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Lucaya Prompt- The core 6 plays secret valentine and Maya gets Lucas

//Valentine’s Day Prompt! I’m still working on the other prompts all you awesome people have sent, but if you have any other requests don’t be afraid to send them. Enjoy!//

Secret Valentine

“Secret Valentine!” Riley exclaimed. She was carrying a pink box covered in red hearts. There wasn’t any doubt that she made it herself.

“No!” The entire group replied.

“But love! And friendship.” Riley argued.

“Don’t we suffer enough during secret santa?” Maya whined. 

“Hey YOU all loved your gifts. It was a good day.”

The group mumbled but Riley wasn’t taking any complaining.

“We’re doing this. Besides Lucas wasn’t here for secret santa. Now we’re all here!”

Maya glared at Lucas. “Thanks Ranger Rick. I blame you.”

“Now remember it’s a secret so no one say anything. Just pick a name and get the person a gift by the 14th.”

The group groaned collectively before each went inside the box to pick out one of the little glittery slips that had a name written on it.

On the 14th, before school, Maya went to Lucas’ house before heading to Riley.

She carried a somewhat large rectangular object wrapped in plastic  under her arm. The closer she stepped to the building the more she realized she shouldn’t be here this early. But she didn’t want to give it to him at school. People would be watching there. Definitely not at Topanga’s either since there were many people there too. Besides, Riley had allowed them to give their gifts to their valentine whenever they could rather than with the group together. Mostly because they had all pleaded for her not to make it some huge deal. They just wanted to get it over with. Maya definitely wanted to get this over with quickly.

Before she even had a chance to enter the building Lucas was walking out with a gift in his hand. He noticed her immediately and raised an eyebrow in confusion. 

“Aren’t you supposed to be at Riley’s? You always pick her up.”

“Yeah I’m going. I had to give you the stupid Valentine’s day gift.”

“Oh. You’re my secret valentine?” He chuckled. “I’m surprised you got me something.”

“What do you mean?”

“You didn’t get me a secret santa gift.”

“You weren’t even here.” She handed him the frame under her arm. “Besides this might be same gift I was going to give you for Christmas.” 

Lucas took the rather large frame from her and looked at it. 

“You can open it.”

“It’s not even wrapped.” Not that he expected anything else. It was a miracle he even received anything, but now he was starting to think it was a prank. He slowly unwrapped the plastic off and realized it was a painting canvas. When he turned it around it was completely painted black.

“What the hell?” He looked towards the blonde who was smiling.

“It’s your favorite color.” 

“Black is not my favorite color?!?!”

“Oh. Oops.” Maya shrugged and chuckled. “Well I gotta go pick up Riley. See you at school Huckleberry.”

“Wait.” Struggling with the painting in his hand he managed to extend the bag in his hands towards her. “I got you for the valentine thing too.”

Maya reluctantly took the bag, that happened to be very light, and stuffed it in her backpack. “Thanks.”

“What? You’re not gonna open it?”

“Later. It’s getting late.”

“I’m gonna go put this away in my room. There’s no way I’m carrying this around school all day.”


Maya paced around in her room with a single paper in her hands. How could he have done this? How dare he have done this? She was panicking. How could this be possible? She read the words on the paper over and over again. We would like to thank you, Maya Hunter, for your submission…..highly prominent…our featured artist…full scholarship to our 8 week summer program…

Those words couldn’t possibly be about her. Yet there was her name on top. She wished she hadn’t opened the stupid gift. She wished that she didn’t have the urge to call that stupid cowboy at 12:43 in the morning. She grabbed her cellphone and waited. He was probably asleep. 


“What is this?” Maya yelled harshly.

“You’re gonna have to be more specific.”

“I’m not playing games, Huckleberry. What am I reading?”

“Your gift?”

“W-why would you do this?”

“Because you’re talented Maya. I took a picture of one of your paintings and submitted it to the contest. I know you were afraid and didn’t apply so I did it for you. You won. I knew you would.”

“I don’t- I- thank you, Lucas.”

“Let the world see your talent, Maya.”

There was a moment of silence on both ends of the phone call before Maya spoke again.

“Well now I feel bad. My gift was terrible.”

Lucas looked over at the painting now hanging in front of his bed. When he had turned off the lights to his room he had realized the painting wasn’t just the color black at all. It was a dark blue. Within the frame of the painting Maya had placed little LED lights making it look like a sky full of stars. Just like the stars of Texas he always missed. He didn’t know how she had done it, but it was absolutely beautiful. 

“No. Don’t feel bad. You got it just right. That’s my favorite color.” 

Featured Artist

A few weeks ago, I got a private message from the TSR Artist Panel inviting me to join their Featured Artist Family. Becoming a FA is for me a real honor, as TSR has always been a second home for many of us including myself, thank you so much for this awesome opportunity. Thank you to all of you too, my best buddy and partner in crime @margeh75, friends, inspiring creators and you guys downloading my content! And hopefully, the best is yet to come :)

Congratulations to my friend @coloresurbanos who got FA with me and to all of the new SAs!! You can see who got picked here ♥

not to be sappy, but I’m glad I got into nct early enough to see them grow. I love exo and all but I got into kpop so late I missed a lot of stuff. I got to be here for NCT 127. I got to see Johnny debut, see nct sell out their first 1k seat show, that had 1.1k people trying to get tickets. I got to be here for Firetruck and Limitless and Cherry Bomb. Taeyong’s scandal cleared up, and him be so happy and free again, I got to see them be Apple Music’s first kpop group to be featured on their new artist of the week. I got to be here for the fandom name. And so much more, I can’t wait to welcome in the smrookies and other trainers to debut. To be here for them breaking records, and growing, and evolving as the unique group they are.

honestly I’m so happy to be a NCTzen.


Featured Artist of the Week: Big Hero 6 director Don Hall

1. Where did you grow up? Where did you go to school? 

I grew up in Glenwood, a small town in southwest Iowa. I attended the University of Iowa, where I got a B.F.A. in Drawing and Painting. I then attended Calarts, where I received another B.F.A. in Character Animation.

2. What inspired you to learn character animation?

I’ve loved drawing since..forever. The Disney animated films, the classic Warner Bros shorts, Marvel comics, as well as live action movies—especially monster movies, inspired a love of storytelling. I was lucky to grow up in a small town, where I could walk to the local theater on Saturday afternoons. At some point, I decided I would work at Disney, and never really thought about doing anything else.

3. If you could do one thing differently on your journey to becoming an animator, what would it be?

I think, if I could do something different, I would have studied acting and cinematography more. 

4. What was your first animation job and how did you get it? What other studios have you worked at?

During my sophmore year at Calarts, I did freelance layout/design for Chuck Jones. At the time, they were trying to start a shorts unit, like the old Termite Terrace unit. I was extremely lucky to become an apprentice of Maurice Noble–one of the best designers to work in animation. I stayed friends with Maurice for years until he passed. I also did a very brief stint at Dreamworks.

5. What is the most rewarding thing about having a career in animation at Disney ?

I think the most rewarding thing about working at Disney Animation is working alongside astonishingly talented artists to create something that hopefully will live on beyond a release date. The Disney legacy is important. It’s why we’re all here, and to be able to contribute to that legacy with a group of like-minded people is incredibly rewarding.

6. What is your favorite animated film, and why?

Peter Pan is my favorite Disney film. It’s beautiful, the animation is killer, and the mixture of adventure and comedy is fantastic. Still holds up.

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Back 2 The High Life
Back 2 The High Life

This week’s featured artist is WALSH, the work of Brandon Biondo, who also created the act “COOLRUNNINGS”, from Nashville Tennessee. His work features catchy rhythms, sweet vintage chillwave style synth and strange vocals. He currently has 3 Ep’s out and you can get them here:http://walshmusic.bandcamp.com/

This song is~ Back 2 The High Life

Featured Artist of the Week #13


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Kit’s art style is so cool! I especially like the cute faces, expressions and pretty shapes.
They draw lots of Yu-Gi-Oh! stuff, mostly GX.
And also take a look at their commission info!

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hey there, I read that you are open for suggestions? Well I'd like to see more daily deviations featured on tumblr, and maybe something like a feature on a an artist of the week with a little compilation of 4 of their pieces here on tumblr and obviously a link back to their gallery. And maybe more of the "undiscovered" pieces that get far too less attention. Just generally more. I've been following this tumblr for a while and I feel like there are barely any DA posts on my dash at all :/

Fantastic suggestions! We will make sure to add more Daily Deviations, Undiscovered art/artists, and features on artists to our rotation! Thank you.