featuring living artists is the best

BTS Top Social Artist of 2017 at the Billboard Music Awards.

“Thank you for always supporting us.”

I’m so happy Korea and BTS are being represented. These artists are incredibly underated despite the frenzy they causes world wide. They are huge forces. EXO, Big Bang, BTS, Shinee, Twice Etc. They are platinum sellers and are ignored just because they’re ‘kpop’.

I’m done calling them Kpop. They’re just artists. They’re legends. They’re driving forces in the industry who deserve coverage. The same way Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Beyonce do. I mean when they accepted the award the camera didnt even show the whole group. They deserve more. They all do. The last Korean artist to break in America was Big Bang at the MTV music video awards. They won “Best World Wide Act 2011” and “Best Asia and Pacific Act 2011” those awards aren’t even featured every year. Let’s get our artists the recognition they deserve.

But tonight special shout out to BTS. Whom btw looked STUNNING tonight.

ya know what I find funny?

rap monster is constantly mocked and looked down upon for being an idol, but he’s actually one of the few k-artists that are recognized by american media and american hip hop artists.

like he was the only korean artist to be featured on spin’s “50 best hip hop albums of all time”, he collaborated with Krizz Kaliko and Warren G, and now he’s recognized by Wale.

You don’t really see that kind of thing happening with most k-hip hop artists. What makes it even more phenomenal is that rap monster wasn’t even born in America or had any experience living in America. He self-taught himself english and he was able to get to that point through his hard work.

Even Suga was recognized on Tidal’s Rising, which is still more than what a lot of k-hip hop artists get.

So yeah. I’m proud of my boys:)

Rihanna receives 8 GRAMMY nominations!

Record of the Year -  “Work” (feat. Drake)

Best Pop Duo/Group Performance - “Work” (feat. Drake)

Best R&B Performance - “Needed Me”

Best R&B Song - “Kiss it Better”

Best Urban Contemporary Album - Anti

Best Rap/Sung Performance - “Famous” (feat. Rihanna)

Best Recording Package - Anti

Album of the Year - Views (as featured artist)

The Recording Academy will present the 59th GRAMMY Awards on Sunday, Feb. 12, 2017, live from Staples Center in Los Angeles and broadcast on the CBS Television Network from 8–11:30 pm ET/5–8:30 pm PT.


Yuri - Lilia, age/role swap AU

He’s a monster. It’s true, what everyone says. All the shelves and surfaces in his studio are lined with medals and trophies, certificates and photographs. Odds and ends from his years of travel. An ornamental pair of skates, well-kept, but far too small to be any good to him now. And as he stands from his desk to walk a ring around her, his eyes are ferocious in their focus. He doesn’t bother setting his cigarette down – probably why the studio reeks of unkempt – and Lilia does her best to not breathe it in. An artist’s lungs are the foundation of their work. And it’s a vile habit. Yakov clears his throat.


Yuri Plisetsky, the living legend, flicks ash from the end of his cigarette. The years have eaten the softness from his features, etching lines along his eyes and mouth. He snorts. He’s terribly callous, for all that he’s built his being on beauty.

“What’s with the flowers?” He’s got his eyes narrowed at the pin in her hair. What is wrong with the flowers, indeed.

“I like them,” Lilia says. Yuri grunts.

“You look like you’re headed off to Confirmation.” More ashing, more pacing. “No injuries?”

“No.” After a moment, she has to remember: “No, sir.” He seems to find the correction rather funny.

“Ballet background?”

“Since I was five, sir.”


“Well.” Yakov steps in, with a hand on her shoulder. “How about it?”

For the first time that Lilia can recall, Yuri smiles.

“Deal. Let’s make that miserable bowl of pork fat sorry he ever took us on.”

Lilia suspects there is a story to all this. She curtsies. It’s the ladylike thing to do. But Yuri just makes his awful, derisive sounds again and says: “Lose the lady act, kid. And the flowers, too. Starting today, you’re a soldier.”

Happy March, and happy Women’s History Month! This month, as I’ve done for the last two years, I’ll be posting a new woman illustrator every day here on the blog. I can’t believe this is the third year running that I’ve done this, and it’s something I look forward to doing every year.

I wanted to start today with an artist that I recently came across, who created the iconic suffrage poster above. Bertha M. Boyé (1883-1931) was a San Fraancisco-native illustrator and sculptor.

Boyé was born in Oakland and raised in San Francisco. She attended the California School of Design, where she received awards of merit and scholarships for her work in life drawing and composition, but her professional work focused mainly on sculpture and “decoration” or illustration. She reated illustrations for books such as A Mother Goose for Lovers’ Use, a series of rhymes based on Mother Goose (1912), and Dotty Seaweed (1909), a children’s book about a mermaid. ) Finding examples of her work other than this iconic poster has proved extremely difficult; at first I assumed she had not pursued professional art past this one published piece, but her story has much more to it.

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TRACES: Uzi bombing in Stockholm, Sweden

TRACES is the name of our upcoming 600+ pages book about street bombing but also a series of videos featuring live bombing from different cities around the globe. In this third video we followed Uzi WUFC during some nights in Stockholm, Sweden.

Late 2015 we will release our most ambitious project so far, a 600+ pages book dedicated to the art of bombing! The book will be a world wide documentation of street bombing including interviews, live footage and of course tons of photos of throw-ups and tags made by some of the best artists from around the globe.This will literally be the BOMB! But to make it happen we need your help, send your best photos to bombing@spraydaily.com. We are especially looking for contributions from London, Berlin, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Moscow, Tokyo, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Milan, but of course everyone is welcome!

Mr. Staley should be recognized for the exceptional talent that he was and honored respectfully for his impact and influence on music. His contributions have been significant.

Facelift was released August 21, 1990, a day before Layne’s 23rd birthday. It was the 1st grunge album to be certified platinum and has gone on to be certified double platinum by the RIAA.

Dirt, released September 29, 1992, peaked at #6 on the Billboard 200, has been certified four times platinum by the RIAA, and has gone on to sell 5 million copies worldwide, making Dirt the band’s highest selling album to date, as well as the last to feature the original band line-up, with Mike Starr as bassist.

Sap, an EP, was released February 4, 1992.
We Die Young, a single EP, was released in July 1990 and was their 1st EP.

Jar of Flies, release date January 25, 1994 is the 1st EP in music history to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 Chart with the first week sales exceeding 141,000 copies in the U.S. and was well received by critics. It has been certified triple-platinum by the RIAA and has gone on to sell 4 million copies worldwide, making JOF one of the biggest sellers in AiC’s catalog.

Tripod, released November 7, 1995 as it is affectionately referred to is the self-titled 3rd studio album.  The album debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 and has since been certified double platinum.   

MTV Unplugged, released July 30, 1996 has been certified platinum by the RIAA.

Later official releases included Music Bank (1999), Live (2000), Greatest Hits (2001), Nothing Safe: Best of the Box (1999), and The Essential ALiCE iN CHAiNS (2006).

Layne was also featured on recordings with bands such as Heart, Second Coming, Class of ‘99 and formed rock supergroup Mad Season with Mike McCready, John Baker Saunders and Barrett Martin.

He appeared in the movies Father Rock and Singles. And prior to ALiCE iN CHAiNS, Layne was a band member of ALiCE ‘N CHAiNS (formerly Sleze) and Diamond Lie.

Mr. Staley was also a talented artist, photographer, self-taught guitarist, drummer, phenomenal lyricist, as well as a superb, influential lead vocalist.

#LayneStaley #ALiCEiNCHAiNS #Honor #Recognition 

Should I take interest in Rurouni Kenshin?

RThank you for asking! Yes, OF COURSE you should take interest in Rurouni Kenshin! Here’s a few reasons why:

  • Great characters that break common stereotypes. For example, the main “badass” warrior character is actually tiny, adorable, and really great at doing laundry.
  • Along side this, you get some really beautiful character arcs as well.
  • Complex moral and philosophical issues. Some of the questions raised include: who is it that can determine right and wrong? When, if ever, is it permissible to take a human life? How do I atone for my sins? Et cetera.
  • Really great story arcs that feature dilemmas, growth, and intrigue.
  • Educational– the story is set in 1878 Japan, and while it isn’t 100% historically accurate, you will still come away knowing much more about the Meiji Era, and the events that led up to it, than you did before.
  • Fun. There are AMAZING action scenes, quite a bit of humor, and one of the most well-developed and beautiful romances of all time.

Now, there are, luckily for you, several different ways to enjoy this amazing series. Let’s discuss the relative merits of each, shall we?


  • First of all, this is the official canon, and the original format. It’s always best to read the book, before watching the show, right?
  • Beautiful art. Seriously. Some of the panels are so gorgeous that I’m tempted to frame them and display it on my wall. The artwork varies from elegantly simple to incredibly complex. Checkout some raw screen caps here.
  • If you buy the physical volumes (which I HIGHLY recommend), there are these amazing character backgrounds, and random notes to the reader interspersed throughout by the mangaka himself, Nobuhrio Watsuki. They provide greater insight into the story, and a fair bit of humor as well.
  • The story/ character arcs in the manga are definitely the best. More complex, more interesting…additionally, there are more characters, and more backstories, making for a more complete world.
  • The best ending. EVER.
  • Did I mention the artwork????


  • Has that great 90′s anime feel to it, which will almost indubitably induce nostalgia. Also, the first opening is just amazing.
  • Some really great voice acting. I’m not a huge fan of dubs, ever, but this one is actually pretty good.
  • THE BEST OST OF ALL TIME. If ‘Departure’ does not leave you in a puddle of tears, then, well, you have no heart. Seriously, the OST is pretty much the best part of the anime.
  • Pretty awesome action scenes. Admittedly, action scenes in manga can be difficult to follow. So, seeing them transferred to screen is pretty great.
  • Please. Even if you never watch this anime, at least listen to the OST. Please.


  • The most perfect live-action cast that there ever was, ever. From the major characters (Takeru Sato as Himura Kenshin) to the minor (Ryosuke Miura as Sawagejo Cho), each actor does an incredible job of bringing their character to life.
  • The best choreographs for fight scenes that you will ever see. Incredible, visceral, and almost artistic in their brutal elegance. Dang. 
  • Beautiful filmography, and gorgeous settings.
  • Again, an amazing OST. Also featuring the song ‘The Beginning’ by One OK Rock. If this song does not get you into angsty fight-mode, no song will.
  • Surprisingly accurate to the original source material–not 100%, of course, but still a far, far, far better adaptation than, say the Last Airbender movie. Far far far.


  • The first OVA, Trust and Betrayal, covers Kenshin’s background according to the manga, something the anime did not include. Although the art style is quite different, it is still a major part of Rurouni Kenshin, and well worth a watch.
  • The second OVA, Reflections, is non-canonical, and SHOULD BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS. Absolutely don’t do this one It’s miserable, and even the mangaka did not really like it.

NOW. Thought you were done with my long lists, huh? Not quite. I need to issue a couple of warnings, first.

  • The manga/anime/movies, while differing in the levels, are all somewhat violent, particularly the movies and the manga. 
  • The first season of the anime is mainly filler, and could be skipped. The third season of the anime is non-canonical, and absolutely not worth your time. So, if you’re going to watch the anime, definitely watch parts of the first season, and all of the second season.
  • As mentioned above, the Reflections OVA is entirely not worth your time. I suppose there might be some reason why you’d want to watch it, but I honestly can’t think of any.
  • This series will leave you with all the feels. All of them (but it will be worth it).

So! Read Rurouni Kenhsin! Watch Rurouni Kenshin! Listen to Rurouni Kenshin! Devote your entire life to Rurouni Kenshin! Well, okay, maybe don’t go that far. But the fact remains that if I could recommend any series, it would be Rurouni Kenshin.

Please enjoy!


Ok so I’ve been watching Face Off which is a competition reality show in which Special Effects Makeup Artists compete to win a big cash prize and a year’s supply of makeup. They battle it out each week to do a makeup according to the theme set upon them. The makeup varies from zombie to age makeup to cartoon to body art. Versatility is key. They create a look and showcase their makeups to the judges. There’s a best makeup awarded each week and a worst.. a Makeup Artist is eliminated each week until there is one winner. In sight of all this, this show gives the competing MUA’s a platform to get recognised in the industry which is more important than winning. Coincidentally the winner of the first series Conor McCullagh worked with Ve Neill on the makeup for the Hunger Games films.  

Face Off is a US based reality show and me living in the UK, I’d never heard of it until recently. Since I’ve been watching it, I’ve been totally addicted. The talent of these Makeup Artists is phenomenal and they ALL deserve credit for their specialist skills. For the amount of time they have to create a concept and design for a character; sculpt and make the prosthetics; apply and paint; make the props by hand and fashion a costume for their character, is all of three days! THREE DAYS! That’s a lot of work for one artist and I mean a lot.

I have to say, this programme has given me so much inspiration, motivation and insight into working in Special Effects makeup. It’s such a competitive industry to break into and not to mention stressful and long hours. This work ethic is clearly represented in the show and the judges marking so harshly. This show doesn’t lie, it’s so raw and tells it how it is which I love. The technical and creative skill has to be exceptional too.

I chose these three images of some of the best makeups and their artists because to me, this was my personal favourite episode and theme which was to create a character that belonged in a Tim Burton movie. If you haven’t seen it, check it out: Series 2 ‘Burtonesque’. The artists featured in order top - bottom (RJ Haddy, Rayce Bird, Matt Valentine)

It makes me sad that there are so many talented artists out there whether it be in makeup, acting, costume/set designing, writing etc. who work their asses off all through their lives, mostly on shit earnings but they do it because they love it and it’s their passion. I have so much respect those people who don’t give up and make sacrifices to pursue their goals and ambitions. So when you ask me; who are your role models? IT’S THESE GUYS! 

Other commercial reality shows for the mass audiences like X-Factor particularly make me angry, because the contestants are a bunch of fame seeking wannabe singers prancing about on stage in skimpy outfits. These people do not represent the talent or passion on any level compared to these Artists.  

Thank you for reading,

Charlotte Louise



Glen Hansard - McCormack’s Wall (feat. John Sheahan, of The Dubliners, and Sarah Lynch)

Irish singer-songwriter Glen Hansard performs “McCormack’s Wall”, from the new album ‘Didn’t He Ramble” (Plateau Records/Anti, 2015). Don’t miss this video featuring music legend, John Sheahan of The Dubliners, one of the best Irish folk bands ever, and one of my favorite bands from all times, as I am a Irish folk lover and I have Celtic blood.

The video is also featuring Irish multi-instrumentalist Sarah Lynch, who has performed with many artists such as Mumford and Sons, Shane McGowan (of The Pogues), Albert Hammond Jr and Nick Valenci (The Strokes), Ed Sheeran, and a very long list.

A killing video performed live at Whelans in Dublin, directed by Myles O’Reilly.

                            The night we jumped McCormack’s Wall
                                I was so happy just to be with you
                                  I would have said anything at all.
                                   Now I could scream your name
                                             Till you do the same,
                                      But I know you won’t respond

Catsuka on Tumblr : 20 000 followers !

Thanks :-) !

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Dont Let Me Down By Chainsmokers ft. Daya

If you’ve heard The Chainsmokers, you know that listening to them is literally like chain smoking – you can’t stop! Their hit #Selfie garnered a whopping 400 million views on Youtube and reached #16 on the US charts. To no surprise, they have constantly been reeling out banger after banger with tracks like “Kanye” and “Roses” that have been mashed and remixed by other popular EDM artists. Since then, The Chainsmokers duo of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall have been rocking the EDM stage, playing in regular concert venues and festivals alike. 

Their newest song, “Don’t Let Me Down,” featuring Daya, truly shows their ever-evolving sound, and I’m diggin’ it. The Chainsmokers never cease to amaze me by choosing what seems to be the best of the best vocalists to compliment their dirty beats. The guitar intro brings the wavy The XX vibe and sweeps right into Daya’s magnetic voice. Daya brings the guts and glory with her anthemic vocal hooks that set the track off. I always appreciate EDM artists who not only bring the banging beats but also incorporate live instrumentals and thunderous vocals. Their Sound Cloud is truly eclectic bringing in other amazing vocalists, such as Emily Warren, and Rozes, and deserves to be checked out.

Written by Nel

anonymous asked:

best klapollo fics you've read?

hhhdfgg gosh all of them lmao 

hmm, well anything by apollosjustice on AO3 is phenomenal. all of her fics are amazing, but my favs are Kiss Me Quick, Intertwine Our Ways, The Life I’ve Lived With You, and Stupid Sexy Stranger, (also Recalibration (The Great Game) because it meets all of my standards).

Featured Artists, by ForeheadandFop, which is kind of a character study but with a cute klapollo twist. It’s the sequel to Mission Control, which is the same thing but with Apollo.

Gravity, by Euphorion, which was….fantastic.

The Defense is Ready, by garbage_dono (who also writes awesome klapollo in general) was also amazing, and one of the best case-fics I’ve read. It seriously was perfect, and fun, and just awesome. 

The Straight and Narrow was interesting too, and I liked the development of the relationship.

And of course Dirty Sympathy, which was finished (and can be found) on LiveJournal, by ideny, whose style of writing and just…it’s mind-blowing and violent and hard to read at parts but I love this fic.

there are more but I always forget to book mark them because i am an idiot lmao. enjoy! thank you for the ask!

Rare poster featuring Winsor McCay and the cast from Little Nemo in Slumberland.

From the auction listing: “In 1911, The Vitagraph Company of America produced a live-action film titled Winsor McCay and His Moving Comics that showed the creation of (and ended with) an animated cartoon of Little Nemo. With the French text on this poster (which reads “The Best of the Best of Cartoons”), it may have been intended for a French release of the film… The art is signed “R. Hem” who was a popular French poster artist in the early 1900s.”


Coming this May from Koyama Press!

Cat Person is a collection of comics by cartoonist Seo Kim. Begun as a personal challenge to create daily, the comics feature a variety of themes from the silly to the serious. Characterized by a charming drawing style and frequently featuring the cartoonist and her farcical feline Jimmy, these are the best Sunday comics you’ve never seen.

Seo Kim was born in Seoul, Korea, and then immigrated to Toronto, Ontario just a few months later. Kim currently lives in Los Angeles and works as a storyboard artist for the massively successful Cartoon Network show, Adventure Time.

ISBN: 978-1-927668-05-4
7 x 9 inches, 144 pages, full colour, softcover
May 2014

One Direction Beats Beatles' Record With Fifth Top 10 Debut on Hot 100
With its latest Billboard Hot 100 debut, One Direction bests the group's British boy band ancestors the Beatles.

Perfect’ enters at No. 10, marking 1D’s fifth top 10 start, the most among groups, besting the Beatles’ four.

With its latest Billboard Hot 100 debut, One Direction bests the group’s British boy band ancestors the Beatles.

As previously reported, One Direction roars onto the Hot 100 (dated Nov. 7) at No. 10 with new single “Perfect.” Fueling its start, it begins at No. 2 on the Digital Songs chart with 136,000 sold in its first week, according to Nielsen Music, and No. 18 on Streaming Songs (6.9 million U.S. streams), following the arrival of its official video Oct. 20.

“Perfect” is 1D’s fifth top 10 debut on the Hot 100, and second from its Nov. 13 album Made in the A.M.; “Drag Me Down” debuted and peaked at No. 3 upon its arrival on the Aug. 22. With five, One Direction breaks the record for the most top 10 Hot 100 debuts among groups, passing the Beatles’ four. Counting all artists, Taylor Swift has tallied a record 12 top 10 debuts, dating to the Hot 100’s 1958 inception.

Before “Perfect” and “Drag” (the latter of which tied the Beatles’ mark), One Direction debuted at No. 3 on the Hot 100 with “Live While We’re Young” (No. 3, Oct. 20, 2012), “Best Song Ever” (No. 2, Aug. 10, 2013) and “Story of My Life” (No. 6, Nov. 16, 2013).

The Beatles launched three of their fab four top 10 Hot 100 debuts in their original historic heyday, and one as a reunited trio (featuring the late John Lennon’s vocals) more than a quarter-century later: “Hey Jude” (No. 10, Sept. 14, 1968), “Get Back,” with Billy Preston (No. 10, May 10, 1969), “Let It Be” (No. 6, March 21, 1970) and “Free as a Bird” (No. 10, Dec. 30, 1995).

Notably, until the adoption of Nielsen Music data in the ‘90s, which made top 10 Hot 100 debuts more regular (although still fully laudable), the Beatles boasted the only such arrivals, with “Jude,” “Back” and “Let.”

1D also launches a second Hot 100 debut this week. Further down the chart, “Home” – a stand-alone track not on the new album – enters at No. 97.


Stuck in the Middle: Martin Scorsese on ‘Vinyl,’ his Ode to Rock Music and its Shady Cast of Characters

To see more from the set of Vinyl, check out @vinyl on Instagram. For more music stories, head to @music.

The first episode of Vinyl (@vinyl) starts with a close-up shot of a man in a luxury sedan drinking out of a liquor bottle and blowing cocaine off a rearview mirror. He’s sweating, he’s stressed, he’s on his last leg. If that all sounds like the beginning of a Martin Scorsese movie in the making, that’s because it is: the two-hour pilot, premiering February 14 on HBO, was directed by the man himself.

Vinyl gives viewers an inside look at the life of a New York-based record executive in 1973: a time when Zeppelin ruled the airwaves and the punk scene was just beginning to sprout up in crumbling backrooms and seedy dive bars downtown.

“I was aware that something was happening, and that there was a lot of cross-pollination between the music scene, the art world, avant-garde theatre, the music of Philip Glass and Steve Reich, the downtown filmmakers, Robert Wilson and so on,” Scorsese tells Instagram @music, over email. “SoHo and the Village were still areas of town where people could live on very little. The lofts were workspaces owned or rented very cheaply by artists. Everyone was poor, and it didn’t matter.”

Helping anchor this moment in time is Richie Finestra (a wavy-haired, well-dressed Bobby Cannavale), the founder of American Century records. Scorsese likes to refer to Vinyl’s main character as a man who’s stuck in between his desire to be comfortable and his desire for quality music — in between the family life and the high life. In classic Scorsese fashion, the show’s pilot features Richie doing his best Henry Hill impression, as a man at the top of his game narrating his own downfall. “I always tried to give the audiences what they wanted and in return they made me stinking f—ing rich,” he says. “This is my story, clouded by lost brain cells, self-aggrandizement and maybe a little bulls—.” Starring alongside Richie’s outsized personality are a cast of shady insiders and outlandish rock stars (fictional versions of Robert Plant, David Bowie and Elvis Presley all make appearances).

Initially conceived years ago by Scorsese and Mick Jagger as a feature length film, Vinyl went through several iterations before landing on a TV series with Boardwalk Empire’s Terence Winter as showrunner. For Scorsese, who directed such legendary music documentaries as The Last Waltz and No Direction Home, a fictionalized account inside the world of music had been a long time in the making.

“Sometimes, it can take a long, long time for a good idea to develop. And you just have to be patient,” says Scorsese. “Mick Jagger and I started talking about this project many years ago. And we kept revisiting it, letting it sit and develop in our minds, then coming back to it, for quite a long time until we both felt: OK, this is it.”

Besides nailing the story down, it was also imperative to get the soundtrack right. To help kick things off, Scorsese, along with music supervisor Randall Poster, injected the pilot with a wide range of tunes both of the time period and not: Edgar Winter, Otis Redding, Bo Diddley. But here, what’s “new” is king. That’s where Richie finds himself at the beginning (and end) of the pilot, following his ear into a building where a band called the New York Dolls are playing to a group of glittered, glammed-out teenagers and college kids. Unfortunately, like everything else in Richie’s life, the moment wasn’t meant to last long.

“Richie is like the Phoenix, burned in the purifying fires of rock ‘n’ roll and reborn from his own ashes,” says Scorsese. In that way, the main character of Vinyl is a bit like the music industry itself — always rebranding, always reinventing, always looking for that one final score.

—Instagram @music


Musical artists Common and John Legend will perform their Oscar-nominated song “Glory” at the 87th Oscars, show producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron announced today. The Oscars, hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, will air on Sunday, February 22, live on ABC.

“Common and John Legend are artists who have always lifted our spirits and made us think,” said Zadan and Meron. “The Oscar stage is that much more profound because of their presence and we welcome them.”

“Glory,” written by John Stephens (a.k.a. John Legend) and Lonnie Lynn (a.k.a. Common) for the film “Selma,” is nominated for Original Song. The four other nominated songs are “Everything Is Awesome” from “The Lego Movie,” “Grateful” from “Beyond the Lights,” “I’m Not Gonna Miss You” from “Glen Campbell…I’ll Be Me” and “Lost Stars” from “Begin Again.”

Common won a Grammy® in 2002 for Best R&B Song for “Love Of My Life (An Ode To Hip Hop),” and in 2007 for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group for “Southside,” with Kanye West. His many acting credits include the films “American Gangster,” “Wanted,” “Date Night” and “Selma,” in which he plays the role of Civil Rights leader James Bevel.

Legend is a nine time Grammy-winning singer/songwriter.  His critically acclaimed debut album, “Get Lifted,”scored multiple Grammy Awards in 2006, including Best R&B Album, Best New Artist and Best Male R&B Vocal Performance.  The follow up was the platinum-selling “Once Again,” which garnered a Best Male R&B Performance nod.  Legend’s most recent highly acclaimed fourth studio album, “Love in the Future,” scored two Grammy  nominations and features his break out hit, “All of Me,” which is his highest selling and charting song to date and also earned a 2015 Grammy Award nomination for Best Pop Solo Performance.

The 87th Oscars will be held on Sunday, February 22, 2015, at the Dolby Theatre® at Hollywood & Highland Center® in Hollywood, and will be televised live on the ABC Television Network at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT. The Oscars, produced by Zadan and Meron, also will be televised live in more than 225 countries and territories worldwide.

Studio Ghibli Co-Produced Film The Red Turtle Opens Next September

Dutch director Michael Dudok de Wit helmed Studio Ghibli, Wild Bunch co-produced film

TOHO announced during its press briefing revealing its 2016 lineup on Thursday that it will distribute The Red Turtle, the latest film by award-winning Dutch animator and director Michael Dudok de Wit (“The Monk and the Fish,” “Father & Daughter” animated shorts). Studio Ghibli co-produced the film with French film production and distribution company Wild Bunch. TOHO will open the film in Japan in September 2016.

de Wit temporarily moved to Koganei in Tokyo (where Studio Ghibli is headquartered) to work on the film, completing the film’s storyboards and the scenario in his time there, while Studio Ghibli director Isao Takahata checked them. Takahata also serves as the “artistic producer” for the film. Pascale Ferran (Bird People) wrote the film’s script. The film is currently finishing production in France.

de Wit’s “Father & Daughter” short won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film in 2001. The Red Turtle is de Wit’s first feature film.

Wild Bunch co-produced Studio Ghibli’s 2010 anime film The Secret World of Arrietty. The company also distributed Park Chan-Wook’s 2003 live-action film Oldboy, which was inspired by Garon Tsuchiya and Nobuaki Minegishi’s manga of the same name.


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