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Here with another very important crew member feature: Megan Ann Boyd.

Megan helped write the pilot, as well as did some storyboard clean up and revisions.

A Hasbro toy designer turned storyboard artist, Megan is a design-centric purveyor of appeal. Her work is clean, stylish and completely adorable.  Her understanding of structure and story made her both fun and helpful to write with.  She has storyboarded for Warner Bros and Nickelodeon, and helped Karl with the development of his Becky Prim pilot. In her free time, Megan creates original paper-craft figures.

Check out her art and give her a follow:

Megan’s Tumblr

Megan’s Twitter



James Spader and Megan Boone discussing the relationship between Red and Liz and Mr. Kaplan

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Inktober 031: scruffy, long-haired college boyfriends for @notallballs, who is the worst and the best all at once <3

Tools: Zig Cartoonist Sumi Ink, a dip pen with a Manuscript Leonardt Drawing Nip (DP801), Strathmore Bristol Board, Copic Opaque White


More BNHA sketches (AKA I’ve Lost All Control of My Life Please Help Me) featuring: 

  • Megane!Toshi in a big sweater for some reason?? (I’m going to color this one as soon as life allows :3c) 
  • Attempted muscle practice, and I have no idea! What!! I’m!!! Doing!!!! 
  • I realized that every time I draw Aizawa he’s always making That One Face™, so I tried to draw him smiling, and, well…. yeaahhhh
Benedict Cumberbatch’s Company to Adapt Novel ‘The End We Start From’ Into Movie (EXCLUSIVE)
Benedict Cumberbatch’s SunnyMarch and Hera Pictures have acquired the feature film rights to Megan Hunter’s hotly anticipated debut novel, “The End We Start From.” The book,…
By Justin Kroll

Benedict Cumberbatch’s SunnyMarch and Hera Pictures have acquired the feature film rights to Megan Hunter’s hotly anticipated debut novel, “The End We Start From.”

The book, published by Picador this week, follows a new mother and her newborn, who are turned into refugees following an environmental crisis in the U.K. Forced to leave their home after London is submerged in flood waters, the family must search for safety in a country thrown into chaos.

“‘The End We Start From’ is a stunning tale of motherhood,” Cumberbatch said. “Megan has crafted a striking and frighteningly real story of a family fighting for survival that will make everyone stop and think about what kind of planet we are leaving behind for our children. We’re beyond thrilled to be bringing this story to life.”

“This exquisite piece of writing is profoundly moving,” Hera Pictures founder Liza Marshall said. “It captures the deep love between a mother and child while forcing us all to consider what the world could become if climate change destabilized everything we take for granted. Megan has written something very special and unique and we’re excited and honored to have the opportunity to make it into a film.”

The movie will be produced by Cumberbatch, Marshall, Adam Ackland, and Sophie Hunter.

“I am absolutely delighted that such a talented, passionate, and dynamic team will be working together to create a film version of ‘The End We Start From,‘” Hunter said. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to see my work translated into a new medium, particularly by a group of people with such a heartfelt appreciation of the book. I can’t wait to see what emerges from this exciting collaboration.”

Since launching the banner in 2013, SunnyMarch has quietly built an exciting slate that includes an adaptation of Matt Haig’s upcoming book “How to Stop Time” and Geoffrey Household’s classic British novel “Rogue Male.” SunnyMarch’s TV arm, supported by StudioCanal, is producing TV adaptations of Ian McEwan’s “The Child in Time” and Edward St Aubyn’s Patrick Melrose novels.



-so who gave you that hickey au-

Teresa’s been looking strangely at Minho ever since he sat down at their table in the library, and after the four of them have been discussing their last bio lab for a quarter of an hour she finally asks, “Minho, are you wearing makeup?”

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anonymous asked:

What about headcanons did an Ouran AU with a school of your choice? :)

I was originally going to do Aoba Johsai, but then I was thinking that’s just the most obvious choice, ya feel? So then I thought maybe it’d be better to do Nekoma… but then I only know like 5 characters…. And that’s just not good enough for me… so I ultimately chose Karasuno because…. I love our crows so damn much! Thanks for requesting!! -Admin Satori <3

Ouran High School Host Club AU: Karasuno Volleyball team headcanons

Princely Type (Tamaki Suoh)

I feel like Suga and Daichi would have this type locked down. They’d be very attentive to your needs and would be the best at making any one blush. Since they’d knowingly joined a host club, they’d bring their ‘A’ game and would make the girls swoon with how caring they can be and how well they listen and offer solutions. I’d say they’d collectively rake in about 26% request rate. Suga is usually requested just a few hundredths of a percent more than Daichi, which he uses to his advantage to tease his best friend about when they’re off the clock. Sometimes will join together and create the Parental Type where they are more like the visitors parents when giving advice or comforting them. They’ve both been greeted ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ multiple times and only find it an endearing mistake of their visitors.

Cool Type (Kyoya Ootori)

Tsukishima and Kageyama would probably rule over this type. Tsukishima has the added feature of being a megane tsudere, but will absolutely refuse most of his requestors, even going so far as to not show up to the club if he knows there’s going to be a lot of people that day. These two do not get along at all, so they are usually very far away from each other so that gives their visitors an actual fork in the road of which one to choose when they arrive. For some reason, people tend to really enjoy Tsukishima’s teasing and mean taunts and rude words, but his loyal customers know that he’s not like that to his core. And Kageyama’s visitors come because of the challenge to get the boy to make a fave other than his glaring eyes. They think he’s so cool and intimidating to approach, but feel so casual when he starts talking, very lowly, about his interests. Tsukishima, when he decides to show, brings in almost 19% of requests while Kageyama’s awkward silence brings only about 10%.

Loli-Shota Type (Mitsukuni “Honey” Haninozuka)

Obviously this role is going to be taken up by Hinata and possibly Nishinoya drabbling in it now and then. Primarily, Hinata would be the one to take up at least 6% requests. Everyone loves how childlike he is, but sometimes it just burns people out with how hyperactive that childlike aura really is. He used to hate being the ‘precious child type’ since it was obviously a rip on his height, but once he saw how many people wanted to coddle him and protect him, he slowly came to terms with it and gladly continued being categorized as such. He’s very active and will take his visitors outside to the school grounds on field trips to his favorite places around school. His visitors adore when he turns to his sound effect talk of ‘fwooms’ and ‘bwaahs’.

Strong & Silent Type (Takashi “Mori” Morinozuka)

I want to put Asahi in this group because he’d be so embarrassed of being in such a club and what their objective is every day that he’d probably clam up. Somedays he’s really chill though and will be quite talkative with his visitors, but most of the time his responses are just a few words. His request rate would probably range about 11% since some visitors are just too intimidated by his looks and his tall stature to approach him with full confidence. He does have quite a few loyal customers who know he’s not scary but actually the most precious thing on this earth. He’s honestly so very surprised that he has such a high percentage, but won’t second guess it for fear that he might have heard wrong.

Little Devil Type (Hikaru & Kaoru Hitachiin)

Tanaka and Nishinoya are going to run this show. They usually only rake in about 10% requests, but are slowly being shown more interest. They’re going to be the pranksters and the ones to basically rile up the other members against each other so that then they themselves are given more attention for being ‘level headed’. Most of the time they fail at it and end up just getting each other hype for the next day of visitors. Aren’t as used to the attention, so will sometimes just bursts with nosebleeds at girls and boys alike swooning over how cool they are. They’re always scolded by the other members of the club, sometimes even given long lectures on why they shouldn’t act like such children in any customer’s presence. They still do though. They get loud and hype because that’s just who they are and what their customers like.

Natural Type (Haruhi Fujioka)

Yamaguchi would definitely be placed with this type. He’s very approachable and genuinely will try to help with whatever he can for his visitors. Honestly, he didn’t know why people started talking to him when Tsukishima was in the same room, but he’s just so much warmer. He’s kind and sweet and will just actually care. Unlike the princely type, he doesn’t put on a show or a mask. He’s just being himself, his cute freckled precious self, and that’s what brings people in. He averages about 13% request rate. I would also place Ennoshita within this bracket since he is also the type to just be himself. He feels like he’s not supposed to get as much as 3% of requests, but finds it very heart warming that people actually cared to remember him. They’re both fairly competitive though, so they’ll try to prove their worth of attention by making friends around school after club hours so that their request percentages go up.

The remaining 2% of requests go to Narita and Kinoshita who don’t have a type since they’re not around very much in the club.

Okay… so I realized after writing all this that you’d asked for headcanons… whoops! Hope this works though! Also I couldn’t think of what Narita and Kinoshita would be since I’m not very well attuned with their characters.

Darren Criss Shares 'Elsie Fest 2016' Playlist, From Ariana Grande to Megan Hilty: Takeover Tuesday
For Billboard's latest Takeover Tuesday, singer/songwriter/actor Darren Criss offers up a personally curated Spotify playlist inspired by Elsie Fest, the outdoor music festival celebrating stars and songs from the stage and screen. The shindig, which was co-created by Criss and launched in 2015, will take place on Sept. 5 at the Ford Amphitheater at the Coney Island Boardwalk in New York.

August 23, 2016

The second annual show features Megan Hilty, Tituss Burgess, Criss, Rebel and a Basket Case (Evan Rachel Wood and Zach Villa), Jason Robert Brown, Lena Hall, Corey Cott, Pasek and Paul, Julie James and a special guest performance by Cynthia Erivo. A portion of the show’s proceeds will be donated to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

Below, Criss shares his thoughts on the playlist, Elsie Fest and the many song-and-dance folks that populate the 22-track collection:

1. Megan Hilty“Second Hand White Baby Grand” (live): This was one of my favorite songs to come out of NBC’s Smash. Even if you don’t know anything about the show, this song is a gem and Megan’s voice is stunning.

2. Tituss Burgess “Stop Calling Me”: Before his TV-star turn as Titus Andromedon (on the Netflix series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), he was Broadway’s Tituss Burgess, a powerhouse high tenor that never ceased to make audiences wonder how his voice could make that sound. And before “Peeno Noir” (possibly not safe for work), he made a few albums of his own. Here’s one funky-ass jam that still keeps me wondering.

3. Graham Phillips and Ariana Grande“A Little More Homework” (from 13): Before her inevitable international pop music radio takeover, Ariana was always a theater kid, and a great one at that – having originated in Jason Robert Brown’s beloved 13 as a teenager.

4. Seth MacFarlane“Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out to Dry”: It’s almost infuriating how talented this guy is. If Family Guy had never happened, and you had played me this record, I woulda bought all his albums. It’s unfair how wonderful of a singer he is.

5. Kevin Spacey“That Old Black Magic”: That’s right, in case some of you House of Cards fans lived under a rock (aka: missed the episode where Frank Underwood sang to Claire, or you never heard of Beyond the Sea), Spacey has a pretty outspoken penchant for the Great American Songbook. Case in point, this little ditty.

6. Anna Kendrick “I Can Do Better Than That” (from The Last Five Years): In case you missed 12-year-old Anna Kendrick’s Tony Award-nominated performance as Dinah Lord in High Society(spoiler: she didn’t win that year, but spoiler: she became a huge movie star so she kinda did win after all), we’ve been graced with her singing chops in a variety of musical-film projects in the past few years. In line with my love for songwriter Jason Robert Brown, here’s her 2015 recording of a fan favorite from The Last Five Years.

7. Hugh Jackman“Not the Boy Next Door” (from The Boy From Oz): Yes. The Huge, Jacked Man himself (of X-Men fame) won a Tony for playing Peter Allen in 2003’s The Boy From Oz. And by this point, he was already a pretty big movie star. The fact that he has always been able to dance (literally) between Broadway and blockbuster gigs so seamlessly has proven through the years that he is definitely not the boy next door.

8. Hugh Laurie “St. James Infirmary”: Whether folks know him as the brilliant comic counterpart of A Bit of Fry and Laurie from British television or the completely opposite, brooding antihero of House, most aren’t familiar with Laurie’s affinity for the blues and tickling the ivories. Here’s him covering one of my favorite tunes.

9. Tom Waits “Somewhere”: This has got to be one of the all-time greatest renditions of a classic Broadway tune. An iconic man singing an iconic tune. Like a lot of his records, it’s as haunting as it is beautiful.

10. James Marsden“That’s Amore” (from Enchanted): So speaking of X-Men, who knew Cyclops could sing? Like, this well?

11. Mickey Rooney, Feist, Amy Adams, Jason Segel & Walter“Life’s a Happy Song” (from The Muppets): I don’t need to explain why The Muppets exemplify the fabulous film/TV/theater crossover crew, but this tune also features the singing stylings of Jason Segel (remember his Dracula musical, anyone?) and another personal favorite, Amy Adams (Enchanted, anyone?). Oh, and also we get to hear the late, great Mickey Rooney and the incomparable Feist herself. That’s a lot of really, really cool people singing on one song. I didn’t even mention any of The Muppets.

12. The Gregory Brothers & Daym Drops“Dayum”: Or maybe better known on YouTube as Schmoyoho, these Auto-Tune songsmiths have gifted the world with “songified” versions of countless viral favorites, the original videos of which, in turn, have become even bigger favorites because of how awesome Schmoyoho’s musical versions were. This song gets me so pumped about life. But also about Five Guys burgers.

13. Meryl Streep“Last Midnight” (from Into the Woods): Of course she makes the list. It’s Meryl.

14. Uzo Aduba“By My Side” (from the new Broadway cast recording of Godspell): Before the world got to know her as Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren on Orange Is the New Black, I got to see Uzo perform this song in 2011’s Broadway revival of Godspelland was blown away. Now, two Emmys later, and after appearing in NBC’s The Wiz Live!, I hope we all get to hear more of her beautiful voice!

15. Zac Efron “Ladies’ Choice” (from Hairspray): Let’s not forget that this mega-star got his start from the ol’ song-‘n’-dance game. After High School Musical, Hairspray was the last time we got to see him on the big screen rockin’ a musical number. When you watch him, you go, “Oh yeah, duh, that’s why he’s a mega-star.” Lookin’ forward to when he gets back to it with Hugh Jackman in the upcoming original movie musical The Greatest Showman on Earth. Gonna be sweeeeeet.

16. Jamie Cullum “I Get a Kick Out of You”: Like many of the great standards, there are endless versions to choose from for this particular tune from Cole Porter’s Anything Goes. In 2003, Jamie released this rendition that made a teenage me’s ears almost explode with delight. The piano solo is insane.

17. Fergie“Be Italian” (from Nine): Despite Nine’s, uh, mixed reviews, I loved seeing this film’s eclectic cast of Elsie-approved artists all under the same roof. Ask IMDb, since the list is too large to go through. However, Fergie stole the show for me with her vocal performance on this song.

18. Catherine Zeta-Jones & Renee Zellweger“I Move On” (from Chicago): I mean, come on. These ladies crushed this. Still get goosebumps when I watch this movie.

19. Todrick Hall “No Place Like Home”: Todrick has been killing the DIY internet sensation game for a long time now, from his Disney-inspired YouTube parody videos to a toe-tappin’ music video for Virgin America’s safety instructions. His latest work is a mind-blowing audio/visual concept album that nods to everyone’s favorite public domain: Oz. Here’s the opening track.

20. The Lonely Island featuring Justin Timberlake“Dick in a Box”:  I hope entertainment historians revere this song many years from now as a contemporary musical comedy standard. To me, musical comedy isn’t just defined by what’s on Broadway on an actual stage. The internet is the largest stage in the world. So to understand why I believe this is such an Elsie-approved song, well, one could say you gotta think outside the box

21. Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga “Cheek to Cheek”: When Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta was a classic cabaret-lovin’ theater student at New York University, I’m sure she would’ve killed to have the opportunity to make an album of jazz standards with Tony Bennett. Well, luckily she didn’t have to kill anything other than her real name and go on to make a bunch of hit records first. I think it’s so rad that she made this record. Here’s The Lady & The Bennett doing their best Fred Astaire. If only they could’ve re-created the original scene from Top Hat for a music video!

22. Vanessa Hudgens “I Never Want to Go Home Again” (from Gigi): If you happened to have missed a certain Disney musical franchise that launched her career (High School Musical), maybe you did catch Vanessa in her Broadway debut with 2015’s Gigi – where we got to hear her beautifully showcase her vocal chords beyond the realms of early 2000s pop music production and high school lockers and into the land of early 1900s Paris and a classic score from Lerner & Loewe.

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