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For the first time in the 125 years of Vogue’s existence—an anniversary we start celebrating this month—we’ve crafted a portfolio featuring solely the women of the fashion world. What better way to recognize not only their contributions to how we get dressed every day, but how their interests and concerns, their hopes and joys and fears, dovetail with our own? We spoke to them about their backgrounds, their careers—and their spring 2017 collections, yes—but also about how they felt about our world right now. 

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Oshun Afrique is getting her 35th tattoo.

She has come to the Pinz-N-Needlez tattoo shop in Washington, D.C., where practically every inch of wall space is covered in artwork. While Afrique lounges on the sofa at the front of the small, quaint shop, owner Christopher Mensah sits at his desk and sketches her tattoo design.

Afrique came to the store after seeing Mensah’s work in her Facebook news feed. She and Mensah both agree that anyone looking to get tattooed should scour online portfolios to find the right artist.

But in addition to considering the artistry, Afrique has one other requirement: She won’t get work done by artists who have no black people featured in their portfolios. She wants to see people with skin the color of hers, a deep, reddish brown.

For Tattoo Artists, Race Is In the Mix When Ink Meets Skin

Photos: Raquel Zaldivar/NPR

Artists of Tumblr! We need you.

We need your help! We are putting together a campaign to promote Minuscule and we need as many artists on tumblr to allow us to use their work.

We will credit all of those included in the video in the comments section, or on the image itself, but nonetheless you will get the credit you deserve. Our budget is small but we will compensate all artists included in this however we can.

If you’d like to be included, send us a message or chat with a link to your website, portfolio or featured work. Artists involved with our program will be automatically included in our soon to launch Artist Club!