featured sm hair

t’pring + hairstyles// insp. by @gayhura‘s post

i think she’d have long wavy hair that’s always in some sort of braid or intricate style and after a long day she likes to wear it down + she only wears her hair down around people she’s comfortable w or considers her “friends” even tho she consistently insists vulcan’s don’t have friends(o˘◡˘o)✨


Today’s featured hairstyle is Momo’s hair. She first appears in episode 81, Dark Gate Completed? A Grade School in Danger, and becomes more frequently featured throughout SuperS. 

Momo is Chibiusa’s good friend from school. When we first see her, she has brown hair. However, when she reappears in SuperS she has purple hair. The style is the same, though, and she keeps the same name so the reason for the change in hair colour isn’t really known. It could be a mistake, or a decision to make her a character that would stand out better. 

She is actually a very important character for Chibiusa, because Momo is the first person of the same age as her that Chibiusa befriends. Although Chibiusa seems to age quickly throughout the show (perhaps a remnant from the fact in the manga that Chibiusa is over 900 years old and her growth is stunted until after she gains the abilitiy to transform), Momo ages along with her. Despite their differences, Chibiusa absolutely views herself and Momo as peers and would do anything to protect her, just as Momo would likewise do for her (evidenced by her jumping in front of Chibiusa to take the blow from an attack in her place). 


Today’s featured hairstyles are the girls’ ballet styles from episode 145, Aim for the Prima! Usagi’s Ballet.

A ballet studio is offering free lessons as they search for individuals to join their cast for a performance of Giselle, and Usagi and Chibiusa decide to take up the offer, both having dreams of becoming skilled dancers. The other girls join in too, claiming that it wouldn’t be fair for only Usagi to aim to be a prima.

It’s actually important in ballet to have your hair tied back so that the lines of your body are not obstructed by hair. The gracefulness of the neck of a dancer is one of the most beautiful aspects of ballet and because of that, it shouldn’t be hidden by hair. It also helps for dance instructors to see the posture and hold of the dancers so that they are able to give them advice on how to improve. This is why each of the girls ties their hair back. 

They all choose to style their hair very different ways, suiting their personalities and preferences– Makoto already has a trademark style that keeps her hair up, Ami goes for a practical headband to keep her hair out of her face, Minako goes for a stylish twist, and Rei goes for a less practical style but one that allows her to still showcase the fullness and length of her hair.