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This teacher has “Caught a nigger”

An employee working for the Rochester, NY, public school district has been fired after having written a mind bogglingly offensive Facebook post featuring racial epithets, vulgarity, and bigoted stereotypes.

How is that even possible to happen these days? What’s wrong with you, people? 

At least, she was fired…

Tumblr legit needs a feature like facebooks “Unfollow” (but we’d have to call it something different)

On facebook, the way it works is youre still “friends” with the person. You can still see their page, they can see yours. They can still see all YOUR posts, and comment on them.  Basically youre still friends, but you dont see their posts on your feed. 

Its useful for a lot of reasons. (I use it on my grandmother who cant help but always type “Amen” on every sadpost she sees fishing for likes) but I urge people to use it on me if I’m goin on angry rants and they’re going thru their own stuff and just DONT WANNA SEE what I post. 

I think it’d be useful here for mutuals you follow whose fandoms have changed, or maybe your friends with a person but dont rly wanna see what they post for any number of reasons, but you wanna let them still follow you/message you (if you have it set to only allow people who are mutuals with you to IM you). 

People have suggested blacklisting the persons url but that feels REALLY extreme and it also blacklists asks, and blacklist options for mobile are super limited and a LOT of people use tumblr mobile almost exclusively. 


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SPG fan artists!

I am reviving the Fan Art Fridays photo album on Steam Powered Giraffe’s official Facebook page, so this is just a reminder to keep the art a flowin’ in the “spg” or “Steam Powered Giraffe” Tumblr tags for a possible feature over on Facebook. Thought it’d be fun to get that going again after the album being dormant for a year. ^_^

- Walter Worker Chelsea

Just Cis Gay Things #115

The post that blew up that features two guys on Facebook saying they wouldn’t wear a dress (or a skirt) for over a million dollars (or something along the lines of a million)…

Is a transmisogyny thing. This is gender related. The “”“man in a dress”“” bashing has always been transmisogyny. ((If I’m misremembering if it was a dress, though, it was still clothing that was gendered.))

This is not sexuality related. It’s transmisogyny, it’s not homophobia, and I keep on seeing cis gay people say this is homophobia.

I am convinced that the reason why tumblr has removed the ability to reply to posts is because it does not want us to have our own communities within the larger whole. Your dashboard is not a social network; it is not a place for bonds to form and friendships to develop. Those things can still happen but that is incidental to the main goal of the site: to produce content. 

That post you made four years ago of a picture of a collapsed wine display in your local grocery aisle–the one that still gets hundreds of thousands of notes now and then, drowning out every other note you get in response to your dog dying or your engagement announcement, the one that continues to haunt you without the help of a third party extension that tumblr won’t officially endorse or condone, the one your friends and oldest followers know never to reblog again because you’ve begged them to not make it worse–that’s the sort of content tumblr wants to see. Tumblr doesn’t want you to say “my grades are failing, I’m worried I’m going to lose my scholarship to UMass and I’m terrified to face my parents.” Tumblr wants you to say “mom: how’s school? me: (insert jpg of a turtle covered in spaghetti).”

Tumblr does not want you to make posts meant to be heard at or below the volume of your followers list. Your personal posts are just crowding the memes. 

I low key hate the Facebook feature of showing when your message is Seen. Let me live in blissful ignorance that they just haven’t had the time to look at it.

I don’t understand how the general public finds it so difficult to read facial and body signals in animals. Like so many ‘cute’ dog pics on facebook feature very obviously distressed animals, with thousands of 'aww so cute!!’ comments