Some poses for your relaxed Sims! 


  • Install Andrew’s Pose Player
  • In game, make your Sim go as close to a fence or half wall as possible. These poses will only work with the medium-short height.
  • Click on your sim, and click on “Pose by name” and copy&paste this: a_CAS_featuredLook_f_highEnd_coverGirl_x
  • Pose! Each pose will last for about 5 seconds.

For Pose 2, you can use a conversion I did of aroundthesims‘ beer bottle, which I made into a CAS accessory. You can find it in face paint. I recommend grabbing the original as well to use as deco.

Download - OneDrive / SimFileShare


Hey girlies! :) It’s Alex!

Okay, so I’m silently crying inside that I won’t be going to Coachella this year, but it hasn’t stopped me from putting together festival-themed looks! High-waisted shorts and crop tops will keep you cool, and if you feel like you are showing a bit too much skin, go ahead and thrown on this gorgeous light weight lace cardi! The detail on it is just plain epic.

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Featured looks: The Flash is in town


I guess I’ll keep breaking my promises on this part of my blog since I always forget about what I wanted to do, So here, have something else instead of little black dress-looks:

This Look is grandly inspired by Flash/Kid Flash from DC.

What we need:

- A yellow T-Shirt, midriff, with a big red Lightning bolt on it. If you don’t have one, cut a loose fitting yellow shirt and paint the lightning bolt on it with fabric colours. Mine ends a little bit under the breasts and the Lightning bolt goes form the cleavage to the lower seams.

- a well fit, skin tight red top. Mine is a very thick synthetic fabric and is a dark red. You have to choose a shade of red that compliments your teint so choose accordingly. If you make the yellow-Flash-print-shirt yourself, try to match the colours of the top and the lightning bolt by mixing different shades of fabric colours.

- a denim-mini skirt, belt is op

- black leggings, tights, stocking, whatever you like

- red shoes (heels, no heels, boots, sneakers, whatever you have/prefer)

- accessoires

How to wear it:

The midriff shirt over the top will make your breasts look bigger, the top will redefine your sillhouette. Try to wear the skirt a little higher and use the belt to fit it so it gives your hip the perfect curvey look. The tights/Stockings/Leggings are op but highly recommended since they make your legs look a little bit slimmer.

OP Accessoires: black/red gloves, hair accessoires in red or yellow, a red or yellow lightning bolt necklace, bracelets that match either the yellow or the red of the shirt, red or black sunglasses.


I prefer a simple and natural make-up with this look. Just your regular foundation and some mascara and to add an extra touch you can wear lipstick that matches your chosen shade of red.

Nailpolish can be one or two of the used colors. Red nails should be in the same shade, but I think yellow would look pretty good as well. If you have neither red nor yellow, use simple black nail polish.


Everything natural will do from twintails over ponytails to a sassy shortcut or long, open hair, it just has to look easy and light. If you need an hour to style your hair then it will be too heavy on this look. Try something that goes with little combing a touch of hairspray and is done in 20 minutes at the most.

I hope this is good and perhaps will be a big “Sorry, Sorry” to my followers ^^

LAAJ LALLY FEATURED LOOK #1 featuring Model: Naveena KB.

Hello All.

Check out my latest video! This is the video slideshow for the first featured look that we’ll show on the blog. This look is from the “Women In Art: Greek Pearls” photo-session, from a little while ago. It features stylised simple smokey eyes and nude glossy lips and, the hair and dress especially, is inspired by Greek Mythology and Ancient Greece.

~ Laaj Lally


Hey girlies it’s Alex! 

So, I’m a bit late to this post since the featured look went live last night! But, holy crap words cannot express how obsessed I am with our Desert Doll Sequin Skirt! :D It’s just so pretttyy.. If you love pastel colors then this skirt is def a must-have for spring and summer. Since, the skirt is a gorgeous bold choice, I would reccomend styling it with a simple top that compliments with one of the colors in the skirt, I choose our Lolita Top in blue because it makes the skirt pop even more!

Shop the look here:




Hi girlies! It’s Alex!

We’ve finally got around to putting together another featured look! It’s really starting to heat up on the west coast so I threw together a fresh, pre-spring look for y'all! Playsuits, also known as rompers are going to be insanely HUGE this year, no joke. Seriously, we are seeing them everywhere. So, I thought I would wear one of my favorites that just came in :) It’s a super flattering style and very comfy! Can be dressed down for a casual day shopping or you could wear it out to dinner by throwing on some bolder jewelry and some neutral wedges! 

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Hey girlies! It’s Alex! It’s been awhile since the last Featured Look, and I hope all is well! It’s officially SPRING, and we finally can start filling our closets with bright pieces, gorgeous florals, and denim shorts! For this look I opted for our Bow Glamour Top in Peach! Seriously, It’s so chic and fun and just perfect.

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Hey girlies! It’s Alex! 

So I’ve finally finished our next featured look. Cardigans are seriously my obsessions during wintertime. They keep you warm while your sitting in class or your office (It’s always so cold!) and they aren’t super bulky like a heavy jacket. Perfect combo of comfort and toasty warmth = our Aztec Cardigan.  Also, the Monroe Mini Dress is a piece I wear all the time, no joke! It’s the perfect staple black dress that can be worn with tights or dressed up for a night out with your best. Oh, and it’s only $12 :)

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

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