Featured Extramural Student: Olga Sinyavskaya

“This experience has been helpful because I’ve stepped outside of my comfort zone. I’ve met people who are totally different from me and I’m gaining more independence. From traveling around Switzerland, I’ve seen how despite the multiple languages present here, there is still a feeling of unity and understanding.”

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How do you describe Reed in three-plus minutes?

Today we launch a new video featuring students and faculty who capture the distinctiveness of the Reed education as well as the strength of our community.


Featured June Student: Mary Garner

Major: B.S. in Chemistry

Current Plans: Mary received a prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. She will attend the University of California, Berkeley to pursue a Ph.D in Chemistry in August 2014.

I was always interested in science and I enjoyed a rigorous curriculum, but I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with that interest—not even what I wanted to major in, let alone what career I wanted to pursue. But thankfully all that changed after I took general chemistry. One day, I went to my professor, Dr. Veige’s office hours, with a list of questions. I was really enjoying the course and I wanted to dig deeper. I guess seeing my genuine interest caught his attention and actually, right then and there in his office, he offered me a position in his research group. I was kind of shocked at first since I didn’t really even know anything about chemistry or undergraduate research, and I wasn’t even looking for a research position. The day I went to the lab and started working, that was it; I knew I needed to study chemistry.

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Antonio Banderas Turns Fashion Student
The actor is taking a short course in bespoke tailoring at Central Saint Martins, a spokeswoman for the college said.
By Lorelei Marfil

Antonio Banderas is currently enrolled at Central Saint Martin, taking courses in the fine art of bespoke tailoring. It goes to show that you should always be learning and acquiring knowledge. It’s never too late to go back to school or learn a new skill. Banderas is pretty accomplished. He can sit back and do nothing for the rest of his years. Instead he’s taking intensive courses at one of the most prestigious fashion schools in the world. I love it.


Went on a bit of a shopping spree, slowly gathering supplies to take to University. It’s making me excited!! 


 *The Palgrave Student Planner (Stella Cottrel) ~ Waterstones 

 *‘Artsy’ Pencil Case ~ WHSmith 

 *Stabilo Pens (point 88/fine 0.4’s and pen 68’s) ~ Staples 

 *Spiral bound revision cards (x50, 6x4", assorted colours, perforated) ~      WHSmith 

 *Elastic closure binders with curved spine ~ WHSmith 

 Much love. ❤


Blackboard keeps bragging about the new “Student Preview” feature for professors, which I believe is an effort by the creators to ensure that the professors are aware of the difference between what we see, and what they see.

If the professors actually could see it through our eyes, they’d be terrified.

Marshmallow Manju Online Store
Cool stuff from Japan to You!

Since we can’t use storenvy’s marketplace feature anymore as they’ve switched everything over to stripe (which is not only a terrible payment alternative, but not available to most foreign sellers anyway), we’re doing the next best thing to advertise: an items feature!

Student Loans don’t pay themselves, after all…

Here’s what we reccomend this week:

Baby Alpacasso School Mate 16cm

CLAMP titles assorted goods set

Hamburger Earmuffs

Precure assorted illustration set


Bazazio has a special feature for students!! Students share class notes, exchange or sell term papers, thesis, reports and much more. You can even find tutors! Every student can sell or share their papers. Students can tutor each other and share information. This is truly an amazing section of our site and has a ton of resources, as well as more in the works. Soon, every student will love benefiting from this. Make money, gain better grades and much more! Bazazio is Awesome!!