Hi everyone! So I know there were a few of you asking about when Aqua would have her own week. And here is your answer! mickeyblades and I are so excited to bring you Aqua Appreciation Week! I can’t think of many characters that deserve this more than she does!

For Aqua Appreciation Week I want to encourage creativity! You can make whatever you want as long as it has to do with Aqua. (graphics, gifs, edits, fanmixes, cosplays, text posts, writings, drawings, etc., It’s all up to you!)

This wonderful week will begin Monday, July 13th and end Sunday, July 19th so mark your calender’s if you want to participate! With that being said, the days will occur as follows:

  1. Monday, July 13th - Favourite happy scene
  2. Tuesday, July 14th -  Favourite sad scene
  3. Wednesday, July 15th -  Favourite quote
  4. Thursday, July 16th - Favourite command/command style/shotlock
  5. Friday, July 17th - Favourite relationship
  6. Saturday, July 18th - Favourite personality trait/physical feature
  7. Sunday, July 19th - Free Day (get creative with it!)

I will be tracking the tag #aquaweek so please make sure you tag all your posts so that they can be seen and shared with everyone. If you have any questions you can contact me! And don’t forget to reblog this to spread the word! Let’s all give Aqua the appreciation she deserves!