gaara sends an important message to survivors of child abuse and bullying - you can still be anything you dream of , people will still care for you even if some treat you poorly .

Gaara has done bad things in his past but he overcame them ! And he’s grown from it , and that is such an important message !

Your past does NOT define you!

Fake Dating/Married Au List
  • My siblings already had kids and they’re already out of the ‘baby stage’ so they keep asking me when I’m going to have one and I don’t really want one but you’re my friend who really wants a baby but needs to be married in order for the adoption papers to be seriously considered. Let’s get together to satisfy both our needs. Who knows, it might not even be that bad.
  • If I’m married I can bulk out my Fafsa form and you need it bulked out too if you don’t want to take out crazy amounts of loans. So we can get married and once we get our degrees we can get divorced like friends.
  • Just date me for the Valentines Day discount. 
  • I need someone to take with me to my parent’s Thankgiving/New Years/Full Moon celebration because otherwise I’m stuck doing the kids crafts/at the kids table/being asked when I’m going to date. 
  • I brought you as my friend but my parents read our closeness as dating and only gave us one bed to share.
  • I had a bad week and I can’t decide what kind of cake I want so I want to do the wedding cake samples at the cake store but I need to do it with someone. Quick- Do you like cake and can you hold my hand?
welcome to the skeleton clique: people!

Mark Eshleman (ReelBearMedia): A long-term best friend of Tyler and Josh. He’s the media director and films some of their music videos.

Brad Heaton: Tour photographer.

John Flanagan: Another photographer. Filmed the tour highlights for the Emotional Roadshow. 

Michael Gibson: Security. Long-time friend of Tyler and Josh. (Update: Michael is no longer a part of the crew)

Jordan Snyder: Tour manager and long-time friend.

Chris Salih: Drummer for twenty one pilots from 2009-2011. Introduced Tyler to Josh.

Nick Thomas: Bassist, backup vocalist, and keyboardist for twenty one pilots from 2009-2011.

Jenna Joseph: Tyler’s wife. Sometimes meets with fans and comes to most shows. She’s the woman in the “Tear In My Heart” music video.

Maddy, Jay, and Zack Joseph: Tyler’s younger siblings. Zack is featured in “Kitchen Sink”, a song from their album “Regional At Best”.

Ashley, Jordan, and Abbie Dun: Josh’s siblings.

Chris and Kelly Joseph: Tyler’s parents.

Bill and Laura Dun (Mommadun): Josh’s parents.

David the Dad: A member of the clique who knows Tyler and Josh. He’s really interactive with the rest of the clique and retweets art all the time.

(I’m not too familiar with the crew and their roles, so if you guys have anything to add, please let me know!)


I am a little late for this post. With the business of the holidays I was pulled to the four corners of the North Eastern USA. Minutes turned to hours, hours turned to days. All before I knew it. But I couldn’t resist expressing my grief.

This post is in memory of the late Carrie Fisher. I cannot express the void left in my life by the loss of this iconic actress. I always knew Fisher as Princess Leia Organa. Princess Leia, and whereby Fisher will always be a part of my fondest childhood memories. My siblings, our friends, and I had so many fantasies inspired by the Star Wars universe. So many of our games involved us dressing in oversized T-shirts or bathrobes held closed by wide belts and sashes as we donned snow boots and pretended to be Jedi swinging around our store-bought light sabers. We designed so many tree-houses around the Ewok villages of Endor (featured in the Return of the Jedi). We built so many snow forts based on the ice planet of Hoth (featured in the Empire Strikes Back). My mother owned the vinyl records of Episode IV: A New Hope and Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. And these records blared as we jumped on and off of sofas and beds while swinging our aforementioned store-bought light sabers in midair as we fancied ourselves Jedi using the Force to have heightened jumps. Often my sister sported the iconic Princess Leia hair buns. None of us could resist muttering into spinning box fans, “Luke, I am your father…” And even thought I was destined for a different lifestyle than most, I will admit that the little boy in me wanted to love the beautiful Princess Leia in her slave-suit from Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. So often I would be a Jedi knight and grab a fellow playmate by her waist and swing us both to safety from a tree-fort (luckily with no broken bones ever!!!)

It is also astounding to me how much Princess Leia Organa’s and Carrie Fisher’s lives match up. Princess Leia Organa was raised by the royal family of Alderaan. Fisher was born into Hollywood royalty being the daughter of Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. Princess Leia’s home world, Alderaan, was destroyed by the Empire’s Death Star. Fisher’s world was destroyed by crippling bipolar disorder and drug addiction. Princess Leia became a general to fight against the Empire who destroyed her world to prevent other worlds from suffering the same fate. Fisher became a general and an advocate on mental disorders for the betterment of its victims. Truly, the metaphor is astounding to me and I feel we are all at a loss here on Earth or in a Galaxy far, far away. We have all lost our princess.

My condolences go out to the Fisher, Reynolds and Lourd families with the passing of Carrie Fisher and the loss of her mother Debbie Reynolds who passed days after her daughter. My extreme condolences and empathy go to Fisher’s daughter, the brilliant actress Billie Lourd who played beside her mother as Lt. Connix in Episode VII: The Force Awakens (Fisher and Lourd featured above). Lourd wore Princess Leia’s iconic hair buns as Connix and in a roundabout fashion in the form of earmuffs as Chanel #3 on Scream Queens. My deepest sympathies are with Lourd as I too lost my mother and her mother, my grandmother, in quick succession that sullied a holiday forever by their loss when I was still but a little child. My heart breaks for the poor young lady.

In a touching tribute change.org is featuring a petition to make Princess Leia an official Disney Princess! Lukas Arts Films ARE now owned by Disney so I don’t even see why it should be an issue! Due to my love of Fisher and Leia I am all on board. And I am also the proud uncle of three lovely girls, one of which sports the Leia hair buns from time-to-time, just as her mother did. I find Princess Leia to be a positive role model for young ladies of the modern age and better than most of the Disney Princesses of the past. The petition is here: https://www.change.org/p/the-walt-disney-company-make-leia-an-official-disney-princess

I wish that Fisher rests in peace and I thank you, Ms. Fisher, for all that you gave me. You will forever be my princess. May the Force be with us all.

daII college au featuring:

  • anders as the militant vegan who just cant let it go
  • hawke’s probably like, in a punk rock band as the lead singer or smth
  • bethany the medical student. carver the didn’t-go-to-college-what’s-the-point-anyway-my-sibling-will-just-show-me-up-anyway
  • aveline the graduate student whose husband wesley was in a car accident last year, recently she just had to pull the plug on his life support bc he was officially announced as braindead
  • isabela the art student who sleeps around a lot and is like everyone's best friend
  • merrill the wiccan anthropology student who is estranged from her family bc she has some odd beliefs 
  • fenris the terminally sarcastic athletic major who is there purely bc he got a bunch of sports scholarships. he has no family and he’s v bitter
  • varric the smooth-talking creative writing teacher who can’t wear a shirt that fully covers his chest. like every one of his students has a crush on him. every one
Angel/Human Prompts

Angels and humans hanging out and making friends.  Enjoy justsomekidlivingonthisplanet!

1. You’ve found out that angels see a person’s character, not their physical features, and are trying to do good deeds to look more attractive to me.

2. You’re prepared for angelic infighting, for rattling swords, and condescending tones, but my angel siblings are super nice and welcoming to you even though you think you’re a terrible person.  Raphael makes excellent sour cream enchiladas so you push through the confusion.

3. I’m supposed to be your roommate’s guardian angel, but I really like your humility and good humor so I’m mostly going to hang out with you.

4. I’m an infinite being older than time and glittering bright and full of glory to set the stars to shame for their dullness, the brevity of your life doesn’t bother me.  You are as small and precious as a pearl held in the lips like a greeting kiss, a sparrow in the hallow cup of a palm.  Your brevity causes no discontent.  I would rather accept every pinprick small flash of your beautiful life than make myself some pretentious martyr and miss a second of it, so if you don’t mind I’d really like to take you out for ice cream.

5. My angel sibling and I went to go prank the Greek gods, can we hide in your room until they leave?

6. I’m your guardian angel and you’re not making my life any easier walking into traffic because you see a cute dog on the other side of the road.

7. You’re the sheriff and I’m the angel who lives in the big house out in the country with a herd of ‘siblings’ I’m trying to teach to pass as human-ish.  They’re confused by silverware and walking and you’ve taken notice.  You’re not sure if it’s drugs or a cult, but you’re going to investigate it until you have an answer.

8. I’m a cop who doesn’t know you’re an angel and the more puppies you save and the more complimentary you are of my moral character the more suspicious I become because no one is that nice and I am terrible.

9. Wings ha ha!  Do I not appear as a human person!  Look at me do a thing humans do!  I’m am petting this car!  I am cleansing this rock with soap and a sponge!  I am new to this town and a human, will you show me the things humans do for fun?

10. You are a small and cuddly baker and I am an angel of vengeance who makes my siblings make a stop at your bakery when we’re on a vengeance run.  Heavenly cinnamon rolls, I would know.

11. We’re not really supposed to do this, but I’m your guardian angel and what is wrong with you!  Walking into the street!  Late parties with strange fellows!  Eating things that have been on the floor for more than five seconds!  Never exercising!  We’re fixing that right now, put down the Netflix, you’re going jogging!  Hop to it!

12. You’re the reporter that caught me healing someone and now you won’t stop chasing me down.

13. I’ve just discovered the angel who inexplicably lives in your attic can’t get drunk.  Who wants to go to bars and win drinking contests!

14. We’re the angels who come into your restaurant and eat your salt.  We eat a lot of salt.  With a spoon and occasionally with bread.  You are concerned about us but we tip really well.

Marhaba and mabuhay, beautiful people. :)

My name is Maryam (friends call me Mars). My father is a Kuwaiti citizen, however he is also a hybrid (Yemeni, Iraqi, Saudi and Persian). And my mother is part Spanish and part Filipino. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters, the older ones look more Arab-y and the younger ones look more Filipino. So people sometimes get puzzled when I tell them we’re siblings because the only similar physical features we share is that we are tall and have bushy brows.

I’ve posted here YEARS ago and decided to post again to talk to you guys about being a half Muslim Arab while valuing my mother’s Filipino Christian principles. Hope my babbling wouldn’t irritate you guys. I apologize in advance to those who are overwhelmed with my yapping. >_<

I grew up and lived in the State of Kuwait before moving to the Philippines. I go back and forth between countries depending on the season. Growing up was pretty tough. And by tough, I mean not being able to relate to other kids due to the fact I was always the only half far-eastern Asian in school. Back in Kuwait, it is either you are Arab or you are half Arab and half white. (I attended an Anglo bilingual school) My features don’t look dominantly Arab to Kuwaitis, my accent was also a mess because I’m trilingual and strunggled constructing sentences in a single language at a time and my grammar was always all over the place. So it gave kids all the reasons to call me out when I don’t express Arabic poetry, Islamic verses, or even certain words “properly”. It would always make my heart palpitate like crazy while trying to get through the day in school. Because unlike them, I speak 3 languages at home. My father speaks to me in Arabic, my mother speaks to me in Tagalog.. And we all speak to each other in English to avoid miscommunications. My father is a devouted Muslim and my mother is Catholic. Both wanted me to embrance both worlds so I had to attend Islamic classes and Bible studies after school. 

I always thought that moving to the Philippines would make me feel more comfortable being half. Many Filipinos are hybrids, after all. So after finally moving here, I thought I would be more accepted. Turns out the opposite. I was so shocked to learn that many people are prejudiced towards Arabs here. They kept labelling me as oppressed and that my father is an extremist for being Muslim. (Thank you, Western Media!) It was just so absurd that even being able to speak their language, praying in their church on Sundays, cooking the same dishes they eat gets disregarded plainly due to being part Muslim Arab. Albeit, Filipinos have a strong sense of hospitality and love talking about foreign cultures. But their sense of humor is also a very distinct trait and can get offensive at times despite it coming from a warm place. So with that being said, I learned that comminication is a very powerful thing. I started speaking about my Arab heritage that I felt so distant from in the past. It made me realize just how amazing and beautiful Kuwait is. I started teaching my friends how to write Arabic and talked about Islam in a way they have not heard before due to how utterly misinformed they were about it. And with this experience, it hit me like a bag of nails; Ignorance is everywhere, in any culture, in any country. My mistake when I was still living in Kuwait is that I did not speak or properly communicate with my own countrymen about my mixed heritage. If I felt distant from them, how much more did they feel towards me by not englightening them about it? 

When I started going back to Kuwait often again, I became more confident in speaking out and not being afraid to educate my fellow Kuwaitis about Filipino culture and Christian values. I’ve made so much more friends and slowly started to eliminate unpleasant encounters with my own people just by having a decent conversation with them.

And that is all I wanted to say… XD


Hi everyone!! I’m Logan and I have my own Let’s Play Channel now called Logman Plays! The channel is focused on being a healthy, worry-free environment for people who have trouble avoided triggers and slurs in a lot of other lets play videos. The channel also tries to limit the games to family friendly, non-sexual, and curse-word free so you can watch with your younger siblings or your parents!

I, Logman (Logan) run the channel and do most of the videos by myself. Sometimes though I am joined by my wonderful partner, Allison, who helps me out with games and recordings whenever I’m home from school! I try to feature my other friends, such as Mykael, and maybe others in the future, as often as I can, because I know they love video games and I love sharing their favorite games with you guys!

I maintain a hopefully trigger-free environment by asking everyone to message me or comment on what squicks and triggers them so I can always add helpful warnings and time-stamps to videos! If you have anything you need to message me about please do not hesitate to do so.

Most importantly, this is a channel for you guys!!! If you have any game recommendations, helpful comments, or just want to talk about video games, I’m always down to play the games you guys want to see and talk to you about them! 

This is my youtube page:


and I would love if you subscribed or followed this blog! Thank you guys so so much!!

October/Halloween Prompts So Far (In no particular order)

1) Shance: I have to take my Siblings Trick’r’Treating and the only thing that makes it tolerable is the fact their best friend’s older sibling who I’m attracted to is along. 

2) Klanro, Monster Boy (Haven’t decided what kind yet): Thanks for the compliment but this isn’t actually a costume

3) Whole Squad, with some Klanro, Slasher: Upon realizing they were facing an undefeatable killer, the group of teens skipped town in someone’s van) and have been running ever since. 

4) Shance, Little Blue Riding Hood “Oh My, what a big *cough* you have!” (*smirk*) featuring Lance in a lovely dress and Shiro covered in blue lipstick marks. 

5) Klanro, Labyrinth: Keith has much sexual tension with foster brother/best friend Shiro and, in a fit of pique, asks the goblin king to take him away. Lance, the Goblin King, think Shiro is hella hot so he actually does it and flat out refuses to return his prize (Don’t judge him, you wouldn’t either) Now Keith is in a race against time to get Shiro back before he’s stuck forever. …Also to get the Goblin King to stop flirting with him. …or something. He’s conflicted, okay! 

6) Klanro, “Poly Masquerade/We used to protect you when you were smaller but now you’re bigger. And hot. And saved me from some jerk. And. Also. Goddamn.” Once upon a time Keith and Shiro protected small skinny Lance from bullies in school. Once upon a time they almost broke up because of small skinny Lance. Years later a guy in a Phantom of the Opera mask saves Keith from some handsy jerks (not that he needed saving thanks very much) and hey, half of that face is familiar but…no fucking way, Lance? Is less small. And less skinny. And Keith and Shiro are now aware that letting other people into their relationship is possible/doesn’t mean they don’t love each other.  But first they will flirt shameless behind their masks. (Featuring Keith getting manhandled) 

7) Shance, GhostNotGhostShiro (Tentatively titled FMU-Fuck My Unlife) Lance moves into his first home, a nice split level priced stupidly low because the guy that lives there before died inside or something. Only that guy is still there. And doesn’t want Lance there. And then maybe does want Lance there. And keeps running off his dates. And moving his shit. And bringing him flowers and making him breakfast. (Featuring some consensual possession for the sake of mutual masturbation.)

8) Klanro, The One With the Goo (Tentatively titled Sticky and Hot) Lance falls into an alien swamp and by the time Shiro and Keith manage to fish him out he’s…made of goo. Goo that when touched makes people horny. Goo that is very flexible and malleable and takes on lots of varying shapes.  

9) Klanro, Siren!Lance: Lance is a Siren but he’s living as a human so he never sings. Not even in the shower because he doesn’t want his flatmates to fall under his spell. But one day he happens to find himself alone and the itch is there and…opps, Keith and Shiro got back early. 

10)Klanro, Werecat!Shiro: ‘I’m hiding that I’m a werecat but, surprise my boyfriends are actual total furries and want to bang my brains out while I’m shifted. …perverts. 

11) The Adventures of Princess Lance, Dragon Rider: And his faithful dragon Shiro and stubborn knight Keith. 

12) Shance, “Turn into your costume” Lance loses a bet and has to dress up as a playboy bunny. Magic happens and Lance ends up as a scantily clad bunny hybrid. Shiro, meanwhile, is a Fox (don’t ask, he doesn’t want to talk about it.) And he smells something…tasty. 

13) Shance, Nightmare Before Christmas AU: After Jack’s little…incident Halloweentown and Christmastown are dedicated to openness, understanding, and closeness. To this end Christmas Angel Lance, curious about how the other side lives, wanders into Halloweentown and meets RagDoll Shiro. Romance blooms. 

14) Klanro: Incubi Keith and Lance are sent to seduce Father Shiro through his dreams. …it goes well. 

15) Shance: Vampire Shiro: Shiro is bitten by a vampire but won’t change as long as he doesn’t drink human blood. It’s working out for him; new town, new job, new friends, new apartment…except his new neighbor is testing him. He’s not sure what he wants more, Lance’s ass or his blood. 

16) Klanro, Cat Costume Lance: Halloween is the one day a year you can dress like a slut and no one can say anything about it. Lance wants to celebrate Halloween in the castle and catch the eye of two partiqular paladins. Lucky for him he’s got just the costume idea and the perfect wingwoman in Allura (who thinks this custom of wearing very little clothing is just grand.)

17) Klanro, Love Potions are bad ideas: Witch Lance has a thing for Keith and brews himself a potion that will, hopefully, bring out hidden desire. Only Shiro, Keith’s roommate, accidentally drinks it. And Shiro’s hidden desires are unexpected. (Who knew the guy had such a filthy brain?) 

18) Shance, Hades and Persephone. Shiro is the lord of the underworld. Lance is the younger brother of the Goddess Allura. Shit happens and that, kids, is why we have seasons (and Shiro is still hiding from Allura in the underworld all these years later.) 

31) (This one is in order) Zombie Apocalypse AU (Shance, Heith, Pidllura)