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Glitch In The Matrix Stories #34

Dimensional Rift In Northern California

In the summer of 2005, I was hanging out with some friends at a now defunct punk Rock bar in Chico, CA, called the riffraff room. I don’t really drink so I had one glass of PBR (the cheapest beer in a college town) and listened to a pretty decent band while I was chatting with some longtime friends. We parted ways early in the night and I wanted to wander around town a little more.

I walked around an area with a lot of record shops and cool little boutiques, including a small comic shop that was still open at 11:00 pm. I am a huge comic fan. That night I was wearing a t-shirt with all the Marvel heroes on it, including Daredevil. I thought it was strange that the comic store was open so late, so I stepped in to check it out.

There was a really cute Goth girl working in the store. She was very polite but kept staring at my shirt. I made a comment about being a Marvel fan and she said, “Daredevil’s not Marvel anymore. Marvel traded him to DC for the Flash." 

I thought she was teasing me at first. I just said something like "Yeah, sure." 

I looked around at the books and sure enough, all the Daredevil books were DC and all the Flash books were Marvel. There was even a poster of the Avengers featuring The Flash. I asked her when this happened. She told me it happened after the DC versus Marvel event back in the 90s.

I knew this couldn’t be real. I was always up with the comic book news. So I bought an issue of DC’s Daredevil. I’ll never forget it because it had Grant Morrison’s name on the cover. I’m a huge Grant Morrison fan. I also bought an issue of the Justice League with Daredevil fighting the Joker and the Royal Flush Gang.

I left the store and noticed that the street lights were all out in the neighborhood. I went home a little later, forgetting the bag of comics in my car. The next morning, I went to visit a friend. I told him about the weird comics and when I took them from the bag, they were exactly the same as I remembered from the store. Daredevil by DC comics.

Like in every movie ever, when I went back to Chico, the comic store was gone. In its place was a small Scientology/Dianetics store front.

I have no explanation for what happened and of course when I moved to Los Angeles, those issues didn’t make it through the move. It could have been an elaborate prank or I could have stepped through an alternate dimension. I’ll never know.

Credits to: Quantumlepper (story)

Is This Sarah?

A little over a year ago, I was dating a girl I’ll call Sarah. We had been dating for about two weeks when this happened. For a bit of context I worked then (and still) 2nd shift at a call center, so I don’t get off work until 11 at night and the last thing I want to do is talk on the phone. 

I had just gotten off work and I was driving home when my phone started ringing. I keep my phone out on the center console while I drive, so I glanced down at it and saw it was Sarah calling. I was a bit annoyed, but I knew she knew about my stance on calling and figured it had to be important. I try to never talk on the phone while I am driving, so I dismissed the call and as soon as I got to a traffic light, I texted her I was driving and I would call as soon as I was home.

I got to my place about 5 minutes later and I pulled the phone out and hit her name to call her. There was a few seconds of ringing before a tired sounding female voice answered, "hello?" 

I was taken aback. It sounded like Sarah but whoever had answered didn’t seem to be expecting my call. I frowned and said, "um, hi?" 

There was a moment of silence then, "who is this?" 

"It’s Jim, is this Sarah?” I asked, getting more confused. 

There was another moment of silence. “Yeah, it’s Sarah… Jim who?" 

I had no idea what to think. Was she pissed I didn’t answer when she called and now was messing with me? Was she hurt and confused? 

I stammered, "Jim… your boyfriend!" 

I heard soft muttering while I waited for a reply. Who was she talking to? 

Finally she said, "look my name is Sarah, but my fiance’s name is Jason and he’s with me now, so please don’t call me at 11.30 at night again.” And with that, she hung up.

I was totally reeling, wondering what the hell was going on. I checked the phone to see if I had somehow dialed the wrong number, but sure enough it listed Sarah as my last contact and I swear it sounded like her. I sat in silence considering this when suddenly my phone rang. I nearly jumped out of my skin in surprise when it did. It was Sarah. I answered right away. “Hello?" 

"Jim, can you pick me up? My car broke down." 

”… Um, sure. Did we just talk?“ 

"Huh? No, I called but you didn’t answer. You said you’d call.”

I started to explain but didn’t bother. I just got back in the car and drove over to her, chalking it up to a bizarre crossed connection with the phone and a strange coincidence with the woman’s name. The rest of the night was stressful enough that I pretty much forgot about it.

Sarah and I ended about 2 weeks later. The exact circumstances don’t matter, but suffice it to say we did not part on good terms. I went on with my life, after all we were not together long and you date a lot of people in your life. We never unfriended each other on FB though for whatever reason, probably because neither of us could really be bothered. 

About 3 months ago, the long forgotten incident came flooding back to me as I was scrolling through my news feed. Sarah had just started a new relationship. His name is Jason.

Now I know all this could be a really bizarre series of coincidences, but just the same, maybe I should buy them a card to congratulate them when they announce their engagement?

Credits to: JiminKY (story)

It Takes a (Secretly Superpowered) Village

AO3 Link to Chapter One

Voltron/Young Avengers crossover, featuring a Metric Ton of Marvel

In which Keith spends two and a half years living with a secret agent and an intergalactically-wanted alien, and doesn’t realize something is off until he gets to space and sees the wanted posters.

Before Keith joined the Garrison, he spent two and a half years living with the foster parents he considered his favorites. They were weird, sure, but they were good people who did their best to raise him and teach him how to take care of himself. Keith had almost nothing but good, if strange, memories of that home.

Fast-forward a few years, and Keith was fighting a war against aliens in space, and had been for over six months by the timehe glanced back at Pidge and her computer mid-battle and saw a wide spread of wanted posters for the people that had the highest bounties in the entire Galra Empire. Pidge had wanted to see if the Galra had figured out what any of them looked like, other than Shiro. Completely by accident, she had found out something else entirely.

“Keith? What’s wrong?”

“Can you… translate the name on that poster? The one with the the white-haired guy that looks mostly human?”

“Uh… Noh-Varr. Says he’s… Kree. Why?”

“That’s my foster dad.

This is incredibly self-indulgent, and is in fact partially inspired by a previous fic where I had NohKate playing the role of young foster parents to a troubled young character. Unlike that fic, this is going to feature aliens and superpowers.

The Ant-Man poster featuring Ant-Man on Black Widow’s bust is fake!

That poster is one of (albeit the most creepy and sexist) a group of parody posters made by fans of the MCU. Other such fan posters include this equally abhorrent creation:

And my personal favorite:

The only official posters released by Marvel are the ones depicting Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor. 

There’s a post rolling around attempting to blame Marvel Entertainment for the fan-made posters, calling them sexist and worse. Marvel does have trouble with representation in their works, but even they wouldn’t make a mistake this large. Spread the word!