featuring a picture taken by yours truly

Bubba Ray Dudley
[May 17th, 2002]

An excellent shot taken by yours truly of Bubba Ray Dudley, shortly before he was defeated by Stevie Richards in a match for the WWE Hardcore Championship. This was shortly after the Brand Extension took place, which featured some weird (what I like to call) scramble booking, including the team of Planet Stasiak and Goldust taking on The Hardy Boyz.

Bubba signed this photo in 2005 when I met he and D-Von at OVW.


新宿店B1Fの【NARUTO秘伝6カ月連続キャンペーンコーナー】にて、ナルヒナ、サスサク、シカテマ、サイイノ &アスクレ のコンビがお出迎えカブ!!秘伝シリーズもついに完結!!

The Naruto canon pairings Naruhina, Sasusaku, Shikatema, Saiino & Asukure as featured in the Naruto Hiden 6-months Campaign Corner at the Basement 1 Floor of the Animate Shop in Shinjuku. The first picture courtesy of Animate Shinjuku’s Twitter while the other five close up shots are taken by yours truly during our occasional visits at the shop. ;)