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Since people have been sending me photos of art nouveau buildings where they live/on their travels, I thought why not add a Submission feature to the blog!

So now you can submit photos of art nouveau buildings, pictures or other cool features through this link right here (or click the pencil icon at the top of the blog homepage). This way you can show the world the art nouveau buildings (or other cool things) that you come across and can share them with others. :)

I am also thinking about doing an Art Nouveau giveaway. I was going to do one in December but was a little busy. Now I can focus on doing a proper giveaway. I’ll let you all know when it goes live and how to enter! :) (I’m accumulating books and other goodies for it right now :D )

(Above art by J.C. Leyendecker, 1896.)

anonymous asked:

Do you have any favorite people you follow? My feed is pretty low with only 5 posts a day yet I follow 20+ people. Any suggestions to artists, fashion, esthetic, etc?

Yeah I’d love to share some! There are a lot in here but I hope you find something you like :)

art blogs and comics:

  • @fuckyeahillustrativeart
    a blog that collects and showcases artists from around the net. Amazing stuff and even more art blogs can be found through this hub!
  • thisiscolossal 
    a blog that shows a lot of cool contemporary art. Less of the work featured here is from online artists, but you’ll definitely find cool stuff
  • @supersonicart
    another cool blog for contemporary stuff! this one posts more “quirky” artists than the previous one
  • @hifructosemag
    yet another quirky contemporary blog. This one is even more weird than the last haha. Some of the stuff in this blog can get into creepy territory, so warnings for weird surreal shit (unless that’s your preference like me)
  • @floccinaucinihilipilificationa 
    you’ve probably seen these comics floating around, but maybe didn’t know the artist. The “relatable anxiety bee” is from this blog, as well as the “horrible headmaster Dumbledore” comics. Hilarious stuff, and the artist rambles about their life in their tags, which are a whole other, unrelated set of wild adventures. They’re also the sweetest person ever!
  • @webcomicname
    if you’re in the mood for existential comics with weird subdued humor, this is for you lmao
  • @transgirlnextdoor
    very relatable humor for trans people, sometimes gets a little nasty but it’s all stuff we think but don’t say. Hilarious!
  • @rumwik
    posts daily! super cute and wholesome content, very good for stress-relief and anxiety-free viewing. Lots of pokemon too!
  • @k-eke
    another popular blog, but his animations are seriously so good for my mood? They always make me feel better, and he’s just the sweetest guy. If you’re a bird person, this is definitely an art blog to follow
  • @sanjanasart
    posts really calming watercolor process videos! I can get lost for hours watching her videos. Really vibrant style
  • @kevinwada
    my hero honestly. Famous for doing a lot of those High Fashion Superheroes and posts about his professional work pretty often.

art blogs from my buddies and boos:

  • @beedalee-art
    my gf Bee’s art-only blog, I’m sorry I have to be that obnoxious datemate LOL but if you like my art and stories you gotta keep up with Bee too! Our work is married to each other just like us lmao I know we’re gross
    (her personal blog is @beedalee where she sometimes answers character questions like me)
  • @cprinceart
    my buddy Cait! Again, if you follow me and are invested in my stories and characters, you should follow cait cause our stuff interlocks so often! Cait has great use of color and really well thought-out characters
  • @rienlen
    my buddy Lan! His work is fucking fantastic, he’s got amazing world-building and a very dynamic style, his characters are fun and engaging. You won’t be let down! (has a main mlm couple, if you’re looking for that!)
  • @moosopp-art
    basically my internet son LOL. Lee has a very clean and expressive style, and his comic strips are full of fun and cute character dynamics. He has several on-going comics right now (many of them also mlm content!), which you can support on his Patreon
  • @bozrat
    HJ has a super cool style and posts a lot of their art studies which are very inspiring. Gets you in the mood to study more too! They do tons of commissions and adoptables, so if you’re looking for someone who will do an amazing job on your characters, don’t be shy to commission them!
  • @dimisfit
    also has a great style! Doesn’t post as often cause she’s busy with work, but when she does it’s worth it! You might have seen her illustrations featured before on art-promo blogs. She’s also running a webcomic, which you can check out here
  • @efem-art
    my buddy fums! they’re going to school right now so they don’t post often, but when they do it’s in big bursts and there’s always so much to look at! Good variety of art, from backgrounds, to characters, to animation and fan work!
  • @frogandcog
    are a couple of my friends who run a My Little Pony fan art blog! They do tons of cool MLP paraphenalia and goodies, so if you’re into that stuff, they’re blog is definitely for you!
  • @needlepuss
    my buddy Nelly! Super cute style and does a lot of OCs from fandoms. If you’re a MLP, PreCure, IdolM@ster, Pokemon, Littlest Pet Shop, or Monster High fan, she’s got some of the coolest characters!


  • @blackfashion
    posts very often!! A lot of the content on here is user submitted, so you can find some more blogs to follow through them if you like people’s styles (and the occasional entrepreneur fashion business)
  • @tokyo-fashion
    mainly harajuku street style, but lots of cool looks from Japan. Also posts regularly
  • @koreanmodel
    a good hub for discovering upcoming Korean models and just seeing cool photoshoots in general. Has posted some questionable content in the past (like I remember they posted blackface once… gross), so their filter isn’t the best? But they haven’t done it since so I’m not sure if they actually take feedback like that. Overall a good blog that posts often
  • @highfashionpakistan
    basically what the url says. Great stuff and lots of amazing info on the current Pakistani fashion scene. The blog owner has a huge well of knowledge of designers and models. Educational and pretty!
  • @chinesefashionlovers
    a plus size specific blog for Chinese and other East Asians. They promote online stores for the clothes that are being modeled too
  • @wlweddings
    a great blog for wlw wedding inspo. Also just super heart warming and lovely to see on your dash!
HQ/HP Rarepair Hell

So, a while back, @ghost–fox​ and I made this insane HQ/HP au filled with rare pair goodness (some pairs are rarer than others), and we thought we’d share it if any of you guys were interested! Feel free to use these HCs in your writing or art! Hope y’all like them! :D

Some wonderful art so far by the beautiful @heart2u: the animagi and Oikawa and the howler from hell 

  • Houses:

Karasuno: Gryffindor- They don’t exactly have a distinctive feature about them. While other houses are known for something specific, Gryffindor is constantly evolving and is a mesh of many different traits. People still enjoy it nonetheless for it’s homey atmosphere. First year students especially love this common room as they are still getting accustomed to Hogwarts. 

Seijou: Slytherin- They are known for the cool temperature in their common room. As soon as the temperature rises, people flock to the Slytherin common room to cool off. It’s nearly dead in the winter though since it get’s really cold. They also have a secret passageway to the lake which many students take advantage of.

Nekoma: Ravenclaw- They have the best wifi and the latest tech that Kuroo and Kenma have sneaked in. If you wanna play video games and just chill, you go to the Ravenclaw common room. It’s especially popular after exams because students want to blow some steam off and what better way then killing your enemies on a giant TV screen?

Fukurodani: Hufflepuff- They are known for always having food thanks to being to close to the kitchens. Bokuto always sneaks in food and if you want to stress eat, you go to the Hufflepuff common room where not only will you get great food but great support and advice too. They are known to cheer up students who are feeling particularly down. 

(Shiratorizawa: Durmstrang)

  • Professors & the classes they teach:

Headmaster: Fuki Hibarida

Gryffindor head: Ukai sr.- DADA

Slytherin head: Irihata- Potions

Ravenclaw head: Nekomata- Transfiguration  

Hufflepuff head: Takeyuki- History of Magic

Takeda- Charms

Ukai jr.- Flying (1st yrs.)

Mizoguchi- Astronomy

Naoi- Herbology

Takinoue- Care of Magical Creatures

Shimada- Hogwarts’ primary physician 

(Washijo- Headmaster of Durmstrang)

  • Animagi:

Daichi- crow

Kuroo- bombay cat

Bokuto- great horned owl

Oikawa- ….peacock….

Ushijima- cow

(Daichi, Oikawa, Kuroo, and Bokuto are also the 4 Marauders)

To not make this super long, there are multiple posts! 

ages/years | blood statuses | quidditch positions | Oidai | Bokuroo | Kenhina | Iwakage | Akasuga | Tsukkikiyoko | Yamayachi | Ennotana | Yaku/Noya |  Asahi | Saeko/Michimiya | Futakuchi/Terushima | Akiteru/Alisa

seriously though guys this is why inception fandom is the best fandom

i’m just sitting here consuming and consuming and i feel so spoiled and privileged that this is all shared publicly and that i’m even in this fandom

like this is ***literally*** what happened:

fandom person: hey y’all wanna do a small fun holiday exchange but nothing time consuming or expensive k

fandom people: COOL COOL WE ALL IN

~a couple of weeks later~

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCEPTION FANDOM REVIVAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MID-YEAR INCEPTIVERSARY SPECIAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

STARRING: arthur and eames holding hands! kissing! going to london! going to boston! building snowmen! skiing on a job! figure skating! scarf sharing! milking each other’s cocks! wearing designer clothes! playing the piano! joining each other’s dreams! FOREHEAD KISSES IN THE CANDLELIGHT YOU GUYS

AND FEATURING: singing fangirls! magical realism! forest god eames! eames in antlers! soot-covered eames! bound and gagged arthur! baker arthur! a charlie brown AU! penis art! belly kisses! eames calling arthur sugarplum! DREAMHUSBANDS MAKING OUT IN THE BACK SEAT OF A CAR WHILE YUSUF DRIVES HELP

AND JUST WHEN YOU THINK IT’S OVER: arthur blows saito oh my GOD

THANK YOU @secretsaito!!!!

anonymous asked:

isnt ello literally the same as tumblr but no one really uses it?

i can honestly say i have never heard of ello up until this message. i just checked it out and it seemed pretty cool. you get a header like tumblr, the log in system is the same as well as the reblog and like features. it also shows how many people actually view a post and you can comment on it like a normal website. 

they also have different like ‘sub divisions’ i guess that i like. some of them are: moderism is crap, black art matters, writing, and other cool shit. you can check all notifications (messages, follows, comments, likes and reblogs) separately too!!

some cool things to note from their wiki page:

  • never sell user data to advertisers or third parties
  • never show advertisements
  • not enforce a real-name policy

they have an nsfw setting too, so im assuming you can block posts like nudity or porn w/ out a third-party app like x-kit. there is also some hire me and collaborate buttons? im not sure about that but according to wiki “The ‘Hire Me’ and/or 'Collaborate’ buttons enable users to be contacted by other community members, to either collaborate or offer their services”. soo im assuming its basically like ‘hey im an artist, photographer, writer, etc. here is my work and if you want to hire me you can’ and like optimizes to show that you offer that? unlike tumblr where you gotta like make your own post and hope it appears in the tags. 

i… actually really like it and will probably work on an account later. it seems more like a website for aesthetics, photography, art and writing as opposed to video games, though. the gaming and video game tag is severely lacking, but then again ello seems more like pinterest meets tumblr so im not shocked. 

I’ve hit 2k+ followers now! I’m so happy

I’ve decided to doodle all the cool mutuals I happen to have met along the way. (They’re not all here but I did as many as I could! To the rest of you, all the support!)

Featuring characters from: @thewildwolfy @mister-pancake @chesschirebacon @unafkennyart @happylittleguy @deersserts @hufpup @zombie-otter @gengacanvas Thank you all for being super awesome inspirations, mutuals, and overall cool people!

For my followers, more under the cut

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“Shichiro Ishida”

Okay so I’ve been watching some cool artists on twitter making OC’s for BnHA and other people joining in and drawing them together and it seems like really cool and a nice fandom? So I wanted make my own.

My headcanon for this guy is that his mother is a shapeshifter - able to change into any animal at will. His father has permanent features similar to a wolf. So the bloodlines kind of mixed and made a different quirk called Chimera - a mix of different animal features.

I hadn’t intended to do this but it totally happened- I basically shoved my personality onto him. All that shit is me(except- like- the ear and tail stuff)- but just skimming the surface because I didn’t want to be that mean.

I took a few weeks to sketch and play around and get a feel for it before making a kind of final design. He changed a lot in a short amount of time and I really like it. I wanted to make a quirk that’s interesting but kind of underwhelming? Like “wow you have a snake tail how many people do you save with that.” So he kinda wants to be a hero but he’s not sure he’d be useful, it’s mainly the parents that want him to be a hero.

Samus’ out of suit design annoys me.

And not because she’s needlessly sexualised (well, okay, that too, but it isn’t the only reason. Honestly I could do an entire essay on the way the Metroid games treat being able to see Samus’ body in progressively less clothing as a reward and how the Zero Suit could be really cool with just a few changes, but I’m also super lazy so I won’t).

Samus is a product of Chozo gene manipulation to mold her into the ultimate warrior. The Chozo, for reference, look like this.

(The art styles aren’t constant, but you get the point. They’re bird people). The last picture, in particular, is Grey Voice, the Chozo who donated DNA for Samus. So already it’d be cool if rather looking like

She had some of the Chozo features, like feathers or a beak or something. Something to indicate how she has been changed and altered. She’s 6 foot 3 inches tall, and while it’s stated that her body is unusually heavy for her size it’d be nice to see that wire like body structure seen in the first Chozo picture rather than the fairly standard body type shown here.

Later on, during the Metroid Prime games, she encounters a substance known as Phazon. Phazon is a corrupting, mutagenic substance that by the end of the game is causing Samus’ body to break down. It’d be good to see some of the damage from that stick around. Her face gains lightning bolt like blue scars and her eye pigment is changed. There are almost certainly other changes that we can’t see (the Prime games are FPSes and Samus is constantly hidden inside her suit anyway, but given what we’ve seen Phazon do to other creatures it isn’t that big a leap to assume that Samus ain’t coming out of that looking like a super model.

FInally, it Metroid Fusion, to save her life she is implanted with Metroid DNA, and she merges with the inner lining of her suit. By now, Samus should be falling firmly into the uncanny valley at the very least, particularly as she spends the rest of the game absorbing X-parasites to power up. And yet, by the end credits, she’s once again looking like she does above.

It just feels…lazy, in character design terms. Samus is a character who constantly assimilates new things into both her suit and her very genetic make up, and it would be great if the games acknowledged this rather than treating her as a source of eye candy if you speed run.

passiveagressiveturtle  asked:

BEN! I have an AWESOME IDEA. Okay, so I know that a ton of people (including me) have made a lot o drawings of you, and it would seriously mean the world to us to get noticed (you actually favorites one of my drawings of you on twitter, I freaked out) (my twitter is ben_slay_pierce btw) but ANYWAY I think it would be really cool if you started doing "fan art Friday" where you featured at least one drawing someone made of you on twitter, or tumblr, or Instagram. I know people would appreciate it!

really would love to start doing this more regularly!!! y’all are so crazy cool and talented. <3

in 2013 I…

  • met SO many wonderful people both online and off, and reached a crazy follower milestone. I’m so grateful for all of you guys! The highlight of this year was 100% the people and interactions I’ve had.
  • put together two collaborative illustration zines with the fabulous Janet and a whole bunch of incredible artists!
  • got my art featured in some very cool places!
  • drank more bubble tea in this year alone than I have in all prior years combined.
  • got ten of my friends kicked out of a mall after wreaking Harry Potter-related havoc for approximately nine hours.
  • learned a lot of stuff. a lot. of stuff.
  • did other cool things.

In 2014 I’m gonna…

  • graduate with two degrees! AWW YESSS FINALLY.
  • draw more comics, storyboards, and backgrounds!
  • attempt to reply to emails and messages promptly (haha.)
  • learn to drive? (Let’s see how that one goes.)
  • do more cool(er) things.

jaydragonmite  asked:

Question about Overwatch. I don't play it or know anything but I like the really cool art and stuff, but why do people hate Torbjorn? That cool bearded guy?

Oh hey! The cool beard Torby caused a salty pond because he was really over powered. He main ability is building turret and often doesn’t have to do much to get a lot of kills. 

Much like how people use to hate Bastion until it had its featured heart-warming vid. 

I mean come on…how can you dislike this guy??