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Um... Hi! I really don't know wether you are taking requests or not, but in case you are: How would Victor, Yuuri & Chris react if them partner broke up with them bc she thinks she's not enough for someone like them. I adore your writing! It's fantastic!

this is what i needed coming back into writing! also, i wanna make these into some actual fics so keep your eyes peeled for that! 

tomorrow i have my last HSC exam and that means i will have offically finished high school so i have more time now! xx


  • he is so shocked 
  • he doesnt understand 
  • you dont tell him why you broke up with him, just something along the lines of “I’m not the right perosn for you”
  • which confuses him so much 
  • not the right person??? you were perfect and everything he could ever want in a person 
  • he tries to do the traditional 21st century form of moving on, y’know, deleting pictures on his phone 
  • he cant do it 
  • he tries to delete some
  • he keeps the one that bring back the most memories 
  • his favourites:
    • a picture of the two of you taken by paparazzi, you were dressed up for the cold russian weather and holding a steaming coffee in a gloved hand, he stood beside you with his hand resting on your lower back as he walked you through the street, his glasses were on - an atempt to hide his identity even though he knew there was truly no way to hide - although it was hard to see your features, it was that very thing that made him keep it, it wasnt you posing, it was you just … being you, the person he missed.
    • three pictures he took with you in front of the skating rink before training, one where the both of you were grinning, the second of him kissing your cheek with your surprised face before the third of a kiss between the two of you.
    • the last picture he kept was another paparazzi shot from when you had returned to russia after a trip of the moment you both found each other in the airport in a warm embrace
  • he finds himself writing a long paragrah to you to ask what went wrong between the two of you that he wants to send before deleting the text and going back to sleep
  • his routines lack surprise 
  • the pieces he choses to skate to entail hints to his heartbreak, at times making it vague through Scorri, fiume eterno from Il tabarro being about a father dealing with his wife infidelity and death of his child, and other times chosing not to hide it with On My Own from Les Miserables
  • he is secretly waiting for the day, the chance, for you two to have a second chance.
  • one night viktor calls you to ask about why you left him, he needed to know


  • boi
  • he acted chill
  • he was NOT chill
  • he feared it was his flirtacious nature 
  • he wasnt himself
  • to people who were not close friends with him he seemed completly fine and normal, but close friends know that chris feels things very deeply
  • he calls viktor when he needs to vent
  • he calls whoever he trusts most 
  • on days when he’s feeling down about it he goes to call you only to remember that he cant do that 
  • it kills him
  • his coach notices that his performance is no where near hoe it used to be
  • chris brushes the comments from his coach off
  • he doesnt want to admit how much it hurts
  • he scrolls through the texts between the two of you
  • he calls you one day saying how he wanted to talk
  • you agree to a coffee
  • you admit why you did what you did
  • as soon as he hears that you felt you werent good enough his heart drops 
  • you were perfect
  • he immediatley assures you 
  • he reaches out for your hand and promises you that you were everything he could ever want in someone 
  • he sees your eyes water 
  • he wipes away your tears and holds you close
  • he never wanted you to feel this way
  • ever 
  • he promises to be better for you so you never feel insecure about being with him
  • you both agree to work through this and see if you want to get back together
  • you do


  • you knew you couldnt just drop him with no explanation 
  • you knew you would have to sit him down and explain everything
  • you knew of his tendancy to overanalyse and you did not want him to blame himself
  • no way
  • this was your fault and you didnt want him to think any different
  • you knew he was nervous as soon as you told him you wanted to chat about things
  • he was obviously anxious 
  • which only made you feel worse 
  • how could you do this to him?
  • you were horrible 
  • you reassured him and told him it was okay
  • you explained that you felt as though you didnt feel as you were good enough for him
  •  s h a t t e r 
  • his brain just shattered
  • reality to he was pretty sure 
  • was this a dream?
  • had to be
  • maybe he should pinch himself?
  • thats probably awkward dont do that 
  • he just stared at you blankly for a while
  • you were almost concerned he was having a stroke 
  • before you could ask him if he was okay he snapped back into reality and had started laughing
  • what?
  • is this boy insane?
  • he couldnt believe it 
  • you?
  • you thought you werent good enough?
  • of all people?
  • so this is what it must feel like to be on the other side of this 
  • he calmed down when he saw the confused look on her face and reached out to give you a hug
  • “you’re funny, (your name)”
  • “i - im not joking, im being serious here.”
  • he cant actually even, he just hugs you tigher and whispers “you’ll always be so special to me.”

新宿店B1Fの【NARUTO秘伝6カ月連続キャンペーンコーナー】にて、ナルヒナ、サスサク、シカテマ、サイイノ &アスクレ のコンビがお出迎えカブ!!秘伝シリーズもついに完結!!

The Naruto canon pairings Naruhina, Sasusaku, Shikatema, Saiino & Asukure as featured in the Naruto Hiden 6-months Campaign Corner at the Basement 1 Floor of the Animate Shop in Shinjuku. The first picture courtesy of Animate Shinjuku’s Twitter while the other five close up shots are taken by yours truly during our occasional visits at the shop. ;)