featured sm kiss


Today’s featured kiss (the final one!) is Mamoru kissing Usagi in the manga Act 19, Time Warp, Sailor Pluto.

After Chibiusa final reveals her motives for wanting the Silver Crystal, and begs Sailor Moon for help, everyone is in shock that she came from the future, and her circumstances are so dire. Both Chibiusa and Usagi decide to stay at Mamoru’s after the big scare with the Black Moon Clan. Watching Mamoru spoil Chibiusa makes Usagi jealous. Although she knows that it is silly to be jealous of a young girl, she can’t help it. Mamoru assures her that the feelings he has for Chibiusa are very different from those he has for Usagi. 

Looking at Usagi in all her vulnerability, Mamoru suddenly has this fear that she is going to disappear right before his eyes. He holds her tightly, and the two promise to do all they can to protect each other. They then kiss each other passionately. 

I chose this kiss for the last feature because it shows the very human emotions and fears that both Usagi and Mamoru have, but also seems to suggest at Mamoru’s ability to see slightly beyond what is visible to the ordinary person. His fear of Usagi disappearing is very real and for a brief period becomes a reality when she is held on Nemesis by Prince Dimande. But it’s also more than that– Usagi is in danger of losing herself already, because of the loss she is feeling by the capture of her friends, and perhaps the fear that her power won’t be enough to save them and help Chibiusa. Her certainty in herself and her identity is fading. Mamoru holds onto her, not wanting her to disappear in any sense. He absolutely loves everything about her and cannot bear to lose that. 

The promise they make to each other just before kissing makes it seem almost like an exchange of marriage vows. The fact that it is soon revealed that the pair is the future King and Queen makes their promise even more concrete. 


At long last, I give you Sailor Uranus and Neptune kissing! 

I had intended to feature this last month but had a lot of difficulty finding it… Special thanks to euribear for finding it for us to see! 

It’s actually from the curtain call of the Senshuuraku of Kaguya Shima Densetsu Kaiteiban (that is, the last day performance of that particular musical). So it’s not exactly canon.

But it is done by Nao Takagi as Uranus and Yuuka Asami as Neptune, the two actors who are widely considered to best represent the roles, to the point where many fans essentially view them as their characters. The two were quite close and both felt that they could not play those roles alongside anyone else.